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Neshaminy High School Class of 1965  50th Reunion 

October 3rd, 2015  Sheraton  Bucks County Hotel  Langhorne, PA 

The 50th Reunion of the  Neshaminy Class of 1965   

The Mighty, Mighty Redskins   Reunion Commi ee  Ginny Eyring Wolfe    Dale Kredatus  Jo Janisch Colsher 

Ed Wolfe 

Sheila Herbert Ciocian  Steve Masters 

Nancy Foell Mason 

Ginny Fizzano Brundzo 

Joyce Brown Dickinson 

Eric Hutchison  

Bob Hamilton 

Barb Thompson 

    This gathering is dedicated to those of our group who have  passed on, those who were unable to be here, and those who  have come to celebrate this event… 

Event Schedule October 3, 2015

6:00PM – 7:00PM University Foyer – Cocktail Hour Cheeses with fruit Fresh vegetable crudité with dips Scallops in maple flavored bacon Mini spanakopita Mini grilled cheese with apples, brie, honey mustard Beef satay

7:00PM – 11:00PM University Ballroom – Dinner Fresh field greens with balsamic vinaigrette Salmon Royale – Salmon filet with fried spinach & tomato salsa Chicken Rosemary -- Sautéed chicken breast with rosemary infused demi-glaze Prime rib – Slow roasted with au jus and/or Horseradish Assorted vegetables

8:30PM – 9:30PM University Ballroom – Desserts Grand selection of desserts Coffees, and assorted hot teas and iced teas

Music and dancing throughout the evening

In Memoriam In the past 50 years many of our classmates have left us far too early. We ask that you take a moment to remember those who have passed before us. Herb Aaron Ralph Acosta Joann Adams Joyce Allegretti Robert Augustine Barbara Austin Robert Bell Sharon Bequette William Bolmer Jim Boorman Jon Brubaker John Candy Edward F. Coffin Michael Coughlan John Dalola Mary (Dovey) Lombardo Bruce G. Dunlap Linda (Earl) Framer Alan Edell Peter J Fazio Richard Felton Michael Flad Carl Fletcher Leanne (Fortin) LaCroix Terri (Friedrich) Harper Gary C. Gartenmeyer Rick Gaun John R. Gottschall John Graff Peter Graser Jim Heffelfinger

Carol Hess Ronald Hopely Tom Horth Ednarae Hutchinson Philip James Jackie Kahn Mike Karbowsky Michon J. (Kennedy) Zober Earl Kenworthy Leon Kidd Lois Kircher Harry Kirkhope George Kissinger Milt Konski Linda Lawrence Walt Leach Mark Levy Robert F. Lower Jeff Ludlow Joseph Maccari Jim Markey Derk Metzelaar Roy Neal Barbara Orr Wayne V. Osborn Joanne Pallanta Steve Pyle Diane Reichart Richard Rementer Bob Rink Thomas P. Ryan Jerilyn Ryno

Robert Schardinger Barbara Silvestri John Simmons Phillip Smith Myra Spinozzi John W Squires Bob Stasche Bob Stein Fred Traggemann John Troyano Brian Wagner Wayne Waldman Lee Webber Daniel Whipps Dennis Winter Frank Wurst Mary Jane Zeglen

Remembering What a Buck Could Buy in the 1960’s A dollar really went far in the 1960s — much farther than it does today. Before you get too nostalgic, remember that the median household income in 1967 was $7,143, and the minimum wage was $1.40 per hour. Of course, on the other hand, that same year, an average American home cost $24,600, and a Love Bug (a Volkswagen Beetle) could be had for a mere $1,500. Three gallons of gas Back in the'60s, people pulled up to the gas pump and actually said to the attendant, "Gimme a dollar's worth." In 1965, this amount could get you quite far, because gas was only 31 cents a gallon (it was up to 35 cents by 1969). To make sure your car would always start, you could get jumper cables for a buck and if you wanted to keep your ride looking great, you could buy car wax for a mere 99 cents. 20 First-Class Postage Stamps In 1963, you could send letters to 20 friends for $1, or if you didn't have a whole lot to say, you could send 25 postcards. But by 1968, prices went up — it cost 5 cents to send a postcard and 6 cents to send a letter. A hamburger with fries, salad, and dessert Actually, in 1965 you could score a meal with a double-decker burger for a buck! If you wanted to go out to dinner, you could eat at Oscar's (a family restaurant chain in California), and for $1 you'd get a double-decker hamburger with French fries, salad, and ice cream for dessert. For only 30 cents more, you could get a complete fried chicken or shrimp dinner (also with fries and salad). Pie was only 35 cents a slice, an ice-cream sundae was 40 cents, and coffee or a soft drink cost 10 cents. By the way, if you wanted to grab a quick bite at a lunch counter, you could get a hot dog and a coke for 49 cents. A gallon of milk (and other groceries) In 1965 you could get a few food items for close to $1, but for the most part, the things you'd need to buy cost quite a bit less. So fill your vintage shopping cart with these items: • Gallon of milk: 95 cents • One regular size bottle of Heinz ketchup: 22 cents • One dozen eggs: 53 cents • One-ounce Hershey bar: 5 cents (Although the price remained the same, the size of the bar shrunk to 7/8 ounce in 1966 and 3/4 oz in 1968.) • Pillsbury cake mix: 25 cents • Pound of pork chops: $1.03 • Pound of sirloin steak: 85 cents • Six-pack of Pepsi: 59 cents Ten razor blades (and other toiletries) Then as now, Americans wanted to look their best. Here's what you'd have to part with to do just that in 1965: • Package of ten Gillette razor blades: 99 cents • Can of shaving cream: 59 cents • Tube of toothpaste: 55 cents • Can of hair spray: 47 cents • Revlon lipstick: $1.25 • Revlon nail enamel: 75 cents for crème and 90 cents for frosted Enough aspirin for 50 headaches (and other meds) Got a headache? In 1965, you could get 100 aspirin for only $1. You could also stock your medicine cabinet on the cheap with these other meds: • Generic cold relief capsules: 60 cents for two packages of 12 • Cough drops: 23 cents for three packages • Cough syrup: 59 cents for a bottle • Contact decongestant tablets: 77 cents for a package of ten Numerous copies of your favorite magazine or newspaper In 1965, if you wanted a good dose of the printed news, you could get the New York Times for 10 cents from Monday through Saturday, but you'd need to spend 30 cents for the Sunday edition. If you were into the local news, you'd spend a bit less: The Daily Record, a newspaper in Morristown, New Jersey, sold for 7 cents. For another view of the world, you could get a copy of Life magazine, Time magazine, or Sports Illustrated for 35 cents. A six-pack of beer The best news of all . . . you could get a six-pack of your average American beer for just 99 cents!

Neshaminy Class of '65 Reunion Alumni Bill Adley

Langhorne, PA USA Spent 4years in the U.S. Air Force one of those in Viet Nam,1968-1969.Attended Bucks Community College several years.Retired from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania after 36 years with the Department of Public Welfare.Played 25 years of baseball and softball until injuries caught up to me.Now I spend my time pondering what I want to do when I grow up.I follow the political world a lot these days and wonder what the hell young people in college are thinking.I'm politically incorrect and proud.For all of you left-wing progressives;Trigger Warning,Up YOURS.If I did this Bio previously and forgot,Ialso have alzheimers,Ithink.

Larry Aronson *

Marietta, GA USA Mortgage Banker, living in Atlanta, GA. 2 Sons - 3 grand daughters Play golf in between providing mortgage $$'s Cyall in Oct

Don Baker

Desert Hot Springs, CA USA U S Army until 1968, moved to Ca, worked as teamster 4years, moved to Illinois for 3 years, back to Ca. Worked for GTE for 20 and retired. Have 3 children and 2step children and 8 grandkids. Live in the desert where the temperature is always to my liking and I see snow on the San Bernardino mountains every winter. If we want it it takes under 2 hours to drive there and see 6-8 feet with 3 ski resorts waiting.

Barbara (Balderston) Sweeney *

Bensalem, PA USA I've been married and divorced x2 but have 4 beautiful daughters from the first marriage. I now have 16 wonderful grandchildren who bring me lots of joy. I went to Nursing school and am now retired after working 30 years at Episcopal Hospital in Philadelphia. I enjoy Flea Markets and get-togethers with family and friends.

Note that an asterisk ( * ) after the name indicates that the person is scheduled to attend the reunion.

Neshaminy Class of '65 Reunion Alumni Mike Barbera *

Long Beach, MS USA B.S. In Psychology, Sterling College, '69 M.Div. Princeton Seminary, '72 40 plus years condensed in two pages on seminary website at under Princeton Profiles Married 41 years to Margaret (Panquerne) of New Orleans daughter and son and 4 grand kids presently still pastor of Church of the Good Shepherd, Pass Christian, MS since 1986 Haven't been to Philly area since step father passed away 5 years ago... would be wild and wonderful to see NHS folks again...?

Jay Baronoff *

Yardley, PA USA Graduated Penn State in 1969 I started as an assistant buyer at Wanamaker's in men's accessories. In 1971 I got a belt line and was on the road In 1974 I went into the company's N Y office as a designer and leather buyer. In 1981 I became VP of a belt company in Philly In 1984 I joined with a partner and started our own company in Bensalem In 1988 I saw the handwriting on the wall that the future of manufacturing was in China. I joined one of our suppliers from Taiwan as U S rep. In 1991 the VP sales and I left and started our own company with a factory in mainland China. We employ 4000 workers and can produce 1.5 million belts a month. We do not sell to retailers. We sell wholesalers and license holders. Our products can be found from Walmart to Bloomies and Nieman Marcus. Depends on our customer. Among many brands we produce are Calvin Klein, Michael Kors, Vince Camuto, Tommy Hilfiger, Cole Haan, Levi's, Dockers, you name it, we probably make it! It's been a fun ride!!

Dave Barton

APO, AP Japan Enlisted in Air Force in June 65 a week after graduating. Spent thirty years traveling around the world working on aircraft and retiring in 1996 as a Chief Master Sergeant. Worked another ten years in federal civil service as a school bus transportation superintendent in Japan, where I now live with my wife Chiyo and our two Shih Tzus.

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Neshaminy Class of '65 Reunion Alumni Ileen (Beck) Levy *

Hannibal, MO USA After graduation I attended Bucks County Community College. Got my 1st secretarial position in NE Philly and worked there for 3 years. Then started working at American Cyanamid in Princeton, NJ. Married Mike Levy in 1970. We have been married for 44 years and have two sons, Alan and Jeremy. Alan is a chemical engineer and lives in PA with his wife Vanessa. Jeremy is a musician, composer and arranger and lives in CA with his wife Cleo. We moved to Hannibal, MO in 1976. Mike was the laboratory manager for the research laboratory until he retired 8 years ago. After our sons went to school I opened my own home based business, Ileen's Needle Nook, selling knitting machines. Part of this business included me teaching private lessons and teaching at seminars and workshops all over the US, as well as in Australia and England. I retired from the sales aspect around a year ago, but still teach private lessons and at seminars.

Barry Bennett *

Phoenix, AZ USA After graduating from the University of Miami in 1969, I joined the US Air Force and was assigned to the 3500 Pilot Training Squadron. Then to a major New York City bank until 1976. I have since started and sold 16 businesses. Presently, I am involved in real estate development in the Phoenix area. I have been blessed with 5 children and 5 grandchildren. I am engaged to Christina Stevenson – Class of 1967.

