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10 Things you can do to pass any test you take guaranteed

10 Things you can do to pass any test you take guaranteed RELIEVE TEST ANXIETY FOR GOOD WITH THIS SIMPLE REPORT





























Dianna Sandora 2012

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10 Things you can do to pass any test you take guaranteed


This report is primarily for tests that are taken that contain multiple choice answers.

A lot of these tools can be used to study and pass any test, but I want to focus on the things that can help you pass state tests that you will take.

These tips are things that I have used personally and that I taught my students over the years to successfully pass tests, even when they had initially thought that it was “impossible” for them to do.

I was in a car accident in 1994 and suffered trauma to my head, prior to the accident I was able to review things briefly and pass with no problem, after the accident problem…..

I was able to use these tools and techniques to help me not only study and pass all of the state tests that I have taken over the years, but they also have pored over into other areas of my life and helped me a great deal.


This report is not about hidden “cheats” or “tricks” that you can use to pass a test without studying.

SCHEDULE YOUR EXAM Procrastination is evil and the temptation is huge to keep waiting to study till later, especially if you have not set a date to take your test. The best thing to do is to get your exam scheduled because there is a since of urgency and a reason to study….NOW! There are two things that I suggest when scheduling your exam 1) Try to schedule the exam one month out. If it is longer than one month you might be inclined to procrastinate; if it is less than a month you will not be able to put in the time that you need to study without feeling added pressure. 2) Try to schedule to take the exam during a time period that you are at your best. For example, if you are a morning person take the test early. If you are not a morning person taking the Page 2

10 Things you can do to pass any test you take guaranteed

test early in the morning would not be a good idea, take it later. Of course there may be times when this is impossible and you have to take the test when it is being offered. There are still ways that you can deal with this issue as well, which I will cover in the get sleep section.

DON’T LISTEN TO OTHERS It is important to learn about the test and know what you are getting yourself into, but trying to judge how you will do on the test based on things that other people tell you is a huge mistake. The thing about listening to the things that other people say about the test is that you have no idea how they test. You do not know how much they studied or how they are able to retain it. So focus on only the facts and nothing else.

STUDY I know this is a given and it almost seems like a silly thing to include, but the sad truth is that I have seen people who thought they could pass the test with little or no study because they have been able to get A’s and B’s in all of their classes and on the tests that they have taken in the past. I have to admit that I was one of them, the first state test I took I failed. There is something about taking these state tests. I have often thought that maybe it is the pressure to pass the test because it can hinder the ability for promotion, the loss of a job or not getting the job. Certification is literally hanging in the balance between passing and failing. So what does “study” mean? Quite simply it means taking the time to focus on the materials, choosing it over hanging out with friends and family, this is why the support key is so important which I will cover in the next topic. 

Once you have scheduled your test it is important to set-up some sort of study schedule. I always suggest to my students to schedule the test only one month out as mentioned above.

One hour a day, least 5 days a week and studying without distractions is very important. Just because you think that you can study with music, TV or other noise doesn’t mean that you should. Dianna Sandora 2012

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10 Things you can do to pass any test you take guaranteed

Repetition is key to getting what you are studying to stick in your head so you will be able to recall it you are ready to take the test.

How do you learn? There are several different ways to learn. 

Listening: Listening in class or audios and by reading aloud or being read to

Seeing: Reading, watching videos

Experience: writing, being quizzed and having someone ask you questions

Or a combination of the above

This can change as you age or like with me it all changed when I had my car accident, I was a listener, but now I am more of hands on experience type. I believe though that it is a good idea to use all of the different types when you study.

QUIZZES I know that the best way to study is by testing yourself over and over again. You will undoubtedly have some sort of study guide, but just reading or listening to a topic over and over again, no matter what type of learner you are will not give you the confidence that you need to have to be a successful test taker. A word of advice though, if you have been given sample tests to study it is easy to think that you are learning the information, when in reality you are just remembering the letter.

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10 Things you can do to pass any test you take guaranteed

GET SUPPORT I know how hard it can be to study when you have other responsibilities, be it family, friends, work or hobbies, life tends to get in the way of the things that we need to do especially when it comes to taking the time and dedication to study for a test. So it is important to get support from those around you and also some accountability. Take some time to explain what you are doing and why. I do not think that those who love you would distract from the things that are important to you, but they just do not get the big picture and it is your job to explain it to them. Sometimes it makes all the difference in the world just to ask them for their help and you just might be amazed as to how willing they are to lend a hand. If there are co-workers who are studying for the test it is really good to set up study groups to help each other prepare.

STOP STUDYING Yes you read that correctly, stop studying 2 days before the test. Face it if you do not know it by then you aren’t going to, but more likely than not if you have followed the tips above you will be more than ready any way, if your test is on Monday than do not touch your materials again after Saturday. The reasons for this are two-fold 

If you study the day before there is a temptation to stay up and study and this will eat into the next tip which is to make sure that you get good sleep.

It could also shake your confidence as well. Let’s say that you have been doing very well, but during quizzes that you take you stop scoring as high on them. Now you have placed that doubt in your head that maybe you are not ready and that is when your anxiety will certainly increase.


Get at least 8 hours sleep, even if you are normally not one to sleep that much at least do something that will allow you to relax.

Dianna Sandora 2012

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10 Things you can do to pass any test you take guaranteed

If you are more of a night owl, but have to take the test in the morning it is a good idea to go to sleep earlier two days before and get up earlier so that you will be more apt to go to sleep when you need to.

