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Gift of Food You receive a present. From the package size or container, it looks like it may contain: • Chocolate • Home-made preserves, baked goods, etc. • Wine • Mixed nuts • [insert your favorite food item] Oh happy day! What is it about food gifts that trigger emotions like love, joy, and thankfulness especially if that gift was made in your loved one’s kitchen? That this person whom you have a meaningful relationship with showed their affection with a from-scratch pie, comfort-food casserole, or amazing drink? Now I’m not trying to downplay the importance of a food gift from a specialty shop! There is something to be said about someone that takes time to get you that present because they know what you like! Think of a food item you fondly remember eating that holds a special meaning. Is it possible to find that treasured recipe or one that is similar to try and make it? Maybe you’ve used this recipe and now it’s your signature dish. (I would love to hear what it is and the story behind it!) I’ve included in this article a favorite recipe that I created just last year called, Orange Gingerbread Muffins. It is now in the permanent section of my holiday recipe collection because it’s that good. I can hardly wait to make it again! The story is, I included particular ingredients that hold special food memories

for me from Christmases past: mandarin oranges, warm spices, and molasses (gingerbread taste). I decided to blend those flavors into a nutritious spicy and citrus muffin that can be enjoyed with tea or apple cider, or crumbled on top of Greek yogurt with pomegranate arils for a delicious festive breakfast. I am proud to say it was a hit not just because of the taste but visually... as the main feature in Edmonton Journal’s Gastropost (food) section right before last Christmas! I leave you with a challenge: find an heirloom recipe (or one that honors your background or heritage) that you’ve never made, and prepare it. I suggest it will become not just a physical food gift but one that touches your emotions and spirit. Can you imagine how that food gift will also touch whomever you choose to share it with? A gift that keeps on giving well beyond its consumption, as a beautiful memory. From my home to yours, have a lovely celebration this season. Delight in the food gifts! Loretta Friedrich, N.N.C.P., is a health advocate, local supporter, community leader, speaker, author, program creator/director of Your Food Story, and award-winning business owner of Sprout Natural Nutritional Consulting. She enjoys walking, getting vegetable stains on her hands and smelling dirt! www. SproutNaturalNutrition.com

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Be Fabulous! December 2016  

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Be Fabulous! December 2016  

Celebrating women 40 and over. Featuring Fabulous@50 member Bonnie Jean McAllister