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Sweet Talk

Holiday, Oh Holidays I find it fascinating that the addition of one little letter to a word can take its meaning from a spontaneous, giddy vacation-cry: “We’re going on holiday!” or “Tomorrow’s a holiday!” to something that brings about no small amount of stress: “Before you know it, the holidays will be here!” Wow. What a difference that little “s” makes. No matter how you may feel about the holidays, they’ll be here in a blink. It seems that Father Time stands still for no-one…no matter how fabulous they may be. What gets you in the mood for the holidays? Is it seeing your surroundings go from the muted greys of late autumn to a blanket of pristine white? Or is it the first time you spot the eggnog on the market shelf…or hear that beloved Christmas song on the radio? For me, the holidays are a time of connection and celebration. I love the gifts and buying for family and friends… but like most everyone, I’ve scaled back a bit. These days, I’m all about quality…and less about quantity. I’m also into giving back…and Fabulous@50 is proud to be a sponsor of the Spirit of Christmas – Shoeboxes for Kids, providing support and much-needed provisions to underprivileged kids in the Edmonton school system. It seems that the more I give, the better it feels. It’s a feeling I plan to continue throughout the year and not just around the holidays. And it’s important to pamper yourself as well! All too often, the holidays become

so much about giving to others that we emerge in the new year exhausted… and more than just a teeny bit relieved that it’s all behind us for another year. During what can feel like the endlesslylong, brutally-cold winter months, it’s more important than ever that we allow ourselves to slow down…and re-charge. Spending more time indoors should be an opportunity for some serious self-indulgence. Make a promise to yourself right now that you’ll find the compromise between the things you have to do and the things you want to do. For some, the winter months hold the promise of a much-deserved holiday to someplace fabulous, where your biggest challenge is deciding what to eat for dinner...and where you give yourself gleeful permission to relax. But where is it written that you have to go away for this to happen? Find your inner holiday…and celebrate every fabulous minute of it. Begin that hobby, join that book club or decide that this is the last season you’ll stare at that unfinished project. It’s time. If not now, when? Here’s wishing all of you the happiest of holidays…and joy in 2012! For if not now, when? v DIANNA BOWES Founder of Fabulous@50 • Graphic Designer/Artist • Editor Dianna is a strong, passionate and creative baby boomer woman with a life full of experiences that she could write a couple books about and maybe will one day. Dianna was awarded the 2011 YWCA Women of Distinction’s Turning Point Award. • Celebrating the baby boomer woman • 3





Celebrating the baby boomer women

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INSIDE? 3 SWEET TALK Holiday, Oh Holidays!

15 LIFE IS JUST A PHASE Time to Plan an Escape.

6 LOOKING FABULOUS AT 50 Can Women Over 40 Wear Leggings?

17 UNDERSTANDING MEN The Gift of Understanding Men This Holiday Season.

8 HAPPINESS Get Happy For The Holidays!

18 my great escape! Belize.

10 FINANCIAL FINESSE Because You Are Worth It.


12 Featured FABULOUS@50 WOMAN Beth Forsyth: A Time for Humanity.

21 EVERYDAY FOOD Tis the Time to be Jolly.

Cover Photo: Nicole Watson is an Edmonton-based freelance photographer who is the creative mind behind Nicole Ashley Photography. Since she was a little girl, Nicole felt as though she viewed the world through a lens. She found herself wanting to freeze time whenever she encountered something truly extraordinary or beautiful; eventually, it was photography that allowed her to capture these moments. nicole ashley photography • • Celebrating the baby boomer woman • 5

Can Women

Looking Fabulous at 50

Over 40 Wear Leggings? To wear leggings or not to wear leggings? This is one of the most commonly asked questions: “Can I wear leggings even though I’m in my 50s?”. My experience of working with women over 40 has taught me the answer is “yes, butt…” cover your butt

