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Lady Blue Hawk B A S K E T B A L L


Lady Blue Hawk B A S K E T B A L L Kersten Jaramillo

Amanda Jenson

Building Our TEAM By Coach Andre Goldberg The excitement of a new basketball season and all of its possibilities is unparalleled, especially with practice underway and new faces in the gym. The Dickinson State Women’s Basketball team has welcomed eight new players to the program overall. At this point in the process much of our time has been spent with team building activities and individual workouts in order to prepare for the upcoming season. Along with the new faces, there are several familiar ones who have returned, including Amber Adams, Kylee Bittner, Teryl Norton, Jessica Nieves, Kelsey Boedeker, Sam Botsford, Terri Washington and Amanda Jenson, who headline a seasoned group of returning Lady Blue Hawks.

Super Senior Kelsey Boedecker is a 2009-2010 All-Conference performer who also excels at golf.

Greeley, CO

Ralph, SD

Ashley Jelly

Samatha Botsford

Ashley Jelly and Kersten Jaramillo from Otero Junior College and Mandy Mullock from Sheridan College will all be fun to watch. The five seniors on our team all bring tremendous leadership capabilities to the table. Amber Adams, Kelsey Boedeker and Teryl Norton all have significant experience and will be called upon to continue the precedence they have set thus far. With our first scrimmage right around the corner, (Oct. 15th Sheridan, WY), everybody has been working hard to learn the system and improve on a daily basis. After practicing for almost two weeks we are starting to form our identity. I couldn’t ask for a better group of young ladies, on or off the court, to work with. The group that we have compiled is meshing well together and continues to work hard and show the heart necessary to be a successful team.

Sheridan, WY

Spring Creek, NV

Mandy Mullock

Briney Peterson

Our trip to Sheridan is exciting because of the number of players we have from that area. This will be a great opportunity for parents and fans who might not normally have that chance, to come out and support the Blue Hawks. Kelsey Boedeker, Ashley Jelly and Mandy Mullock all have ties to Sheridan through family or in Mandy’s case, playing at Sheridan College for the past two seasons. Our last tune-up, before the season opener at Montana Western on Oct. 30, will be against Williston State College on Sunday, Oct. 24. These scrimmages create a setting where we can gauge our improvement over the next few weeks as well as recruit new talent. There are several experiences that have highlighted the preseason thus far, all of which have helped bring everybody closer together. The homecoming parade float was a big hit as was the first annual Guesstures Championship. On Sunday, Oct. 3, we held our second annual Free Throw Shootout. This was our most successful fundraiser yet and we’d like to thank everybody who was involved for donating to the program.

Torrington, WY

Bowbells, ND

Jenna Cabello

Jordyn Bender

Goals for Success

Condi"oning was made up of short and long distance running two days a week along with li$ing weights the other two days. Skill development involved post and perimeter shoo"ng and offensive By Kylee Bittner moves. We used this workout program Glen Ullin, ND as a way to get in the best shape possible so when it was "me to return to school, we would be ready to accomplish many of the goals we have set for ourselves. The return of only eight players from last year’s team meant that there would be numerous girls that would be new to the Blue Hawk women’s basketball program. Thus the whole team had to par"cipate in a training program called Accelera"on, where three days a week we ran on the treadmills, did plyometrics, or li$ed weights. Along with this, we also had open gym and individual workouts twice a week. Open gym allowed us to learn how to play together on the court and develop team unity. In individual workouts, we worked on offensive and defensive skills that will help us improve as we approach prac"ce. Our pre-season was a crucial "me for us to get to know one another and bond as a team. About once a week, we did a team building ac"vity that would help us understand more about each other as a basketball player and an individual. Doing ac"vi"es like these, spending more "me together off the court, has helped us tremendously on the court as well. This year the Lady Hawks have many goals that we would like to achieve. Not only do we strive to do well on the court but academics also have always been an important role as a studentathlete here. As a team we are expected to a2end every class, sit in the first three rows of class, and maintain a 3.0 or be2er GPA every semester. As it gets further into the semester, Coach Goldberg has us a2end study table, which is when the whole team has to meet in the library either before or a$er prac"ce for an hour to do homework. When our season starts much of our "me is spent on the road traveling, so we are always having to bring our homework with us. Many "mes we are doing homework on the bus or staying up in the hotel doing homework. It is important for us to have good grades and keep up in our classes because it is very easy to fall behind when we are traveling. One thing Coach Goldberg asks of us before each season is to bring in a list of five individual goals and five team goals. Some of the individual goals are to be a leader off and on the court, stay posi"ve in every situa"on, and shoot free throws 75% or be2er. Team goals are vital and we strive to achieve each of them throughout the season. Some of the team goals we have set are: finish first in the DAC, never let our opponents outhustle us, limit turnovers to 15 or less, and outrebound our opponents. We hope that these goals will help us to succeed.

