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Loretta and her husband traveled to Europe in May. Photo taken in Berlin, May 2016.

Food Story:

Germany This past May my husband and I travelled to Berlin to take the opportunity to visit our friends who made it their home for a few months. It was especially meaningful since my husband and our friends are German by heritage. While we both have many stories to share, the focus in this article is on some of my stories that included food and eating in general. Seasonal and Local Food

What I found particularly interesting is that restaurant menus were intentionally shaped around what was currently in season. When we were there the white asparagus – called Spargel in German – was everywhere as the featured local

spring vegetable. To support local we also purchased homegrown / handmade product and ate at as many farmer’s markets as possible. Outdoor Eating

Germans take every opportunity to eat outside no matter what the weather; we noticed that a lot of restaurants had huge awnings to protect outside guests from rain, and often draped blankets on chairs to be in reach when the temperature cooled off. We agreed the cheerful atmosphere in these outdoor spaces also helped to take the chill out of the air for us too. Prost!

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Be Fabulous! August 2016  

Celebrating baby boomer women. Featuring Holistic Nutritionist, Loretta Friedrich in our annual Food Issue.

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