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Daniel Icaza Milson Portfolio Panamanian and American, bilingual designer and artist based in Austin, TX

CMF Design

Tableware Design

Studio Art Practice

I develop colors, materials, and finishes, for consumer electronics and textile companies. I have experience building stories and materializing those in industrially made products. My process includes being inspired by the day-to-day, observing trends, creating mood boards, and communicating with diverse teams and overseas suppliers to execute a vision.

Cooking is a passion of mine. Blending it with design happens organically. I research the market, ideate, sketch by hand, build models, and ask for feedback before creating a finished collection of tableware. I have also participated in a design competition to create glassware for an international brand, hosted dining experiences, and produced ceramics.

I paint, draw, sew, dye, screen print, and sculpt in my studio. My work has been exhibited in galleries in the United States, the Republic of Panamá, and South Korea. My artistic practice compliments my design work. I focus on research, ideation, and have knowledge in materials like metal, wood, ceramics, and more. Am eager to apply these skills in a professional setting.

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DELL 3120 laptop DELL Powerflex ornament Overflow crystal glass mano cooking tools mesclao’ dorm restaurant drawings daily practice

DELL Latitude 3120

color, material, finish design

DELL’s Latitude 3300 is a durable computer for students. The hardware’s color, material, and finish, feature force-resistant, bioplastic bumpers, and scratch-resistant covers.


In 2019, DELL’s Experience Innovation Group’s (EIG), Commercial program industrial designers, whose designs make up 80% of DELL’s sales, asked for my CMF consultation on their educational program, Latitude 3300, of which nearly two million units were manufactured in Spring 2021. 2

DELL Latitude 3120

Selected texture, squares seem to create moire-like aesthetic, while keeping particles out

Microtexture Studies

Microtextures for final covers were designed using Illustrator. One like this square pattern was chosen. It concealed scratching and was easy to manufacture using a laser-etched technique. 3

DELL Latitude 3120 - Microtexture Iterations

Microtexture brightens cover with gradient-like plays of light and form. Scratches blend into the microtexture pattern, too.


DELL Latitude 3120 - Microtexture Rendering

User Research


Digital Iterations

Supplier Samples

Color Studies

In our far reaching ideas, CMF was nonpolarizing and came through in speckles, which were superimposed on flooded gray studies. Arrays of neutrals with playful micropops sought to create a visual language that was friendly and universal.


DELL Latitude 3120 - Color Studies for Laptop

Far reaching concept sketches

Playful, multicolor speckle ideation, for PC/ABS covers.


DELL Latitude 3120 - Color Study Rendering

Bioplastic used on feet and cover bumpers

Bioplastic Bumper & Feet

Commercial program to carry a bio-based material. The program’s value proposition was its durability, bioplastic’s density and flexibility protect the system, as it absorbs shock better than a harder resin, which can be brittle while also reducing the program’s carbon footprint. We used the approved resins on the feet and bezel.


DELL Latitude 3120 - Bioplastic Bumper and Feet


DELL Latitude 3120

DELL Powerflex Outsert color, material, finish design

The Outsert is a modular ornament on a DELL Powerflex Server cover and is used to define the servers’ data storage capacity. Dark Gold is the most premium option, Blue Steel the second, and Copper the most economical.


Dell Standard Black, textured PC-ABS resin

Swarm Gray, molded PC-ABS resin

undefined color, polycarbonate-ABS resin

color and finish design opportunities

DELL/EMC’s hardware designers needed color, material, and finish development for the hexagonal outsert in PowerFlex Servers to define three different qualities of data storage: high, medium, and low. 10

DELL Powerflex




Increase value 1.2 units, make hue redder 0.6 units to increase pop and flop

Increase flake saturation, decrease gloss 1.2 units to maintain gloss across colors

Colors were developed through trend research into the car industry, known for leading coating technologies. 11

Decrease value by 3.0 units, increase gloss 1.2 units Increase flakegold sizeornament slightly, to create decreaseaesthetic gloss 1.2 units DELL Powerflex - Process

17 Gloss Units (GU), Satin finish.

Dark light flop to resemble metal finish.

Light tracking when flat Samples from manufacturer awaiting approval of painted, molded PC/ABS parts.


Through direct collaborations with vendors in East Asia, approvals of finished paints were completed using visual cues, spectrophotometer (L*a*b*), and glossmeter (Gu) measurements. Over 500,000 of these pieces were manufactured and sold to businesses in 2021.


DELL Powerflex - Process


DELL Powerflex

Overflow Collection

tableware design competition

Design competition hosted by Nacthmann Crystal and its parent company Riedel. Glass manufacturing factories in Germany were toured. Designs incorporated research-intensive studies of water and adapted its movement into crystal glass.