In the classroom, the ladies did a great job of meeting our 2010 goal of a 3.0 team GPA. Kelsey Boedeker was named a 2010 Academic All-American while Amber Adams and Amanda Jenson were named to the DAC Scholar Honor roll. This year we will attempt to raise the bar on the court and in the classroom. There is no doubt that the season is a marathon and not a sprint. Everybody looks to be up to the task although we are still in the first few miles of the journey. A close knit group is being formed and hopefully the end result will be a successful TEAM.

It is important as a college athlete to come into the school year prepared so you can be ready when season starts. Each of us received a summer workout program from Coach Goldberg before we dispersed for the summer which was a 4 day-a-week workout that consisted of condi"oning, weight li$ing, and skill development.

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Murrieta, CA

New England, ND

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Lady Blue Hawk B A S K E T B A L L I Never Imagined the Ride

Stefanie Bohrer

Rebekah Larson

Kelsey Boedeker

By Teryl Norton - New Salem, ND I couldn’t wait for the day that I started college. As a basketball player, coming in as a freshman was a li2le bit nerve racking and exci"ng all at the same "me. I honestly never realized the ride I was in for, once I got here. DSU was the last place I ever thought I would go. It was too close to home and I wanted to get away and meet new people. But when I came on my recrui"ng visit, it just felt right. I was always told that eventually somewhere would feel right and Dickinson did. And I couldn’t have asked for more of a welcome than what I got from my fellow teammates and coaches and I never felt alone or lost. Plus I realized that you aren’t just another number here, you are someone that is cared about and people are there to help you out. I think it is an advantage that you can walk down the hallway and your teachers recognize you or know you by name. It makes asking ques"ons and approaching them much easier when need be. As an athlete we have to carry a good rela"onship with our teachers in order to be excused for games. I learned that if you put an honest effort forth in the classroom teachers will see that and respect you. I’ve learned so much about responsibility by being a college athlete this way. In high school you couldn’t wait to skip school and in college you actually cringe when you have to. It’s funny how you grow up and see what opportuni"es can do for you. I have had so many experiences at DSU that I know I would never have had if I hadn’t come here. In high school, basketball was my all and I never thought I could live without it. Unfortunately, I learned the hard way that life does go on even if I am not playing, when, during my sophomore year, I ripped the car"lage in my ankle joint out 12 games into the season. This sent me to the sideline the rest of the year, which was completely different for me and it made me see that a$er my four years as an athlete I can keep moving on. I also realized the good teammates and friends I had, and although I always knew they’d be there through anything, they really went above and beyond the call of duty to support and help me out. My teachers were also very understanding with the amount of class I had to miss for surgery and appointments and actually cared about my well being. I know that I’m not the first or the last person to be hurt so it is comfor"ng to know that the faculty and students here will treat others the same way. Most of the athletes here get an opportunity to help or coach some of the kids in the community. Our basketball team puts on day camps during the season and we have a ton of elementary kids that come to



OCTOBER 2010 Stanton, ND

Spearfish, SD

Sheridan, WY

Devan Koch

Jessica Nieves

Terri Washington

Buffalo, SD

Montclair, CA

Fontana, CA

I NEVER IMAGINED THE RIDE By Teryl Norton Amber Adams Minot, ND


them. You realize what it is all about when you are out there teaching these kids to play ball the way you were taught. Their eyes light up when you talk to them and they listen to every li2le word you say. That’s what makes it all worth it, being an impact on someone’s life and giving them something to strive for. As a senior, I look back on everything I have learned and experienced here and I wouldn’t change any of it. I can only hope that other students realize the opportuni"es they have. Besides a good educa"on, DSU offers so many more ac"vi"es and groups for everyone. The support we get from fellow students and the community has been amazing. It’s an indescribable feeling to play in a gym full of people being loud and cheering like crazy. It means a lot to me because I came from a small town that was

Support DSU Women’s Basketball by calling (701) 483.2004

Support DSU Women’s Basketball by calling (701) 483.2004