Yes, women over 40 can wear leggings but they must keep it classy and sophisticated regardless of their style by covering their “butt”. Showing one’s behind in these unforgiving body hugging pieces of clothing, regardless of your size or shape, is not classy nor sophisticated. Keep it age appropriate

Leave the behind-showing style to those in their teens or 20’s. Only on a rare occasion a very toned woman in her 50s can look exquisite showing her bottom in leggings...and I mean rare... she was a size 2 and worked out like a maniac! Keep it age appropriate by wearing leggings with longer tops, tunics, tops

with a bit of volume to offset the narrow bottom silhouette, mid-thigh sweaters, dresses, boyfriend jackets or shorter trench coats. Leggings are not pants. They are still considered hosiery. Just as you wouldn’t show your “business” in a pair of tights, nor should you show your business in a pair of leggings. Although, I must admit that leggings have come a long way in the last couple of years. Some leggings are looking more and more like skinny jeans. They are definitely getting very close to that line of being a pant that just happens to be made of very stretchy and therefore comfortable fabric. There are so many options available from thin hosiery fabric leggings, corduroy leggings to down right thick skiers fabric leggings. Jeggings is another word for a legging made to look like a pair of jeans. I’ve seen some in very heavy denim that could technically be called a jean. So when in doubt, cover up your “business”. Footwear

Try a flat knee-high boot to be worn with leggings and a longer top. Or a thin soled ballet flat. AVOID heavy soled shoes that look too chunky with this modern silhouette.

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Looking Fabulous at 50

You can wear a heeled shoe ONLY if your “business” is covered to keep it from looking too youthful for a woman of your wisdom.


Gift Ideas...

that won’t break the bank!


1. Gift Cards: Massages, Movies...

• no liquid coloured leggings like silver, gold, glossy black or any neon colours. Keep it classy by wearing matte fabric leggings in darker neutral colours like black, brown, gray or camel.

2. An Experience: Make a voucher to pamper someone, or to do something for them.

• no exotic prints. v SHIRLEY BORRELLI Personal Development Mentor/ Author/ Speaker • Coach Shirley Borrelli, B.Ed is a fun, energetic and results driven expert who can build your confidence to attract more success in your life. She has become a trusted advisor to hundreds of women looking for personal development coaching, shopping and wardrobing strategies. She has been seen on all the major television networks in Edmonton. She is a graduate from the University of Alberta.Shirley brings clarity to her audiences with her information teleseminars and coaching programs. She can be reached at:;; 780.235.5506.

3. Re-gift: Go through your closets and re-gift to someone who can truly use it. 4. Accessorize: Buy them headphones, or an accessory for their IPad, IPhone or car. 5. Plan a Party: Make this your gift to your friends and family. 6. Magazine Subscriptions 7. Homemade Treats: Bake a special treat and put in a Christmas tin . 8. Frame a Special Photo

Celebrating the baby boomer woman • 7

Get Happy


For Christmas! Most of us have the best intentions to experience the holiday season with grace, openness, and love, yet even with the sincerest of intentions, the holidays can challenge our vision to express the spirit of the season: too much to do and not enough time, money or help. Stress becomes a thief that steals our goodwill and gratitude. What can we do to stay healthy, positive, and happy at a time when we may be overwhelmed with pessimism, emotional eating and stress? 1) An Attitude of Gratitude Unconditional gratitude cultivates the belief that you live in a hospitable environment that is working for you. Did you know that gratitude and positive thoughts can cause the release of serotonin, the “good mood” hormone? With sufficient serotonin, we feel more balanced and happier because this chemical helps to promote relaxation, restful sleep, and a feeling of well being.

ules fill up with family gatherings, work events, and cocktail parties. While it is OK to indulge a little, it is important to remember that sugar and alcohol can affect our brain chemistry and can alter our moods. Blood sugar imbalances can cause reduced serotonin levels and have the potential to lead to a variety of health challenges, including depression. Building and maintaining serotonin levels can be achieved with delicious and nutritious foods. Fortunately, turkey, a Christmas favourite, can help you in your health goals. Turkey’s famous “sleep” chemical tryptophan is also a serotonin precursor, which can help curb carb cravings.

