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Dickinson State University Staff Senate Minutes March 18, 2010

9:00 a.m. – Klinefelter Conference Room 107

Members Present: Michelle Baxter, Laurie Beach, Nathaniel Bishop, Victoria Carlson, Deana Carstens, Christie Chernich, Johnna Douthit, Kevin Holten, Aaron Johansen, Roberta Kudrna, Heidi Larson, Karen Madler, Kathy Meyer, Gayle Mork, Josh Nichols, Yvonne Roth, Stacy Wilkinson, Anthony Willer Members Absent: Tara Buck Elk, Alicia Erickson, Chris Meek, Kyle Thiel Call to order: Meeting was called to order at 9:01 a.m. by President Christie Chernich. Adoption of Agenda: Nathaniel Bishop made a motion to adopt the agenda. Kathy Meyer seconded. Adoption of Minutes: Stacy Wilkinson made a motion to adopt the minutes. Roberta Kudrna seconded. TREASURER’S REPORT Johnna Douthit reported on the current funding status. The scholarship committee met and awarded one $500 scholarship for the 2010-2011 school year. The Executive Committee met with the President and presented him with the new Jeans Day policy which would change the wearing of jeans from two times a month to every Friday. As of this meeting, we have not heard from the President regarding his decision. When Executive Committee met with him, they reported on the donations/contributions Staff Senate has made since the passing of the Jeans Day policy. COMITTEE REPORTS Continuing Education Committee: Heidi Larson reported. Heidi visited with Joanne regarding trying to hold CPR before school ends. The tentative date for the CPR is April 8th, from 9-11 a.m. and 1-3 p.m. Regarding the Excel training, there was discussion held on when or if it should be held. Discussion was also held regarding not having a third training this year. We will try to have a CPR training this year and then go from there. Emergency Management Preparedness Committee: No report. Budget Committee: No report. DSU Appreciation Committee: Kathy Meyer reported that they were waiting to hear about the approval of the Jeans Day policy from the president prior to planning any events. Master Plan Committee: Christie Chernich reported. A couple months ago Kevin Holten had brought up an issue of DSU receiving $2 million from state appropriations. Christie clarified where the funds were to be used. $1 million was being held to pay the architects who are to work on library and the Master Plan and also for energy bonds. The Master Plan is done every ten years and re-evaluated every two years. An architect has been hired this year, which the State Board of Higher Ed (SBHE) required. A draft of the Master Plan is due to the SBHE by the end of the month. Christie had emailed a list of questions to Staff Senate which were given to her by the architect asking for suggestions/ideas to put into Master Plan. There was no response from Staff Senate so Christie answered the questions when interviewed by the architect. A draft list was created on everything staff would like to see on campus. From the draft list, a shorter list was created. This list will be proofread and looked at with guidelines from SBHE for the Master Plan. Within the Master Plan there is a historic look at DSU. Basically the “gateway” to the university