Peter Benton *

Doraville, GA USA Originally from Sarasota Springs, NY, I lived in Fremont, NE, Abiline,TX, and West Chester, PA before moving to Levittown and graduating from NHS. I worked at McDonald's in Levittown and then the Trift Drug Store in Doylestown while attending Temple Universary Pharmacy School. While in college, I met and married my wife Dorothy. I graduated from Temple in 1970 and became a pharmacist. Dorothy and I had a daughter and son while living in Levittown until I accepted a management position with Thrift Drug in Dunwoody, GA in 1973. Later, a son was born in Georgia. I left Thrift Drug in 1993 to work for Kaiser Permanente while subsequent employment with ACS, and currently with The Kroger Company as a pharmacist. We are still living in Doraville Georgia near our three children and two grandchildren. I have worked as a pharmacist for 45 years and I am planning to retire soon. In my spare time, I enjoy spoiling my grandchildren and family, model railroading, and hanging out with neighborhood friends playing cards or playing trivia.

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Neshaminy Class of '65 Reunion Alumni Martha (Blodgett) Frost *

Jericho, VT USA So to condense nearly 50 years of life in one post. Well, my life has not been so wild and crazy that it takes very long! I have been blessed to be married to the same guy for nearly 50 years. We married in December after graduation. Kids, that's what we were but God has been good to us and we stuck it out through the hard times and we are both glad we did. Our home has been in Vermont for all but two of those years and we have lived in the same house for 42 years. We have two adult daughters that live within an hour of us. I worked in small offices part time as an office manager in my working days. I have been involved in my church over my adult life and that has given me great blessings. We are retired and are fortunate to be able to winter in southern Arizona. I will look forward to seeing many of you in October, but I freely admit that after 50 years I probably won't remember faces and name. So help me out and refresh my memory when I see you. :)

Sandy (Bohr) Weyhmuller

Little River, SC USA Gene and I married in 1979 and have been living in Myrtle Beach since 1996. I was working as the Asst. Controller for a group of 14 hotels in the Myrtle Beach area but had to retire three years ago to take on the job of a full-time caregiver for Gene who had a stroke. His medical condition has severely limited our ability to travel and although I would have liked to attend the reunion I am not able. Between us we have four children and four lovely granddaughters. Life is challenging, but good.

Allan Brace *

Levittown, PA USA Automobile Salesman past 50 years at Brace Sooby Motor Co. Last 18 years automobile sales at Mike Piazza Honda same address as Brace Sooby Motor Co on Rt 1 Langhorne Pa. 6 wonderfull children 47 to 15 yr old

Note that an asterisk ( * ) after the name indicates that the person is scheduled to attend the reunion.

Neshaminy Class of '65 Reunion Alumni Joyce (Brown) Dickinson *

Fairless Hills, PA USA I married my husband Bill 45 years ago and we have lived happily ever after. I worked for over 20 years for the Pennsbury School District and retired in June of 2013. Our son, Drew, is married to Meredith and they have given us a beautiful granddaughter (Ruby) and another grandchild is due in October. Our daughter, Amy lives in Silverton, Colorado. We miss her but love visiting her. Bill and I enjoy camping and touring on our trike. We have a 5th wheel toy hauler camper and we have been to 40 states and several national parks. We also enjoy cruises and have taken several. We spend about three months a year traveling. When at home I like to spend time with family and I enjoy reading.

Richard Carnevale *

Osprey, FL USA After NHS attended Bucks County Community College along with Ginny Eyring. After that graduated from University of Arizona with BS in Zoology. Applied and accepted to UPenn Veterinary School graduating in 1973. Lived in W Philly during vet school then moved to Newtown Square and worked in small animal veterinary hospitals until I took a job with the FDA and moved to Maryland outside DC. The balance of my career has been spent in research and regulatory affairs with the animal pharmaceutical industry in Washington DC. Moved to Sarasota, Florida in June 2015 where I am semi-retired.

Dennis Carter

Cape May, NJ USA Retired with lovely wife Kathy.

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Neshaminy Class of '65 Reunion Alumni Linda (Chase) Kipping *

Newtown, PA USA Enjoyed boating with our daughter and our family, as well as enjoying extensive travel with my husband. We love time spent at our home on the West Coast of Florida, whenever possible. I have worked at St. Mary Medical Center as their Nurse Auditor for the past 20 years to present. I was privileged to have served with Healthcare Teams on two Medical Missions abroad: Chulucanas, Peru with Global Health Ministries, and Otavalo, Ecuador with The Tandana Foundation. My interests are travel, exercise, esp Zumba, all aspects of holistic health, studying Spanish, growing orchids, and birdwatching. We have 4 kitties. I am looking forward to seeing classmates and catching up on the last 50 years!

Stephen Comer *

Port Neches, TX USA I attended Louisiana College in Pineville, LA, majoring in mathematics. After graduation, I got a teaching position in Port Arthur, TX and taught at Thomas Jefferson High School for ten years. I then went to Port Neches-Groves High School and taught math, coached cross country, tennis , and was Academic Coordinator for 12 years where we won sweepstakes every year.. Retired in 2011 and got an adjunct teaching position at Lamar University in Beaumont. I have also owned a driving school since 1991 in Beaumont.

Bruce Cooley

Hudson, OH USA Graduated from Grove City College June 1969 Married Linda Monson (GCC Class of '70) Woodbury N.J. DuPont Automotive Refinish-Sales & Marketing 20 years Sherwin Williams Automotive- Sales & Marketing 24 years Retired May 2013 Enjoying Life with Linda & our 3 Married Children Soon to be Grandparents to 9

Note that an asterisk ( * ) after the name indicates that the person is scheduled to attend the reunion.

Neshaminy Class of '65 Reunion Alumni Robert Costelloe *

Cypress, TX USA Born in Philadelphia, Rob started writing fiction at age eight. These were short stories written mainly to please his highly supportive parents. His family moved to Bucks County, Pennsylvania, when he was an adolescent, where he primarily wrote as needed for school assignments, always submitting science fiction short stories when permitted. After high school, his writing interests changed. While attending Drexel University, he composed a series of novellas, most of them love stories set against the backdrop of World War II. After college, besides pursuing an engineering career in the Gulf Coast region, he wrote more stories, a teeth-cutting first novel, and a little poetry. By now, his interest focused on the question of what romantic love can achieve in people’s lives. To pursue this theme, he studied the work of many authors and filmmakers. In 2005, he read a well crafted love story by a best selling author whose ending was a reversal so suddenly despairing that he felt outrage on behalf of the novel’s readers. Within twenty-four hours, he was writing Coinage of Commitment, producing the first draft in a four month blaze. Then months of editing until finally, for all those wondering what love can soar to, the finished work was published by Saga Books. In May of 2008, Coinage of Commitment was awarded finalist honors in the National Indie Excellence 2008 Book Awards in the Romance category. Rob's second novel, Pocket Piece Cameo, was published in November, 2008. Rob no longer writes fiction, but he does work as a contest judge for Romance Writers of America. He and his wife of 45 years have a daughter who lives in the Houston area.

Pattie (Craig) Craig *

Little River, SC USA After graduating in the class of 1966 ( I was quite ill in 9th grade and missed a lot of school. I repeated 9th grade and missed my classmates very much. I married early and had a wonderful son. When Mike was 3, I married Denny Carter from NHS 1965. We had an up and down marriage and when our second son Brian , passed away at 12 yrs old everything went south. Denny remarried a nice girl from Lower Moreland, and been married for 25 plus yrs. I remarried A PENNSYBURY guy and we have been together 20 yrs married 15. We currently live in SC just above Myrtle Beach. We are retired and loving it.

Robert Dafter *

Langhorne, PA USA As you know I graduated 1965 Graduated BCCC 1971 Graduated Rider University 1979 US Air Force 1967 - 1987 (retired) Presently Retired and enjoying life In professional life/business QA Manager/Director

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Neshaminy Class of '65 Reunion Alumni Katherine Darges *

Nokesville, VA USA I have a B.S. in Journalism from Temple University (1969). Yes, B.S. I have used it at a newspaper, advertising agency, Outward Bound, The Canine Companion (which I developed and edited), Greitzer, Inc, (where I was the Chief Operating Officer of this manufacturer of stainless steel institutional cooking equipment), and Defense Group Inc (technical editor/writer for DOD). Most recently, I worked for a small company supporting the Defense Threat Reduction Agency doing technical writing work about which I cannot talk. Currently, I am retired. I've lived as far north as West Boxford, MA (north of Boston) and as far south as Elizabeth City, NC (south of Norfolk, VA). Currently, I live in rural horse country 35 miles southwest of Washington, DC with one husband (Larry, a Marine no longer on active duty) and four dogs. We have deer, rabbits, hawks, turtles, frogs, toads, and snakes in our "yard". The deer eat my hostas all the time. Veronica is my amazing daughter and she is married to an absolutely wonderful man. They have the best son anyone could possibly have. He is 10 as of this writing. (I am NOT biased!) They fill my heart and my soul. They live a plane-ride away, so I don't spend as much time with them as I wish I could. My main hobby is training, breeding, and showing dogs. I've been doing it for 40 years and have met wonderful people and wonderful dogs along the way. Otherwise, I do what country folk do -gardening, furniture refinishing, carpentry, plumbing, electrical work, and anything else that needs doing around the spread. I am a pretty darn good cook, too.

Ina (Davidson) Steidle *

Riviera Beach, FL USA 50 years!!! Time flies when you're having fun! I have been busy raising three healthy children, working as an educator and being an active and proud grandmother of eight happy, busy grandchildren.

Note that an asterisk ( * ) after the name indicates that the person is scheduled to attend the reunion.

Neshaminy Class of '65 Reunion Alumni Jack Diamond *

Roselle, NJ USA The week of graduation, my father and I went to Drexel and secured my school loan. He passed away on June 11. I took the year and without a good rudder to keep me on course, flunked out. My first big decision on my own was to join the Navy. Four years, two months and a day later, I left the Navy, drove home, and looked for a job. Several years in electronics companies in the area, and I got laid off during the Depression of 1975. I ended up working at Bristol Beef, a slaughterhouse and retail store on Maple St. for several years. In 1978, I became a Food Inspector for the U.S. Department of Agriculture. I remained with the department for over 33 years, working in both slaughter and processing establishments, and retired in 2011 as a Consumer Safety Inspector with 37 years of total Federal service. My wife of 42 years and I have shared a house in North Jersey for the last 35 years and have a golden retriever. We also have two sons in their 30's.

Michael Easley *

Woodland Hills, CA USA After receiving a BA in 1969 and a Master of Regional Planning in 1971, both from Penn State, my first two jobs were as a city planner in Norwalk, CT, and a county planner for Delaware County, PA. I married Joan Rose (Marple Newtown HS and Penn State) in 1969. We are still together. Our daughter Ara Elise Easley (UCLA) was born in 1972 and tragically died in 2014. I returned to school at U of Delaware from 1974 to 1978, then worked in several departments of the State of Delaware from 1978 to 1986, when we moved to California. My longest job tenure was with the Inglewood Police Department from 1988 to the end of 2005. Since then, I have been collecting a pension and working part time for Inglewood Public Library.

Barry Einsig *

CHERRY TREE, PA USA Just glad to be here. How about you?

