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Dickinson State University Staff Senate Minutes September 17, 9:00 a.m. – Klinefelter Conference Room 107 Members Present: Michelle Baxter, Laurie Beach, Tara Buck Elk, Victoria Carlson, Deana Carstens, Christie Chernich, Johnna Douthit, Kevin Holten, Aaron Johansen, Roberta Kudrna, Heidi Larson, Chris Meek, Kathy Meyer, Gayle Mork, Josh Nichols, Yvonne Roth, Kyle Thiel, Stacy Wilkinson Members Absent: Sandra Bertelsen, Nathanial Bishop, Alicia Erickson, Karen Madler, Anthony Willer Call to order: Meeting was called to order at 9:02 a.m. by President Christie Chernich. Adoption of Agenda: Josh Nichols moved to add an item regarding attendance policy to the agenda. It was added to New Business: Other. Aaron Johanson seconded. Approval of Minutes: Stacy Wilkinson made a motion to accept the minutes from the August meeting. Roberta Kudrna seconded. TREASURER’S REPORT Johnna Douthit reported on the current funding status. The money received from the coffee fundraiser in the amount of $315.00 has been transferred to the foundation. COMITTEE REPORTS Continuing Education Committee: Heidi Larson reported. CPR and Fraud were two of the trainings we were going to offer with CPR possibly being in October. They will both be taught by Dave Wallace, however due to medical issues, Dave will not be available until mid to late October. Due to other events happening on campus, we are looking at November 3rd and 5th as tentative dates for the CPR. We will wait to hear back from him. Emergency Management Preparedness Committee: No report. Budget Committee: Kathy Meyer reported. She asked if there would be somebody interested in collecting for Jeans Day in Klinefelter and Wienbergen. Roberta Kudrna volunteered. Kathy will get her a list of names from whom to collect. DSU Appreciation Committee: Kathy Meyer reported. Their committee met and they are planning an ice cream social to be held at the Student Center. Cass Clay has donated the ice cream. They are still working on finding a date to hold the social. President’s Future Focused Planning Committee: Josh Nichols reported. The subcommittees are formed and they are to meet. Josh will have more to report after their meeting. Staff Thoughts & Concerns Committee: Kevin Holten reported. At the last meeting this committee was to set up a meeting with Hal Haynes regarding the concerns about the tornado issue and DSU’s help in the clean-up. Their plans were to meet with Hal Haynes and Alvin Binstock. There was a meeting with Hal and he has agreed to address the issue at our next Staff Senate meeting. Hal said that at 10 p.m. on the night of the tornado, he placed a call to Police Chief Rummel and was told that they would contact DSU if they needed additional help. Hal also talked

to Shawn Kessel, the City Administrator, and was basically told the same thing, that they would let us know. Hal Haynes was contacted by the local Red Cross office about housing. DSU housed 12 victims from the tornado for about three weeks. Kevin Holten will also try to hold a meeting with Alvin Binstock to get his response and see if he could attend the next meeting as well. Aaron Johanson moved that we get Alvin’s input and then decide if we need to invite to a future meeting. Laurie Beach seconded. Kathy Meyer indicated that a DSU employee had asked her to approach Staff Senate about the signage (or lack of) on administrative buildings and that it has already been brought to several people’s attention on campus. It was discussed at the cabinet level and has been tabled. This matter will be turned over to the Staff Thoughts and Concerns Committee. Christie Chernich shared an email she had received regarding the Staff Senate Scholarship. The email read as follows, “I feel that the criteria of ‘child of a DSU Employee’ eliminates the possibility of a Spouse receiving that scholarship. Why has the Staff Senate made this delineation? I ask that the Senate reconsider this statement and revise it to include any dependent of a DSU employee.” Aaron Johanson indicated he would have the criteria in a book of the scholarships. He will look into and get back to Christie. It is tabled for now in order to do further research as to why it is worded the way it is. Old Business: 1. Campus Senate Report: Christie Chernich reported. They have not met and she will contact the President’s secretary to see if or when they plan on meeting. 2. Strategic Enrollment Planning Report: Christie Chernich reported. They have not met but are scheduled to meet in October. New Business: 1. NDUS Staff Senate: Christie Chernich reported. The State Board of Higher Education had meetings September 16 and 17. Nothing new to report. 2. Staff Senate pictures: Shanna Shervheim was at our meeting and a group picture was taken. 3. Other: a. Staff Senate Attendance – Josh Nichols had sent an email to Christie Chernich, questioning whether we could change the bylaws’ attendance policy and the broadband policy. The Executive Committee met and made the decision to leave the bylaws as is. At our meeting today, Josh Nichols wanted to hear from the Executive Committee on how they arrived at their decision. Discussion was held on the various aspects of the Executive Committees meeting as well as what it would take to change the constitution and bylaws. To keep within time constraints of our 45 minute meeting limit, it was decided no final decision could be made at today’s meeting. Roberta Kudrna made a motion to table the discussion until the next meeting and Josh Nichols seconded it.

ANNOUNCEMENTS 1. The next meeting will be held on Thursday, October 15th at 9:00 a.m. in Klinefelter Conference Room 107. 2. Congratulations to Shanna Shervheim, September Moments of Excellence winner. AJOURNMENT Christie Chernich adjourned the meeting at 10:02 a.m. Respectfully Submitted,

Johnna Douthit