2) Eating

Packaged and processed foods can take a serious toll on your biochemistry. In between all of your holiday errands and parties, make sure to reach for some of these food to help you maintain healthy brain chemistry and energy levels: • yogurt • salmon • whole grains • dark chocolate

The holidays can often cause healthy eating plans to fall away as our sched-

Don’t forget to drink lots of water and get in those leafy greens!

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3) Transform with Meditation Remember during the hectic holiday season that it is important to BREATHE. Deep breathing and meditation can double the oxygen supply to the brain, release endorphins, and reduce anxiety. A regular meditation practice can spark more left brain activity and can affect the function and structure of the brain, particularly in the prefrontal cortex, the part of the brain that can cause positive emotions. Meditation can also cause changes in the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS), which controls functions like respiration and heart beat. These two functions are integral when it comes to keeping us calm. 4) Healthy Living During the hurried holiday season, it becomes all too easy to let go of an exercise routine. The holiday, however, is when one needs exercise the most! Over 100 clinical studies confirm the effectiveness of exercise in the prevention and treatment of mild depression.

try to do a bit of yoga in your office, park farther away from the door when you’re at the mall, and take the stairs as often as possible. Every little bit counts! 5) Say YES to yourself Remember to take some time for yourself this holiday. Downtime is not a luxury; it is essential. Make some time to do some yoga, either at home or in a class. Not only will it help to give you clarity, it will also help your body to release some of the tension that it is carrying around. The next time you are out running holiday errands, consider ending the day with a massage. Massage can increase circulation and help with detoxification, which is something that is very important in what is traditionally a season of overindulgence. v ELIZABETH MANUEL Speaker • Coach

Exercise causes the release of serotonin, which is the most powerful of all antidepressants. If you don’t have time to make it to the gym or to a class, try to fit in exercise any way that you can:

In the area of the psychology of happiness, no one is better respected than Elizabeth Manuel. Giving from her heart with over a decade of specialized experience in increasing happiness and self-esteem, author of two books and six CDs, Elizabeth is a successful speaker and coach and certainly a powerful and positive woman of influence. • 780.445.9299

Tips to help you manage holiday spending To read complete article go to

1. Make a budget 2. Refrain from personal purchases 3. Trim your gift list 4. Research gifts to find bargains

5. Know return policies 6. Shop early... and late 7. Pay with cash 8. Reduce everyday costs

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Because You’re Worth It Careful planning can help you have the retirement you want. Let’s determine your income in retirement and what you can do to increase it Incomes of Canadian Seniors

Consider these current statistics • About 75% of Canadian seniors have incomes under $60,000 and of that percentage • About 55% have incomes under $40,000 and • About 20% have incomes under $20,000 Generally individuals need less (90% of current expenses is a valid base) to live on during retirement. Be aware however of the “ups” and “downs” to retirement expenses. Here’s a list to consider. Retirement Expense Considerations To Go Up To Go Down Health Care


Food Taxes Leisure & Recreation


Travel & Entertainment


Auto Insurance

Life Insurance

Retirement Income Considerations 1. Company Pension Plan (questions to ask) • Do you understand it? • Is it a defined contribution plan or a defined benefit plan?

• What are your options when you retire? • What other benefits does your company offer its retirees? 2. CPP (Canada Pension Plan) When should you apply for CPP, at age 60, 65, 70 or anything in between? With all the new rules about CPP it’s very essential that you become familiar with them before making a choice. 3. OAS (Old Age Security) This can be received at 65 years of age, based on residency and how long you have lived in Canada. OAS may be taxable for high income earners. For instance in 2010, the OAS “claw back threshold” was $66,733 the OAS will continue to be clawed back for income above that threshold. For 2010, the income level cut-off was approximately $108,000. If your income increases the next year, the “claw back” may increase as well. If in subsequent years your income decreases, the “claw back” will decrease. 4. Income Potential of Both RRSPs and Non-Registered Savings Now is the time to review this. RRSPs must be converted to a Registered Retirement Income Fund (RRIF) by the end of the year you turn 71 years of age.