Note that an asterisk ( * ) after the name indicates that the person is scheduled to attend the reunion.

Neshaminy Class of '65 Reunion Alumni Steven Engelman *

Hudson, OH USA Drexel University, BS and MBA Certified Public Accountant, Ohio, inactive SPS Technologies, 1974 - 2003 - Corporate Controller, then President Industrial Business Purchased and ran automotive parts company 2003 - 2006 TE Connectivity, 2008 - present, Vice President Married to Patricia Dipasqua in 1986 Lived in Yardley, Pa. until 1992, then moved to Hudson, Ohio 5 kids, 4 living, from 16 years to 45 years 4 grandkids, from 4 years to 17 years

Dot (Evans) Evans *

Albrightsville, PA USA Single and still living up North in the Poconos. I am marketing full time for a psychiatric/addiction program located in New Jersey, and will keep on working as long as I can. Nothing real exciting happening in my life, to report at this time. Miss all my friends and the fun I had as a senior at Neshaminy, and wish I was still dancing all the time. I am looking forward to the reunion and catching up with friends and maybe DANCING............See you then.

Ginny (Eyring) Wolfe *

Doylestown, PA USA Attended Bucks County Community College as a member of the first class. Married in 1970, 2 children. After many moves, settled in St. Louis, Mo. and lived there for 20 years. Managed retail stores for 30 years. Divorced in 2009. Happily remarried to classmate Ed Wolfe and presently retired.

Note that an asterisk ( * ) after the name indicates that the person is scheduled to attend the reunion.

Neshaminy Class of '65 Reunion Alumni Frank Farry *

Carneys Point, NJ USA Been retired for 7 years. Playing lots of golf. My son is a Pa. State House of Rep. Married to my wife Donna going on 31 years. I dragged her up here from South Carolina in 2005 and have been in NJ since..

Jonathan Fein *

Littleton, CO USA Graduated from Penn State with a degree in Business Management; Did a tour in the Air Force; Moved to Colorado in 1981; I am presently employed as the Controller of a Denver Corporation; I have 3 Children and 9 Grandchildren.

Note that an asterisk ( * ) after the name indicates that the person is scheduled to attend the reunion.

Neshaminy Class of '65 Reunion Alumni Phil Feinberg *

Penndel, PA USA OK, so it’s the fall of 1965 and I’m off to Temple, committed to ultimately becoming a pharmacist. But, aha, I find I hate chemistry to the max .... organic chemistry classes in particular being on par with enduring a combined root canal and barium enema! So, I switch focus, deciding to pursue Sociology. That decision did not go over well with the close family friend and pharmacist for whom I was working part-time .... who was convinced I’d been the victim of “that hippie influence”. Whatever. So, after graduating with a BA in Sociology, my vocational path took yet another turn, as I found myself at an interview for a teaching position at PARC (Phila. Asso. for Retarded Citizens), several blocks south of the Temple campus. With no teaching credentials and no teaching experience, the director saw something in me worth taking a chance. Thus, after agreeing to take a few Special Ed courses to see if I truly wanted to make this my profession, the dear woman hired me ..... supporting, encouraging and mentoring me along the way. So, I return to Temple, where I spend another 9 years part-time, eventually earning two advanced degrees in Special Ed. The next 20 years found me firmly settled and committed professionally to the field of services/supports for multiply-challenged children and adults .... teaching, supervision, curriculum development, staff training/technical support, and administration. During this time, I even managed to crank out a few articles which were published in professional journals. In 1999, I decided to venture out on my own as a free-lance consultant in my field. I still work part-time as an independent contractor for a local service agency, where I do individual and small group tutoring with adults with mental retardation and accompanying challenges. On the personal front, I’m still single, still short and still lovable. Living in Levittown at the time of graduation, I’ve since lived briefly in South Jersey, Philly, and, for the past 39 years, in Penndel. Despite having neither spouse nor children, life alone has been far from lonely. I maintain a busy social calendar with family and friends, who fill my life with great times and lots of laughs. And, despite an additional weight gain of 30+ pounds since graduation and the usual aches and pains, I am most thankful that the years have been pretty good to me.

Richard Fink *

Doylestown, PA USA I am married with 3 grown children. I am a graduate of Penn State and Temple School of Law. I was a former chief public defender of Bucks County, PA and now have my own law practice.

Note that an asterisk ( * ) after the name indicates that the person is scheduled to attend the reunion.

Neshaminy Class of '65 Reunion Alumni Mary "Penny" Fisher *

Warminster, PA USA Met my husband on a blind date at 15. We didn't see each other for five years while he was in the Army. We married in 1969 and have two children: Nicole, a yoga teacher & massage therapist who lives in Arizona and, Christian, a trust tax advisor who lives in Delaware with his wife Cybèle. My husband is a business owner for more than 40 years. I, on the other hand, have had a varied career, choosing to work as a contractor while my children were growing up. I've work in the following fields: advertising, banking, brokerage, communications. education, housing, human resources, insurance, legal, manufacture, marketing, medical, MIS, mortgage lending, pharmaceuticals, photography, real estate and theatre....well it has been 50 years! At present, Len and I are so retired.

Ginny (Fizzano) Brundzo *

Levittown, PA USA I am enjoying an active, healthy lifestyle with my high school sweetheart, Bill Brundzo (NHS '64), married 48 yrs. We are semi-retired, working together in my cleaning business that I've been involved for 34 yrs. We have a wonderful time with our two daughters, Victoria (NHS '86) and Lori (NHS '89) and our three grandchildren, Devon (25) Nicholas (21) and Gabrielle (20). We love traveling to Texas to see them. Going to Paris, Venice and Rome was a dream fulfilled. I still loveto dance, practicing yoga, volunteering and a busy social life with family and friends. It's hard to believe 50 yrs. have gone by, I am looking forward to seeing my classmates again. Go SKINS!!

John Flad *

Winter Haven, FL USA Spent 3 years in the U.S. Army, spending two years in Germany. Worked a few different places as an automotive mechanic, before moving to Florida in 1998. I married my present wife in 2002. I am presently working for the Florida Forest Service, maintaining Wildland Fire fighting equipment. I enjoy my job, so I do not have a time table as to when I may retire. In my off time, We enjoy camping in at various state parks, in our travel trailer.

Note that an asterisk ( * ) after the name indicates that the person is scheduled to attend the reunion.

Neshaminy Class of '65 Reunion Alumni Nancy (Foell) Mason *

Newtown, PA USA Where did 50 years go? After graduating from Neshaminy, I attended art school.. Married in 1972, and had two sons, Mark, a psychologist at the University of Delaware, and Michael, a Research Assistant at Charles River Pharmaceutical Laboratories. Divorced. I, again, attended college for my teaching degree. I taught elementary school in the Neshaminy School District for 25 years. During that time, I received a Fulbright Scholarship to do a teacher exchange program in England. While I was in England, I was invited to Buckingham Palace for a reception to meet Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip. Retired in 2014. Enjoying retirement-- socializing with friends, travelling, and just enjoying life!

Eileen Fox *

Warminster, PA USA Living life and enjoying.

Sheila (Frank) Seidner *

Yardley, PA USA I attended Temple University where I met my husband Art who was a law student there.. In 1967 we married and had two sons, David and Danny. In 1987, I opened Yardley Travel and remained a partner until my divorce in 1990. Over the next 20+ years I founded an ecotour company featuring "soft adventure" to Central America. Afterward I became the director of Grayline Tours in Philadelphia. For the past 14 years I have been working for an educational publishing company based in Princeton. My fiance Steve (also has two sons) and I reside in Yardley. We will be getting married this Oct. 18th. Between us, we have 8 grandchildren. My three are Zachary, Talia and Chase and Steve's are Emily, Jack, Katy, Layla and Lila. They range in ages from 11 yrs. to 18 months. I'll probably retire sometime in 2016. Besides work and grandchildren keeping me busy, I am an avid tennis player and a "life master" in bridge. I have traveled to many places in the world and feel blessed for all of the experiences I've had and my wonderful family and friends over these years! Since graduation from Neshaminy HS, I have remained in Bucks County and lament that for whatever reason, I haven't had much contact with my classmates. However, the experiences I had and the people I knew have remained steadfastly in my thoughts over the years. I am delighted to be at this reunion to see everyone again!

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Neshaminy Class of '65 Reunion Alumni Kathleen (Frantz) Whitinger

Edmonton, Alberta Canada I attended Millersville U (1965-69), including a year abroad in Marburg, Germany, where I met my husband Raleigh, who was a Canadian grad student. We married in 1969 and lived in Vancouver, British Columbia until 1972. That year we moved to Edmonton, Alberta. I am retired from the University of Alberta Library system (Music, Humanities & Social Sciences, and Education), and Raleigh is now retired from the Department of Modern languages. We have two grown children, a cat, and a retired racing greyhound (we volunteer for a local greyhound adoption group). I no longer have family in Bucks Co., so haven't been back since the mid-seventies. Greetings to anyone who might remember me--have a great reunion!

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Neshaminy Class of '65 Reunion Alumni Lynn (Freels) Duminiak *

Trevose, PA USA Lynn Freels Duminiak I attended Lower Southampton Elementary and was in the first class at Poquessing Elementary School ( now Joseph Ferderbar Elementary.) Neshaminy High School was my home for grades 7-12. After Neshaminy I attended Penn State University, two years at Ogontz (Abington) and two years at University Park, graduating with a degree in secondary education in 1969. I am a proud Penn Stater! I did my student teaching at Lower Moreland High School and was given a contract at that time to teach Spanish and English at the Intermediate School to eighth graders. In 1970 I married Leon Duminiak, whom I met at Penn State. We recently celebrated our 45th. wedding anniversary. Leon is a chemist who retired from PECO and now works for the College of New Jersey. I left my friends at Lower Moreland to begin the best years of my life as a mother to John, Michael, and Robert, my wonderful three sons. During that time I volunteered at all levels, most notably with the Instrumental Music Boosters. I also became very active as a leader with cub scouts and boy scouts. I loved it so much I stayed as a leader and trainer after my boys moved on, even taking the week long Wood Badge course. In 1985 I helped start the first computer lab for students at Poquessing Elementary and in 1986 became the computer lab aide. I enjoyed working with the students and staff at what quickly became Ferderbar until my retirement in 2013. The last five years I also worked in the same capacity at Lower Southampton Elementary. I loved my job and especially all the wonderful people I worked with over 26 years. My family is the greatest joy in my life. Our son John is an engineer for New Jersey transit, married, and the father to our grandchildren Brandon and Daniah. Our son Michael is also married and father to Nathaniel and Victoria Lynn. Mike graduated from Penn State with a degree in psychology and works in engineering as a GIS Manager. Youngest son Bob is an intellectual property attorney and partner in his law firm, also married with a beautiful daughter, Natalie. Bob also graduated from Penn State with a degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology before law school at Temple. I really enjoyed those years when my sons were at Penn State, especially Bob’s time in the Blue Band and Lion Ambassadors. Besides my family, I love to travel and enjoy life’s adventures. I flew in an open cockpit biplane, circling the Ferderbar fair one year, toured Alaska, enjoyed landing on a glacier by helicopter, dogsledding on a glacier, flying in a DeHavilland Beaver floatplane, and watching a mother Humpback and her calf play in the water. I even walked around north of the Arctic Circle after midnight where the sun never set. In 2009 I traveled to China; walking on the Great Wall, seeing the terra cotta warriors, Forbidden City, Giant Pandas, cruising the Yangtse River and so much more, even visiting an elementary school. In 2013 I traveled to Dubai, going up in the tallest building in the world. I also visited Aqaba and Petra in Jordan; Luxor, Sharm El Sheikh, Alexandria, and Cairo in Egypt; and Rome, Italy. I even made the transit through the Suez Canal, and participated in a pirate drill as we sailed around the horn of Africa. So many adventures, but my favorite was riding a camel by the Great Pyramids of Giza. It’s been a wonderful and busy 50 years since 1965 and I hope we all enjoy many more adventures to come!

