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Chamberline May 2011

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Citywide Spring Cleanup Campaign Spring is here and itâ€&#x;s time to clean up Dickinson. Winter has left the city littered with garbage. All residents, clubs, schools, churches and businesses are encouraged to help spruce up the town during the annual citywide Spring Cleanup Campaign May 2 through May 16. Trash bags are available for groups participating in the campaign at the Central Fire Station, Dickinson Chamber of Commerce, Dickinson Parks and Recreation Office or Wal-Mart Service Desk. After an area has been cleaned, please contact the Dickinson Baler Building at 456-7776 so the refuse filled bags can be picked up.

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Used vehicle oil, un-bagged leaves and grass, discarded cold ashes, aluminum cans and cardboard can be dropped off at the following city drop sites located at these four locations: behind 900 block of 15th Street West; across from the Public Works Building on West Broadway; and on 10th avenue east by the water storage tank and the baler building. Current hours for the baler building are 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. MondayFriday. Remember that loads must be covered with a tarp or secured while in transport to the baler building. All spring cleanup items must be checked at the bailer building and employees will direct customers where to dump items. Any Questions call the baler building at 456-7776. To help keep our city clean please bag your garbage instead of throwing it loose in a dumpster. This will cut down on wind blowing it out of the dumpster or trucks. Any group looking for an area to clean or for more information regarding this yearâ€&#x;s spring clean up can call the City Fire Department at 456-7625. Debora Barros, Fire Prevention Specialist Dickinson Fire Department Telephone: 701-456-7625 E-mail:


Dickinson Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors Chris Johnson ....................................... President Nathan Bouray ..................................... Pres-Elect Rachelle Schroeder ............................ Treasurer Klint Sickler ……………. ...................... Past President

For Chamber Members Only - Chamberline The Chamberline is a place where Chamber Members can share information about their business. It is FREE to put in new employees, awards or any other information you would like to share. It is available in waiting areas around town. It is also attached to the Weekly E-News and can be viewed on the Chamber Website.

Elaine Myran......................................... Director Mike Renner.......................................... Director

Advertisement spots are available:

Dennis Cannon..................................... Director

Business Card



Extended Business Card



Christian Kostelecky ......................... Director

1/4 page



Terry Kovacevich ............................... Director

1/2 page



Harmony Kolling................................. Director Blaine Stockert..................................... Director

Craig Kubas ........................................... Director

Committee Chairperson

Full page insert

Agriculture ............................................. Kwirt Johnson

*Business Members


Airport Promotions . ......................... Matt Remynse



Ambassador .......................................... Deedra Weidner Education ............................................... Rebecca Pitkin Governmental Affairs ....................... Nate Bouray Promotions and Retail ..................... Betty Jo Noe Officials.................................................... Rachelle Schroeder

Chamber needs 50 copies plus the e-version sent to Any information or ads must be in to the Chamber by the 3rd Monday of the month.

STAFF Lexi Sebastian ...................................... Executive Director Kristi Tessier ........................................ Events & Marketing Coordinator Cindy Brock ........................................... Administrative Assistant

Publication First Day of the Month Published By C. Brock

Deadline Fourth Monday of the month - For both copy and advertising Dickinson Area Chamber of Commerce 314 3rd Avenue West •P.O. Box C Dickinson, ND 58602 Phone: 701-225-5115  Fax: 701-225-5116 E-mail:


Board of Directors monthly meeting minutes

The Mission of the Dickinson Area Chamber of Commerce

and annual financial statements are available to Chamber Members.

“The Dickinson Area Chamber of Commerce provides leadership towards a progressive business community.”



The UPS Store

Badlands Heating & Air LLC Sheldon Gordon

Toni Kuntz

PO Box 294

387 15th St. West

Dickinson, ND 58601

Dickinson, ND 58601



Schutz Foss Architects

2125 Sims, Suite 5 Dickinson, ND 58601 Development, Construction, Property Management and Commercial & Residential Real Estate.




RehabVisions Staff continues education

Jean Herauf, speech-language pathologist and area manager of RehabVisions in Dickinson, attended „Vital Stim II: Beyond Certification‟ in Denver. The event was held April 2nd & 3rd and provided 13 hours of continuing education in treating swallowing disorders using the modality of electrical stimulation in conjunction with other treatment techniques. Lee Werchau and Amber Volk of RehabVisions attended “Advances in Examination and Treatment of the Shoulder Complex: What‟s the Best Evidence.‟ The course was presented in Fargo April 1st through April 3rd. It highlighted the best research-based examination and treatments of the shoulder complex from impingements to post surgical rehab.

