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I celebrated my long bike ride with the Crab Cake Trio at Adrienne’s Restaurant & Tea Garden in Cordova Bay, Saanich, B.C. Dessert was the Raspberry Scone with clotted cream and jam, and a pot of Earl Grey Tea.

A Perfect Trio: Biking, Delicious Food, and a Pot of Hot Tea On our last trip to Victoria in June , I rented a bike and rode from Victoria Inner Harbour to Cordova Bay, (approximately 30 km). The Lockside Trail was beautiful, mostly trails surrounded with trees and is well riden. The guy at the rental place told me about this great little Tea House in Cordova Bay, that would be a good resting point. So I popped my helmet on, positioned my butt on the seat and away I went. Not exactly sure where I was going, I trusted the directions of the young man, and I safely made it there. I thought I would stop for a tea and a treat and then head back, but when I saw the menu at Adrienne’s Tea House, my stomach started to growl, and I ordered the special and even splurged on dessert. I knew it was a great place, as it was lined up and every table was full. They found me a nice little table outside and proceeded to make my dreams come true.

Did I say clotted cream...oh yeah! I love It. My ancestors would be proud. Good thing I had to turn around and ride back. I feel no guilt ( well a tiny bit) when I am really active and then get an opportunity to eat deliciously prepared food from fresh ingredients. This is on my list of favorite places to eat on the island now, along with the Mom’s Diner in Sooke. Dianna Bowes is the founder of Fabulous@50 and the Creative Director of Be Fabulous! Magazine. Dianna loves fresh air, fresh food, and fresh friends ;)

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Even though I am not the greatest cook in the world, I love watching cooking shows and I also subscribe to many blogs for inspiration. There just never seems to be an end to the imagination of these creative souls on ways to prepare food. What is really exciting is the diversity of healthy cooking and suggestions on how to live and eat well when busy or even short of dollars. Here is a short list of some of my favorites and more. A Canadian Foodie





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Edmonton Journal - Eat My Words http://edmontonjournal.com/tag/eat-my-words Foodie Suz Travels


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Linda Hoang


The Ladybird Kitchen


6 • Be Fabulous! e_Magazine I www.fabulousat50.com I August • 2016

Little Miss Andrea


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Parkallen Home Kitchen


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Dinner with Julie


Family Feedbag


Cheesy Buffalo Chicken Zucchini Boats - The Kitchen Magpie

Cinnamon Apple Torte - The Ladybird Kitchen

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Loretta and her husband traveled to Europe in May. Photo taken in Berlin, May 2016.

Food Story:

Germany This past May my husband and I travelled to Berlin to take the opportunity to visit our friends who made it their home for a few months. It was especially meaningful since my husband and our friends are German by heritage. While we both have many stories to share, the focus in this article is on some of my stories that included food and eating in general. Seasonal and Local Food

What I found particularly interesting is that restaurant menus were intentionally shaped around what was currently in season. When we were there the white asparagus – called Spargel in German – was everywhere as the featured local

spring vegetable. To support local we also purchased homegrown / handmade product and ate at as many farmer’s markets as possible. Outdoor Eating

Germans take every opportunity to eat outside no matter what the weather; we noticed that a lot of restaurants had huge awnings to protect outside guests from rain, and often draped blankets on chairs to be in reach when the temperature cooled off. We agreed the cheerful atmosphere in these outdoor spaces also helped to take the chill out of the air for us too. Prost!

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Some people think that because of my profession I avoid desserts. Not a chance! However, when I want a treat I try to get the best I can find – which doesn’t necessarily mean pricey – then enjoy it. Oh. My. Goodness. It was easy to find so many delights in Germany. I’m not kidding, on every street we found oodles of handcrafted chocolate, macarons, pastries, cake, and more. I have to make special mention of the ice cream treat extraordinaire I ate in Potsdam just outside of Berlin. It was a show stopper... and the taste was out of this world! Cooking Class