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Neshaminy Class of '65 Reunion Alumni Peter Fritz *

Delanco, NJ USA Following Ted Kloos inspiration, I studied at Westminster Choir College and SUNY Potsdam studying choral music conducting. I taught high school music for 15 years in Ohio and New Jersey. About 1984 I made a career change and worked in community nonprofits for another 30 years. I worked for arts and music organizations, youth organizations, the environment and seniors. I retired from the Red Cross in 2012. Parallel to my professional career, I have done considerable volunteer work and helped establish several nonprofits that encourage volunteerism and community service. My big pet project has been our Youth Service Initiative, which I have headed for 11 years. We work with all the student service clubs in all the high schools in our county helping create partnerships with nonprofit organizations. I have been married 3 times and have 4 sons and 2 granddaughters. My wife Gail and I have been married 28 years. We live in Delanco, a rivertown in Burlington County New Jersey where I do work for the historical society. I am easy to find on Facebook.

Jeffrey Garrison

Bradenton, FL USA Mercersburg Academy - class of '66 USNavy 1967-1973 Colorado College '78 Johns Hopkins School of Advanced Int'l Studies - '79 US Dept of State Foreign Service Officer - 1979-2006 served in : Rangoon, Burma; London; Geneva; St Petersburg, Russia; Frankfurt; Berlin; Vienna; Washington, DC Retired in 2006 and moved to St Croix in the US Virgin Islands Moved to FL in 2013 to be closer to my folks Married Susan Herthum in 1980; we have one son - Douglas - and a one-year old granddaughter. Regret I'll miss the reunion -- I'll be in Colorado for a long planned event. I'd love to be in touch with more of you.

Paul Goittlieb *

Crofton, MD USA Duke Univ.: BS elec. eng.69, JD 72. Met Linda at Duke. Married 1970: Jeremy (1975), Adam (1979). Grand kids: Nathan 7, Phoebe 4, Eli 3, Eleanor 1. Became Intellectual Property Attorney starting at the Atomic Energy Commission at Chicago where we stayed for 22 years. AEC became part of the Dept. of Energy. In 95 moved to MD and became Asst. General Counsel for Tech Transfer and IP at DOE. Retired after 38 years in govt. in 2010. Still consult. Since retiring have worked with Dept. of Homeland Security, DOE, National Cancer Inst., law firms, etc. Avid golfer, woodworker, and sitter with grandsons who live nearby.

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Neshaminy Class of '65 Reunion Alumni Sally (Green) Ehrenreich *

New York City, NY USA I graduated from Franconia College and then moved to Philadelphia where I met my husband. We married in 1970 and moved to NYC. I worked as the fashion director for women's mail order company. My career spanned 17 years. I have a 25 year old son, William. I was widowed in 2005 and I am now retired.

Fred Grosse *

Chantilly, VA Me and my high school sweetheart (love at first sight), classmate Karen Hartman, married in 1969, and have two children, Tanya and Steven, and two grandchildren Emily -3.5 yrs and Colin – 5 months. I graduated from Drexel University in 1970 as a Chemical Engineer and won the Delaware Valley Student of the Year award and won first place in the national AIChE student design contest. In 1970 I joined Exxon Research & Engineering Company. I worked in a number of areas of the company including, process design, process engineering (gas processes and thermal conversion), research (process development, product quality development, and Corporate Research), refinery plant assignments, first-time refinery startups, corporate business assignment, and refinery wide economic optimization modeling. These positions were technical shifting to management as I advanced through my career. During my career I hit all the “garden spots” of the company including assignments in the Netherlands, Montreal, Aruba, Pasadena CA, Wales, Baton Rouge LA, and Fairfax VA. I retired in 2006 after 37 years service. A large home construction project was next adding a woodshop for myself and fiber arts studio for Karen, I went back to work as an annuitant contractor for a project in Greece supporting a Licensee project over five years and functioning as the Licensor startup leader. Currently I'm working part time supporting licensee projects in Russia, Peru, and China. I enjoy woodworking – both furniture making, wood turning, and finishing - and will finally get to enjoy my nice new woodshop.

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Neshaminy Class of '65 Reunion Alumni Len Hall *

Raleigh, NC USA Have lived in FL, CA, TX and NC since graduation. Completed a BS Business Administration. Always employed in the Semiconductor (chip) Industry and actually still working part time for Cree Corporation in Research Triangle Park, NC as a Process Development Engineer in their Power Devices Group. Have three grown children and two grandchildren. Have been divorced 16 years. Lived in Raleigh since 1981 which is about 4 hours to the mountains and two hours to the beach which I will never grow tired of. Unlike NJ, you can actually swim in the ocean down here about 9 months out of the year.

Bob Hamilton *

Palm Springs, CA USA From high school to today I am in the broadcast industry. Been a DJ, Programmer, Owner of radio stations across the country. I have been blessed with a superb career. I currently live in paradise in Palm Springs, Ca.

William Hardy *

Bensalem, PA USA U.S. Navy four years. Army for 17 years. Lead maintenance mechanic at Lower Bucks Hospital for 34 years. Married, 3 children, and 6 grandchildren. Love to fish.

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Neshaminy Class of '65 Reunion Alumni Karen (Hartman) Grosse *

Chantilly, VA I am married to Fred D. Grosse (classmate) since June 7, 1969. We have two children - Tanya who is married to Sherri Player, lives in London, Ontario, Canada and they have two children, Emily 3-1/2 and Colin 5 months. Steven who is single lives in Harrisburg, PA and is a full time student majoring in Electrical Engineering at Penn State University and works part time. I had a variety of career assignments including, PA Railroad, Trenton Trust Company, Allied Chemical, office manager for American Merger and Acquisitions. I then joined Exxon Research & Engineering Company working in Environmental and Technology Sales and Licensing Dept. In 2000 we moved from Flanders, New Jersey to Chantilly, VA (Fairfax County near DC) when Exxon merged with Mobil. I retired In 2006 and enjoys, quilting, spinning wool, weaving, cross stitch, Mah Jongg, and spending time with her two grandchildren. Since being married to Fred, we have had the opportunity to live in New Jersey, The Netherlands, Aruba, California, Wales, Louisiana, and most recently Greece.

Bill Heilner *

Palm Bay, Fl USA live in Florida - retired

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Neshaminy Class of '65 Reunion Alumni Sheila (Herbert) Ciocian *

Langhorne, PA USA Wow, time sure flies when you’re having fun! I’m happy to say I can still remember all the fun times at NHS, and I’m still in touch with many dear friends from back in the day. I’m married 46 yrs. to the same great guy. We’ve lived in Langhorne for 29 yrs, and we have two children. Christopher lives in NC & has two children . Alison lives in Langhorne and has three children. Both are NHS graduates. Shortly after graduation, I worked at NHS as secretary to the athletic director, George O’Brien, until our first child was born. While raising kids, I went to Bucks Community College part time and worked as a paralegal/office manager at a law firm for 15 years. As a “mature student”, I continued my education going to Trenton State majoring in elementary ed & sociology. I was lucky enough to have a second career teaching 4th grade in NSD at Walter Miller Elem. School in Levittown & went on to get my Masters. Through the years, I’ve enjoyed skiing, tennis, hiking, swimming, rafting, biking & camping with family and friends. We’ve traveled to 20 National Parks enjoying the beauty of nature and outdoor sports. We’ve also relaxed on many, many gorgeous beaches. Since retirement, two years ago, we continue to travel by cruise ship, plane, or car any chance we get. I now have more time to read, continue to be active in outdoor sports, do yoga, spend more time with our awesome grandkids ,and do volunteer work. I’m looking forward to seeing my “older but wiser” classmates!

Carole (Hess) Carroll

Roanoke, WV USA In Memoriam - After graduating from Neshaminy, Carle Susan Hess moved to Virginia with her parents. She attended and graduated from James Madison College, at the time, a small sleepy womens school. In June 1969 she was married, taught elementary school in Roanoke Va. and in January 1971 gave birth to a daughter. On November 14, 1974, Carole, at the age of 27, was killed in an automobile accident. She was survived by her husband Michael Carroll, daughter Shannon, her brother Bill, who lives in California and her parents Warren and Marjorie Hess. Marjorie Hess taught social studies at NHS. She passed away in June 1987. Carole lived life with the dream of marriage and family. She realized those dreams but was taken from us way to soon. She is deeply missed; always and forever loved.

Ginny (Hoelper) Rock *

Holland, PA USA After graduating from East Stroudsburg in 1969 , I began my lifelong teaching career with Neshaminy School District. The majority of the years teaching in the mentally gifted programs,social studies in middle school, and upper grades in elementary education. I married John Rock, also a Neshaminy teacher, and raised 3 children in Holland, Pennsylvania.We have lived an extraordinary life of travel and adventure and are still loving every minute of it.

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Neshaminy Class of '65 Reunion Alumni Karen (Hofreiter) Sparling

Monument, CO USA Wow! Fifty years down the road from graduation‌living in Colorado for 36 years and retired with my husband, Mick (Class of 1962) of 39 years. I have 9 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren. We went to Ireland in 2006 for our 30th anniversary and we had a blast. Have fun without me and hope a bunch of us are still around and kicking!

Bruce Hopf *

MORRISVILLE, PA USA Served in US Navy aboard USS Waccamaw AO-109, and the USS Denebola AF-56. Have three children, and two step-children. Was self- employed, and recently retired. Enjoy fixing things, and gardening. Plan on taking more trips, now that I have the time.

Linda (Hummel) McCarthy

Bronx, NY USA I taught 2nd grade in the Neshaminy7 School District before moving to the Bronx and opened a day care center. Retired. Sorry I won't be there but my husband and I are celebrating our 44th anniversary with a cruise!

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Neshaminy Class of '65 Reunion Alumni Eric Hutchison *

Furlong, PA USA Attended 3 colleges, worked 16 jobs, volunteered for the draft in 1969.....served 2 years in the Army, mostly in Korea, on the DMZ, lived in a house of prostitution for a year with a great "wife" while there....worked as a disability advocate in social services for 32 years, traveled quite a bit during that time. Studied Russian history in Leningrad, British Theatre in London, skied in 6 countries, had 2 live in relationships, married twice, raised 3 children, have 8 grandchildren, studied for Masters Degree at Lincoln U, served in Navy for 3 years on USS America, rejoined Army and was in Special Operations Forces for 16 years traveling to 15 countries on 8 deployments. Served in operation Enduring Freedom and was decorated for that. Retired in 2003 and 2007 from job and Army. Work as an EMT and Concierge part time. Love to learn, read, golf with friends, teach, hang out with my kids and grandkids, friends, and am thankful for being on this Earth, in this country, and am humbled by life. like rainy days and walking on the beach that, that, that, that's all folks ........ . .

