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Vol. 1, No. 27 July 16-22, 2019



CHO cautions vs. dengue outbreak ZCLGU reinforces moves to prevent worse scenario by Sheila Covarrubias The City Government reinforces anti-dengue efforts as it seeks to prevent an outbreak of the mosquito-borne disease. The City Health Office and the City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office have been initiating moves to purchase additional anti-dengue logistics through the emergency method to

arrest possibilities of dengue cases reaching the outbreak level. These logistics include misting machines, larvicides, fogging machines and medicines among others. Dengue cases have continuously increased the past months and have already reached the alert threshold as of June, according to Miravite. Turn to Page 3

12 New fire trucks to boost City’s emergency response City Health Officer Dr. Dulce Miravite and personnel check the surroundings of the ZCHS-Main in Tetuan in search of possible mosquito breeding grounds after the conduct of fogging operations last Wednesday. Similar measures were also undertaken at the ICAS-Tetuan campus the next day after a flurry of mosquitoes also swarmed the school. Miravite has engaged with school teachers and administrators during the DILMANCOM gathering in Mercedes where she emphasized the importance of sustained clean-up drives through the search and destroy mosquito breeding places strategy. Meanwhile, maintenance crew from the City Engineer’s Office continues declogging of the drainage system and canals leading to the ZCHS-main campus to get rid of mosquito breeding grounds. PHOTO COURTESY OF CHO


On World Population Day

Commission on Population IX Assistant Regional Director Ralph Ruivivar discusses population growth increase despite significant slowing down of rate. YASMEENA ASANJI Turn to Page 2

Additional 50 taxi units now ply the streets of Zamboanga C ity under the operational management of the Asia’s Latin City Transport Services Cooperative (ALTSCOOP). The official launching of the 50 units on July 11 coincided with the First Taxi Forum at the Paseo del Mar involving all ALTSCOOP members, operators and drivers. Vice Mayor Rommel Agan, representing Mayor Beng Climaco, together with LTFRB Regional Director Aminoden Guro and other officials graced the event. PHOTO COURTESY OF TURISMO LOCAL DE ZAMBOANGA

by Maria Atilano Twelve brand new Isuzu fire trucks were purchased by the City Government last week to improve emergency response from the Zamboanga City Fire District. In line with Mayor Beng Turn to Page 3

City-sponsored mass wedding eyed in 2019 by Vic Larato The Office of the City Civil Registrar headed by Atty. Eric Elias will submit a proposal for the city government-sponsored mass wedding within the first 100 days of Mayor Beng Climaco’s third term or at

CHO reiterates 4S advocacy amidst dengue scare By Sheila Covarrubias City Health Officer Dr. Dulce Miravite emphasized anew the need for people to adopt the 4S strategy against the mosquito-borne disease.

Training - Workshop for select ZCSPC teachers concluded By Maria Atilano A four-day training workshop for teachers in in education, as well as in art, humanities and social sciences recently concluded, as the Office of Planning and Development (OPD) of the Zamboanga City State Polytechnic College (ZCSPC) leads the soon-to-be-university in heeding the call for a paradigm shift in education in the age of Fourth Industrial Revolution vis-a-vis Edu-

Education 4.0-ready ZCSPC teachers pose with CAHSS Dean Jocelyn Remoto. PHOTO COURTESY OF OPD, ZCSPC cation 4.0. The OPD’s immersive learning

power supply. The mayor was referring to the current problems between the Western Mindanao Power Corp. (WMPC) and the Zamboanga City Electric Cooperative (Zamcelco) under the investment management of Crown/Desco.