My girlfriend signed us both up to take a German cooking class. You could say it was a slow food, local, seasonal, wholefoods meal event. It’s hard to tell you my favorite dish amongst the four (!) main courses we in the group of 12 assembled, but for me the mixed hot white and green asparagus salad was outstanding. (I’m looking forward to my friend translating the recipes for me.) What an evening. We arrived around 6.30 and left just after

midnight! Oh yes our bellies were full but our hearts were more so because of the wonderful time we created together. One More Story

I could go on telling you added stories about food when we were in Germany. But I’ll leave you with this picture of my husband and I sitting at an outdoor café in Gendarmenmarkt with an amazing view into the square, listening to a live performance of a violinist play Vivaldi, and eating a delightful lunch. Can you see me also sipping fresh mint, lime, ginger and honey in hot water in between every bite? Excuse me while I take myself back there right now... Do you have a food story of a special time? I’d love to hear it! Drop me a line. #urfoodstory Loretta Friedrich, C.H.N., is a health advocate, local supporter, community leader, speaker, writer, author, program creator / director of Your Food Story, and award-winning business owner of Sprout Natural Nutritional Consulting. She enjoys walking, getting vegetable stains on her hands, and smelling dirt! Visit SproutNaturalNutrition.com for info

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A Year of

GRATITUDE Plus Tips for Fabulous Traveling Dianna Bowes

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The Difference Between a DETOX & a DIET There is a difference between going on a short-term detox to reset your body (from eating heavier meals during the holiday) and dieting. The main difference is in the mentality and emotions we hold around a detox and around a diet. I believe in general, a detox is temporary and comes from a grounded, loving, honoring and listening to your body place, whereas dieting is intermittently continuous and never ending (on, off & repeat) and comes from a self-punishing, shame-based, “hate-my-body” place. This is just my observation in my practice with clients and also with myself in my own experiences. However, a detox can be coming from a

self-punishing place too if a person is not truly in tune with their mind-body-spirit connection, and is doing it just for the sake of “losing weight” so that the goal would be externally focused rather than internally– this too then would feel like torture. The accompanying thoughts are stemming from a place of body hate: “Ugh, I am so fat, I hate myself for getting so fat, why did I let myself get so fat?!” So in other words, a cleanse in this case is just another form of “dieting”. To this individual, there is no expiry date with dieting. It’s just an endless cycle of being on the diet, then fall off the diet, then back on a diet (and sometimes, it’s on to the next fad diet).

12 • Be Fabulous! e_Magazine I www.fabulousat50.com I August • 2016

In contrast, a detox, if coming from a loving place, would be more aligned with intuitive eating – noticing the body feels bloated, noticing the body is craving more fresh and whole foods again, and honoring the body’s needs (e.g., more energy, better digestion, less mood swings, clear brain fog and increase mental alertness and clarity, improve quality of hair and skin, etc). The accompanying thoughts are one stemming from a place of body love: of “needing to care for myself, reset to optimize my health again because I deserve it”. The individual would expect this cleanse to be temporary and resume with ease normal eating behaviors again that support and optimize their health immediately afterwards. Notice there is no mentality about needing to “lose weight” (it is a side effect but it is not the main purpose of a detox). So, let’s make it a goal to Stop Dieting, and start cultivating body love from the inside out. I’ve struggled as a chronic dieter and binge eater for years and hated my body, and through my journey, I now have landed in a sacred place where I completely and wholehearted embrace and love myself and my body. Rosalyn Fung is a Registered Psychologist & Founder of Holistic Body Love. She is a wellness speaker, consultant, mentor, writer & blogger. Roz specializes in Holistic Nutritional Psychology in which she empowers people in their relationship with food, body image, weight, as well as digestion, fatigue, immunity and mood. Her approach is a combination of eating psychology, positive psychology, mindfulness, neuroscience, family systems and nutritional therapy. Rosalyn offers online Webinars and her Holistic Body Love Food & Body Image Transformation Online Program https:// rosalynfungholisticpsychology.wordpress.com

