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KEEP WALKING There are a lot of activities especially tailor-made for summertime but for me, nothing is more fun (inexpensive, doable) than going on a walking adventure.

p Weather

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve taken the same route around my house but no two trips are the same since many things can vary: weather, season, light, nature, critters, and walking companions. Makes for some great stories!

p Family

I know you’ve heard about the benefits of walking before so I won’t tell you again that it’s brain-fog lifting, heart-strengthening, hot-flash busting, and good-attitude enhancing; you’ve probably been told how the happiness factor can kick in along with a feeling of endless possibilities, right? I am guessing that some of you do have a physical limitation but I ask those of you who are able-bodied, what stops you from making tracks? Check off all that apply: p Weather p Fatigue p Wednesday morning rush-to-the-office p Sunday afternoons

p Nothing to wear p Monday evening commitments p Weather p [Insert your reason(s) here] Yes, weather can be a real factor some days but not all! Dress for it and you’ll be fine. Family? Bring them along so everyone can benefit from a mood and energy lift. I implore you to get honest with your schedule to see where you will fit in a walk. It’s summer. Longer light-filled evenings and warmer temperatures are perfect to get that habit formed. I suggest you plan to go every day so that the excuses don’t creep in. And if you miss a day, oh well, there’s tomorrow. But make it tomorrow then so you keep on walking... right into next season. Watering the Wilted

Your body will ask you for some water when you’re back. To add some interest to your water, you can have that squeeze of lemon or what about basil with strawberries, lime with blueberries, or cherries with mint?

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