Linda Sailer awarded several awards

Linda Sailer, Lifestyles editor at The Dickinson Press, won several awards for the 2011 North Dakota Professional Communicators Communications Contest. Winners were recognized at the NDPC state conference April 7th & 8th at the Canad Inns in Grand Forks. Linda won five first place awards, three second place awards, and an honorable mention for stories, photos and layout in The Dickinson Press. NDPC is the state affiliate of the National Federation of Press Women, an organization of communication professionals from across the United States.

Ron Schmidt name top Representative

Investment Centers of America, Inc. recently recognized Ron Schmidt as ICA‟s top representative at the company‟s national educational conference in Scottsdale, AZ. “Ron Schmidt has demonstrated this philosophy by committing a generous amount of time and effort to each relationship an putting the needs of his clients first,” Greg Gunderson, ICA president and chief executive officer, said in a press release. Schmidt is at Investment Centers of America in Dickinson at 683 State Ave., Suite H. He can be reached 701-483-1100 or 888-307-1100.

*****First Friday the 13th of the Year—May 13th****



Medcenter One Occupational Health Clinic promotes Meduna to manager

Heidi Meduna has recently been named as manager of Medcenter One Occupational Health Clinic in Dickinson. As manager, Meduna will be responsible for budgeting, staffing decisions and department policies. She will also provide day-to-day operational direction, leadership, management, customer service initiative implementation and customer obtainment and retention.

O’Brien & Gartner recognized for Service

Investment Centers of America, Inc. recognized the efforts of Dream O‟Brien, Tasha Gartner and more than 35 of their fellow representatives at the company‟s national educational conference in Scottsdale, AZ.

Prior to this position, Meduna was supervisor at the clinic and has been with Medcenter One for two years. Medcenter One Occupational Health Clinic provides one central location for all occupational health medicine services. With locations in Bismarck and Dickinson, and a third location set to open in Minot in late spring, the goal of occupational health is to develop programs specific to each employer that keeps their workers safe, well and productive.

The annual event is held from March 2 to March 5. The event featured workshops and educational sessions designed to help the company‟s representatives better understand investor emotions, asset movement trends and product innovations, according to a press release. “Dream and Tasha have demonstrated this philosophy be committing a generous amount of time and effort to each relationship and putting the needs of their clients first,” Greg Gunderson, president and chief executive officer of ICA said in the release. “We are proud to have Dream and Tasha on our team at ICA.” Dream O‟Brien and Tasha Gartner are located at Investment Centers of America in Dickinson at 46 1 st St. W. and can be reached at 456-3390.



We refer over 1000 people a year to different groups and organizations and would like to have the correct information. We are in the process of updating our Groups & Organizations Directory. If you would like to be listed or are listed and need to have your group or organization updated, please send us your information to or call the Chamber of Commerce at 225-5115.

American Insurance Center announces addition American Insurance Center is pleased to announce the addition of Julie Raatz as an Account Technician in the Dickinson insurance office. Julie recently worked as an administrative assistant for the Coalition of Charitable Organizations.

Upcoming Events May 7 & 8—3 on 3 Tournament June 7—Business After Hours—The Real Estate Company. June 30—4-H Picnic July 13—Chamber Ag BBQ

Stevenson Elected President of Association Jon L. Stevenson, owner of Stevenson Funeral Homes, was elected to the office of President of the North Dakota Funeral Directors Association during a meeting April 5. Jon and his wife, Marlys owns locations in Dickinson and Killdeer. In January of 2007, Stevenson-Mischel-Olson merged with Price Murphy Funeral Home. In 2009 Bob Spanglo merged with the Stevenson Funeral Homes and together they have assisted families in the Hebron and Glen Ullin area as well. Jon Stevenson‟s son is also a licensed funeral director and works with him at the Dickinson Chapel.