10 • Be Fabulous! I I December 2011 • January • 2012

Non-Registered Investments that you hold are taxed annually on interest, dividends and realized capital gains. This income is added to your total income. When a non-registered investment is sold, it may result in a capital gain or loss. Capital losses are only deductible against capital gains. Tax Free Savings Accounts (TFSA) will become an increasingly valuable source of savings and income for seniors. For example, if you do not need all your income you can tax shelter it in a TFSA up to your maximum allowable amount. Over-contribution can result in a tax

penalty of 1%/month for every dollar over-contributed. What Should You Do?

To prevent over taxation and loss of future potential income, seek professional advice. Meet with your advisor on an annual basis to review your financial position. v For upcoming seminars, workshops and ladies events, call Donna @ 780-702-1551. DONNA WORTHINGTON CFP EPC • Investment Planning Counsel Donna WORTHINGTON is on the National Board of Directors as 1st ViceChair of the Canadian Institute of Financial Planners (A Professional Association of nearly 5,000 CFPs across Canada)For upcoming seminars, workshops and ladies events, call Donna @ 780-702-1551


One course at a time. It’s easy to learn something new at Metro. ■ ■

Business & Management ■ Fitness & Sports ■ Photography Law for the Layperson ■ Cooking ■ And More! M12-0009


Remember for RRIFs, there is a minimum withdrawal but not a maximum withdrawal…..RRIFs offer flexibility. You can RRIF earlier than 71 years of age if you need the income. But all withdrawals are added to your taxable income.

Adult Continuing Education 780.428.1111 EPSB M0009 Metro - Expand Your Horizons Publication: Fabulous at 50 Magazine

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Beth Forsyth builds houses for hope

Photos by Nicole Ashley photography

A Time of Humanity:

Top left: A little boy in a orphanage/school in Kenya. Bottom left: Beth’s work boots. Main: Beth bending rebar in Tecpan, Guatemala.

There are different seasons to our lives. Some are for pampered stays in five-star hotels, according to 55-year-old Beth Forsyth; while other periods are so inherently rich and abundant – in the midst of astonishing scarcity and lack – that a small, flat space on a dirt swept floor, for the time being, “will do nicely, thank you” ... or graçias ... asante ... terima kasih. In her late-40s, the accountant and mother-of-two thought she had arrived: she had a solid business, a devoted husband and two thriving teenaged kids. “You set a goal to get to some place and then you get there, and you are where you’re supposed to be, and it’s comfortable and easy ...” ... and then you don’t want comfortable and easy. Instead, you want Africa, a new

business franchise, a flexible, openminded partner and a window on life with an ameliorated view. “I knew there was more,” she says, eyes bright, heart open. Beth went for it: taking a step away from accounting, she opened an M&M Meats franchise in Spruce Grove, and threw herself whole-heartedly into the new business venture. She tore open the shutters and threw up the sash, exhilarated; and the life she knew changed irreparably. Such is the nature of growth – and nerve. different direction

She and her husband separated, deciding their lives were moving in two different directions. With time and care, the children adjusted well and the Forsyths, individually and collectively, moved into a new season of their lives.

12 • Be Fabulous! I I December 2011 • January • 2012

“I was excited about turning 50. My kids were older, I had more options in my life, I was single. I could do or be anything I wanted to be. I had a successful business that I loved,” says Beth. Then, suddenly, she was diagnosed with a Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumor, a rare form of cancer. “I had surgery and my family wanted me to sell my business and stop working. Shortly after, I made a list of things I wanted to do while I was retired,” says Beth. And one of them was to travel. “I had only been to places where I’d stayed in five-star hotels. I never saw the country for what it was worth, and only met the people in the resorts ... this time I didn’t want to put travel dollars in the pockets of some big, rich corporation. I wanted to know that it was doing some good in the world. And I wanted to go to Africa.” Habitat for Humanity

