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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! from the Dobcross Diary & The Dobcross Village Community

Back by Popular demand: Dobcross Calendars: Christmas Blues, international smash! Demand for the Soul & Ska 2010 D o bc r o s s

The Billy Coxon Seven return to Dobcross Band Club for their 3rd Christmas Charity Concert on Friday 11th December at 8pm. They will be Live at Dobcross Band Club supported by HEAVY SOUL and BIG JIM‟S DISCO. Supported by Heavy Soul Entry is FREE ... all people have to do is and Big Jim’s Disco bring a wrapped up present for a child ... these Friday 11th December - 8pm will be distributed in Manchester by the Salvation Army. The present can be new or second hand, Entry is free but must be wrapped and marked clearly if it is – BUT you have to BRING A PRESENT The present can be new or second hand, must be wrapped up suitable for a Boy or a GIRL or EITHER (and an and marked clearly if it is suitable for a BOY or GIRL or EITHER age range would be helpful). (and an age range would be helpful) All presents will be taken to the Salvation Army in Irlam, where they Don’t miss this popular event! will be given to children in need this Christmas in Greater Manchester

Oldham & Beyond: Dobcross artist’s swan song Dobcross artist Sonia Ratcliff is holding an exhibition entitled „Oldham & Beyond‟ at Gallery Oldham (from Saturday 5th December to 10th January). Sonia‟s artistic career, spanning forty years, has produced exhibitions throughout the UK and two shows in Australia. Her successes include a one-woman show in London‟s Bond St, display at the Manchester Academy and acceptance by The Royal Academy. For this show Oldham-born Sonia has taken her subjects from her home town, particularly the now declining Tommyfield Market in its heyday and scenes of Saddleworth where she is now happily settled. Further afield, some pictures reflect the impressions she gained during extensive foreign travels. In the main, Sonia‟s obsession is with colour and movement, illustrated for example, by busy shoppers in Oldham and Whit-Friday celebrations in Saddleworth. However she feels her explorations have now run their course and that this Gallery Oldham exhibition, fittingly returning full circle to her roots, will be her Swan Song, freeing her to concentrate on commissions. The launch on December 5th is from 1- 3pm with refreshments & ALL ARE INVITED. Sonia Ratcliff of Dobcross

Calendar was so great, that no sooner had they gone on sale it was apparent that more copies needed to be printed urgently. Now there are just a few copies left, so be sure to get yours before they run out. Congratulations and thank you to the photographers and organisers! As well as hanging on the the walls of kitchens and studies around Saddleworth, our beautiful Dobcross views will adorn the corridors of power at the Palace of Westminster! Somewhere sailing the Southern Ocean, there is a Dobcross calendar on the cabin wall of an Antarctic cruise ship. Copies are in Australia, Germany, Austria, Canada, Hungary and Korea. Let us know where else! : S FOR CHRISTMAS LAST POSTING DATE, New Zealand, 4th Dec (Australia erica, Caribbean, South & Central Am Far East, Asia) Africa, Middle East, United States of 10th Dec (Canada, stern Europe) America, Japan, Ea Europe) 11th Dec (Westernclass) 18th Dec (UK 2nd ss) cla 20th Dec (UK 1st

This issue of the Dobcross Diary is generously sponsored by the Albion Farm Shop who wish their customers a very Merry Christmas

Christmas orders now being taken! F A R M


Christmas Tree Hog Roasts

5th & 6th and 12th & 13th December

Christmas Bavarian & Fairey Band

Hog roast, bar, mulled wine, mince pies... 19th December Oldham Road, D elph, OL3 5RQ T el: 01457 874366

