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AREA+, A GENUINE REVOLUTION FOR THE OUTDOOR DECORATING WORLD. AREA+ is an innovative collection that breathes new life into the use of pergolas. Every pergola can now be adapted to a vast array of colours and patterns depending on how and

A COMPREHENSIVE TEXTILE SOLUTION We picked our very finest products and, at the same time, developed specific fabrics for new uses to create an innovative, complete, harmonious collection. Taut canvases, vellums, curtains, awnings, zips and more – the AREA+ collection gives the pergola a bright new future.

NEW COMFORT AND ELEGANCE The fabric’s lightweight, refreshing textures and creative colours soften and enhance the pergolas they dress up. Patterns, weaves and hues that mix and match beautifully enable decorators to design unique, luxurious settings. From now on, pergolas will be very personalized areas that are even more delicate, more intimate, and more attractive than ever before – special places where comfort reigns.

where it will be used. Pergolas will play an increasingly important role in outdoor decorating as they become special places, specifically dedicated to enhancing the users’ well-being.

UNIQUE KNOW-HOW AND MANY INNOVATIONS. Thanks to our unique expertise and experienced researchers, we were able to balance optimum thermal, visual and sound comfort with weatherproofing, dimensional stability and overall durability in the same, all-purpose collection. The AREA+ fabrics’ exceptional qualities transform pergolas into equally inviting havens all year round.

AREA+ IN AUGMENTED REALITY To increase the amount of information provided by the AREA+ marketing materials, we’ve developed an online app that allows you to delve deeper into the collection’s potential by accessing considerable complementary information which adds a whole new dimension to the discovery of this new collection. After downloading the Dickson A.R. application to your smartphone, you can scan the symbol below and watch an animated, interactive presentation of the new collection. For more information, scan this symbol with the Dickson A.R. app and your smartphone.


EXPANSION A SAVVY COMBINATION OF HIGH-TECH FEATURES AND ELEGANT DESIGN, THE EXPANSION RANGE IS A MAJOR INNOVATION FOR PERGOLAS. Developed based on several years of research and analyses, the Expansion line has become the crown jewel of the new AREA+ collection.

Available in 13 solid colours and 4 stripes, the EXPANSION range comes in a broad array of options so you can create perfectly harmonious gardens and terraces.

Sheathed in a translucent membrane, the EXPANSION fabric has a mat, textile look. It is completely waterproof and is the first solution-dyed acrylic fabric with a naturally smooth face to help fight pollution and dirt*.

Create whatever kind of atmosphere you’d like, from the cosy shade of dark fabrics to the bright outlook of paler hues.

EXPANSION fabrics are rollable or retractable and adapt to all pergola widths as taut fabric or vellums.

*provided they are regularly cleaned – see maintenance guide at www.dickson-constant.com WARRANTY


see general terms and conditions at www.dickson-constant.com

USES The EXPANSION fabrics in the AREA+ collection are absolutely waterproof and provide excellent UV and heat protection. They have been designed and woven in 300 cm widths to ensure excellent dimensional stability.

Natté NAT 10020 White, Expansion EXP D249 Line Dove


SUNWORKER CRISTAL THE AREA+ SUNWORKER CRISTAL FABRIC PROVIDES THE PERFECT COMBINATION OF TRANSPARENCY AND WATERPROOF PROTECTION. Sunworker Cristal provides absolute thermal comfort and a genuine sense of well-being while optimising the lighting based on the colours chosen. From the darkest to the palest, you choose which type of shade best suits your needs and desires.

With a beautiful array of 10 solid colours, the Sunworker Cristal range adapts to all settings. Available in 296 cm width, they are as convenient to use for the sides of pergolas as they are for the tops.

Perfect waterproofing, ideal colour and light control, the Sunworker Cristal range meets all the needs of today’s outdoor decorators to create true comfort zones for increasingly demanding customers. WARRANTY



see general terms and conditions at www.dickson-constant.com

Sheathed in a translucent membrane, the Sunworker Cristal range combines all the advantages of open-weave fabrics and waterproof fabrics. Available in 296 cm width, Sunworker Cristal fabrics are guaranteed for 5 years.

Expansion EXP U342 Cornflower, Sunworker Cristal SWC M654 Grey


SUNVISION THE AREA+ SUNVISION RANGE IS THE IDEAL CHOICE FOR OUTDOOR VISUAL COMFORT. Woven on an innovative loom, the Sunvision range is the world’s first open-weave fabric that looks and feels like natural fibres. Easily adaptable for use on the sides of pergolas, Sunvision fabric protects eyes from the sun’s glare. Thanks to its unique weave, it also keeps bugs away so you can enjoy summer evenings in peace.

pleasure of being outdoors while feeling cosy too. Available in 11 colours, Sunvision fabrics are quickly becoming must-haves for all pergola designers. Available in 250 cm width, this option is perfectly adapted for use on the sides of pergolas and ideal as zip closures.