Miravite stated this amidst mounting cases of dengue fever reported in the city and the mosquito swarm in two schools this week. Turn to Page 3

sessions, dubbed as “e-Learning Management System:A Training-Workshop”, aimed to engage the faculty in designing the Learning Management system for Blending Learning or Flipped Teaching. It likewise capacitated the pool of mentors for the institution’s implementation of Education 4.0 that aligns modern learning with modern industry. Turn to Page 3

VM Agan: point person re energy issues — Mayor By Vic Larato Mayor Maria Isabelle Climaco has designated no less than Vice Mayor Rommel Agan to be the city point person on power concerns since he has been meeting with the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) and parties involved in the

least with this year. “This is to encourage stability in the family and legitimize the status of children as part of his office’s commitment for the welfare of children,” Atty. Elias said. Turn to Page 3

Both parties are deadlocked on the extension of their compromise agreement that will ensure continuous electricity in the city, a matter that has been elevated to ERC, for which the vice mayor was designated focal person for the LGU. Turn to Page 3

Members of the Barangay Anti-Drug Abuse Councils (BADACs) discuss and share inputs in a workshop, as they undergo a capability training dubbed “Seminar-Workshop on the Capability Enhancement on Barangay Drug Clearing Program.” Organized by the CADAC through the CDRRMO, the activity, held at a local hotel, was done in 3 batches: July 8-9, July 10-11 and July 12-13 and is facilitated by distinguished resource persons who are experts in their respective fields. The training sought to better equip BADACs in undertaking pre-emptive and pro-active measures in the war against illegal drugs and other substances, orient BADAC members on new laws and regulations on drug operations and to make members understand and implement the Community-Based Rehabilitation Program. BADACs from the city’s 98 barangays were represented. PHOTO COURTESY OF ZCDRRMO



July 16-22, 2019



On World Population Day by Yasmeena Asanji

The Philippines joins the World Population Day on July 11. The day is aimed to shift the focus towards the urgency and the significance of issues related to population. It has been celebrated for over three decades, which meant to raise awareness about solutions related to the issues of growing population. It was established by the thenGovernment Council of the United Nations Development Program in 1989, as an outgrowth of the interest generated by the Day of Five Billion, which was observed on July 11, 1987. The theme for this year’s observance of World Population Day calls for global attention to the unfinished business of the 1994 International Conference on Population and Development. 25 years have passed since that landmark conference, where 179 governments recognized that reproductive health and gender equality are essential for achieving sustainable development. Mr. Ralph Ruivivar, Assistant Regional Director of POPCOM Region IX tackled the population growth and outcome in the Philippines. “Population growth is slowing down but Filipinos are significantly increasing in numbers which is almost 2 million per year,” Ruivivar said. Today, there are about 7.7 billion men, women and children on Earth. A century ago, there were only 1.9 billion. Figures released by the UN this month will show global numbers are now at the alarming rate of about 100 million every 14 months. By 2050, the Earth’s population will have hit 9.7 billion and it will continue to rise, reaching a figure of about 10.9 billion in 2100. The ICPD or the International Conference on Population and Development, a 1994 meeting in Cairo where 179 governments adopted a revolutionary Programme of Action and called for women’s reproductive health and rights to take center stage in national and global development efforts. Specifically, the Programme of Action called for all people to have access to comprehensive reproductive health care, including voluntary family planning, safe pregnancy, and childbirth services, and the prevention and treatment of sexually transmitted infections. The ICPD Programme of Action brought the global community together and reflected to a new consensus about the response to the population growth. It firmly established that the rights and dignity of individuals, rather than numerical population targets, were the best way for individuals to realize their own fertility goals. Furthermore, governments acknowledged that these rights are essential for global development. (YA)

3 Things on Garbage Matters

(This is a free public space for Zamboangueños. The views are solely the writer’s and not that of Diario Verdad. Contributing writers’/readers’ work may be accepted when they meet ethical standards, agree to be subjected to editing on grammar and mechanics, and provide short background and a contact point. --Ed.)

Free Public Space

could take place once gabage is not collected. Readers’ Personal Opinion Second, garbage collectors are supposed to be well-paid. A The Zamboanga City Government is happy to announce the garbage collector’s wife that her huspurchase of garbage trucks which band should also be given leeway by are to be used for the next three the people in the community especially when they do their best to balterms. There were varied reactions to ance public service and family time this news. First, is the call of peo- during the holidays. Third, for garbage to be efficientple in certain communities for the garbage pick-up schedule be ly disposed, seggregation should regular, and preferably, reason- also start at home (or at the workably followed. Some drivers do place) before they brought to the neglect their duty and sometimes dumpsite. After all, it is our trash. overlook the fact a domino effect (Leah Vargas)

Be Vigilant. Report unusual entities. Let us unite and be protectors of one another.


