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BUSINESS CHALLENGE Educator Code of Conduct Participants have the right to feel respected and safe. This Code of Conduct is meant to help prevent any kind of harassment and violence. Please note: Any infraction of the rules may result in the educator’s immediate removal from the program. Please read through this form carefully before signing it. Completion of this agreement is mandatory for attendance. 1. While on campus, participants may not use or possess alcoholic beverages and/or any other illegal drug or substance. Participants may not smoke in any of the buildings. Smoking is allowed only outside. Please use smoking ashtrays, which are located outside the buildings. Participants may not use or possess any type of weapon or instrument that could be used as a weapon. 2. Participants are required to follow the schedule and participate in programs and activities unless exempted by their Company Advisor or a Business Challenge staff person. They will abide by all rules established by the coordinator and residence hall counselors, including hall quiet time from midnight until 6:00 a.m. 3. If participants plan to drive their car to Business Challenge, they will be instructed where to park their car. 4. In case participants become ill or injured, they will need to contact the Hall Director of the residence hall, a Company Advisor, or a Business Challenge staff person. 5. Participants will be provided a key for their residence hall room. For participants’ own safety and the safety of their belongings, participants should lock their residence hall room when unoccupied. The Business Challenge program is not responsible for lost or stolen articles. If a key is lost, participants will have to pay for a replacement.

6. If for any reason participants need to leave Business Challenge early, participants must contact and make arrangements with the Business Challenge Coordinator, Katie Mehrer, in advance and preferably in writing. 7. All resident hall main doors will be locked at 11:30 p.m. each night. Participants will have an outside door key to get in after hours. 8. Participants must wear clothing that is appropriate and in good taste, including shoes and shirts during all Business Challenge activities. Writings and pictures on clothing must reflect good taste. Baseball hats are not allowed during auditorium sessions and other sessions where guest speakers are presenting. I hereby acknowledge that I have read and accept the Code of Conduct for educators participating in Business Challenge week. I agree to support it and abide by it, and agree to the consequences for rule infractions. Name of educator (Please print): Signature of Educator: Please list Emergency Contact Names and Telephone Numbers (list two)