Les Ihlenfeldt *

Newtown, PA USA I graduated Millersville State College in 1969 and began teaching. I married my wife, Mary Anne , in 1973. We are the parents of two children, John ,1979 and Judy, 1981. I taught Chemistry and Physics at William Tennent HS and retired in 2005. I then began my second career, teaching at Villa Victoria Academy, an all girls Catholic academy, until June of this year, when I entered my second ( and final, I guess) retirement.

Jack Irons

Seffner, FL USA Raisin kids riding motorcyles love in pretty women party my life away can't complain though saw the whole usa either by walking or hitch hiking jumping frieght trains or just cars and trucks baseball coach 9 10 and11 yr olds saw the gran canyon and the Colorado Mets always think of the ones in our class that died for you me Vietnam us airforce was a good trip Love you all Eric Hutchison boat behind your house

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Neshaminy Class of '65 Reunion Alumni Gail (Jadlocki) Cihak *

East Fallowfield, NJ USA I've been married 48 years to Jacob "Jake" Cihak (class of '62). We have three children, (two daughters and a son). Five grandkids, (two granddaughters, two grandsons, and a step grandson). Also two thirteen year old brother cats. After living a short time in Mason, Ohio (north of Cincinnati) and Monroeville, Pa (east of Pittsburgh, we've lived in the Coatesville area 44 years as of this December. Our daughters live a few miles away, and near each other, and our son lives in Florida. After high school I had a job in the early years, a part time one a few years ago, and was a stay at home mom in between. My in-laws moved to Florida, other relatives followed, and our son in '95. So we've visited on vacation there at least once a year since 1975. Hobbies: I enjoy going to our local weekly auction, have a collection of owls and Boyds Bears. My husband collects records and other music, especially 50's and 60's rock and older country. Finally, I want to mention former classmate Betty Cihak Rhodes lived in Florida, had two sons, three grandkids, was also my sister-in-law and passed away in 2005.

JoAnne Janisch *

Langhorne, PA USA Married 15 years. Widowed 31 years. Two children, John Colsher and Stacey Richmond. Five grandchildren, Jade Richmond, Skyler Richmond, Brody Richmond, Presley Colsher anod Charlie Colsher. Bookkeeper for a private non-profit in Trenton for the past seventeen years. Enjoy traveling, knitting and doing things with my grandchildren.

Dave Johnson

Zelienople, NJ USA Veteran Retired CPA Married 45 years 3 children 7 grandchildren Living in the Pittsburgh, PA area and St Pete Beach, FL

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Neshaminy Class of '65 Reunion Alumni Harold Kaplan *

Medford, NJ USA My wife Dona and I have been married for 46 years. We have 3 grown sons and 5 grandchildren. I am a Manufacturers representative in the footwear industry. My wife is retired from real estate. We have traveled all over the world and travel is our passion.

Jak Keyser *

Phoenix, AZ USA After attending Michigan State University undergraduate and graduate school, I moved to Phoenix to work with Paolo Soleri, renowned architect and urban futurist. Following that, I founded Gorilla Graphics, a non-profit printing and design firm, moving on to a career in printing. That included production early on, and then sales and technical consulting for major printing operations in Phoenix. I was Board President of Do It Now Foundation, a national publisher of substance abuse prevention and health promotion materials 15 years. In 1980 I joined masters swimming, lowering six national records in 1982 (woohoo). In 1984 I married, had two children, Matthew and Laura (two more woohoos). In the early 2000’s, I taught graphics related classes at Glendale Community College for several years and guest lectured at several universities on community development. In 2005, I retired (sort of) to work on community development, founding non-profit, CCCC Inc., attracting $6-7 million in funding to various community projects. I’ve served on various City of Phoenix Boards and Commissions, including Vice Chair of West Phoenix Revitalization (2006-present). During 2004-present, I have been a photographer, graphic designer and consultant to Grand Canyon University, including sports photographer in the 2011-2012 academic year. One of my most rewarding endeavors from 2008 to present was and is producing “Family Movie Nights in the Park” events, over 50 to date, building a sense of community and inspiring timeless family memories.

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Neshaminy Class of '65 Reunion Alumni David Kissinger *

Windber, NJ USA I served in the US Navy for 6 years I worked for 12 years at a Defense Contractor as an Electronic Technician I then went to work for a start-up electro-mechanical contract manufacturer and went back to college to work toward a Manufacturing Engineeing degree I changed jobs and started at a small Defense Contractor in Princeton as the Director of Manufacturing Then I went to a large Defense Contractor as a Manufacturing Engineer specializing in System Assembly and Circuit Cards I moved to Windber in 2005 with a job transfer as a Senior Manufacturing Engineer within the company and retired from full time work at the end of 2013. We have two children and four grand children. We enjoy camping and relaxing in our travel trailer I have recently started building remote control airplanes and I am in the process of learning how to fly them. Life has been good for Karen and I, we are active in Church and do mission work helping people clean up after disasters. I am a lay speaker and speak at church services when asked.

Dale Kredatus *

Westmont, NJ USA After graduation I work for two years in character building jobs, then joined the Navy. While in the Navy I was the 34th crewmember to report aboard the newest aircraft carrier, USS John F Kennedy (CVA-67) and forty three years later I was one of ten original crewmembers invited on the ship’s final cruse and decommissioning. Out of the Navy I went to college. It is a different prospective as a 24 year old freshman. Graduated in three years and joint a firm in the new field of Information Technology Research, an industry I stayed in my whole career, while working at three different companies. I held positions of analyst, consultant, sales, product developer and product management. In 1980 I marred my soul mate, Karan and my high school classmate, Mark Levy was my best man. Our first child, a girl which we named Kellan. If you see me ask how we picked her name. Then eight years we had a boy which, we named Taylor. Karan was pregnant with Taylor at our 25th Reunion. After my wife and I retire we plan to move to our shore home in Ocean City, NJ and work hard at spoiling our grandchildren.

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Neshaminy Class of '65 Reunion Alumni Gary Kull *

St. George, UT USA So you want to know what I’ve been doing for the past 50 years, eh? The short answer is military, moved, married, kid, moved, kid, moved, moved, moved, widowed, married again, moved, moved, retired, moved, moved, and started smiling 24/7. The somewhat longer answer is, after graduation I joined the Air Force as I had planned since I was about 10 years old. I served four years including a year in Southeast Asia. I got married in 1972, was widowed in 1986, married again in 1988 and have been happily married to my wonderful wife Peg ever since. I have two sons, Peg has two sons and between them, they have presented us with six terrific Grand-daughters. As far as work is concerned, just a few years after I got out of the service, I found myself employed in the nuclear power industry. I remained there for over 26 years. I worked primarily at nuclear power plants in Maryland, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. I spent the last 20 of those years at Three Mile Island just south of Harrisburg. I took a severance package in 2001 (right after 9/11), Peg retired in 2002 and we moved to southern Utah in late 2004. Three of our four sons had already moved west (Colorado, Utah and Oregon) so the decision wasn’t a hard one to make. We’re surrounded by golf courses; probably 15 or more within an hour drive. We also seem to be surrounded by National Parks (Grand Canyon, Bryce, Zion, Moab, Arches, etc.) plus, Nevada and casinos are only 45 minutes south on the other side of the Virgin River Gorge, one of the prettiest drives you’ll ever make.

Cheryl (Lewis) Umbeck *

Wheaton, IL USA I'm married, have two kids and six grandchildren (5 beautiful girls and one grandson). They keep us pretty busy. I've been working as a hospital pharmacy tech for nearly 40 years but plan on retiring later this year!! Like to hike, golf and hope to do a lot of traveling. Looking forward to our reunion!

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Neshaminy Class of '65 Reunion Alumni Bill Little *

Pensacola, FL USA Entered USAF in 1965 as an enlisted man. Got out in 1969 and finished college at Delaware Valley in Doylestown. Entered US Navy in 1975 and retired as a full commander in 2002 Taught math and science in a Christian HS for 3 years, and now teach in the US Navy's aircraft accident investigation school here in Pensacola FL. Still married to Sharlene Warbrick Married in 1966 We raised 4 children, and have 9 grand children.

Eric Malmberg

102 Pixie Moss Trail 1967-1970 US Navy 1970 – Married Linda from Virginia 1974- Graduated from Drexel 1977- Daughter Kristen born 1974 – 2013 Information Technology field 2013 - Retired

Andrew Mann *

Meadowbrook, PA USA In the past 50 years I have been a husband for 45 years and a father of one daughter for 38 years. And I've been a minister in the Presbyterian church for 43 years, 42 of which were spent as pastor in one of four different congregations. I retired in September of 2014 and am now just enjoying life occupied with various activities that I find both interesting to me and helpful to others.

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Neshaminy Class of '65 Reunion Alumni George Manning *

Levittown, PA USA degrees from Bucks County Community College, Penn State University. Married 1969 to Virginia Harris NHS 1966 ,we have one daughter. 1969-1971 US Army/ Viet Nam Vet. Worked in Sales and Sales Management in the construction/materials industry and the heating oil/propane supply business. Retired 2012

Peter Marks *

Washington Crossing, PA USA My wife, Dee, and I have been married 42 years. We have two sons and have lived in Washington Crossing for over 30 years. For most of my career I worked in the corporate finance or investment area. I was a chief investment officer and was also a high school teacher. I’m enjoying retirement and spend substantial time either cycling or on bicycle related activities.

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Neshaminy Class of '65 Reunion Alumni Susan (Markus) Helfant *

Raleigh , NC USA What a pleasure it is to reconnect with my classmates from Neshaminy High School. I’m so looking forward to seeing all of you again. Upon graduation, I attended Rider University, majoring in business. During my collegiate years, I was offered an opportunity to enter the Executive Training program at Sears. I worked there for 40 years, the last 20 years in Human Resources. I am now retired from Sears and have two small antique shops in Raleigh, NC. I love a good treasure hunt! I married Larry Helfant in 1968, right after he graduated from Drexel University. He has always been my best friend, as well as the love of my life. Larry is an analytical chemist. He retired from Bayer Crop Science after 32 years and now works at the EPA. In our leisure time, our whole family was involved in soccer. Larry coached for over twenty years and played in a men’s league. I was soccer mom and supporter for two generations of boys! Larry and I were blessed to have two wonderful sons, Michael Ross, born September, 1969, and Matthew Robert, born October, 1980. We tragically lost Mike to a heart aneurism that had gone undetected. He was only 19 years old. It was the hardest thing any parent can endure. Since then, I have been very active in Compassionate Friends, an organization for parents who have lost children. Matt graduated from NC State and has worked for Apple for about 10 years. He is married to lovely Meaghan and they have my precious grand puppy, Buster, a snoodle. We lived the American Dream during our high school years and developed many lasting friendships. The Neshaminy staff and coaches provided a spirited environment to develop our intellect, talent and skill. How lucky we were to be the Neshaminy High School class of “65”.