Middle & High School divisions will be played May 8th only

4th grade thru Adult (A & B Divisions) 3 game guarantee 3 Point Contest on 5/7 (All divisions) Tournament manager reserves the right to combine or eliminate categories according to registrations received

$75 entry per team

Dickinson Area Chamber of Commerce 314 3rd Ave W, PO Box C, Dickinson, ND 58602 Phone: 701-225-5115 Fax: 701-225-5116 Email:

Registration Forms are available online at







If you would like more information about these committees, please contact the Dickinson Area Chamber at 225-5115

Ag BBQ will be on July 13th 4-H Picnic will be Thursday, June 30th The Committee was a sponsor for the Angus Bull Test. Angus Bull Test is Monday, April 25th.

3on3 Hoopfest is planned for May 7th and 8th. The committee discussed prizes and reviewed work schedule. There are currently 85 teams registered

Diversity Direction and Dollars will be held January 17, 2012.

Coffee with the Legislature was held on the 9th of April. Business After Hours was held on April 26th from 5-7pm

The Ribbon Cuttings were on April 27th. During the summer there will no regular meeting but will continue to do Ribbon Cuttings

4th of July Parade Coupons will be handed out during this yearâ€&#x;s parade. It will be only for Members. Deadline for coupons will be June 1st. The Chamber will have a car reserved for the parade as well.

Member Retention Drive will be during the month of September. This is to thank all of our existing members for being members of the Chamber. The Dickinson Press will sponsor a Business After Hours the beginning of October. Sampling of Sicily had bids reviewed for January 2012â€&#x;s event. The event will be held at the Ramada Grand Dakota Lodge

CLI planning was reviewed. Teacher Appreciation Week is the first week of May where Teachers of the Year will be announced and Education Business of the Year will be announced as well.



From the office of: Tasha Gartner & Dream O’Brien 46 1st St W Dickinson, ND 58601 701-456-3390

CONSOLIDATING YOUR IRAs Why it makes so much sense. provided by Tasha Gartner & Dream O’Brien

Do you own multiple IRAs? Many people do. You may have started your first IRA all the way back in the 1970s. Maybe you started a Roth IRA in the late 1990s when that option became available. Perhaps you have an IRA CD or an IRA money market account at a bank. Or perhaps you’ve rolled over 401(k) assets from former employers into a few IRAs. There is wisdom in consolidating your IRAs. Why? Well, let’s look at the reasons. Save on yearly account fees. Fewer IRA accounts mean fewer administrative costs. If you have seven IRAs, you could consolidate them into one or two accounts and rid yourself of the fees you would be paying annually to maintain the other five or six. Less paperwork. Tired of getting multiple account statements? Tired of filing and keeping track of those multiple statements? Why not simplify things? With fewer accounts, it becomes easier to track the performance of your investments. A chance to refresh the way you invest. An IRA consolidation can also be a time to invest your IRA assets more conservatively than you did at midlife. Sometimes people don’t adjust the asset allocation of their IRA or 401(k) for years. They approach retirement with investments that make more sense for younger investors, and with their IRA assets exposed to more risk than they want. A way to simplify the administration & distribution of IRA assets. Are you older than 70½? When it comes to calculating your Required Minimum Distribution (RMD), having just one traditional IRA instead of, say, five makes figuring out that RMD amount considerably easier. A while back, you may have set up multiple IRAs for estate planning purposes, each with its own beneficiary. Years ago, only one beneficiary could inherit an IRA. In 2002, that changed. Now, under most circumstances, you can name multiple beneficiaries for one IRA. (Your original IRA can be divided into separate accounts by December 31 of the year after your death, and each beneficiary may calculate RMDs based upon their own life expectancies.) 1 Furthermore, the executor of your estate will appreciate having one or two IRAs to deal with, as opposed to six or eight or nine (and there will be less paperwork to hunt for, if a hunt must take place). It’s easy. Moving IRA assets from one traditional IRA to another requires an IRA asset transfer (also called a trustee-totrustee transfer). It’s actually less involved than the classic 401(k)-to-IRA rollover. You don’t have to deal with the 60day deadline that comes with that move. Consider simplifying your IRAs. This small step may reduce fees, statements and even confusion. In fact, if you have a bunch of “strays” in your portfolio – investments you’ve almost forgotten about, or wonder if you could be getting more out of – consider a chat with your financial representative that could help you sharpen your investment focus. Tasha Gartner & Dream O’Brien are Representatives with Investment Centers of America and may be reached at 701456-3390 or or .

