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Dickinson State University Staff Senate Minutes April 17, 2008, 1:30 p.m. – Klinefelter Conference Room 107 Members Present: Christie Chernich, Alicia Erickson, Kent Featherstone, James Haaland, Timothy Kreidt, Heidi Larson, Kevin Moberg, Shanna Schoch, Kelly Steffes, Steph Suko, Lori Wagner, Stacy Wilkinson, Anthony Willer, Corina Zalesky Members Absent: Bonnie Bohlman, Jane Fischer, Stuart Savelkoul, Jacob Siegler, Guests Present: Dr. Richard McCallum Call to Order: Meeting was called to order at 1:35 p.m. by President Stacy Wilkinson. Introductions to Dr. McCallum were made by each senator present. Adoption of Agenda: Shanna Schoch made a motion to accept the agenda. Alicia Erickson seconded. Approval of Minutes: Kent Featherstone made a motion to accept the minutes. Lori Wagner seconded. COMMITTEE REPORTS Standing Committees: Continuing Education Committee: Kelly Steffes reported. Covey training has been changed to June 10, 2008 and the FERPA training has been moved to May 29, 2008. For the FERPA training there will be two sessions, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Kelly also reported that Joanne Fields had been trying to reach Red Cross to find out where our certification cards were; no one had received them as of the time of the meeting. (Side note – as of May 7, 2008, all Red Cross Certification cards had been received and distributed to each individual that attended training.) Hiring Process of Staff Committee: There is nothing new to report at this time. Emergency Management Preparedness Committee: Shanna Schoch reported that the committee met on April 7, 2008 with Southwest District Health Unit President Sherry Adams. Ms. Adams discussed with the committee the concern of the possibility of a Flu Pandemic. Ms. Adams stated that the country is overdue for a pandemic. There is no way to know where or when this could happen; they are concerned that the Avian flu or bird flu could be right around the corner as the “next” pandemic. The Southwest District Health Unit is mandated to have a plan of action. Their concern is that they would need some place to have an infirmary. They have approached the committee to not only inform them of this plan, but to ask for the university’s assistance. They would like to be able to use Scott Gym and Weinbergen Gym as the infirmary if necessary. The university could also supply nursing students, nursing staff and faculty, along with psychology staff and faculty, teachers and the teacher education students, etc. Their plan of Staff Senate Minutes 4-17-2008

action, as well as, all the details of the plan needs to be in place by June 18, 2008. No follow up conversations have been heard as of yet. Shanna also advised that NDUS has adopted the Notifind System. It is scheduled to be up and running by the fall semester 2008. The cost will be $1.25 per student. Dickinson State University would like to do an announced drill and an unannounced drill at the university in the fall. Mr. Hal Haynes and the committee are still debating the pros and cons of actually having an unannounced drill. Budget Committee: Alicia Erickson reported that the cookbook idea was on hold. Instead the committee decided to try and sell coffee products first. They passed out order forms from New Day Gourmet Coffee so everyone could see the available products. The committee asked each of the staff senators to try and sell at least 5 items and to collect the money in advance. The order forms are due on April 25, 2008 by noon. The next no host social was scheduled to be held on April 23, 2008 at the Elks Lodge at 4:30 pm. Old Business: 1. Staff Retiree Status: Corina Zalesky reported that Human Resources goal is to finalize this by May 15, 2008. Human Resources is still working on the correct verbiage and making it black and white with hopefully no grey areas. The retired staff member would receive a pamphlet explaining their new benefits and their Honored Retiree Merits Pass. Some of the benefits the retired staff member will receive will be a parking sticker, library privileges, tuition waivers (only for the retired staff member), music events, fine arts, theatre events, athletic events, wellness classes, university events such as Faculty/Staff service recognition, holiday parties, publications, and services to surviving spouse/partner. New Business: 1. Campus Senates April Luncheon Report: Stacy Wilkinson reported that the campus senates met on April 9, 2008. The Student Senate reported that they have been very busy this year and that they did have the Big Event. 220 people showed up to participate. The Student Senate is sending three students to the national Big Event at Texas A&M. They also had sold the sea of blue t-shirts and the homecoming shirts for $1.00 in front of Selke Hall. Student Senate also reported that they had given Dr. McCallum and his wife a variety of gift certificates to various eateries in the area. Faculty Senate reported that they gave Dr. McCallum a proactive letter. Staff Senate updated the president on future training sessions for Staff members. 2. Suggestions for Dr. McCallum: Staff Senate asked to receive the Presidents Cabinet minutes on a more regular basis. They also asked about having a jeans day where the staff members who chose to participate would pay $1.00 to wear jeans and college gear. They were looking at this from a fundraiser point of view. Staff Senate also inquired if staff members could possibly receive the same discount as Alumni do at the Bookstore for purchases of DSU apparel. Staff Senate wanted to know if meetings with all three Senates were going to continue. They would like to see them continued because it gives everyone an update on what is happening at DSU. Staff Senate also extended and invitation to Dr. McCallum to visit Staff Senate meetings every once in awhile. Dr. McCallum thanked us for the invitation and proceeded to give us some insight on what his goals and priorities for the university were. He said that he would like to have a set of goals/priorities/dreams set up for the next 3-5 years. A campus wide committee would be formed to establish this. The question was asked if Staff Senate would be able to have an actual Budget. It was stated that we could be getting a set dollar amount for our Budget. Staff Senate Minutes 4-17-2008

We will have to wait to hear what is decided between Mr. Alvin Binstock and Dr. McCallum. Adjournment: Stacy Wilkinson adjourned the meeting at 2:27 p.m. ANNOUNCEMENTS 1. The next meeting will be held on Thursday, May 15, 2008 at 1:30 p.m. in Klinefelter Conference Room 107. 2. Congratulations to this months Moment of Excellence winner: Christopher Meek

Respectfully Submitted,

Christie Chernich ~ Staff Senate Secretary

Staff Senate Minutes 4-17-2008