FAN FEEDBACK Question? What is your favorite summer recipe? Deborah: Strawberry/coconut and orange creamsicle trifles Loretta: Red beet borscht using garden-fresh vegetables or fresh blueberry and peach cobbler or zucchini anything! Pam: Watermelon salad is my absolute favourite right now (watermelon, mint, red onion, goat cheese), followed by Apple Butter Rum Cake (which was in the magazine last year), and for drinks my vote goes to the refreshingly tasty peach bellini. Hitomi: Ratatouille Sue: An old family recipe - Calico Salad - with fresh cooked green & yellow beans, mixed beans, corn & red pepper - Yum! Jane: Salads - Anything with fresh organic ingredients Dianna: I love a good Kebab or my daughter’s Cajun steaks. Shirley: Desserts with summer fruits are my favorite. Rhubarb, strawberriey, yummy. check out Strawberry Plum Crumble cake.

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Supper Served with a KISS! Are you starting to get ticked with all the emphasis on becoming a gourmet cook even when you’re just trying to bang out beans on toast for supper? And the lunchtime soup and sandwich has been replaced by chia laced protein shakes, with the addition of kale, Greek yogurt, and a hunk of avocado? Sometimes it’s just a bit too much. All these special ingredients and fancy preparation rules just adds pressure to making a meal. And it’s even worse when the kids or spouse are binge watching You’ve Gotta Eat Here, Gordon Ramsey, and Master Chef. Am I right? But all this isn’t bad, really! We’re so lucky to have access to the current trends in food, cooking, and the gastroposting! As long as you don’t get all wrapped up in having to race home from work and spend 90 minutes preparing supper, and you don’t deviate to the drive thru on the way home, it works out just fine.

In order to manage things, I am using my daughter’s version of the KISS principle – Keep It Satisfyingly Simple. To KISS at home, our rules include proper meal planning and cooking for suppers about three times a week. The rest of the time, we’ll repurpose some leftovers, or put something quick together that covers most of the food groups. This summer’s favourite dip for me is Tzatziki. This recipe is so good you’ll be fighting to keep the other members of your household out of the fridge. It’s okay; let them fight over the last carrot stick! This stuff is good for you and it keeps well for about two weeks when refrigerated (not that it’ll last that long)! While Tzatziki is great as a dip for veggies and spicy chicken wings, it’s also really good on a homemade donair, kebabs, and instead of sour cream on baked potato or pierogis. Go ahead: play with your food and remember to KISS!

14 • Be Fabulous! e_Magazine I www.fabulousat50.com I August • 2016

By the way, telling someone how to make tzatziki sauce is a little like telling them how to make Nanny’s chicken noodle soup. Everyone has an opinion, because this dip gets made differently in nearly every family. Play around with the flavours and textures and you’ll end up with your KISS version too. Pam’s Tzatziki Dip 500 g Plain Greek Yogurt (make sure you get plain, and not vanilla) ½ large English cucumber (the skinny kind) 2 teaspoons salt, divided 2 cloves of garlic, peeled A couple of stalks of fresh mint, stalks removed and with leaves finely chopped for 2 teaspoons (or 1 teaspoon dried) Small handful of fresh dill, hard stalks removed and sprigs finely chopped for 4 teaspoons (or 2 teaspoon dried) 2 Tablespoons of lemon juice Wash the outside of the cucumber to remove as much wax as possible, then remove about half the peel with a paring knife or vegetable peeler. Discard what you peel, then coarsely grate the remaining cucumber and place it into a sieve set up over a bowl (you are about to drain the water from the cucumber).

Add 1 teaspoon of salt and rub it into the grated cucumber to help draw out the moisture. Let sit for 15-20 minutes, then use your hand to press the water out. To speed things up you can wrap the grated cucumber into a clean linen tea towel or cheesecloth and press the water out. Once you’ve removed as much water as you can, carefully remove the cucumber from its wrapping. Put the grated cucumber into a medium sized bowl, and add the yogurt. Crush the garlic using a garlic press or mortar and pestle. Use remaining salt to blend the garlic into a paste and add it to the bowl. Add the mint and/or dill, then vinegar or lemon juice. Mix well so that everything is nicely blended. Let your tzatziki sit in the fridge for an hour so the flavours meld together. Give it a stir and taste, then make any flavour adjustments. Keep refrigerated. Eat within two weeks, if it lasts that long. Pam Robertson is the food lover behind The Ladybirds’ Kitchen (www.ladybirdskitchen. com), where her goal is to help people get excited about cooking and to #EatInspired! This article is part of a series she is writing on her blog, so check it out at www.ladybirdskitchen. com . If you want to get in touch, you can sign up for her blog alerts on the site, or just pick up the phone and call 780-232-0083 or email pam@LadybirdFiles.com

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Getting Real About Food Food glorious food. We celebrate with it. We commiserate with it. We need it for our very survival. Isn’t curious then that so often we lose sight of our gratitude for it?