11 11

MAY 2011

12 Sunday







1 DSU Roughrider Roping Ropaganza 10am SW Motocross Assn. Mon-Dak & NDMA Races 10:00am DSU Chamber Singers 2:30pm Prairie Cruisers "Cruise Nite" 7:00pm - 8:00pm NIRA DSU Blue Hawk Roughrider Ropaganza 11:00am Knights of Columbus DSU Theatre Production "After Ashley"7:30pm

2 DSU Art Gallery "New Works" Assn. of Professional Communication Officers

3 DSU Art Gallery "New Works" Assn. of Professional Communication Officers 2011 Senior Forum on Aging 8:00am 3:30pm Chamber Promotions Committee Meeting 12:00

4 DSU Art Gallery "New Works" Assn. of Professional Communication Officers

5 DSU Art Gallery "New Works" Cancer Support Group 7:00pm Assn. of Professional Communication Officers

6 DSU Art Gallery "New Works" Annual Fireball Texas Hold-em Tournament Assn. of Professional Communication Officers

7 A Chocolate Affair Best Friends Mentoring Program 7pm Spring Bash at the BAC & Reverse Raffle 6:30pm - 12:30am DSU "Form & Fusion" HCAEBR 5K Run/Walk 9:00am Annual Fireball Texas Hold-em Tournament Boomtown Brawl 7:00pm Southwest Speedway Stock Car Show 11:00am - 3:00pm National Tourism Week DSU Dance Company Production "Form & Fusion" 7:30pm 3 on 3 Hoopfest

8 Mother's Day Buffet 9am - 1pm DSU "Form & Fusion" Mother's Day Buffet Lady J's Club & Catering Prairie Cruisers "Cruise Nite" 7:00pm - 8:00pm National Tourism Week DSU Dance Company Production "Form & Fusion"7:30pm Prairie Rose Shootout 12:00pm - 2:00pm Dkn. Area Concert Assn. presents "The Marlins" 2:00pm 3 on 3 Hoopfest

9 DSU Art Gallery "New Works" Homemade Pie & Coffee Social 10am - 2pm National Tourism Week

10 DSU Art Gallery "New Works" National Tourism Week Ladies Only Firearms Safety Classes 7:00pm

11 DSU Art Gallery "New Works" Armed Forces Day Luncheon 12:pm National Tourism Week

12 DSU Art Gallery "New Works" Women's Way Run/Walk 6:30pm National Tourism Week

13 DSU Art Gallery "New Works" DSU Annual Dine & Dance 6:00pm Ready.Set.Glow! 5K Fun Walk/Run 6:00pm National Tourism Week

14 SW Speedway STock Car Test & Tune Ribs & Bluegrass Festival 11:30am Postal Carriers Annual Food Drive Alvin Arriola Potato Bar Benefit 4pm - 8pm National Tourism Week

15 DSU Art Gallery "New Works" Prairie Cruisers "Cruise Nite" 7:00pm - 8:00pm National Tourism Week

16 DSU Art Gallery "New Works" Chateau Season Opening

17 DSU Art Gallery "New Works" Ladies Only Firearms Safety Classes 7:00pm

18 DDSU Art Gallery "New Works"

19 DSU Art Gallery "New Works" Chamber Airport Promotions Committee Meeting 8AM

20 DSU Art Gallery "New Works" Ambassador Committee Meeting 8AM

21 1st Annual Blues & Brews! 4 - 8pm Southwest Speedway Stock Car Races 7:00pm Community Yard Sale 8am - 4pm Ladies Only Firearms Safety Classes 7:00pm

22 Prairie Cruisers "Cruise Nite" 7:00pm - 8:00pm

23 24 DSU Art Gallery "New DSU Art Gallery "New Works" Works"m Chamber Education Committee Meeting 4:00 PM

25 DSU Art Gallery "New Works" Region 3 Girls' Fast Pitch HS Tournament 12:00pm

26 DSU Art Gallery "New Works" Region 3 Girls' Fast Pitch HS Tournament 12:00pm Chamber Board of Directors Meeting 4:00 PM

27 DSU Art Gallery "New Works" Annual Dakota Cowboy Poetry 7:30pm

28 Shamrock Golf Scramble Annual Dakota Cowboy Poetry 7:30pm Southwest Speedway Stock Car Races 7:00pm

29 Annual Dakota Cowboy Poetry 7:30pm Prairie Cruisers "Cruise Nite" 7:00pm - 8:00pm

30 Dkn High School Rodeo 7:00am Chamber Closed











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