DOBCROSS DIARY, Issue Number 113 December 2009 - January 2010


majority of pubs in the Delph, Diggle, Dobcross, Denshaw, with your local Bobby, PC Clough Austerlands, Scouthead and Springhead area. In addition “An update on the reported to this other members of staff burglary spike in Saddleworth have been working at times North: I can tell you that the when these incidents took spike in domestic burglaries place and have been which was reported in your targeting these specific areas. last issue has fallen. There has POSITIVE LEADS been an increase in The upside of this is that we commercial have positive Intel on the burglaries in the offenders, as a vehicle Saddleworth North (which had been stolen area: these are from Holmfirth) was sighted public houses. In total leaving one of the pubs. over the last month 3 The car has been linked to have been burgled and there several known burglars from has been 1 attempt. As a that area. result of this I have been The Neighbourhood Policing Team increasing my patrols in visited Dobcross on week relevant areas and have commencing 26th October for liaised with the members of the Village-a-Month scheme. the Saddleworth North Pubwatch, which consists of the For the first two days it was

NATURE NOTE by Athene Noctua

Now that most trees and bushes have dropped their leaves, you can often see the remains of last summer‟s nests. Many garden birds nest quite low down, using a variety of materials including grass, feathers and mud. These may be in thorny hedges or shrubs and surprisingly close to paths or houses, but the birds have been coming and going so discreetly that we don‟t always notice them. Having served their purpose the nests now look soggy and sad, and will gradually disappear over the winter.

Migrant flocks of redwings and fieldfares have already passed through Saddleworth and eaten most of the berries from the elders, rowans and hawthorns. Other berries such as holly, and many garden shrubs, seem to ripen later and will continue to provide food during the next few months. The number of blackbirds around also seems to increase at this time of year; this is because blackbirds also migrate here in winter. The ones you see in your garden in winter are as likely to have come from Scandinavia as to have hatched here.

centred around Holy Trinity School and I would like to thank the head, Liz Travis for opening the school especially for thePhoto event. by Helen Taylor of Franklin Photography

of firearms, drugs and explosives, Pc Steven Beech Traffic Network Section - who brought a traffic vehicle for the public to sit in and look at Several members of the Mounted Unit attended but unfortunately the vehicle tailgate broke which meant that they had to return back to Hough End in Manchester. The Police Museum at Newton street, Manchester also sent a PCSO 65597 Kath Crompton, member of staff with a PCSO 62068 Mike Lowther display showing what Policing and PCSO 65538 Lorna was like in the past. In Conway assisted me in giving addition to this there were general crime prevention several departments from advice offering smart water, Oldham council promoting promoting Homewatch, fitting recycling, giving advice of anti tamper screws to vehicles. how to combat littering. The Also in attendance were energy saving trust were also Constable Cub, Dog Handler, present giving advice and Pc Joe Watts, giving a handing out energy saving demonstration on the recovery devices.”

Funding opportunity

Brahms & Liszt Saddleworth Chamber Concerts Society Weds 2nd Dec at 7.30pm Millgate Arts Centre, Delph Don‟t miss the chance to see the young, virtuoso Russian pianist, Alexander Karpeyev play Schubert, Prokofiev, Brahms & Liszt, - direct from the Wigmore Hall in London. Tickets £11 from Geoff Roberts Tel: 875917 - or pay on the door.

Saddleworth Musical Society

Moore, Please!

Do you need some money for a community project? Oldham Council have set up Children's Community Champions representing primary schools in Saddleworth. They have some small amounts of funding (between £500 - £3000) which community groups are welcome to apply for. They are targeting areas such as:  the environment,  out of school activities,  road safety,  crime prevention  … ??? Interested people / groups should write a short statement, outlining what your project idea is and how it could work and how much money you might need to fund it. Please send this to Natalie (details below) by Monday 7th December so they can make decisions about the projects they can help with. Natalie Brown Extended Services Development Officer (East Oldham & Saddleworth), Early Intervention and Prevention Services, People, Communities & Society, Oldham Council, Centre for Professional Development, Rosary Rd, Fitton Hill, Oldham, OL8 2QE Tel: 0161 770 8858 Email:

A truly memorable and fantastic evening was enjoyed S.M.S. will be performing their On Thursday 14th January by all those lucky people (who Christmas Concert at S.M.S. will host an Open managed to get tickets!) and Uppermill Civic Hall on Evening at their regular who braved the weather to Sunday 13th December at rehearsal venue, the Learning attend the wonderful recital by 7:00pm. Tickets are £5 for Centre, Lee St., Uppermill from Peter Moore, Nick Oliver and adults, £2.50 for children and 7.30pm onwards. the stunning Dobcross Silver will be available from Do come Band, led by Peter‟s father Turner's Dry Cleaners, along to hear how Grenville. New Street, Uppermill, you could become Everyone agreed that or Christine on 0161 involved with the the beautiful venue 633 3597. Proceeds Society be it as a complemented the talented will be donated to chorus member young musicians perfectly. It Oldham Mountain (male singers was very well attended and it Rescue. We will especially is hoped that more concerts will feature traditional, popular welcomed!) or as an equally follow… and sacred pieces - with valued 'behind scene' “Encore!” orchestral accompaniment. contributor.

Christmas Concert

Open Evening

DOBCROSS DIARY, Issue Number 113 December 2009 - January 2010


arm Oldham Road, D elph, OL3 5RQ T el: 01457 874366

The Hirst family have been at Albion Farm since Ernest Hirst Ernest Hirst, Sidney Hirst bought it from a relative in the and Joe Hibbert at early 1900s. Ernest's son Sidney, Albion Farm. his wife Lillian & their young son David then took over the farm. Lillian sold eggs at the farm door for many years, until the shop opened in September 2007 and she still lives in the farmhouse, coming to sit in the shop regularly to chat to the customers. In April 2008 David & Annette's son Aaron left his job in engineering & joined them Aaron & Laura 1987 as a partner in the farm. He is gradually taking over the farm work as he gains experience with the livestock. Daughter Laura, a musician, is also a partner in the business & works part time in the s h op, a s wel l a s organising events & developing the business. Aaron's wife Clare also helps out making it a truly family firm.

You are sure to find all your Christmas treats here.

Meat order forms available from the shop. FREE RANGE BRONZE & WHITE TURKEYS, full butchery, fresh veg, a wide range of pies, pates, cheese, biscuits, jams, chutneys, puddings, gift items and much more...

Opening Hours Tues - Fri: 9 - 6 Sat: 9 - 4.30 Sun: 10 - 4.00 Xmas Opening Mon 21st: 10 - 5 Tues 22nd: 9 - 6 Weds 23rd: 8 - 6 Thurs 24th: 8 - 11.30 Xmas Day CLOSED UNTIL Tues 29th: 9 - 6 Weds 30th: 9 - 6 Thurs 31st: 9 - 4 Fri 1st Jan CLOSED

Lillian and Sidney Hirst

Online shopping - coming soon!

Albion Farm Shop

CHRISTMAS TREE HOG ROASTS Sat 5th & Sun 6th Sat 12th & Sun 13th December

Why not enjoy a delicious ho “Hog Roast” sandwich with homemade apple sauce and crispy cracklin’ whilst choosing from a wide range of freshly cut British Christmas trees?

DOBCROSS DIARY, Issue Number 113 December 2009 - January 2010


Hi, Cub Reporters Jonathan and Katie here again to keep you up to date on the happenings at Dobcross school. We even have some poems to show you this month. We have had an exciting month and on Wednesday 11th of November 2009 the school went outside into the playground to hold a two minute silence in remembrance of the people who have died in past wars and the soldiers who are fighting today in Afghanistan. It was very moving and class 5 wrote Remembrance Day poems. We thought we would share some with you. [Thank you for sharing these moving poems. What talented writers! Ed]

When My Life Had Come To Its End By Jonathan Burke

Dear Young Chap by Sam Hill-Wilson

In the lush green fields of France, Where the rabbits hop and the birds dance. Death, wounded, murdered, deluded. These fields of paradise have a dark secret, Over 16 million died in the war. My death happened quickly when I went over the top. The cannons and machine guns fired round after round, When I was hit badly and fell to the ground. The shrapnel and barbed wire tore me to shreds, As I lay dying on my bloody death bed. Back home I had a wife and a lad, They the most treasured possessions I had. But when they found out I would never come back, Oh, my sweet Dolly and poor little Jack. Sometimes they come and visit my grave, They mourn and cry and say I was brave. On my gravestone it said I was only nineteen Born 1897, died 1916. Sometimes I feel the sorrow, the suffering, glory and pain, Was the dying and killing all done in vain? So now in the lush green fields of France, Where the rabbits hop and the birds dance. They are now remembered as places of hell, Of death, sorrow suffering, glory and pain. Killed, murdered, wounded, injured, deluded, all in vain. A ghastly secret most would hide, Yours sincerely Willie McBride.