If I eat this I’ll get fat.

Hold on you might be saying. I’m grateful for the food I have. Yes you probably are. But like the rest of us, you just likely forget about your gratitude when it comes to most food related activities. Catch yourself talking the next time you are shopping for, preparing or even eating food.

And so on.

There is no place to park. Darn it they are out of my favourite brand of whatzits. The line in the grocery store is too long. I’m too tired to cook.

I don’t like brussel sprouts. Doing the dishes is such a pain. Maybe you are like me. My favourite food related complaint is about putting my groceries away. I’m okay going shopping. I’m usually okay standing in a line. But I grumble about having to come home and put my groceries away. I often joke with the cashier that I would pay a little bonus if someone could come and unload the bags from my trunk, carry them into the house and unpack them. All of these mutterings disconnect us from our gratitude for the abundance of food we have.

16 • Be Fabulous! e_Magazine I www.fabulousat50.com I August • 2016

If you are reading this, you probably can count yourself in the group of people who have food security. You have ready access to an abundance of food. You might not like what is in your cupboards but there is indeed something in there. People experiencing food insecurity worry about whether their food will last until the end of the month when their next pay cheque arrives. Some people don’t know where they will find their very next meal. Food Insecurity

Food insecurity is not a problem that only exists in developing countries. In Canada one in eight households have difficulty getting enough nutritious food to eat. That puts a different perspective on standing in the produce aisle debating whether you will buy Gala or Red Delicious or Spartan apples. Add to that the shocking statistic that we throw away about 40% of our food supply at home, in grocery stores and in restaurants. Canadian families toss out 215 kg of food each year. That’s food that likely cost $600. Gratitude

My point is that gratitude is not an abstract concept. It’s not enough to say we are grateful for something. We have to stop and pay attention to it long enough to experience it.

Gratitude understands that the blessings we enjoy today might not be there tomorrow. It most definitely understands that everyone is not blessed in the same way. Our gratitude is reflected in our thoughts and words and actions. So the next time you find yourself grumbling about a food related activity, pause and shift your perspective. When you find yourself looking in the refrigerator lamenting that there is nothing to eat, have a little reality check. When you sit down for a meal take a moment to give thanks for the food you are about to eat and the many hands it took for it to end up on your table. The next time you go to throw out food, remember that it is a privilege. Support your local food bank. They are the front line people who are working on your behalf to create someone else’s security. Blessings

It’s time to get real about food by paying attention to it in a more heartfelt way. Have less focus on counting calories and more on counting your blessings. Every day practice becoming more mindful about your food. Laurel Vespi is a certified life coach, author and motivational speaker who helps women live more mindfully no matter what phase of life they are in. Learn more and get resources and inspiration for mindful living at stonecirclecoaching.com

spa services for improved immunity, tension relief, or feeling more beautiful and confident, we are here for you!

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{Fabulous@50 Featured Member}

Loretta Friedrich :