Joel Marx *

Colorado Springs, CO USA Got married while at Temple Univ (math major) and then taught math for a few years at the Lower Bucks Tech School. Moved on to being a computer programmer, first as a contractor at the Warminster Naval Air Station, and then in Northern Virginia for a year before moving to California (Bay Area) for 11 years. Got divorced, went back to school for a computer science masters degree, married Patti, another computer programmer (34 years now), became a dad to two wonderful girls, and got transferred by Rolm Corp to Colorado Springs in 1985. Patti became a middle school math teacher. Daughter Sarah earned her DPT and works as a physical therapist in Phoenix. Daughter Rachel clerks for an Oregon state Supreme Court judge following two years clerking for a Colorado appellate court judge in Denver. I worked for IBM (they bought Rolm), HP, MCI, and finished up as a subcontractor on an Air Force contract for my last 14 years. Now I help build trails primarily in the Colorado Springs area and bike, hike, swim, ski and snowshoe when not traveling (just back from Macchu Picchu & the Galapagos). Looking forward to reconnecting with folks at the reunion.

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Neshaminy Class of '65 Reunion Alumni Steve Masters *

Levittown, PA USA I went to work for Rohm and Haas (Bristol) after graduation. Worked as union laborer for 15 years. In 1980, I took a salary position in Analytical Research for the R&H Research Division in Spring House, PA - where I finished out my working career (in 2003) as Senior Technical Associate in the field of Gas Chromatography. Married In 1968. Jan & I have 3 sons (all in their 40's) and a granddaughter (20) and a grandson (12). Since 1996, Jan and I have traveled a large portion of the country - with 14 trips to Colorado alone - for hiking and exploring the old mining Ghost Towns in the back country.

Kenneth McCormick

Yardley, PA USA After 2 years in the US Army 1965 to 1967 serving as a Military Policeman. Worked in sales and sales management for 40 some years. Now retired. Married for 46 years with 3 children and 6 grand children. Lived in central NJ for 30 years. After retirement bought a motor home and toured the US for several years. Active in sports and involved with local community theater. Performed in over 20 shows. Performed at Washington Crossing Open Air Theater and Kelsey Theater at Mercer County Community College.

Nancy (Melia) Banks *

Atlantic Beach, FL USA So, what have I've been doing? Well, after Neshaminy I went to Bucks County Community College and then to Penn State, and eventually to the University of Rochester. After PSU, I married Rick Banks who was a life guard that I met while working as a waitress at a seafood restaurant at the Jersey Shore during the summer. After graduation, he joined the Navy and together we traveled to many ports and Navy bases for twenty-four years. Honolulu, Hawaii was the best and Guantanamo Bay, Cuba was the worst. At most locations I found a job teaching either elementary, middle, high school, or college. (Yes, Mr. Waltersdorf, believe it or not, I said college!) I have taught the very rich and the very poor and have enjoyed all of my experiences. Many of my "teaching techniques" can be attributed to NHS teachers and coaches! If anyone remembers Gym Night our senior year, a lot of the scenery for the Red Team was painted in my basement. Well, I'm still painting and enjoying it especially since I retired from teaching five years ago. Imagine abstracts with a little realism thrown in just for fun. But, my greatest love and accomplishment is my son, Jeff Banks, who is now thirty-two years old and a corporate travel agent. There are no grandkids yet, but I know that will soon change! So, life is and has been good. Rick and I are living in Atlantic Beach, Florida close to the ocean that we love. I miss Bucks County and seeing old classmates, but you can't beat Florida weather especially in the winter time! If you are ever in the area, be sure to give me a call!

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Neshaminy Class of '65 Reunion Alumni Robert Messing *

RUTHER GLEN, VI USA After military, work 20 years with a local company then moved into sales with various companies. Now semi retired in Virgina

Jacqueline (Moser) Hannan *

Porter, TX USA Upon graduation from Penn State in 1970 I became a teacher in the DC area. After 4 years I decided that was not my call and I began a career in the hotel business with Hilton. My first husband was transferred to CA and that is where my daughter was born. We eventually moved to Florida where we owned a restaurant. While living there, My husband became ill and died. In the midst of all of this I discerned a call to the ministry with the Presbyterian church. I also remarried a wonderful man with two amazing children who have been with me ever since. After graduation from seminary and Upon ordination to the ministry I began serving churches in Texas which is where we have lived for the last 20 years.

Dale Mountney

Philadelphia, PA USA No bio submitted

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Neshaminy Class of '65 Reunion Alumni Jane (Nagy) Varga *

Charlottesville, VA USA I graduated from Penn State in 1969 and married Randy Kohr. He was in the Navy and went to Guam immediately after our wedding. We moved all over the USA and settled in Charlottesville, VA. We had two children: Randy II (43 years) and Lisa (40 years) and five grandchildren. I am so fortunate that all are in the Charlottesville area. Over the years Randy and I developed and grew several successful purebred cattle and Thoroughbred horse investment businesses. In 1989 we purchased controlling interest in Kohr Bros. Frozen Custard and brought it back to life. Randy handled all of the legal and financial aspects while I worked on quality control, consistency, distribution and general updating of the business. I redesigned the Company logo, created a new and consistent look for all the the stores, designed metal crowns (cast for us by Virginia Metalcrafters) to top the custard machines for increased branding, designed all marketing pieces and did the flavor work for all flavors except vanilla and chocolate (which were the originals in 1919). Sadly, Randy and I divorced in 2000. I met my current husband, Col. Dale W. Varga (Retired, U S Army), on a Christian dating site in 2005 and we married in April of 2006. We are very happy and look forward to many more years together!

Fred Nickel *

Estes Park, CO USA After Neshaminy I graduated from West Chester State College and then joined the US Marine Corps. After returning from Vietnam I went to flight school and got my wings as a Naval Flight Officer where I flew in the back seat of the RF-4B. After 12 years in the Corps I got out and later joined the Naval Reserves. As luck would have it I was recalled to active duty where I finished my 20 years active duty and retired from the military in 1994. I moved to Estes Park, Co, the gateway to Rocky Mountain National Park, and bought several Mail Boxes Etc (now The UPS Store). Ten years of running stores was enough and I sold them in 2004. My next adventure was as a Law Enforcement Park Ranger at Rocky Mountain NP. and Guadalupe Mountain NP. That lasted for seven years when I decided it was time to retire and just have fun. Now I volunteer as a horse Ranger in the Park and get to ride whenever I want to in the Park.I volunteer as a Reserve Police Officer with a local PD, work on the local ambulance as an EMT and am on the local Rodeo Committee. We have a world class rodeo here in Estes Park. I like to travel and towards that end I work part time as a guide for a local adventure company and guide hikes and bicycle trips. Lastly, I just returned from a three week trip to Africa-- it was awesome and I have lots of pictures to prove it.

Note that an asterisk ( * ) after the name indicates that the person is scheduled to attend the reunion.

Neshaminy Class of '65 Reunion Alumni Nancy (Nicol) Stanton *

Liverpool, PA USA Graduated from Trenton State College at 31 with a BSN then joined the Army Nurse Corps. Met my husband Terry at Walson Army Hospital at Fort Dix NJ. Moved to central PA in 1982, had various nursing administrative positions, finished my MSN at Bloomsburg University, finished a 32 year nursing career as the DON of a 404 bed private nursing home. Have 2 boys by my first husband, Robert Henry, and one grandson who is the light of my life! I belong to a secular Carmelite Community and spend most of my time with various church apostolates. My husband and I like to travel and our New Year's resolution is to do more of it!

Pat (O'Neill) Batejan *

Warrington, PA USA I was married at 19 to Pete Batejan, Neshaminy class of '61. Two months before we celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary he died of a brain aneurysm. We had two children. I remarried and will be celebrating my 5th wedding anniversary this year. I am again blessed with another special husband, John Taylor. Our Christian faith, family and friends are the most important part of our life. Together we have 4 children and 10 grandchildren. We enjoy traveling and keeping in touch with old friends. We see Abby Obst Taylor every year and have gone sailing with her and her husband on Lake Erie. We like to visit friends around the country. I have traveled to Europe and many of the islands, as well as traveling in the states but nothing seems as special, as keeping in touch with friends. I guess we know we won't be here forever and want to keep that special connection. My other interest is learning more about the natural approach to healthy living. I buy only organic, Non-GMO food, and grass fed beef. I also enjoy cooking healthy. Unfortunately, I don't enjoy exercising so I am not as healthy or toned as I would like to be but I feel great. I am looking forward to seeing our classmates. Who would believe it has been 50 years!

Lorne Ott


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Neshaminy Class of '65 Reunion Alumni Pam (Ousterman) Ousterman *

Weeki Wachee, FL USA No bio submitted.

Rick Palmer *

Wayne, PA USA I was married to a 7th-grade math teacher for 35 years. We had 2 boys and a girl. I lost my wife to cancer in 2010. I now have 6 grandchildren, 3 boys and 3 girls. When my children were younger, I coached Little League baseball. Then later, I coached swimming at the Phoenixville YMCA. After a career on the railroad (Reading RR, Conrail), working in the Information Technology department and later as a logistics manager in car utilization, I retired to a part-time position as Director of Youth Ministries, which I shared with my wife. We worked primarily with the Senior High youth for 10 years. That position resulted in 3 bus trips to Colorado to attend national youth conferences. Now I am officially retired and spending my time helping with the grandkids.

Joe Pappaterra

Woodstock, GA USA Currently work as Director of Sales for The Hartford..... Previously Regional director for Lexis/Nexis Been in Atlanta area for 36 years Married 36 years

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Neshaminy Class of '65 Reunion Alumni Debra (Poudevigne) Robinson

Dallas, TX USA I have resided in Dallas, TX for the past 33 years. I am divorced and I have one daughter who lives in Atlanta, GA. I just copleted 20 years with Dillard's Department Store as an Eileen Fisher Specialist (designer clothes). I am planning and looking forward to return (to Bucks County?) in a couple of years so I can enjoy free time and to persue the arts and travel. I wish I could be there. Maybe the next one?

John Powell *

Kailua-Kona, HI USA I moved to California in 1968, and to Hawaii in 1971. I'm married with four grown daughters. I'm a Deputy Attorney General in Kona, doing mostly CPS cases.

Linda (Raffa) Flad *

Levittown, PA USA Married to Mike Flad for 46 years until he passed away in November, 2013. I have 2 daughters and 2 granddaughters. I'm retired and spend my summer in bucks county and winter in Florida.

Note that an asterisk ( * ) after the name indicates that the person is scheduled to attend the reunion.

Neshaminy Class of '65 Reunion Alumni Kirsten (Rasmussen) Gregorio *

New Canaan, CT USA Lived in Boston, San Francisco and then New Canaan, CT for the last 32 years with my husband, Mike. I have one married son and one granddaughter. Have not talked to anyone from our class for at least 30 years! I would love to re-connect with classmates.

David Reedman *

Holland, PA USA Went to Midwestern College in Iowa graduated 1970, joined army reserve till 1976. Worked at family Pontiac Dealership till 1981, had a used car facility on route one then went to BMW in 2000. I have one daughter Jennifer and two grandsons Christopher and Andrew. Still hanging in there living the life. Been arould 15 years since I was on Heartbreak ridge on a Friday Night, might make it to one this year.

Dave Richmond *

Southampton, PA USA Spent 2 years in the US Navy aboard the carrier USS Coral Sea, ('65-67), including 1 tour in Vietnam, & 22 more years in the Naval Reserves. Graduated from BBCC in June 1980. Did corporate sales work ('68-79). Worked at the US Postal Service for 27 years as a supervisor, retiring in 2004. Worked at William Tennent HS as a teacher assistant ('04-2010). Married 27 years, have four children & five grandchildren. Spend retirement traveling, cruising, and summers at our shore house in N.J

Note that an asterisk ( * ) after the name indicates that the person is scheduled to attend the reunion.

