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Design your own rugs, for any use


No more limits on creativity or conflicts between indoor and outdoor use. Used alone or in combination, Dickson rugs are ideal for any space, whether indoors or outdoors: at home, at the office or in a hotel room, in a shop area or a lobby, the possibilities are endless. 3






Rounded Rectangle

Dickson rugs are the perfect choice for any space, whether in a traditional square or rectangle shape, or with a more geometrical twist. Our design studio has created a full range of


SHAPES All our rugs are made to order. Choose among our standard sizes made using optimised cutting templates to minimize scrap and therefore keep costs down. Or order a custom rug in the dimensions adapted to your space.




Large width format: our standard weaving width being 2 m, for widths greater than 2 m we must assemble two pieces using a cold-solder technique.

This assembly does not affect the rug’s durability, but it is important to note that a line at the soldering point will be visible. For aesthetic reasons, the soldering line is always


Rounded Quadrat


placed at the centre of the two joined pieces to ensure a harmonious symmetry in the rug. Due to its special weaving structure, a large width is available only in Quadrat and Rectangle in the Be Different (BDI) collection.

Bubble suite



Contact us to order a customised shape or size. Would you like a different shape? Does your project require a special size? Thanks to Dickson’s innovative CAD cutting software, you can let your imagination roam free. We offer customised solutions, with or without border, and in special formats if needed (minimum surface 1m² or 3 identical units - maximum width 200 cm). Submit your project by filling out the creation form that you will find on our website



Warmth, material effects, colour combinations...


A multitude of colour and material combinations to coordinate your indoor and outdoor areas, to play with colour contrast or harmony, tone on tone, anything is possible when you create a unique rug in line with your design preferences.





An innovative textile solution at the cutting edge of design, perfectly suited to the most demanding environments in terms of functionality and durability. 10



IN With the endless colour and shape options available, Dickson rugs are perfect for any space, whether public or private.



A unique composition for extremely durable and easy-to-maintain rugs. Although their woven structure means that the rugs have a certain textured surface, the exclusive assembly technique Dickson uses guarantees that they have excellent resistance to liquid, dust and dirt. The warp and weft yarns are thermo-soldered together and heat-mounted on the base layer, which prevents dirt from entering between the fibres, instead keeping it at the surface.


Dickson’s woven rugs help ensure the hygiene of indoor spaces. They are rotproof and resistant to dust mites, mildew and fungus. Their impermeable surface makes it easy to keep floors clean and prevents permanent staining from coffee, wine, jam or blood. Woven using revolutionary vinyl fibres and assembled on a base layer with high technical performance, they are very durable and resistant to wearing.


Water resistant

Stain resistant

Abrasion resistant

4 mm

3,1 kg/m

Easy maintenance*


Heavy commercial traffic


FLOORSCORE Dickson® rugs are Floorscore-certified. Good air quality is essential inside buildings, since this is where we spend most of our time. The quality of the air that we breathe can have an effect on our comfort and health. Problems can range from mild irritations (odours, eye and skin irritations) to aggravated irritations or the development of pathogens such as respiratory allergies. Independently tested and certified by the RFCI Institute, Dickson rugs comply with the emissions criteria for volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and are recognised for their ability to contribute to high indoor air quality. OEKOTEX Dickson Rugs bear the OEKO-TEX label (class IV - Furnishing materials for decorative purposes) and do not contain any substances considered to pose a risk for health, the skin or the environment.


*Detailed recommendations for maintaining our rugs, as well as the terms and conditions for our warranties, can be found at


Thousands of possibilities… A choice of 14 colours for the rug’s centre.

A choice of 14 colours for the Sunbrella® braid.

Sunbrella® border in choice of 17 colours.


Dickson woven vinyl border in a choice of 7 colours.

Both refined and discreet, the Sunbrella® braid subtly outlines the rug’s shape, perfectly hugging the curves and contours of the geometric pieces.

12 new colours have been added to the existing range of five for a wealth of subtle, refined, natural and luminous colours. Sunbrella® fabrics offer high-end finishings to add comfort and class to any living space, whether indoors or outdoors. Sunbrella® fabrics resist outdoor conditions over time without deteriorating. They are given a special treatment to resist stains and mould.

This woven vinyl finishing is particularly well suited for permanent outdoor use or use in a high-traffic corridor, and as such is the best compromise between durability and aesthetics.

The Sunbrella® acrylic braid resists outdoor conditions over time without deteriorating. The visible width of the braid is around 1 cm, the seams sewn with a highly durable, UV-resistant thread matching the colour chosen.


The visible width of the border is around 6 cm, the seams sewn with a highly durable, UV-resistant thread matching the colour chosen.

The visible width of the border is around 6 cm, the seams sewn with a highly durable, UV-resistant thread matching the colour chosen.


SIMULATE Take a photo and configure your rug in its environment: choose your preferred shape, size, colours and edge finish. This simulation will help you visualise the final result and make the best choice.

Dickson Designer Rugs


Choose from our 13 shape options to create your own rug on our site. Select one of the designs, then combine the colours and finishings.With this tool, you can try out and immediately view the result among thousands of other possibilities.


Performance Fabrics for: solar protection, outdoor furnishing, indoor furnishing, marine furnishing, flooring.


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Edition January 2016 - SAS DICKSON CONSTANT - capital 12.640.000 euros - 381 347 970 R.C.S. Lille Métropole – Photos : Jekyll n’Hyde / Studio Tekhné - Conception : Agence dad Sunbrella® is a registered trademark of Glen Raven, Inc. - Dickson Constant is a Glen Raven company

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