Ronald Rivera, Davao City Anti Drug Abuse Council (CADAC) Technical Adviser together with Christian Monzon, an International Credential Addiction Professional and International Recovery Coach shares inputs on the implementation of community rehabilitation for Zamboanga City with City Caretaker Atty. Eric Elias and City Health Officer Dr. Dulce Miravite. EUGENE ELNAR

Committees in the City Council—and Chairmanships

The city council has recently designated the different committee chairmanship to the different councilors in the city council, with the hope that the new committee chairmanship will do well to support the programs and plans of the Climaco administration in its effort to bring the much needed development in the city of Zamboanga. It is good to note that equal opportunities have been given even to the councilor’s from the opposition to hold key positions in the different committees., although , some, for some reason or

Frank and Candid By Erasimo Nalugi

another have opted to decline the offer. One can only surmise that some councilors still think in terms of their party affiliations instead of

thinking that once they sit in the halls of the city council, they must begin to think in terms of the needs of the people, and should take every advantage to be of service to the constituents that voted them into office. It is gratifying to note that new committees have been created especially to confront the present problem of climate change, and the more serious challenges of the environment and of the present traffic situation of the city of Zamboanga. Turn to Page 3

Beyoncé Wasn’t Built In a Day

(One Step Forward is a weekly column of Diario Verdad. Ms. Eloisa ‘Diday‘ Saavedra - Tate is the Secretary of the Zamboanga Columnists Club..--Ed.) Beyoncé is perhaps one of the most munerated for dreaming, then none successful person living today. Her of us will ever want to be awake. That journey from being Beyoncé Giselle is the lazy person talking inside our Knowles to just Beyoncé had been head and for a lot of us, we foolishly long and hard. Her grind has been listened. going on for twenty-two years. Her There had been too many wise men story is an inspiration to what sheer with wiser words that had said that determination can achieve. the only wedge between us and our “Success is no accident. It is hard future successful self is plain laziness. work, perseverance, learning, studying, So true and on point. Each of our sacrifice, and most of all, love of what paths are different from one anothyou are doing or learning what to do.” er. The perception of what success Pele may look like differ from yours and It is easy to talk about success and it mine. Maybe yours feels like a manis even easier to dream of it. We all do sion on a hill and mine is a song on it. Dreaming is something that we are the billboard chart. It does not matter all an expert of. If only we can be re- what others think about your level of

One Step Forward By Eloisa Saavedra-Tate

success as long as you did it. We are different like that. It will take time. For success to be established as one, it must take a lot from us. Tears, sweat and pain are just some of the things that will be taken. So If you have a dream, fight for it to be your reality. Are you ready for it?

Voz de Jovenes

By Yasmien Verdana S. Yahiya

(Voz de Jovenes is a weekly column of Diario Verdad. Writers are from the young generation who contribute their thoughts, opinions, or experiences.--Ed.)

If I May Ask President Duterte…

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte, the Philippines’ current Chief Executive and the Philippine Armed Forces’ Commander-in-Chief, does not have an easy role top lay. Being the President is really a big deal. To become the president—aside from the qualifications set by the Philippine Constitution—you must have qualities like being trustworthy, loyal to the motherland, among other most valued traits. But of course, there would always be negativities. If I had


the chance to forward my personal requests to Preseident Duterte, these will be my requests for him: First, I want to ask him to order the display of signs such as ‘No Littering’ or ”No dumping of Trashes.“ This would help our surroundings be at least cleaner. The cause of pollution and global warming could boil down to our dirty surroundings. Second, I would ask him to instruct businesses and companies to do something to help sabe planet Earth. The Philippines may help by using less plastic or other things that are not

reusable. We citizens can actually do our part by doing or using things that are reusable or recyclable. These simple yet meaningful requests would actually help the Philippines be cleaner and greener with the surroundings. The climate wouldn’t change as much, environment would be more fresh, and health of citizens would be better. (YVY). (Note: The writer is a 6th Grader of Zamboanga Chong Hua High School Elementary Department. She is a reporter of D’Seed, and a consistent honour student.--Ed.)