Connecting Hearts through Healthy Food

18 • Be Fabulous! e_Magazine I www.fabulousat50.com I August • 2016

What would you consider to be your top three talents/skills? I consider my top talents/skills to be: nutrition educator, food writer, and recipe creator. Honorable mention: building connections. In what ways do you prefer to give back or pay it forward? I always have admired people who are benefactors or philanthropists. Although money is one way some can choose to love their neighbor, in my view, volunteering in some capacity is something everyone can do. I enjoy giving of my time digging in a vegetable patch for charity, speaking at parent support groups, or working with children from lower income families in our city. What time, talent or service can you give to those who need you? What are you looking forward to doing/creating in this next half of your life? I wish to continue to share wisdom I’ve gained from both personal and professional experiences. I believe we who are in this upper half of life are in the wonderful position to mentor and guide both our peers and the generations who are younger than us. On another note, my husband and I would like to travel for adventure, relaxation, and volunteer work (to give back wherever we can by using our skills and talents.) As program director of Your Food Story, I plan to expand and host both online and in-person YFS community groups across the globe. Who most inspires you and why? My cousin Marlene has had a difficult life. It began as a young child when she was bitten by an infected dog that resulted in massive brain swelling. She survived but it left her with limited mobility on her left side. Since then – over 50 years – she has had to deal with a lot of physical and emotional pain; however, she has an enormous positive attitude that can been seen in her infectious smile: she has hope, faith, and lots of determination. If she can succeed despite circumstances so can I. She’s one of my heroes. What is it in nature that feeds your soul? My yearning for what is natural, sensory, and clean is satisfied by sparkly streams, golden wheat fields, mountain vistas, and fragrant wildflowers. The sound of bees, rustling leaves, and songbirds create an outdoor symphony that lifts me up. All of nature’s beauty is a magical playground for me: it fills me with joy and life. Favorite Color: Green What makes you laugh? Flats or Stilettos: Flats My twin sister and I share the same unique Movie: Babette’s Feast; Life of Pi sense of humor. Once we get on a roll – Book: The Red Tent; The Poisonwood Bible laughing about things that some would think strange to laugh at – we are [almost] Charitable Cause: Green and Gold Garden / rolling on the floor, half blinded because Tubahumurize Association in Rwanda our eyes are so filled with tears. Sweet Treat: Fruit pie; Chocolate Truffles “Schick Paschick Lana??” ROFL I also seek laughter therapy from watching Mr. Bean, Vacation Destination: Europe Pink Panther’s Inspector Clouseau, or America’s Martini/Wine: Water Funniest Home videos.

Loretta’s Favorites

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Food for Thought In 1958, we moved to a farm just south of Edmonton, about 10 miles from town. Grandpa and Grandma Ward came to run the farm. They grew grain and hay and raised pigs, chickens, and cows. Every summer we had a large garden filled with raspberries, rhubarb, carrots, peas, corn, and potatoes. Grandma was the gardener. She toiled in both our garden and the one she planted for her and Grandpa. Though I often resented the hours I spent picking peas and raspberries, especially in the hot sun, I came to savor the taste of home grown food. We celebrated this bounty with sit down suppers for the whole family. I learned to cook and bake at the age of 11 – simple fare – meat, potatoes, and a vegetable. Oh, and of course, dessert – raspberries with fresh cream, homecanned fruit with cookies, or some Sundays, fruit pie. A visit to a burger bar was considered a once-in-awhile treat. I don’t believe I even knew what pizza was until I left home at 18. In my twenties, I had a busy retail job with short breaks, so proper “at the table” meals were a thing of the past. My bachelorette

fridge held eggs, milk, bread, and peanut butter. I threw out more vegetables than I ate, so I stopped buying them. Ravenous at nine o’clock at night, I would bolt a quick burger and a shake and flop into bed. Or I would cook Kraft dinner and eat it right from the pot standing over the sink. When I was told that I was headed for a duodenal ulcer if I didn’t change my eating habits, it scared me enough to smarten up. “Food is meant to be a celebration of the body” I was told. I started to revert to my farm ways and learned to cook a proper meal for one, complete with salad and a vegetable. I set the table and turned on dinner music. Instead of gobbling quickly, I slowed down and chewed every bite. As a wife and mother in my thirties, cooking was cheaper than restaurant food, so we started a dinner club that became a big part of our social life. Each month we were to prepare food from a different country, so we scoured the library for ethnic recipes. As our collective culinary skills increased, most of us stopped eating out because the food always tasted so much better in one another’s homes.

