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Loretta and Geo enjoy a walk in the beautiful Edmonton parks.

Happy and Healthy Tips ~ Love, Geo I was born in Red Deer on Feb 20, 2008 of Bichon Shih Tzu lineage. I understand that my father, Sonny, won show awards back in the day though when viewing my parents’ photos, I can see I inherited “so cute” from both of them. I am often told I am “such a good dog” and think it’s a combination of birthright and upbringing. Speaking of that, I came home to my human (Friedrich) family in May 2008. After a few days I was named Geo. I’ve grown a lot since then into a strong adult dog. My Vet says I am healthy and have lots of muscle (under that fluffiness I might add.) Besides knowing that my humans consider me part of the family, and that I get a belly rub every day, here are my tips on the topic of health and happiness: Remain in the moment

Pause. Take in the scenery. Whether in the house observing the humans’ interactions or out on the deck spying a bird in the tree, I focus on my surroundings. Helps

me to stay sharp, what about you? Sniff everything

This has got to be one of my favorites! Smell the air, smell the grass, smell the snow, and smell the.... okay, maybe that’s just for me. But there is so much to sniff! It is both calming and exciting at the same time. Try it! Eat with enthusiasm

My kibble, treats, and raw natural patties are carefully purchased by my human father. I show gratitude by eating this food with enthusiasm – I can’t help it really! I relish the crunch or soft deliciousness. Sometimes I get pumpkin on the kibble too. Outstanding combination! What do you like to eat? Love always

My humans look after me very well so the least I can do is to be there for them. I always greet them at the door, I look for

14 • Be Fabulous! e_Magazine I I February • 2017

Be Fabulous! EMagazine February 2017  

Be Fabulous! Celebrating women 40 plus. Featuring Mary Stevenson. The Pet Lovers Issue.

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