Neshaminy Class of '65 Reunion Alumni William Robinson *

Fairless Hills, PA USA Served 4 years in the U.S. Navy. I am a Vietnam veteran. I Received an Associates Degree from Bucks County Community College and a Bachelor's Degree from Cabrini College. Have been married for 41 years to my wife, Donna,. We raised two children, a daughter and son, and have two grandsons. I retired from Amtrak in 2012 as a Director of Labor Relations after 44 years of railroad service with the Pennsylvania Railroad, Penn Central and Amtrak.

Ronald Runyan *

Cary, NC USA 1965 to Penn State main campus; 1968 Summer in Europe & Bahamas; 1969 Penn State University, BA Foreign Service & International Politics. 1969-73 four year banking career at N J National Bank as International Banking Officer (work: Trenton, NJ; lived: Lower Bucks Cty., PA). 1970 Married Gail Bracalento met at PSU. My best decision, ever. 1973-2014 IBM career spanned 40 1/2 yrs. 1973-79 in mainframe computer sales (work: Trenton; lived: Yardley, PA); 1979-82 sales instructor (work: Poughkeepsie, NY; lived: Staatsburg, NY); 1982-83 sales mgmt. (worked = OKC; lived = Edmond, OK); 1983-95 lived in Ridgefield, CT and worked in various places in Westchester Cty., NY and Fairfield Cty., CT in WW mid-range systems product mgmt., U.S. process mgmt., WW Industry Marketing, Latin America PC sales mgmt., WW PC Marketing. Then, in 1995 transferred with IBM to, and worked in, Cary, NC in WW PC & Networks Marketing, WW Business Partner Mgmt., then finally Corporate CIO as Executive Consultant. Retired 1/1/2014. Sons: Mathew born 1977 (works as Cisco Network Engineer on WW Disaster Recovery Team; married). Kevin born 1980 (works for EY as Security Consultant, married, one grandson, Grey Kent Runyan 1.5 yrs.). Life-long friend of Max Fontaine, Neshaminy AFS Foreign Exchange Student from Vina del Mar, Chile who lived with my family 1962-63. He and his family have visited us in U. S. multiple times; we have visited him in Chile. My interests: Family; U.S. and worldwide travel, people, places and cultures; local, national and international ‘future’ issues, historical reading, genealogy, and photography.

Note that an asterisk ( * ) after the name indicates that the person is scheduled to attend the reunion.

Neshaminy Class of '65 Reunion Alumni Carole (Ryan) Hasson *

Liberty, SC USA Lived in Levittown until Jul 1995 when I moved to Clemson, SC to finish my college degree after my father's death and having breast cancer. My children, Kate and Daniel, stayed in the family home. I earned my Bachelor's in English and immediately was accepted to the Master's program in History. I got divorced and was happier and healthier than I had been in years! I bought my dream home while in grad school. After graduating in 2001, I worked as a Field Sales Manager for an insurance company, but am now retired and traveling as much as possible, also writing a biography about my great uncle, General Ben Lear, an Olympic equestrian who rose thru the ranks to become the Deputy Commander of the European Theater. See me to get on a list to buy the book in the 1st printing!

Penny (Sassaman) Stasio *

Naples, FL USA After 35 years in the field of radiology (neuro-technology, applictions, sales, and marketing), I retired from a sales director position in 2001. After a few more years in consulting, I finally called it quits! I lost my first husband in 1989, and re-married in 2000 to a retired US Air Force colonel/United Airlines pilot. We moved from Annapolis to Naples in 2011. My days are spent as a very active and dedicated volunteer with the Susan G. Komen Foundation of SW Florida. I am still playing tennis, practicing yoga and Pilates, power walking, and enjoying gardening. Retired life is marvelous, and I can't wait to see everyone!

Corrie (Scherrer) Galvin *

DELRAY BEACH, FL USA Graduated from Penn State in 1969. Married fellow classmate, Robert Galvin the same year. We moved to Baltimore and had two daughters, Bree Caunter (now married with 2 children) and Jenna Holt (married with one daughter). Received my Masters Degree from Towson State University in 1973 and taught there for 10 years. Returned to school and obtained my law degree from the University of Baltimore in 1988. I practiced law until retiring and moving to Delray Beach Florida in 2006.

Note that an asterisk ( * ) after the name indicates that the person is scheduled to attend the reunion.

Neshaminy Class of '65 Reunion Alumni Rodney Schultz *

Longboat Key, FL USA With two partners we successfully built the largest material Handling company in the Country and since selling in 2003 we continue our passion for travel, site seeing ,boating, skiing and working with small business owners who need help in addition to helping our local school a District where my wife was once a teacher, principal and retired Superintendent.

Glenn Sherwood *

Trevose, PA USA After graduation I joined the Navy and stayed on active duty for 9 1/2 years and was in Viet Nam for 1 1/2 years. Upon Discharge I joined the Naval Reserve for 15 years untili I retired. I was fortunate to see a good portion of the world. While in the USNR I started working for the US Postal Service as a maintenance mechanic working on sorting machines and conveyor systems and retired in November of 2009. My wife, Pat and I married in February 1975 and have 2 children, Andrea and son Daniel. We also have 4 grandchildren Abigail, Shannon, Kaitlyn and Justin. I wnjoy golf, bowling and snow skiing.

Janice Siegle *

Yardley, PA USA College Athens College Athens, AL Work Philadelphia, PA Retired Yippie !!!

Internal Revenue Service

Note that an asterisk ( * ) after the name indicates that the person is scheduled to attend the reunion.

Neshaminy Class of '65 Reunion Alumni Jay Silberman *

Washington, DC USA B.A. '69 from George Washington University, dodged Vietnam by joining Marine Reserve (had to get through Parris Island, though). American University law school '73. Legislative aide to a Maryland Congressman, mid 70s. Commercial real estate developer since then, now mostly retired. Twice elected citywide to DC school board in 1990s. Married since 1971. Three independent kids. Three grands so far. Jog (or bike) and stop at rec. dept. gym almost daily. In a book club with same guys since 1986. Travel/cruise out west, Alaska, Panama Canal, Europe, Morocco, Turkey, China, Korea, Australia and beyond. Collect Native American, Inuit & other tribal art. Dabble at play/screenplay writing; movie production. Have performed comedy on cruises (see 2dukes videos on youtube).

Bruce Simon *

Feasterville, PA USA After high school I attended a prep school in Virginia. The next school year I was to attend Wesley College on a basketball scholarship, but instead I was drafted into the Army and served two years one being in Viet Nam. After the service I attended Shippensburg University where I met my wife Staci. In 1969 we were married and move back down to Lower Bucks Co. I completed my education at Bucks Co. Community College and Trenton St. University graduating in 1974 with a degree in Health and PE., and History/Social Studies. In 1975 I was hired by the Cherry Hill New Jersey School district where I taught for 28 years retiring in 2003. From 1979 to 1989 I was J.V. basketball coach at Holy Ghost Prep. In 1989 I became the Head Coach at Neshaminy High School till 2002. In 2003 I assisted my son Sean at Bristol High School till 2008. In 2011 I returned to Holy Ghost Prep as an assistant coach where I remain today. My wife Staci also taught school and retired from Neshaminy after 30 years in 2012. We have two children Son Sean 45 yrs. married to Michelle and daughter Jessica 29 yrs, to be married to Sal in July 2015. My wife and I enjoy traveling and going to our Condos in Palm Harbor, Florida and Sea Isle City, N.J. I love baseball and I am a die hard Phillies, Rays, and Cubs fan.

Jane (Skrut) Hoddinott *

Mystic, CT USA Married the love of my life, David in 1969, right after graduating from Cedar Crest College with a degree in mathematics and moved to Connecticut. I worked as a programmer at Electric Boat Corp. where we build nuclear submarines, until we were blessed with three children who are all now married, some with children of their own: Christopher - 42 (Karen) , Jennifer - 40 (Rob with Joshua-10 and Rachel - 8), and Stephen - 38 (Mindy with Naomi Jane - 4). After a 17 year hiatus I earned an MS in Computer Science and eventually returned to work at Electric Boat Corp. as an Engineering Specialist and Oracle DBA - retiring Sep.30, 2015. We have lived in Ledyard, then North Stonington (7 yrs.), Preston (35 yrs.) and most recently moved to Mystic where we can actually walk toeveryting if so moved - all in Connecticut. I love spending time gardening, boating, sewing, biking, arts and crafting, "Sudoku-ing", and with family, especially the grand children. Looking forward to the freedom of retirement! Happy to be at our 50th - go red and blue!

Note that an asterisk ( * ) after the name indicates that the person is scheduled to attend the reunion.

Neshaminy Class of '65 Reunion Alumni Jeanne (Sloman) Vazquez *

Miami, FL USA After leaving N.H.S., I attended University of Miami (Miami, FL.) and obtained my bachelors and two additional post-graduate degrees in counseling psychology and educational leadership and supervision. During 36 professional years with the Miami Dade County Public School (MDCPS), I served as a counseling psychologist. Married to a surgeon for thirty years, we were graced to have two fantastic children, Michael Ryan, 33, and Jenna Megan, 29. Being retired and single now, I have spent the majority of my time volunteering in various venues.

Susan (Speidel) Oles *

Langhorne , PA USA 1965 - 2015 blessed to have: Married the only man that could/would put up with me (Emil, Neshaminy '64), four great children, traveled the world, had a good job that supported my passion for the last 50 years (Judo) which has given me physical/mental strengths, lifetime friendships, amazing travel/experiences including officiating at the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games and refereeing at the 2013 Maccabia Games in Israel. After retiring, took up the "crazy sport" of Golf? Love the beautiful surroundings and being outside. Keeping the brain functioning with a part-time job with State Farm Insurance. Since graduating, it has been, and still is a "hellofa" great ride.

Linda (Stein) Friedman *

Cherry Hill, NJ USA Steve and I were married in 1968. I earned a BS from Drexel University, an MS in Public Relations from Rowan University, and teacher certification for elementary school and middle school mathematics. Over the years, I have taught many grades. I have also been a "professional volunteer" in many organizations, and have served on the board of many others. Steve and I raised three sons, who have all married. I am the grandmother of five...Steve passed away in June (2015), one week after meeting our newest grandson, and four weeks before the birth of our granddaughter.

Note that an asterisk ( * ) after the name indicates that the person is scheduled to attend the reunion.

Neshaminy Class of '65 Reunion Alumni Arlene (Sternberg) Trollope

Shirley, MA USA Graduated form Pen State with a BS in Animal Industry 1969. Worked at Merck Sharp and Dome then Korman Reseach center in Phila. 1972 -1975 graduated from Albert Einstein Medical Center School of Nursing. 1975 to 1979 worked as RN at Albert Einstein Medical Center. 1979 was commissioned into the Air force Medical corp. as1st LT promoted to Captain. Stationed at Ellsworth Air Force base in Rapid City South Dakota Until 1982. Married 1981 to Retired Army Sargent First class Gary Trollope. Moved to Shirley, MA. We have two daughter one born in 1983 and one born 1984. Worked at Burbank hospital in Fitchburg , MA until 1985. Stayed home to take care of my daughters until 1989 when I began working as a free lance newspaper writer for the weekly Public Spirit newspaper covering the towns of Ayer , Harvard and Shirley until 1996. In 1995- 2002 I took the position of Animal Control Officer for the Shirley police department and in 1996- 2002 also the position of Animal Inspector for the Shirley Board of Health.1998-2002 Shirley Police matron. 2002 -2004 worked as an adoption counselor at Animal Shelter Inc. in Sterling, MA.2004-2005 worked as the evening charge nurse at River Terrace Health care in Lancaster, MA .2005-2012 worked as the night shift charge nurse at the maximum Security Sousa Baranowski State prison in Shirley, MA. Retired July 2012.