Back on her feet, Beth hooked up with Habitat for Humanity in Edmonton, a not-for-profit organization that mobilizes volunteers and community partners to build affordable housing and help break the cycle of poverty. Through their World Division, Beth joined a team of Habitat volunteers from all over the world and traveled to Chile on her first philanthropic mission. “When I came home I was high for a month. It was ah-mazing. I got to interact with the family I was helping; a single mom with a baby. She worked on the house just as hard as we did. I saw that she would never have a home

Beth digging the foundation in Casa Blanca, Chile.

of her own without my help,” says Beth, adding that, as a volunteer there are no expectations other than to contribute. “You only do what you’re capable of doing.” Says Beth: “I’m a good shoveler but I can’t hammer a nail. So we all bring our different skills and work together. You don’t need a lot. They teach you what you need to know.” About 60 per cent of Habitat for Humanity volunteers are women and 30 per cent are over the age of 50. Beth describes the group dynamic as one of “instant camaraderie.” After two weeks of solid team work, a new crew arrived relieving Beth and her group for leisure time. “We are all there for the same purpose. It’s a common goal that’s selfless. You don’t get people who aren’t compassionate. They’re all soft, caring, gentle people who want to give back to the world and see the good in that,” says Beth. “It’s also a great way to travel and see the world.” {continued on page 14}

Celebrating the baby boomer woman • 13

{Habitat • from page 13}

After their work stint, “you take holidays,” she grins widely. “I’ve swam the Indian Ocean and visited the island of Zanabar, off the coast of Tanzania ...” After Chile, she did Habitat trips to Guatamala and Kenya, and in 2012 she’s off to Malaysia. clean bill of life

“I have learned that people everywhere are the same. We all have the same basic needs and desires – food, shelter, love and acceptance. Whether it’s the people coming to build or needing the home, it’s all the same. And I never ever thought I was doing anything special or different than anyone else. It makes my soul feel good. That’s why I do it.” Today, the part-time accountant, mother-of-two, cancer survivor and middleaged divorcé is celebrating her five-year

clean bill of health, which she got from her doctor in early November. Memories

Many seasons have passed, in which she’s worked in rain and mud, slept on the earth, dug dirt from her fingernails, washed in the sea, and laughed with a Chilean mom, who told her through a translator, “Since you like Chilean babies so much, why don’t you stay here and raise mine.” Beth doesn’t buy souvenirs. “It’s the same shit, different country.” Her days of 5-star beachfront resorts are behind her. “The best thing I bring back are the memories, of the amazing people I’ve met along the way.” v Jennifer Parks is a freelance writer and yoga instructor living in Edmonton. Contact her at

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Time to plan an escape The rush of the holidays is on, its dark, its cold and our thoughts turn to a tropical getaway. Who doesn’t want to escape from winter? Apparently lots of people. One in four Canadians do not take their allotted vacation time each year. Some provinces are much worse than that with half of Ontarians and 40% of Albertans not taking time off from work. Even though people feel stressed at work and know that vacations play an important role in the 3 R’s: relaxing, resting and re-energizing, they simply avoid time off because they are too busy or don’t have the money. After a while they start feeling like a prisoner of work or family commitments. Let’s assume both those things are true no time and no money. You can still get the benefits of a vacation by thinking outside the box. Most people imagine ski slopes or beaches, packing a suitcase and leaving town. There are other creative ways to plan an escape this winter. Here are some simple ways to get away from it all: Turn your bathroom into a spa

You don’t have to check into a 5 star resort to create a spa experience. Take one day off work and devote yourself to pampering. Divide your day into home treatments like manicure, pedicure, body scrub and soak. Maybe add in a

yoga or stretching session. Most spas use lighting and music to help set the mood. Buy some nice products like essential oils. Include a light but healthy lunch. Remember to turn off your cell phone and other distractions. Without leaving home you can escape into a world of self care for a day. Be an armchair traveler