20 • Be Fabulous! e_Magazine I www.fabulousat50.com I August • 2016

Some people “eat to live” and others “live to eat”. I’m a “live to eat” person, always eager to participate in my next meal. I’m appalled at what I see happening around me in 2016. Despite an abundance of cooking shows, fast food businesses, can be found within a 10-block radius of most homes. Their menus are loaded with fats, salts, sugars, and unpronounceable chemicals. At the grocery store, the price of real food – meat, vegetables, fruit, and salad fixings is often more than snack food and soft drinks. Boxed and prepared foods consume the grocery aisles. Farmers’ markets do their best to compete, but at the moment it seems like an uphill battle. I applaud the grocery store in Armstrong, BC that, instead of free cookies provides free apples to kids of shopping parents to stave off hunger pangs. Obesity

You can see the results of fast food lives everywhere. An “extra-large” top is no longer the biggest size in most clothing stores. The rise of obesity is alarming, especially in our kids. Our health care system is overburdened dealing with health issues directly related to food choices. Our obesity problem is not going to be solved with weight loss programs and diet pills. But it might be solved by parents who aren’t rushing through the drive-thru

as they take their kids to every afterschool activity. Employers could stop the insanity of 10 and 12-hour shifts so people can strike a work-life balance with time to cook. It might help if we returned to leisurely sit-down dinners with home-cooked food, lovingly prepared – not just on Sundays, but for most days of the week. As a starting point, we can stop to think about our choices in celebration of our bodies – carrot sticks or chips, water or pop, an apple or ice cream. When we choose what our bodies love, we’re rewarded with good health, vibrancy, and energy. Now that’s food for thought! As an inspirational speaker and award-winning author, Sue Paulson inspires others to love their magnificence. Her third book, “Magnificent Misery – From Adversity to Ecstasy” is now available at Audrey’s and Ascendant Books in Edmonton or through Amazon. To book Sue, visit: www.suepaulson.com

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It’s never too late to refresh your mind, body and spirit and you don’t have Audreys Books Top to do it alone. Seller in April

Many Baby Boomer women have spent decades suppressing their own wants and desires, and losing themselves in the expectations and demands of culture, parents, partners, and children, working hard to please and care for almost everyone but themselves. They’ve been misunderstood by marketers, politicians, millenials, most men, and last but not least, themselves.

illness, financial disaster, or the crushing loneliness after the kids have grown and gone, if you are asking yourself, “Now what?” and fearing that it might be too late for you and your dreams, this book is for you.

The time has come for these strong, beautiful, and fabulous women to discover, reveal, and honor their true selves. The time has come for them to re-experience life as they’ve known it, and to celebrate life as it can be.

From Dianna Bowes, visionary foundress of Fabulous@50, The Fabulous @50 Re-Experience is a living, breathing, sweet and sassy guide to remind you that you’re not alone, and it’s not to late for you to thrive.

If you are a Boomer woman in personal crisis--needing to reinvent your life, facing divorce, life-threatening

In these pages, you’ll find a wealth of reassurance, inspiration, companionship, and practical guidance to refresh your mind, body, and spirit.

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Edmonton, AB UPCOMING EVENTS Customer Appreciation • Painted Door on Main - Beaumont, 5013-50 st. • www.the painteddooronmain.ca Join me on August 18 to celebrate all things - but most importantly, we want to celebrate our customers. Scared Fitless • Every Tuesday • Hawrelak Park • 6:30 Does the idea of exercise or gyms send shivers down your spine? Yet you know how important it is as we age to stay active. Click here for more information Entertaining the Dream: Thursday, Oct 13 Baby Boomer Talent Search and Cake Raffle • Warm up your chops, get your hig scarf or tap shoes ready to share your talent. This year’s event also has a Cake Raffle of delicious cakes sponsored by local celebrites. For more information on tickets, sponsorship or hold a performance spot . Click here.


Dianna Bowes Edmonton Director & Founder Email Dianna SCARED FITLESS Fabulous@50 ladies meet every Tuesday evening at Hawrelak Park for a little fitness, friendship and fresh air. For more information click here.