Dear young fellow As the gun fire did bellow I could hear your questions loud and clear So I will try and remember Those days of November When my life had come to its end. As we went over the top It was not I who did drop It was a young man of great honour Everyone was a goner But none of us know Where the glory did go Was it them or us? As we pondered this question And the rising tension The shrapnel entered our guts The barbed wire gave us cuts. We were winning the battle But their machine guns still rattle When suddenly there I stopped breathing the air I dropped to the ground And didn‟t make a sound For a bullet had hit me The pain swelled inside me Death all around me That's all I remember From those days of November When my life had come to its end

Dobcross Christmas Friday 18th Dec Dobcross Youth Band Christmas Concert at the Band Club

__________________ ____________ ____________ ____________ ____________ ____________ ____________ ____________ ____________ ____________ ____________ ____________ _

Add the condensed milk, bring to the boil and boil 570 g (20oz) caster sugar gently for about 10 mins until the mixture is a rich 170 g condensed milk golden brown and forms a 2 tbspn golden syrup soft ball when a little is dropped into cold water. 4 tbspn water Cool, add vanilla essence 1 tspn vanilla essence and beat until a heavy trail is formed on top. Method Turn into a greased tin (30 x Put the water, margarine 20cm), when half set, mark and sugar into a saucepan – into suitable size pieces and leave to cool and firm. about a litre size. Heat slowly until sugar is Cover and store in the dissolved. fridge. 110 g (4oz) margarine

DOBCROSS DIARY, Issue Number 113 December 2009 - January 2010

Sunday 20th Dec Dobcross Silver Band Christmas Concert at the Band Club

__________________ ____________ ____________ ____________ ____________ ____________ ____________ ____________ ____________ ____________ ____________ ____________ _

Monday21st Dec Torchlit Carols on Church Fields with the Youth Band Meet at 7pm at the Band Club and join the procession! __________________ ____________ ____________ ____________ ____________ ____________ ____________ ____________ ____________ ____________ __________

Christmas Eve 24th Dec Xmas Eve Quiz & carols at the Band Club Christmas Day 25th Dec Dave Morris & Friends on Brass - Carol Concert at the __________________ ____________ ____________ ____________ ____________ ____________ ____________ ____________ ____________ _________

Band Club (in aid of Dobcross Elderberries)12-3pm __________________ ____________ ____________ ____________ ____________ ____________ ____________ ____________ ____________ ____________ _____

New Year‟s Eve 31st Dec Big Jim’s Disco upstairs at The Swan Annual „Dobcross in Lights‟ Competition As usual the judges will be looking for the “wow” factor and not necessarily the house with the most festive lights. Results will be announced during the Christmas Concert at the Band Club on 20th Dec.


Services & Events at Holy Trinity Church December 2009 The Dobcross Diary is produced and distributed by a dedicated team of volunteers and over 900 copies are delivered free of charge to each home in the village. You can also receive the Diary by email or read it online. Production costs (paper and ink!) are met by kind donations from villagers & sponsors. If you appreciate the Diary, you can help by putting a small donation into an envelope and popping into the DVC box in the Post Office. Cheques can be made payable to ‘DVC’. Thank you to everyone who sends in articles, comments, photographs and suggestions. If you have anything at all for the February issue of the Dobcross Diary, I will be very pleased to hear from you by Friday 22nd January. In the meantime keep sending things in for the website! Distribution is kindly organised by Bill Edwards Tel: 871598.

Michael Powis, Editor

Sunday 6th December - Christingle Service at 6:00pm We are joined at this service by Dobcross Youth Band, where we celebrate the Christingle tradition, which originated in the Moravian church in Germany in 1747. All proceeds from this service go to the children’s charity - The Children’s Society. “Once in royal David’s city........................”