Is there some where you have always wanted to go but cost and time got in the way? Visit that place without leaving home by designing a travel day or weekend. Let’s say you have longed to go to Italy. Begin by choosing a movie set in Italy - perhaps Under the Tuscan Sun or something classic like Roman Holiday. Also select an Italian travel video about the location of the movie. Your public library is a good source for travel videos and books. Watching both gives you a more complete experience of a city or region. Any trip to Italy would include food and wine. Plan your meals with an Italian flavour. Maybe try a new recipe. You could also practice learning some new words with a language cd. An at-home travel day or weekend is also a lot of fun to share with your partner or a group of friends. Check in for a night

One of the nice things about travelling is enjoying great service in a wonderful hotel. Give yourself a one night getaway {continued on page 16} in a local hotel. Celebrating the baby boomer woman • 15

{Escape • from page 15}

Mid-week rates are often significantly reduced. Check in as early as you can. Order room service. Visit the spa or gym. Watch a movie or bring a good book. Curl up in the king size bed and sleep in as late as you like. The biggest obstacle to a winter escape is believing that you are worth it. Once you decide that you deserve it, coming up with one or two day getaways ideas is easy. They also cost far less than a one or two week vacation. If you really want to hit the slopes or the beach and you’ve left it too late for this year, starting planning ahead for next year. Block off the time in your schedule and start saving each month for a traditional vacation. In the end however you arrange it, it’s not really about escaping winter. It’s more about escaping stress and fatigue and liberating your re-energized self. Bon voyage! v LAUREL VESPI Stone Circle Coaching Laurel Vespi is a certified life coach, author and motivational speaker who helps women find more balance, fun and satisfaction no matter what phase of life they are in. Learn more at

FAB Books! I’m 40! I’m Feisty! and there’s a gray hair in my WHAT?!? by Rhayne Marcella Thomas In 2007 she released, “I’m 40! I’m Feisty! and there’s a gray hair in my WHAT?!?” and her invitations to women’s events increased. That book told funny, but true, stories of the things that happen to us as we age and how we could embrace our issues through laughter. As a result, Rhayne’s books found their way into cancer treatment facilities, women’s retreats, hospice centers, churches and anywhere else a dose of encouragement was needed. In 2008, Writer’s Digest voted and awarded it one of the “100 funniest books of the year!” and some proceeds are always donated to the charity of a host’s choice.

Edmonton Book Signing: Tuesday, December 13th, 2011: 2pm-5pm Strands Hair Team, 17042-90 Ave NW, Edmonton Wednesday, December 14th, 2011: 4pm-7pm Verve Salon & Spa #152-11 Athabascan Ave, Sherwood Park, AB , 4pm-7pm Thursday, December 15th, 2011: 4pm-8pm Chapters Books on Whyte Ave, 10504 82nd Ave, Edmonton Saturday, December 17th, 2011: 11am-2pm Unique Boutique, 14226 Stony Plain Road NW, Edmonton Saturday, December 17th, 2011: Block 1912 European Cafe, 10361 82 Ave, Edmonton Early Evening

Want more Energy? Have better Health? Want to feel Younger? Darlene & Shane Gould


An Incredible Canadian Product!

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The Of Understanding Men This Holiday Season One of the ways that I used to really get hurt by my ex-husband Shane, was when he would ask me what I wanted for Christmas. In all honesty, I didn’t just feel hurt. It actually caused me to be angry and offended as well. I would think “SERIOUSLY! After this many years together! After all those hints!!! How dense is this man!” I’m not hard to please. All I wanted was for him to put some effort into trying to figure out what to buy. I wouldn’t tell him how frustrating this was for me, instead I’d say “Oh, I don’t care honey – anything is fine”. Or “You don’t need to get me anything”. What I was really thinking was, ”If I have to tell you what to buy, don’t bother!” After a couple years of that, I’d just buy myself something extra nice when I went to Spruce Meadows or I’d go to a horse show in B.C. and give him the credit or the bill. If you really loved me...

