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Weight Graders

MAY 2012 - v 1.2

Optional Touch Screen

High Speed

The Dibal GW-4000 weight grader has been designed to comply with the strict requirements of the industry, even with the specific ones of the food sector. This weighing system ensures the reliability of the grading. The capacity to store 8.000 products (and their weight intervals) in memory, offers a great flexibility to change from one product to another.

Main features Speed: Up to 160 weight operations per minute; speed can be globally configured or associated to each PLU. PLUs: up to 8.000. The console and graphic display provide the required information to the user and facilitates the programming of the system. The GW-4000 can be also supplied with 15” touch screen.


GW-4000 equipments are approved in accordance with the Directive 2004/22/EC of the European Parliament on measuring instruments (MID) and can be optionally supplied with CE Verification.

Possibility to program up to 8 weight intervals for grading.

Construction Stainless Steel structure and FDA approved bands -if necessary- ensure the fulfilling of the current regulations concerning the food industry. The modular design allows to adapt the system to different product dimensions and special weighing capacities, not included in the standard models. In adition, GW-4000 has been design to facilitate maintenance tasks (quick replacemente of belts, easy cleaning, ...), as well as any future modifications of the production line (for example, change of working sense, from left to right or viceversa).

PC Software

Weighing Dynamic, it can be programmed as static if necessary, with the following options: Standard models: 3 kg - 1 g, 6 kg - 2 g or 15 kg - 5 g. Special models (upon request): 30 kg - 10 g or 60 kg - 20 g.

Rejection System Up to 8 rejection systems to collect the products in 8 collectors, according to the programmed weight intervals; packages not meeting the programmed weight intervals will continue along the conveyor belt.

The equipment programming is easy by means of the control console or the optional Windows “RMS” software. - Weighing configuration. - Weight intervals, ... The optional Windows "DCS" software allows to manage the production data that has been registered: - Packages per minute that are being processed, in real time. - Total number of packages graded by time or batch. - Number of packages graded for each product, by time or batch. - Number and % of packages collected in each programmed weight interval. - Total weight of graded products for each weight interval. - Total average weight or by each weight interval. - Statistical data (mean, mode, deviations). - To export data to other software for later process.

Integration with Dibal metal detectors 2 or 3 conveyors: the first one for the entry and separation of packages, the second one for weighing and the third one (optional) for transport and/or product grading. Precise product detection by means of only one entrance sensor. Entrance conveyor: Depending on the characteristics of the installation, it could be advisable (or even required) the use of an entrance conveyor. Its function is to separate those packages incoming to the system with not enough distance one from the other and to guarantee a perfect entry of the products (to avoid any oscillation that might affect the weight stability). DE CON ON F CI




Empresa Registrada ER-0292 /1996



Solution that combines the weight grading with the detection of metal in "dry" or "wet" food products, pharmacy products, chemical/ cosmetics products and other applications in logistics and industry.

Communications PC: RS-232, Ethernet TCP/IP, Wireless IEEE 802.11b/g. Bar code reader: EAN-13, EAN-128 data. Digital output to control external devices. RS-232 PC communications and bar code reader cannot be simultaneous.

Astintze, 24 (Pol. Ind. Neinver) 48160 Derio (Vizcaya) - Spain

Tel.: (+34) 94 452 15 10 Fax: (+34) 94 452 36 58


Specifications and images subjected to change without prior notice.

DIBAL - GW-4000 Weight Graders - Brochure  

DIBAL - GW-4000 Weight Graders - Brochure - 2012 v1.2

DIBAL - GW-4000 Weight Graders - Brochure  

DIBAL - GW-4000 Weight Graders - Brochure - 2012 v1.2