Sunvision provides absolute privacy so you can see without being seen, boosting the



see general terms and conditions at www.dickson-constant.com

USES Sunvision textile solutions look like fabric but ensure even greater sun protection and visual comfort. Available in 250 cm width and guaranteed for 5 years, they are quickly becoming pergola essentials.

Sunvision SV 8876 Perle, Velum VLM 2003 Graumel, Expansion EXP D250 Line Charcoal


VÉLUM & NATTÉ XL AREA+ ALSO CONTAINS 2 QUALITIES SPECIALLY DESIGNED FOR SHEER CURTAINS AND CURTAINS: SUNBRELLA® VÉLUM & NATTÉ. Vélum and Natté fabrics, available in 300 cm width, were specifically designed for use as outdoor sheer curtains and curtains. They hold up under all kinds of weather and retain their “like new” appearance all season long. Machine-washable, they are particularly easy to maintain. Sunbrella® Vélum and Natté are ranges that include 6 colours of Vélum and 6 colours of Natté to complete your outdoor decorating with style and effectiveness.

To meet all your different decorating needs, the transparency and lightness of the Vélum fabric is perfectly adapted for sheer curtains whilst the Natté is more suited for curtains.






see general terms and conditions at www.sunbrella.com

The Natté and Vélum are fabrics for curtains and sheer curtains specifically designed for outdoor use. Available in 300 cm width, they are machine-washable and guaranteed for 5 years.

Vélum VLM 2000 Natural, Expansion EXP U339 Brick




EXP D251 300 Line Antique

26 cm

EXP U335 300 Clay

EXP U336 300 Rope

EXP U337 300 Hemp

EXP U340 300 Grass

EXP D248 300 Line Arctic

26 cm

EXP U334 300 Putty

EXP U339 300 Brick

EXP U345 300 Amaranth

EXP U338 300 Eggplant

EXP D249 300 Line Dove

26 cm

EXP U333 300 Silver

EXP U342 300 Cornflower

EXP U344 300 Blueberry

EXP U343 300 Ink

EXP D250 300 Line Charcoal

26 cm

EXP U341 300 Slate





SWC M939 296 Elephant

SWC M715 296 Bison

SV 8859 250 Nature

SWC M712 296 Beige

SWC M006 296 Pearl

SV U347 250 Wheat

SWC M005 296 White

SWC M654 296 Grey

SWC M721 296 Frost

SWC M652 296 Silver



VLM 2000 300 Natural

VLM 2003 300 Graumel

NAT 10020 300 White

NAT 10036 300 Antique White

SV U348 250 Herbal

VLM 2002 300 Heather

VLM 2017 300 Heather Chiné

NAT 10035 300 Graumel

NAT 10037 300 Heather Beige

SV U351 250 Mallow

SV U349 250 Sky

VLM 2011 300 Nature Grey

VLM 2018 300 Chestnut

NAT 10040 300 Nature Grey

NAT 10082 300 Coal Tweed

SWC M392 296 Charcoal

SV 8876 250 Perle

SV U346 250 Grey

SWC M391 296 Black

SV U350 250 Cocoa

SV 8873 250 Ardoise

SV 8860 250 Ecru

SV 8877 250 Caillou


Edition Février 2015 - SAS DICKSON CONSTANT - capital 12.640.000 euros - 381 347 970 R.C.S. Lille Métropole – Photos : Grégoire Eloy / Getty Images - Sunbrella® is a registered trademark and Glen RavenTM is a trademark of Glen Raven, Inc. Dickson Constant is a Glen Raven company

For more information, scan this symbol with the Dickson A.R. app and your smartphone.

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The technical information in this brochure is based on average values with a tolerance of +/-5%. All specifications are approximate and without guarantees. They are simply intended to provide a general description of the products. They should not be equated with a contractual commitment on our part. It is the customer’s responsibility, where necessary in performing prior tests, to check the validity of this information and the conformity of the goods received before implementation. It is also the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the product(s) selected are appropriate for the intended use. The customer is responsible for the implementation of the product under normal conditions, foreseeable use and in accordance with the safety and environmental protection laws in effect at the place of use as well as the rules of the installer’s profession and the Dickson Constant instructions. Dickson Constant reserves the right to stop the commercial distribution of the product(s) and/or change the characteristics presented in this brochure.

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AREA+ is an innovative collection that breathes new life into the use of pergolas. Every pergola can now be adapted to a vast array of colou...


AREA+ is an innovative collection that breathes new life into the use of pergolas. Every pergola can now be adapted to a vast array of colou...