This will help you to get up early on the day of the test so that you have time to get ready, take a shower and get to your test without feeling rushed.

ARRIVE EARLY If you do not know where you are going to take the test try to drive that location beforehand. This will also make sure that you are aware of any construction or parking issues that could cause a delay. Look out for school zones or train tracks that might slow you down. Eat a good breakfast too, the worst thing that could happen is for you to not eat because you were nervous and have something happen. When I went to take my very first state test I was so nervous, my stomach hurt even at the thought of eating something, so I didn’t. This was really bad because there was a power outage at the testing center and I was told that I could either wait to continue the test when the power came back on or take a chance of leaving and paying to re-take the test later. I decided to stay and while my original test was scheduled at eight in the morning, I was not able to complete the test until after noon; they would not allow me to leave the testing site either. By this time I was so distracted by my growling stomach and my pounding head that it was no wonder that I failed it. On a lighter note I was able to retake the test after complaining about the power outage without having to pay the fee for the retake, I did pass it the second time. It was also a huge lesson for me, because while the power outage and lack of food was a factor, I do believe I would not have passed the test that first time any way, I just was not as prepared as I should have been.

TIMED TEST? Most of the state tests that you take will give you at least three hours to take a test with 100 questions, which is plenty of time, but if you focus on the time that you have left to take the test it will become a distraction to you. I wear my watch all of the time and I look at it more than I even realize, people have gotten offended because it seems that I have some place better to be. It is for this reason that I do not wear a watch when I go to take the test. I don’t want to have anything consciously or unconsciously distracting me. Page 6

10 Things you can do to pass any test you take guaranteed

So this is something that I highly recommend to all of my students, I have even had some report back to me that at first they thought the idea was silly until they sat down to take the test and found themselves watching the time and took their watch off for the remainder of the exam.

Dianna Sandora 2012

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10 Things you can do to pass any test you take guaranteed

THE TEST In most cases you will be given a scrap piece of paper to be able to make notes on while taking the test. If one is not offered ask if they would be willing to give you one or if they would allow you to write on the test booklet itself. Then as you go through the test do the following. o Brain dump o Depending on the test that you are taking it might be helpful to write down specific things that you are concerned that you might forget on the scrap paper. o Answer the questions that you know first. o This will give you a boost of confidence from the very start o If you do not know an answer, skip it and write the number skipped on your scrap paper. o Be careful not to lose your place on the Scantron, if you are taking the test on computer there will be a way that you can mark those questions and come back to them. o When answering the question, even on ones that you think that you know read them slowly at least two times, make sure that you understand what is being asked before you look at the answers o Write T/F on the paper

If you are taking a written test use your scrap paper to cover up the answers.

If on computer cover up the answers on the screen and read the question

o Ask yourself am I looking for the True statement or the False statement  

Circle whichever one you are looking for BEFORE you look at the answers

Write A/B/C/D

o Usually when you read through the answers you an easily eliminate two answers

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10 Things you can do to pass any test you take guaranteed

o Leaving you with a 50/50 chance between the two that are left

Now I am sure that you are thinking that I am crazy for suggesting that you answer all of the questions this way but I can assure you that it will help you. This will cause you to slow yourself down, and truly understand what is being asked of you. Usually the testing centers will be okay with you using a scrap paper as long as you turn the paper in with your test. If for some reason they object to the use of scrap paper suggest that to them.

BONUS TIP Okay so maybe I should have called this report The Eleven Things You Can Do to Pass Any Test You Take Guaranteed; because of all the tips that I have shared with you this one is the most important. DO NOT CHANGE YOUR ANSWERS. If you doubt yourself and change an answer, it is likely that you are going to start to question some of your other answers as well, if you have plenty of time left‌. Well you see what could happen, so just do not do it. Now that being said that does not mean that there are times where another question will jog your memory and make you realize that you made a wrong choice and in those cases it is okay to change it, but only if you are 150% sure that the answer that you have is incorrect. Trust yourself; especially if you followed the steps above for taking the test.

FINAL THOUGHTS By following these tips you are certain to pass, is it possible that you won’t pass the first time? Sure, but just like when I took that test and failed I knew what I need to study and what I needed to do in order to pass and each state test since I have passed on the first try. I have since returned to school and while the tests that my university professors give me are not the same as the state tests I use these principles with them as well and for the most part I have passed every one.

Dianna Sandora 2012

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10 Things you can do to pass any test you take guaranteed

If you think you can do a thing or think you can't do a thing, you're right. Henry Ford, (attributed)

When preparing for and taking a test one of the biggest battles that you fight is the battle that goes on in between your ears. This is especially challenging when there is so much at stake and the pressure to pass is high. I want to encourage you to stay focused on your goal and remember that failure is only failure when you stop trying. Getting to know your coach Dianna Sandora: Dianna taught the Florida State pre-licensing class for the 2-15 and 2-14, Life, Health and Variable Annuity, for almost 4 years and offered extensive training and other tools to assist in preparing for that exam as well as the Series 6, 26 and the mortgage broker license for ten years. Having retired from the financial services industry in 2009, she has reinvented herself and found her new calling as a dispatcher for a university police department. When she learned of the new dispatcher certification she knew that she had to use the skills that she learned over the years to help her fellow dispatchers and officers that needed to pass the new exam.

Feel free to forward this report to anyone that you think might find it useful and visit her online at or email her at

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10 Things you can do to pass any test guaranteed  

This ebook is designed to give you the tools that you need to pass state tests.

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