Sunday 13th December - Crib Service & Nativity Play at 4:00pm This is the time of year when our thriving Sunday School & Little Fishes perform their Nativity Play. Come along and watch the children. Seasonal refreshments are available afterwards during the children’s Christmas Party. “Away in a manger, no crib for a bed .........”

4 Woods Lane, Dobcross, Saddleworth, OL3 5AN

Weds 16th December - Saddleworth ‘Sing For Pleasure’ Choir at 7 pm

Musical director, Chris Johnson, brings his ‘Sing for Pleasure’ choir to Dobcross for a Christmas celebration.They will be joined at this concert by Holy Trinity School choir. Entrance: £5 (Concessions: £4)

Tel: 829783 / 07824 883756

Useful contacts

“Ding Dong! Merrily on high .........”

Sun 20th December - Festival of Nine Lessons & Carols at 6 pm

Dobcross Village Community

We are joined at this service by Dobcross Silver Band and Holy Trinity Dobcross School, as well as our own church choir. Come, and enjoy all those well -known Christmas Carols. “Adeste, fideles, laeti triumphantes .............”

Dobcross Band & Social Club

Tuesday 22nd December - Carol Singing at 6:30pm

Chair: Diane Kilburn………………..……….. 870482 Deputy Chair: John Dewhurst………..………. 876567 Secretary - vacant position……………..…… --Assistant Secretary - Val Kavanagh………… 875627 Treasurer - Vince Kenny…………………… . 877534 General enquiries / Function room bookings 873741

The church choir and friends will be travelling round the village singing carols and collecting in aid of Francis House Children’s Hospice. Please give generously if they call.

Saddleworth Parish Council

General Enquiries…………………………… 876665 Phil Davenport…….……………………….. 876881 Email: Royce Franklin……………………………… 873248 Email: Dorothy Shaw…………...…………………. 872096 Email:

“Hark! the herald-angels sing............”

Thursday 24th December - Midnight Eucharist at 11:45pm Come and celebrate Christmas by celebrating the birth of Christ

Oldham Council

General enquiries / report a problem 0161 770 3000 Councillor Mike Buckley ……………………. 876881 Lisa Macdonald - Neighbourhood Manager 0161 770 5195

Police - Saddleworth North

Non-emergency calls/report a crime: 0161 872 5050 Neighbourhood Policing Team: 0161 856 4523 Email:

Local Member of Parliament

at this beautiful, candlelit service. “A great and mighty wonder....” “Christians, awake! Salute the happy morn....”

Friday 25th December - Choral Communion at 10:30am Come and celebrate Christmas by celebrating the birth of Christ at this morning service.

Phil Woolas ……………………….. 0161 624 4248 Email:

Saddleworth Medical Practice

“Joy to the world! the Lord is come....” “Yea, Lord we greet Thee, Born this happy morning;........”

Telephone ………………………………... 872228 <

Holy Trinity Church

Sandy Lane Community Church Weds 2nd Dec - TIDDLYWORSHIP for under 4s and carers. 9.30-11.15am Sun 6th Dec - D-CAFF and BIBLE DISCUSSION 10.30am Sun 13th Dec - CHRISTMAS ELEV8 10.30am Sun 20th Dec - CHRISTMAS FAMILY SERVICE 10.30am Sun 3rd Jan - D-CAFF AND BIBLE DISCUSSION 10.30am Sun 10th Jan - ELEV8 10.30am Weds 13th Jan - TIDDLYWORSHIP for under 4s and carers. 9.30-11.15am Sat 16th Jan - FILM NIGHT: BRING AND SHARE TEA at 5pm, FILM (TBC) 6pm Sat 23rd Jan - PRAISE & WORSHIP EVENING 7.30pm. Sun 24th Jan - FAMILY SERVICE 10.30am Sun 31st Jan - ELEV8 10.30am Tuesdays - PRAYER MEETING 10.30-11.45am