For me, it seemed like if he really loved and cared about me he should be able to figure out what I liked and what would make me happy. After all, I never once had to be told what he would like as a gift. I loved him enough to pay attention and not have to be told! Why didn’t he try ANYTHING, instead of doing nothing? What I learned is that men don’t try, they will only do what will work. I used to think it was because

they were lazy or didn’t care. What I have since learned is that if they don’t have a 90% plus chance of winning at the game of making you happy, they are not going to do anything. One of the ways that men set themselves up to win is by asking us what will make us happy. It’s not because they don’t care or because their not paying attention. They do care, that’s why they ask. They pay attention to what you say if you tell them what would make you happy. set him up to win

A woman who came to one of my seminars once told me she posts a list of 3-4 things she’d like to receive on her fridge. Then, one day they will all be gone and she knows that her husband has decided what to get her. We call this act of partnership “setting up a man to win”. v CINDY SAWATZKY PAX Programs Workshop Leader-In-Training Cindy leads free Understand Men seminars as well as two day “Celebrating Men, Satisfying Women” workshops in Edmonton and Calgary. She is passionate about women getting more of what they need with a lot less effort from men. 780-271-1054 or cindy. or for more about PAX Programs go to Celebrating the baby boomer woman • 17

mikebaird; Flickr, Creative Commons


I’m not sure if it was the natural beauty, or the heart-pumping adventure around every corner, but I fell hard for Belize. The shore of this Central American country is home to the longest coral reef in the western hemisphere – a 300 km-long coastal playground for snorkellers, scuba divers, sport fishermen and the like. The clear turquoise waters are the perfect place to learn how to scuba dive, regardless of your age or ability. Each day, there are scheduled tours to specific sites, or you can vacation on a “live-aboard” dive boats which sail from reef to reef.

Nature Reserve. There are many photo ops along the way. Spectacular, incredible and a rush like no other is the only way I can describe rappelling 94 metres off a cliff above Actun Loch Tunich sinkhole. Time permitting, book an excursion to the ruins of Tikal – one of the most powerful ancient Mayan kingdoms – across the border in Guatemala.

BELIZE Fontankadom; Flickr, Creative Commons

Once you tire of the marine life, you can discover Belize’s lush jungle terrain and mountainous areas, which harbour a diversity of tree, bird and animal species. If you’re up for a physical challenge, sign up for a hiking tour of Actun Tunichil Muknal cave. The ancient Mayans believed the caves were portals between the world of the living and the underground worlds of the gods and spirits. The hike includes three stream crossings and passes though the Tapir Mountain

You can glean much about a country from the food its people eat. Belize’s traditional mainstays reflect an eclectic fusion of nationalities, combining flavours from Mestizo, Spanish and Mayan cultures. One dish every visitor should taste is stewed chicken. A local spice called annatto is rubbed into the chicken before the meat is browned, giving it a sweet, peppery flavour. Soup is also a popular dish. Serre la sus is a fish soup made with a coconut milk broth. Onions, spices, plantains and cassava bread are also added to this rich soup. Wash down your meal with a pint of Belikin, Belize’s national beer and enjoy. v Evelyn Drouin, International Travel Counsellor at AMA Travel. For more information on this and other vacation destinations, visit or call 1-866-667-4777.

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Photo by Nicole Ashley Photography

Fabulous Events

January 1-29, 2012

HEART & STROKE DEATH DEFYING CHALLENGE Heart disease and stroke is the leading cause of death for Canadian women. The Heart & Stroke Death Defying Challenge is a new fundraising event that can help change this alarming statistic. Family, friends and corporate groups can get started by registering today at

Congratulations to Dianne Block, Kimberly Smith and Margaret McPherson for being the 2011 Fabulous@50 Inside-Out Makeover Winners. Thank you to all our sponsors. View photos on A Christmas Carol: December 7 - 23rd, McClab Theatre, The Citadel Theatre An Edmonton Tradition Starring RICHARD McMillan Adapted by TOM WOOD Directed by BOB BAKER and GEOFFREY BRUMLIK Based on the Story by CHARLES DICKENS

Disney’s Beauty and the Beast January 3rd, 2012 Northern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium December 16-18/2011

The Singing Christmas TREE Imagine a stage ornamented with whimsy, a 35-foot singing Christmas tree, and an audience in wonder! Adorned with thousands of glimmering lights, filled with 150 heart-felt singers, all accompanied by a live orchestra in the Northern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium.