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Zamboanga City


Observers... (from Page 2)

Apolinario said the immediate purchase of the additional logistics will allow wider coverage of the CHO’s intensified anti-dengue advocacy and ultimately help prevent the possible declaration of a dengue outbreak in the city. Meanwhile, Dr. Miravite called for greater community participation in the prevention and control of the mosquito-borne disease specifically in applying the 4S strategy that stands for search and destroy mosquito breeding grounds, self-protection measures, seek early consultation and say no to indiscriminate fogging. She said CHO personnel pursue health education in barangays and

Frank... (from Page 2)

We do hope that those whom these chairmanships has been given will do justice to the choices made in the city council, even as the people express certain concerns for certain councilors, who at present head the same committees they used to handle, despite the fact of their lack luster performance in speaking for the people, especially on the problem of energy. And other utilities. Case in point was when criticism started pouring in a popular radio and television program, as to why the committee on energy and utilities was given to Councilor Elbert Atilano, when the latter barely opened his mouth to defend the consumer public of Zamboanga against the abuses committed by the different utilities serving the city, particularly Zamcelco. However, the people of Zamboanga should be empowered enough to voice out their sentiments and let the system of democracy work for them, if at all they have any opposition to certain councilors heding a particular committee. More than just speaking and sending their text to radio and television, they should formalize their protest through a formal complaint signed by the people themselves expressing their opposition. No system is perfect, and that is why under a democracy the people is empowered to voice out their sentiments in order to correct a system that is not infallible. If at all there is true opposition to Councilor Elbert Atilano heading this committee, then we urge the business sector, and perhaps the consumer public of Zamboanga to formalize their complain before the city council, and let us put to a test whether this council is receptive to the demands of the people. We cannot afford to put people into place who are suspect of working under the influence of business entities such as Alsons and SRPI, to hold sway over such important committee as the committee on energy, for it will put the interest of the people in jeopardy. We hope that this council will continue to be receptive to the demands of the people, for after all it is the people that has given them the mandate to guide the helm and stir the course for the city’s future. (ER)


(from Page 1)

The lady mayor addressed the Sangguniang Panglungsod on its maiden session this term, 20192021. Climaco said her administra-

tion will explore new options and technologies on alternative energy in government structures and facilities, and to facilitate investments in sustainable power supply. She further said that with the help of the Sangguniang Panlungsod, Mayor Beng Climaco hopes to ensure water and power security in Zamboanga City during her last three-year term. “El ambos supply de coriente y agua necesita para sustene el progreso del diatun ciudad (Both power and water supplies are needed for our city to progress),” Climaco declared in her message to the members of the City Council. For water security, the mayor said the city’s water supply management requires the construction of small impounding dams and other water supply system projects. It also involves policies on rain water harvesting and the establishment of waste water treatment facilities. “We will also tackle water security through water demand management by strengthening our information and education campaign, adopt water-saving plumbing fixtures and water-efficient facilities,” she stressed. Climaco likewise sought the support of the legislature in updating the city’s Investment Code, Revenue Code and the Real Property Tax System to make these sustainable, fair and progressive. “El de ustedes ayuda ay contribuhi mas para hace mas vivo con el diatun economia y maga negocio. (Your support will contribute to making our city’s economy vibrant), the mayor said, addressing the city councilors. (VL)

Training... (from Page 1)

Collin Ceneciro, the designate Director of the Office of Planning and Development, as trainer, engaged the participants in building and curating the e-Learning Management of the subject course the faculty are teaching via the Blackboard software. After which, each participant showcased the created e-LMS, tailor-made to the learning path for the students in preparation for the adoption Blended/Flipped teaching for select programs of the institution starting August of this school year. Dr. Elizabeth Jane P. Sebastian, CTE Dean and Jocelyn P. Remoto led the sixty two (62) faculty members in the said capacity training-workshop. This training, an off-shoot of the Blended Learning/Flipped Teaching seminar conducted by CTE last