Sun Dec 6th EUCHARIST (BCP) Revd Steve Parsons Tibbo 10:30am Sun Dec 13th LITTLE FISHES - a fun, friendly service for little children 0-7 yrs 9:15am; EUCHARIST (CW) with Revd Christopher Halliday Sun Dec 20th EUCHARIST (CW) Revd Howard Sutcliffe 10:30am Christmas Eve MIDNIGHT EUCHARIST (CW) with Revd Steve Parsons 11:45pm Christmas Day EUCHARIST (CW) with Revd Kenneth Tibbo 10:30 Sun Dec 27th EUCHARIST (CW) with Revd Duncan Rhodes 10:30am Sun Jan 3rd EUCHARIST (BCP) 10:30 Sun Jan 10th LITTLE FISHES - a fun, friendly service for little children 0-7 yrs 9:15am; EUCHARIST (CW) 10:30 Sun Jan 17th FAMILY EUCHARIST (CW) 10:30 Sun Jan 24th No Service at Holy Trinity Church Sun Jan 31st Morning Prayer 10:30 Mondays-Fridays - MATINS in The Vicarage 8.00am Thursdays - HOLY COMMUNION (said) at church 9.30am Sundays - Evensong with Revd Kenneth Tibbo 4pm

DOBCROSS DIARY, Issue Number 113 December 2009 - January 2010


The DOBCROSS DIARY sponsored by 2nd December, WEDNESDAY

Piano Recital by Alexander Karpeyev Saddleworth Chamber Concerts Society. See page 2 for details. Tickets £11. Tel: Geoff Roberts 875917 Millgate Arts Centre, Delph 7.30pm 5th December, SATURDAY

Art Exhibition by Sonia Ratcliffe: ‘Oldham & Beyond’ Running until 10th Jan. See page 1 for details. All are welcome to attend the launch with refreshments 1-3pm, Gallery Oldham, Greaves St, Oldham

Christmas Disco (Friends of Dobcross School – FODS) There will

be a disco, children's games, Christmas gift tombola, raffle and potato pie supper. Father Christmas will be there with presents for the children. Entrance is £2 per child, £1 per adult or £5 per family (children must be accompanied by an adult). All welcome. Dobcross Band Club. 7pm 6th December, SUNDAY

Christingle Service with Dobcross Youth Band see p.5 Holy Trinity Ch 6pm 7th December, MONDAY

Saddleworth Film Society

‘Vicky Christina Barcelona’ Tel: 876600 Millgate Arts Centre, Delph. 7.30pm <

9th December, WEDNESDAY

Winter Trip: Lancaster, lunch, at ‘Borough’ Leighton Hall, Carnforth Saddleworth Civic Trust. Tel: 873195 11th

December, FRIDAY

Billy Coxon Seven Soul, Blues & Ska band. Supported by Heavy Soul & Big Jim’s Disco. Charity concert. Free – but bring a gift for a child in need. See page 1 for details. Tel: 873741 Dobcross Band Club. All welcome! 8pm 12th December, SUNDAY

Saddleworth Singers invite you to an evening of Christmas Entertainment Tickets are £6 (£3 for children under 12). Call 870330 for tickets or buy them on the door. Our guests are Greenfield Brass Band and our supported charity is the Williams Syndrome Foundation. Tel: Uppermill Methodist Church 7.30pm

Saddleworth Musical Society Christmas Concert See page 2 for details. Uppermill Civic Hall 7pm 16th December, WEDNESDAY

Saddleworth ‘Sing for Pleasure Choir’ with Holy Trinity School Choir (more info p. 5) £5/£4 Holy Trinity Church 7pm 17th December, THURSDAY Present their Christmas play

‘JOHN WILLY & THE BEE PEOPLE’ Thurs 17th- Sat 19th December (with a matinee performance at 2pm on Sat)

One of Allen Cullen’s wonderful plays for children. Curtain up 7.30pm (Sat. Matinee 2pm). Tickets £7 (Concs available) Bookings Tel: 874644 Millgate Arts Centre, Delph December, FRIDAY

Dobcross Youth Band Christmas Concert Dobcross Band Club. 8pm 19th December, SATURDAY

Christmas Bavarian featuring the World Famous Fairey Band Licensed bar, Hog Roast, Bratwurst, BBQ, Mulled wine, mince pies & plenty of Christmas spirit. See p. 3 for details. Tel: 874366 Albion Farm 8.00pm 20th December, SUNDAY

