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Different Vision

WePhoto Book no.5 - 2015 - France - vol 1

Cover by: Patrick Lajujouze Š

Different Vision “France” In this section of our serie, we have a lot of authors, and the majority are from France. So, we start just here, and we have a really GREAT numbers of Photographers. This is Volume One of One, the idea for this series was born looking at the myriad of wonderful images in Wephoto Group pages. Authors from all over the world, each with their own culture, traditions, a world view that, although globalization, has different colors regarding different areas So part of this series has the goal to explore every world’s Macro region, and offer a proof, a featuring, trying to figure out if and how traditions and culture can give a “Different Vision”.

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This is our 5th edition from that series. I would like to thank all the authors for their cooperation, patience and enthusiasm. Almost daily we did talk about the achievement of this book, how to select photos and so on, different countries, different cultures, different languages, and yet we found ourselves in the WePhoto’s chat, talking as old friends in one language, feeling as if we were sitting at a table in a pub to have a drink together. This is the most beautiful side, perhaps, of this work. Demonstrate that we are all the same, it doesn’t matter where we were born, we share the same passions, the same fears, the same hopes.

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A special thanks to my friend and admin Dick Visser, Art Director, for the supervision of the graphics, layout and the realization of the book, and with whom we are fighting together to achieve a single version to be offered to various platforms. Thanks to Germana,Anastasia, who help us to contact and coordinate authors to organize and deliver their files. A difficult work, believe me! I push everyone to watch, read, spread to friends, acquaintances, sharing on Facebook and wherever else this book.

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All Staff Members for their passionate commitment to this wonderful and exciting project. A special thanks to all of you, our main reason to go further and better. Yours Sincerely, Mario Buncuga

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Elena Salvai

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Brigitte Feijen

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WePhoto, and individual authors regarding personal photos included in the related chapters. This book can be downloaded for free and Solo diffuse freely in its entirety. The images and text are the exclusive property of the authors who, prior personal contact, may authorize the use or not. Any other use will be sanctioned by the existing rules on the subject of copyright.

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Le Tanguerrant Los Angeles, USA

Born in Canada, I had travel and live in different cities since my early age, Halifax, Montreal, New York, Paris, London, Los Angeles, etc… At a very young age, I find the camera of my dead father in a box in the attic, and I started shooting, not knowing what I was doing and not knowing how the camera was working, only a few years later, my older brother told me that I needed a film. I’m an autodidact musician and music is my work since my 16 years old. Music has influence me on the way I take pictures cuz I shoot the streets like I play music, searching for emotions. 9 | WePhoto 2015 ©

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Patrick Lajujouze Géronce, France

Amateur photographer, I like photographing since I was young, but really passionate since 3 years. I’ve the luck traveking for my job and can see lot of different countrys and regions. In the world, everything can be shooted and try to do it. Photographing is a passion… Photography is an art… 21 | WePhoto 2015 ©

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29 | WePhoto 2015 ©

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Frederique Evenou Signes, France

I was born in Brittany, in February 1950‌and ever since my vocation was painting ; but the fatherly authority forbade that to me. Thus, I cultivated my interest for humane things by studying philosophy, then clinical psychology and that was how I earned a living. In 1976, I met the silver photography, which I practiced with passion, from the shooting up to the edition , until my lab was stolen to me. Cases and exposure meters had also been stolen a few years later. No more photos, till I realized my mobile phone, a Sony Erikson, was endowed with a Zeiss optic . Playing with the light revived the delight . 4 years ago, I purchased a Nikon D90, to which I ask nothing more than what I would ask a silver camera . Indeed I think that essence is in the eye of the photographer and within the optics of the device, all the art being to tune both. 33 | WePhoto 2015 Š

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Myriam Bruneau Châteauroux, France

I started my professional life in the study of philosophy and for some time as an autodidact I started photography. This brings me some answers about my vision of the world around us. Either by minimizing this is to say, go to the essentials, Either by showing such that, while taking care to embellish it because I am saturated with the images we are shown and imposes each day. So with these 10 pictures I present my vision. Thank you to appreciate what I see, and we could share? 45 | WePhoto 2015 Š

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Anne Lamare Rouen, France

Lover of the life... The photo is for me the best means to reconcile the discovery, the exchange and the sharing! I practise the photo for several years as amateur... A pleasure becomes passion in time. 57 | WePhoto 2015 Š

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59 | WePhoto 2015 ©

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Christophe Mousset France

‘My name is Christophe Mousset, I’m a 40’ passionate street photographer who spend much of my time in Paris. I discovered photography with my grand father’s minolta srt101 and my D90 for five years. And since 2014, I really enjoy making streetphotography, trying to capture impressions spontaneously with eyes contact shot or un-posed scène. I like also to focus on geometry, waiting for the right time. It’s the reason why I shot cities and particulary humans in geometry, looking for triangles, crossing lines and perspectives. I hope you will enjoy my portfolio.’ 69 | WePhoto 2015 ©

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Emmanuelle Benjamin France

I’m borned in Bordeaux in 1983. Since young, I’ve always been attracted by arts. I remember to have organized a painting exhibition in my bedroom where my big brother had payed for one of my budding works. Last year, I enrolled in a photography club. At first, I photographed several things and I gradually more interested to capture people in the streets. Try to catch fleeting moments of life and meetings that this practice brings are what I like most with street photography. I started to publish my work on facebook in street photography’s groups and I let me know like this. I rather shoot in France, in different cities. In each town, big or small, colored or not, there is always interisting things, moments, people to catch if you’re a little carefull and curious, if you’re interested by... 81 | WePhoto 2015 ©

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91 | WePhoto 2015 © WePhotos

Wephoto France vol1  

Different Vision “France” In this section of our serie, we have a lot of authors, and the majority are from France. So, we start just here,...

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