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Calgary, AB UPCOMING EVENTS JoJo’s Embracing Fabulous • Radio Show New Episodes available the second and fourth Monday JoJo’s View is all about embracing fabulous in life through celebration, gratitude and generosity! Joanne and her special guests will inspire, educate and empower you with concepts, strategies and engaging conversations, designed to help you find clarity, transform your life, and Embrace Fabulous. Click here to listen. The Fabulous@50 Experience Tradeshow & Martini Party Sunday, October 16th, 2016. Enjoy a Fabulous day of Shopping, Sharing and Celebration. There will be oodles of intriguing booths, inspirational speakers and wonderful entertainment. For more info click here Monthly meetup meeting held every second Thursday, join us and have fun! Click here for info


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FAB Books!

Purple Sky Survivalist: Growing Up A Victim of Illusion Deborah Kiniski

The upbringing of a child should be done with tender affection because the possibilities for the future are endless. Yes, there will be challenges along the way, but every human life must be nurtured and cherished.

C Ba ele by bra W Bo tin om om g en er

I wish this was Deborah’s story. It is not.What is amazing about this story is that regardless of Deborah’s horrific childhood and a lack of strong role models, Deborah has learned from her own journey. Read this amazing book today. click here.



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Co as om tP 0.c laz 5 at aH Sh or us ot op o l sf u e S g p la b Fa pea ing Ba irds s nd . fa sh k g B e w e i Co wa arly Priz nfe Ma on S rs ww S • h 5 ren E or rti 10ce C nis ow Do e n t r e, C a l g a r y •

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Create Your Legacy Be a Fabulous@50 Community Director! We’re expanding and are looking for enthusiastic, energetic and well-connected women 40 plus to run Fabulous@50 events in their communities. This is an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to run your own business and create your legacy! We know how to do it and want to share it with you! Fabulous provides educational and social connections for the women 40 plus. The ideal candidate is someone who wants to create a business for themselves in a fun and social environment and be part of a global vision. We provide training, a vibrant website, guidance and an opportunity to fulfill your dreams and purpose while creating an income and making a difference. Fabulous@50 was created to Inspire, Educate and Empower the baby boomer woman.

Dianna Bowes Edmonton, AB

Fabulous@50 Vision: To build a vibrant, global community that inspires, educates and empowers Baby Boomer women through compassionate relationships with each other, and with the support of businesses who provide what these women need, want, and love. To continue to expand the Fabulous@50 community with the heart-based leadership of mature women who wish to support and motivate other such women through friendship, connection, and personal development. To awaken, encourage, and celebrate the power and contributions of mature women worldwide. Core Values: • Compassion • Empowerment • Community • Fun • Gratitude

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Joanne Neweduk Calgary, AB

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Does your company serve women who are 40 and over? How are you reaching them?

SHARE YOUR STORY! Be an inspiration to other women by sharing your story of success and build strong relationships.

Anita shares her own personal journey through menopause, and what motivated her to make a non-hormonal natural health product for herself and for all women. Click here to read about Anita.

INSPIRE Tell women everywhere how you became successful, and inspire them to follow their dreams.

EDUCATE Share your knowledge and expertise to educate women to take their next step.

EMPOWER Through your story, empower women to become change agents in their own lives and others. Be Fabulous! E-Magazine: is a monthly on-line magazine

Cheryl Anne is the creator of the Beautiful Women Project - The Art to Loving Life. Click here to read about Cheryl Anne.

aimed at the baby boomer woman. This monthly issue will be sent to the growing Fabulous@50 on-line community. Featuring inspirational woman (this could be you) we will also have articles that will interest women in the 40 plus age range. Be Fabulous! is a part of what makes Fabulous@50 so vibrant. EMAIL US TODAY FOR THE MEDIA KIT AND MORE INFORMATION ...info@fabulousat50.com

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Annie Pool is a cancer survivor with an incredible story to tell. Click here to read about Annie.

5,000 You are Pre-Approved for up to $2

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Be Fabulous! August 2016  

Celebrating baby boomer women. Featuring Holistic Nutritionist, Loretta Friedrich in our annual Food Issue.

Be Fabulous! August 2016  

Celebrating baby boomer women. Featuring Holistic Nutritionist, Loretta Friedrich in our annual Food Issue.