Travis Vase

Barrington Nut Bowl


Linsey Tumbler

Clayton Highball

Overflow Collection


Initial inspiration came from observations of water in rivers and my interpretations of its movement with sketches in addition to market research of Nachtmann’s existing product lines.


Overflow Collection - Inspiration


Process included research into cymatics, a natural phenomenon that happens in vibrating surfaces. Cymatic conditions were more regulated than river studies and allowed for less subjective interpretations of water’s movement. 17

Overflow Collection - Process



0.15s Using high quality photographs, individual beads of water flow from being relatively flat to elevated puddles. The camera’s frame, which captured the entire transformation was also used as inspiration. Foam cutouts of these shapes were created to transition from 2D to 3D. 18

Overflow Collection - Process

Foam shapes were stacked while preserving the order based on the time (0.05s at the bottom, 0.10s middle, 0.15s at top) and wrapped in paper. Upon making many of these forms the shapes, which came through resembled cymatic patterns. Vaccum molded plastic containers of these shapes were made from the paper studies.


Overflow Collection - Process

Observations of how water would flow through and out of the containers were used to arrive at the final form. After marking the way water flowed out of the vessels, lines were cut into the plastic, revealing water overflowing out of the vessel. 20

Overflow Collection - Process

textured ornamentation




wavy ornamentation Crystal glass, molded, yet maintains cut glass aesthetic.

Market analysis revealed that the tableware Nachtmann lacked were for serving and which had more textured ornamentation. The vase, serving dish for appetizers, and different sized tumblers were selected for the final collection. 21

Overflow Collection - Process

Ornamentation is too artistic, in reference to clients portfolio, and difficult to mold due to undercuts.

Streaking blends artistic and textural ornamentations. Possible option.

Too textural, not loose enough. Does not resemble studies in water.

Ridges may be too difficult to accomplish in glass molding process.

Next plaster models based on Overflow studies were taken into Rhino. Photographs are of the tumbler, plaster iterations.


Overflow Collection - Process

In Rhino, cymatic-like shapes were sculpted into models. They preserved the fluid aesthetics of the initial studies.


Overflow Collection


Overflow Collection

mano Collection

ceramic tableware design

When cooking one sometimes takes measurements using tools like tablespoons and cups. This project sought to define forms for tools used to measure ambiguous units like pinches, smidgeones, and dashes. Forms were devised through an informal study of pronounciation, while color and finish were inspired by a French, Arts & Crafts-era ceramicist’s functional cookware.






Pincher 26


smidgeon /ˈsmijin/

drizzle /ˈdrizəl/











dash /daSH/

pinch /pin(t)SH/

handful /ˈhæn(d)ful/


mano - Process


Diagrams of pronouncation, derived from sound and photographs of mouth studies inspired a drawing session and work with plasticine led to the ambiguous measurment tool’s final forms. 28

mano - Process

Deep blue contrasting with ochre

Contrast between high gloss and matte

Color-Material Inspiration Inspiration came from the ambiguous words used in cookbooks to measure food and Auguste Delaherche’s ceramic work. Delaherche’s glazes, which were used to express depth and function, also measured ambiguous units.


mano - Process

Matte vs. Satin gloss finish.










Final designs were developed into plaster molds and eventually slipcast. Four different colorways inspired by Delaherche’s work were selected and tested using a variety of glaze chips.


mano - Process






spatial, object and food design

A Providence, Rhode Island dining experience run out of my bedroom while studying Industrial Design at RISD. For the price of the usual choices students had, our fun, fixed-menu dining experience incorporated custom objects and interiors.




Handmade Bowls, turned wood, used in mesclao’ event #3

Oak Bowl

Juices from protein go into bowl, which reveals a soup underneath

Sip n’ Dip Bowl

JUS Bowl


A dining experience for creatives where environment, objects, and theme were as important as food. My bedroom became a canvas for new spaces and kinds of serving of dishes. 35

mesclao’ - Objects

Trougher Table Fabrication

Jus Bown Fabrication

Strawberry Desert Mold Fab

Veggie Puree Mold Fab 36

mesclao’ - Process


In print around campus and online. Attracted 15+ customers per event.

UX/UI for reservation system 37

Example of print advertisement posted around RISD’s campus

mesclao’ - Marketing



a daily practice

Including three projects: Grid Fabrics, Pandemic Drawings, and Silkscreens.

Grid Fabrics

Pandemic Drawings

Silkscreens 39

Surface design. Fabric silkscreen printed polyester and cotton. (2021) 40

Drawings - Grid Fabrics

Upcycled paper drawings made during the pandemic. (2020 - 2021) 41

Drawings - Pandemic Drawings

Silkscreens on plastic surface material explorations. (2019) 42

Drawings - Silkscreens

Thank you! dicazam@gmail.com +1 617 943 6181 IG: @dash.ing.dash