Festival of Nine Lessons & Carols with Dobcross Silver Band & Holy Trinity School Come and enjoy all those well-known carols (info page 5) Holy Trinity School 6pm

Dobcross Silver Band Christmas Concert Dobcross Band Club. 8pm 21st December, MONDAY

Torchlit Carols with Dobcross Youth Band Meet at the Band Club at 7pm for a torchlit procession to Church Fields & sing to well-known carols. Mulled wine! 22nd December, TUESDAY

Carol Singing

Church Choir & Friends. Collecting for Teenage Cancer Trust Unit, Christie‟s Around the village 6.30pm * * * * * * CHRISTMAS EVE * * * * * * *

Quiz Night and Carols

Dobcross Band Club. All welcome! 8.30pm Midnight Eucharist Come & celebrate at this beautiful candlelit service Holy Trinity Church 11.45pm * * * * * * CHRISTMAS DAY* * * * * * *

13th December, SUNDAY

Nativity Play & Crib Service Come & watch! Seasonal refreshments during children‟s party afterwards. (more info page 5) Holy Trinity Church 4pm

Choral Communion

Celebrate the birth of Christ Holy Trinity Church 10.30am

DOBCROSS DIARY Online DOBCROSS DIARY, Issue Number 113 December 2009 - January 2010

Christmas cheer. Carol sheets provided. In aid of Dobcross Elderberries. Very popular event. Dobcross Band Club. All welcome! 12-3pm * * * * * * * NEW YEAR’S EVE * * * * * *

Saddleworth Players


CHRISTMAS DAY Carols at the Band Club with ‘Whistling’ David Morris and Friends on Brass Join in with the Carols and

Big Jim’s Disco upstairs at The Swan JANUARY 2009 11th January, MONDAY

Saddleworth Film Society

‘The Class’ Tel: 876600 Millgate Arts Centre, Delph. 7.30pm 13th January, WEDNESDAY

‘Wildlife of The Pennines’ Gordon Yates‟ latest film. Saddleworth Naturalists. Tel 873641 Brownhill Centre 7.30pm 14th January, THURSDAY

Saddleworth Musical Society Open Evening Come along & find out more about how to get involved! See page 2 for details. Learning Centre, Lee St., Uppermill 7.30pm 16th January, SATURDAY

Film Night

Bring & Share Tea 5pm; Film 6pm Sandy Lane Community Church REGULAR EVENTS DOBCROSS YOUTH BAND New members are always welcome Beginners & Training Band 6.15-7.15pm Tues & Fri; Youth Band 7.30-9.30pm Tues & Fri MONDAYS 7pm Dobcross Silver Band Adult Training Sessions at the Band Club. Come along! 7pm Saddleworth Bridge Club meets at Delph Methodist Hall. Bring a partner to play competitive bridge in a friendly atmosphere. Tel: 01706 842796. TUESDAYS 10-12.30pm Canalside Quilters. Saddleworth Museum, Uppermill For details, ring 0161 620 4597. 7.30pm Saddleworth Wine Society meets in Saddleworth School. WEDNESDAYS 9.30-11.30am from 9th Sept: Tiddlywinks Parent & Toddler Group Sandy Lane Church. 8-10pm Saddleworth Badminton Club Saddleworth School Sports Hall Experienced players and beginners welcome. Tel: 872664 THURSDAYS 7.15pm Indoor Bowling (from 1st November) at Dobcross Band Club 9.00pm Folk Music Night at The Swan. Traditional folk. Come & join in or just listen! FRIDAYS 10.15am Boom Ting! (not school hols) An introduction to music & rhythm for babies & small children (0-5) with musical instruments to play, songs to sing & games. £2.50 per session (small babies 50p) Tel: 874093 Saddleworth Museum, Uppermill SUNDAYS Mornings 3Ds football training for 4-9 year olds Tel: 877073 9pm Quiz Night The Navigation 872418 6

Dobcross Diary - Dec Jan 2010  

Dobcross Diary

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