February 22, this year, was made possible through the strong support of the institution’s administration to Education 4.0, led by Dr. Nelson P. Cabral, the College President, Prof. Rico R. Mabalod, the Vice President for Administration and Finance, Dr. Carlos C. Lolo, the Vice President for Academic Affairs. Conducted on July 3 to 5, 10 and 11, this year, the OPD efforts were coordinated with the institution’s College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences (CAHSS) and College of Teacher Education (CTE). (MA)


schools and conduct health education before fumigation in areas where there are clustered cases. The office also coordinated with the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) and barangay officials especially those from the top 20 barangays for the Aksyon Barangay Kontra Dengue (ABKD) advocacy and closely coordinated with the Department of Health for logistics. The CHO likewise partnered with the Philippine Pediatric Society for an intervention in the Top 1 barangay Talon-talon on July 17. On the other hand, maintenance crew from the City Engineer’s Office declogged the drainage system/canals leading to the


Zamboanga City High School main in Tetuan to get rid of mosquito-breeding grounds. The CEO will also undertake measures to pump out water and mud from the privately-owned vacant lot at the back of the school campus. This, after a flurry of mosquitoes swarmed the campus Tuesday, July 9. Immediately after receiving the report, a City Health Office team conducted mass fumigation in all school buildings and structures in the campus. City Health Officer Dr. Miravite conferred with the School’s General PTA for the conduct of sustained activity of search and destroy of mosquito-breeding places in the campus. (SC)

An Open Letter to ZAMCELCO

(from Page 1)

He said his office has conducted delayed registration of birth service to the constituents of Barangay Buenavista last June 3, during which a total of 147 individuals were able to avail of the service. Also, 115 marriage applications were processed by the registrar’s office last June 15. Atty. Elias said his office in partnership with the Community and Family Service International (CFSI), the City Social Welfare and Development Office (CSWDO) and Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) and other stakeholders conducted consultative meetings from June 18-26 on the significance of registration and documentation, which include the process necessary for registration of birth. The target participants were Sama Badjaos from barangays Rio Hondo, Kasanyangan and Arena Blanco. In line with this, Elias added the CFSI thru its “Sama Badjao Capacity Strengthening” Project turned over to his office some 300 information sheets and family list for verification and evaluation of the individuals for possible registration. “This is part of our commitment to facilitate registration of the indigenous people,” Elias stressed. (VL)



(from Page 1)

The 4S Contra Dengue is said to be an effective strategy to prevent cases and deaths. It consists of search and destroy mosquito breeding places, secure self-protection, seek early consultation and say no to indiscriminate fogging. Miravite said sustained cleanliness in surroundings to eliminate all possible breeding sites of mosquitoes to include trash piles, bottles, dirty surroundings and by empty-

ing containers of stagnant waters. To protect one’s self from bites of adult mosquitoes, people should wear long-sleeved shirts and long pants when outdoors, use mosquito repellents and or mosquito net when sleeping. If with fever, seek early consultation. On the other hand, Miravite said the fogging and spraying should only be done in hotspot areas where increase in cases is registered or where the presence of mosquitoes is evident. “Fumigation is not an end-all solution for our dengue problem but we do this because we have to control the adult population of mosquitoes.” Meanwhile, immediately after receiving the report about mosquito swarm at the Immaculate Conception Archdiocesan School (ICAS) in Tetuan Thursday, CHO team went to check the area and did fumigation and spray with use of misting machines. Larvicides were also provided to eliminate mosquito breeding places, according to the city health officer. The mosquito swarm at the ICAS and Zamboanga City High School on July 9 took place after the school’s drainage system was flooded due to rains the past days. (SC)

12 New... (from Page 1) Climaco’s commitment to security and public safety, the gleaming red fire trucks are up for

distribution to the Zamboanga City Fire District. The 4x2-meter six-wheeler fire trucks have a capacity of 3,000 liters each and are all Euro 4-compliant diesel fed-machines. Euro-4 is a globally accepted European emission standards for vehicles, regardless of type, that exacts the use of fuel with significantly low sulfur (0.005% or 50 parts per million) as well as benzene (from a máximum of 1% per volumen) contents. In effect, cleaner fuel results to cleaner emissions and this significantly means less pollution in the environment. According to Topgear Philippines, the country’s best online resource for motoring news, car reviews, and the latest trends in the automobile industry, Euro 4 engines “are built to maximize their usage. Not only are emissions cleaner, but the mileage improves as well…Because Euro 4 engines are much better at filtering out harmful substances, they’re also likely to last longer than older models. Having fewer contaminants in the engine reduces the risk of damage.” It has always been Mayor Climaco’s desire to undertake programs and projects that would make Zamboanga City more resilient and more progressive. (MA, with a report from the CIO)