Craig Sweet *

Hanover, PA USA US Army 1966-1968. Shippensburg University - B.S. -Business Management 1972 -1973. F.D.I.C. Ass'Bank Examiner. Curwensville State Bank - VP. Flagship Bank - Loan Review Officer. Sun Bank - Ft. Myers, FL. VP and Loan Review Officer. Boy Scouts of America - Sr. District Executive. Vulunteer Optimist Club of Gettysburg. + Boy Scouts of America. Current summer job Tour bus driver - Juneau, AK. Family - 3 children, Robert (39), Julie (38), Andrew (36), Kay Sweet Stark - NHS '66.

Barbara Thompson *

Dallas, GA USA Just living the dream!

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Neshaminy Class of '65 Reunion Alumni Ronald Tressel *

Hamilton Square, NJ USA Retired in 2014, happilymarried, three children, nine grandchildren

Mike Trimmer *

NEW HOPE, PA USA The usual.

Dorothy (Tudgay) Mervine *

West Palm Beach, FL USA After graduating from Neshaminy I worked for 8 years as a long distance operator and also in the business office for Bell Telephone of Penna. During that time I married and had 2 children (Bob and Cheryl). I am a 27 year breast cancer survivor. I retired at the age of 58 from Sanofi-Aventis Pharmaceuticals and moved to Florida in 2006. I live in an over-55 community which is about 7 miles from my daughter and 2 grandsons who are 8 and 9 years old. My son and 15 year old granddaughter still live in Pennsylvania. I'm very active in my community and I enjoy the year-round sunshine here in Florida. Life is good!

Note that an asterisk ( * ) after the name indicates that the person is scheduled to attend the reunion.

Neshaminy Class of '65 Reunion Alumni Cheryl (Waldman) Robertson *

HOT SPRINGS VILLAGE, AR USA Graduated Moore College of Art 1969 BFA fashion design, married Glen 6/14/69. Worked in display at Neiman Marcus then designed childrens' wear in Dallas Tx until birth of twin daughters in 1973, and son (deceased) in 1977. Received MOT in Occupational Therapy from Texas Woman's Univ 1990, have been practicing in all areas ever since. Currently still working in school system in rural AR. We live in a retirement community and are very active in theater productions, karaoke, riding our Harley, church, choral performances, and traveling.

Everett "Rett" Walters

Hull, MA USA After graduating I worked at Rhom and Haas and US Steel for a few years. I found this unfullfilling so I started at BCCC where I met my first wife. Soon after I started working for the Howard Johnson Co. as a restaurant manager. I worked my way up the corporate ladder relocating several times.NJ, Tenn, NY. After Marriot bought Ho Jo I became the Regional Controller for the Northeast Region Food Services Division residing in Syracuse NY for the next 20 years. A job I absolutly loved. Settled there remarried and raised two boys. I retired at the age 54 due to an eye disease known as Retinitis Pigmentosis at which time I moved to Hull MA a coastal suburb of Boston. Hull is a beautiful place and the childhood home of Helen. Hull is a small peninsula overlooking Boston Harbor and the Atlantic Ocean. Life is good.

Sharlene (Warbrick) Little *

Pensacola, FL USA No bio submitted

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Neshaminy Class of '65 Reunion Alumni Carol (Warren) Evans

Warwick, PA USA My greatest joy is spending time with my two grandkids, Sutton 10 & Evan 7. I used to ski and inline skate, but an arthritic hip put an end to that. I embrace my graying hair (never did try to hide it). Two milestones for me: my mortgage is paid off and I retired in 2013. I really love being retired. My life is pretty much stress-free. And I'm enjoying every minute of it.

Libby (Weightman) Rhodes

Winter Springs, FL USA Married for almost 31 years. Widowed in 1999. Retired in June 2011 from a 45 year lucrative career in managed healthcare and as a medical/dental claims adjuster, auditor, underwriter supervisor. Enjoying retirement with friends.

Bill Welsh

Yardley, PA USA I served 4 years in the United Sates Air Force. Retired from PECO Energy after 38 Years in 2007, at the age of 59. I have 3 Grandsons and 1 Granddaughter. Been married for 25 years to Barbara Coffey Welsh. We spent our winters in Orlando Florida area for the last 8 years.

Note that an asterisk ( * ) after the name indicates that the person is scheduled to attend the reunion.

Neshaminy Class of '65 Reunion Alumni Janet (White) Titus

Conway, SC USA Raised two sons, one an international business and finance director of SABRE, and one a Music Educator, principal singer with the Hendersdon Symphony Orchestra and Opera Las Vegas. Attended Keystone College in NE PA majoring in Business Administration. Held a number of positions in the business world and currently am President of Southeast Management Systems, a Quality Management Consulting and Training Company. Enjoy living near the beach and warmer weather with my husband, Karl.

R.T. Whitman *

Orange, VA USA OK, here goes. After graduating from Penn State in 69, I headed West to extend life before facing the draft. I got as far as Denver where luck favored me with a 1-Y classification. That allowed me to work at a number of things (sales, commercial film and photography, ad writing, community college instructor) during the day and to go to graduate school at night. In the early 70's, fortified with two degrees of questionable value, I was hired by a national consulting firm to help turn around one of its operating divisions. Inasmuch as I had no clue how to actually turn anything around, I must have interviewed well. The firm was a good fit for me and I did well advancing to managing partner. However, after 16 years of constant work and travel, and nearing nervous collapse, I sold my interest with thoughts of settling down to a normal life. I met and married Cynthia, 12 years my junior, bought a small farm in New Jersey, did a fair amount of sailing and otherwise wasted my time hanging out with the idle rich. They were professionals at it and I was not. So, when I was offered majority ownership in a communications technology firm in exchange for getting it turned around, I took the plunge. It took about three years to get the business on its feet at which point I sold it to KPMG. The operation specialized in computer-assisted financial communications and our private label clients were many well known national and international financial service firms. KPMG got into trouble with the Dept. of Justice and had to divest its interest in all non core businesses so I got the company back. After a little more tinkering, one of our clients, AIG, offered to buy it providing I would run it for them for a year or so. Seven years later, I had to tell them their year was up. It was 10 years ago that I sold the farm in New Jersey along with the 1790's house we restored, and bought our current farm outside of Orange. Virginia was Cynthia's idea, she loves to ride and is out most days either fox hunting or riding cross country. I'm still adjusting to the South and miss my time on the water. RT 2/2015

Note that an asterisk ( * ) after the name indicates that the person is scheduled to attend the reunion.

Neshaminy Class of '65 Reunion Alumni Edward Wolfe *

Doylestown, PA USA Started college a week after graduating from NHS at Penn State Ogontz majoring in economics. I left PSU in 1968 to enlist in the US Army Warrant Officer Rotary-Wing Aviator Course and graduated in March 1970. After a 12 month tour in Vietnam flying UH-1H, OH-58A, AH-1G, and OH-6A helicopters, I separated from active duty and joined the NJ ARNG and later to US Army Reserves at NAS Willow Grove, PA. Retired from the Army in 1996. In 1972, I returned to PSU, University Park and finished my degree in administrative management in 1974. My main career was as a logistician for the US Navy supporting Naval Aviation programs, and later transferred to the US Army in business development working in aviation programs. Retired in 2005 after 31 years. I had several positions as a commercial helicopter pilot starting as a forest fire helicopter pilot in NJ, TV news collection, bank support, long line patrol for AT&T, security for SEPTA, emergency medical services helicopter pilot, and lastly, helicopter tour pilot in Kauai, Hawaii. In 2006, I re-established contact with classmate Ginny Eyring and we were married in 2011. We have a very comfortable home in Buckingham Township, PA which we share with our three dachshunds.

Sharon (Yeager) Bobincheck *

QUAKERTOWN, PA USA Married at 22. Divorced nullipara at 31. Lived in Quakertown since 1972. Took belly dancing lessons for three years and danced at picnics and parties but never professionally. Square danced for 17 years, mostly C1. Progressed to challenge level II and danced at that level two years before giving it up. Earned my AS and BS in Computer Science while working full time and going to college nights. Graduated magna cum laude. Snagged a job at a local company before my AS degree. Worked there almost 15 years progressing from programmer to systems analyst, senior systems analyst and business analyst. It was a fun job, never boring because we did everything – business analysis; systems analysis; development; database design, development and maintenance; documentation; training; application and technical support. Lost that job and eventually landed a pharmaceutical job, which I loved. I felt like I really belonged there. It was a happy situation for 5 ½ years until I hit that magic number of “54” when your brains drop out and you’re deemed useless. After desperately searching for three years I finally secured a job I hated. I stuck it out for a year. Lost that job but eventually found a consulting position where they hired me on the spot. A three month contract that I made last three years! The end of 2008 was the last I worked. A few of my favorite things: Summer, dancing, swimming, gardening, cats, wild birds, wildlife, any combination of chocolate and nuts, reading, walking. Aside from visiting many states, including Hawaii, I’ve travelled via cruise line to Bermuda; via seaplane to Bimini, Bahamas; Niagara Falls and Quebec, Canada.

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Neshaminy Class of '65 Reunion Alumni Joseph Zsamar *

Collingswood, NJ USA Joe is a retired computer systems analyst and project manager. He has a bachelors degree from Drexel University and a masters degree with honors from Temple University --- so take that NHS Guidance Department who said he would not get into college. Joe has lived and worked in Boston, NYC and Philadelphia. Joe was married for nine wonderful years before becoming a widower 26 years ago. He remains single till this day, but not unattached. Joe has two sons. He and the boys have traveled extensively both in the U.S. and overseas before both boys went off to college. Adam (33) is a detective sergeant and John (29) is a senior auditor with a government watchdog agency. Joe also has three beautiful grandsons. Joe collects first edition books, 18th and 19th century maps and reads anything related to history. He loves his afternoon walks, drinking wine and cooking, especially for friends -- any reason to brake his diet.

Note that an asterisk ( * ) after the name indicates that the person is scheduled to attend the reunion.

Thank You We would like to express our sincere gratitude to Mr. Bill Dickinson, husband of our classmate Joyce Brown Dickinson. Bill single-handedly brought us into the 21st century of digital communications and data collection. He is solely responsible for our website, tiny letters which have kept us current on event news, and for this booklet. Thank you Bill for doing so much to make this event memorable for all. We are also very grateful for the help, guidance, and consideration of Mr. Max Buher and Ms. Kate Pristash of the Sheraton Bucks County Hotel. They were absolutely on target when they told us not to worry and that all would be good.

NHS Class of '65 - 50th Reunion Booklet  

See what your classmates have been doing for the past 50 years!

NHS Class of '65 - 50th Reunion Booklet  

See what your classmates have been doing for the past 50 years!