will stay the same. There was a question about whether transportation for international students is included in the Master Plan. The subject of an international center of some kind was discussed with the committee but not transportation specifically. Christie will talk to the committee regarding transportation for students. Parking Committee: Josh reported. He had emailed Staff Senators copies of the Parking Committee report by Dr. Varney. The committee is now done meeting and their recommendations are now part of the Master Plan report. President’s Future Focused Planning Committee: Josh reported. The big original group along with all the teams met on March 2nd. Each team gave reports. He was not sure if the full group will meet again, but the small groups will continue to meet. Staff Thoughts & Concerns Committee: Anthony Willer reported. To continue from the last meeting regarding donated leave time, he said he was approached by someone asking who makes the determination on what is “extraordinary” or “severe” when deciding to allow sick leave donations. A physician’s statement is submitted to Gail in Human Resources who makes the recommendation on it. If an employee wants to challenge the decision, it goes to the President to decide. Welcome Committee: Josh Nichols brought samples of a Welcome Packet. The Staff Senate brochure is being changed and he will email the new brochure when he receives it. Josh would like comments or suggestion on the packets by our next meeting. Once a week we will contact Gail Ebeltoft in HR for updates on new staff and go from there as far as what the Welcome Committee does. Discussion was held on a few changes to be made to the packet. Christie Chernich asked that Josh make changes and bring back to Staff Senate next month. Josh asked if we not wait the 30 days because that would put it out another two months before we can begin using the packet. Anthony Willer made a motion to go forward with the packet using the originals of the (old) survival guide and brochure for one month and change over to new one when the new documents are ready. Yvonne Roth seconded. Old Business: 1. Campus Senate Report: Christie Chernich reported. There was a luncheon meeting with the other senates on February 23rd. Student Senate is getting ready for their Big Event. Faculty are currently working on course changes, the smoking policy, sabbatical and sick leave policies. She asked where things were on the smoking policy. It is in the Student Senate currently and we are just waiting for them. Regarding the BAC, the President said we would have BAC by the first of May but now the date will be around mid June. Doors and locks are being added now. Regarding the 2015 goals – five teams are guided by SBHE directions and campus goals. The Centennial Committee is moving forward with ideas for the centennial. The President asked us to share his appreciation to the senators for the work they are doing. Our committees are long-term and work is continuing on these committees, even if there is no progress being seen. 2. Strategic Enrollment Planning Report: Christie Chernich reported. They met in February and are still working on goals and putting documents together with Noel Levitz. We have one or two meetings with them again on April 8 and 9. All committees finished meeting and are completing action plans to be forwarded to Noel Levitz.

New Business:

1. NDUS Staff Senate: Christie Chernich reported. They met on March 12. The NDUS Staff Senate has been to several state board meetings. They are still in the process of trying to get a seat on the SBHE like Student Senate and Faculty Senate have. The President of the NDUS Staff Senate presented a letter to them of a proposal on why they want to be represented there. The Chancellor will now decide after the meeting and let them know. THE NDUS Staff Senate will conduct a face-to-face meeting in Fargo in June. 2. Open Forum: Christie Chernich asked if holding an open forum was something we really wanted to pursue and questioned what Staff Senate’s goal would be. Josh Nichols said that having this would allow staff to be able to attend because some people may not be able to attend our monthly meetings. Josh also indicated that he would be willing to do the work to set it up. Stacy Wilkinson indicated that the last one held had poor attendance and they had no budget for serving snacks. The Staff Senate website was then created with a link so anyone could add anonymous suggestions. At last month’s meeting a motion and seconded to have open forums once a semester. Paper vote was taken and passed unanimously to hold forum. Stacy Wilkinson and Christie Chernich will work together on planning it. If additional help is needed, they will ask the senators. An agenda will be built ahead of time. Anthony Willer suggested having Gail Ebeltoft from HR attend as well in case questions come up in that area. 3. Non-Senator committee representation: The Executive Committee met and discussed this issue. At this time, all committees are full. Only a few of our committees would be able to have outside individuals added. Our committees are formed by senators and anyone can approach a senator with any suggestions to bring to the full senate. Discussion was held on having too many on a committee. If there is help needed with an event, i.e. Appreciation Committee, additional help can be asked for at that time. If an event is coming up or help is needed, emails need to be sent to committee first, then the whole senate. Regarding the motion made at last month’s meeting, the decision will be final with the Executive Committee’s decision of not adding non-senators to committees at this time. 4. Other – Relay for Life: An idea was brought up through University Relations that DSU try to have three teams participate in the Relay for Life event – one staff team, one faculty team and one student team. Heidi Larson brought up the discussion and indicated it will be handled through the University Relations office. Planning is still in the preliminary stages and she is collecting information on how it will all work. The dates for Relay for Life are July 23rd and 24th. Heidi will bring more information back to our meeting in April. ANNOUNCEMENTS 1. The next meeting will be held on Thursday, April 15th at 9:00 a.m. in Klinefelter Conference Room 107. 2. Congratulations to Kathy Obritsch, March Moments of Excellence winner. AJOURNMENT Christie Chernich adjourned the meeting at10:41 a.m. Respectfully Submitted,

Johnna Douthit