July 16-22, 2019


#Flashback: Zamboanga Hermosa Festival 2018

The past year’s celebration was such a cool and colorful festival to remember, with nearly two hundred photographers—professionals and amateurs—clicking their lens in various themes and angles. Diario Verdad Semanal takes us all down memory lane as we feature those winning photos, and inspire the La Bella Hermosa lens hobbyists to join Zamboanga Hermosa Festival 2019. Selected photos will be published in an upcoming phonebook. (FC)

1ST RUNNER-UP: 159. “Un Vista del Madrogada” by Berlito M. Bolotaolo (@berlitsbolo) “Early bird catches the magnificent view.”

GRAND WINNER: 123. “El Bandera de Zamboanga” by John Denver T. Triplitt (@denveeer_john) “In this picture it shows the preparation of the participant in the Regatta, as one competitive participant you can look in their actions they eager to win so as the main subject of the photo. It was just the preparation but you can see that he want to be the first. In this photo you can see the designs and how creative the Zamboangueños are, they did it to represent the aesthetically beauty of our own mother land.”

VOTERS’ CHOICE AWARD: 103. “Viva Nuestra Señora del Pilar” By Evan Jeo Alanano (@_evn.jeo) “An aesthetic explosion of colors as dancers parade to celebrate Nuestra Señora del Pilar. It is also showcasing their festival dance in honor of La Virgen del Pilar, patron saint of the city.”

Street dance Finalist: 4. “Muher” By Bryan Lopez Francisco (@bryanlofran) “The image of our lady of the pillar held by a Zamboangueña lass during the streetdance in celebration of our city’s festival.” HOTLINES: ZCPO Operations (24/7) 09778558138 911 (24/7) 992-3187/9923179/991-3164 JTFZ Operations (24/7) 09177102326/ 957-39

Mascota Finalist: 58. “Glamour de Amor, Belleza y Arte” By Clarence M. Dabasol (@claarkyboi) “A dazzling beauty and magnificent work of art that showcase the visionary and creativity of Top Zamboangueño couturier artists. As love for the city, they share their creativity and imaginative minds through their handcrafted gown designs.”

Bailes y Canciones Finalist: 133. “Envita” By Aaron Sali (@ arooonsali) “Dance with the loud and joyful music, as if it invites you to dance, move and swing, As we hear the sound and the beat of the drums Our body would jive and start dancing”

2ND RUNNER-UP: 77. “Baile de Colores en el Ayuntamiento” By Christian Quilalang (@chanquillx) “One of the iconic places in Zamboanga is the City Hall wherein it is consider as a National Historic site here in the Philippines. I’ve captured the moment during the Streetdance Competition with dynamic vibrant colors and with a smile on the faces of the participants while they are dancing. I decided to compose this photo where in the Zamboanga City Hall serves as the background and I include the Philippine flag to complete the story that I want to tell that Zamboanga City is one of the lovely places here in the Philippines.”

Regatta Finalist: 55. “Panganganinag” By Ramil G. Valente (@ramilgarciavalente) “A queue of colorful vintas with reflection giving attention to its wonderful tapestry. Its intricate design best describes Zamboanga’s rich history and culture.”

Regatta Finalist: 80. “How Far I’ll Go” Zenar Jamhali (@zenar_20) “Together with the vintas creates a magnitude of indescribable beauty in the vastness of hues lies the city of horizon.”

Parade of Lights Finalist: 65. “Zamboanga Es Para Christiano y Muslim y Otros Pa” By Samie D. Muñoz “The vinta represents the Zamboangueños in a peaceful stability. A simple yet descriptive picture that highlights interfaith amity and harmony.” Want to publish your own book or technical report with its own International Serial Book Number? Or your magazine/ journal/article with its own International Standard Serial Number? See The Maven, a publishing consultant, to give the best advice. Discuss your preferred specs with a team of publishing assistants. Text or Call 09055505810.

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