Were you born between 1946 and 1964? Ever make out at the Drive In? Own a beanbag chair? Listen to an eight track? If you loved Lucy, or dreamed of Jeanie, then this show is for you. Members of the Edmonton Fabulous@50 Meetup group wrap shoeboxes for the Spirit of Christmas Shoebox Campaign. To join this group fabulousat50 Do you have an event that would benefit our baby boomer demographic? E: *all requests will be reviewed

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Everyday Food

“Tis the Season to be Jolly!” I love the holidays but let’s face it, the fun doesn’t start until the party begins! So, when that time finally arrives, keep it simple and fun by entertaining your company with a unique cocktail, such as a Chocolate Martini or an Eggnog Latte from ATCO Blue Flame Kitchen.

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Keep the in your holidays and plan ahead. Prepare as much food ahead of time as possible so that you don’t feel compelled to leave cooking food unattended to be with your guests. Even if you’re leaving the stove for ‘just a few minutes’, play it safe. Turn off your stove before you walk away. 2011 © ATCO Blue Flame Kitchen. All rights reserved. v For more recipes from ATCO Blue Flame Kitchen, check out the website at

Chocolate Martini 1 1/2 ounces vodka 1 1/2 ounces white creme de cacao Ice cubes Milk chocolate Hershey’s Kiss For each martini, combine vodka, crème de cacao and ice cubes in a cocktail shaker. Shake thoroughly. Strain into a martini glass. Garnish with a Hershey’s Kiss. Serves 1.

Eggnog latte 4 cups (1 L) eggnog 2 tbsp (25 mL) rum or coffee liqueur 2 tbsp (25 mL) brandy 2 cups (500 mL) freshly brewed strong coffee or espresso Nutmeg In a heavy saucepan, heat eggnog over medium heat until hot; do not boil. Stir rum and brandy into coffee. Pour onethird each of coffee mixture and eggnog into a blender. Cover and blend until very frothy. Pour into cups and sprinkle with nutmeg. Repeat procedure twice with remaining ingredients. Serves 6 - 8.

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VOLUNTEERS WANTED Suit Yourself is seeking volunteers to assist clients and/or to receive, sort and organize clothing donations. Shifts are available Monday - Saturday at various times of the day. To learn more, contact Sara at p: 780.488.9930 or email

ARBONNE - Jane Pytel, Independent Consultant Swiss-formulated, botanically based skin care that is pure, safe & beneficial. Formulated without mineral oil, parabens or perfumes. Hypoallergenic, Dermatologist tested, certified Vegan. 780-963-6088 or

ALPHA BODY CARE - Karen Shapka Escape...go ahead, you deserve it! I want you looking your best for the holiday season and beyond. Hair, manicures, pedicures, waxing, tinting, massage, facials...everything in one location. 10% off your first visit if you mention this Be Fabulous ad! Call or text to schedule your appointment today. p: 780-438-1946

LIVE LOCAL ALBERTA Live Local is a non-profit organization designed for supporting and sustaining Alberta’s independent businesses. Live Local strives to promote creativity and uniqueness in local communities by working together to promote social responsibility through education, and encouraging consumers to think local first! p: 780.756.3663 e:

JOCKEY PERSON TO PERSON - Carolyn Burke Be Fabulous-ly dressed in our quality, casual, comfortable, clothing. Available in sizes xs- 3xl. Call me today to book your fun with friends and fashion event. Personal fittings also available. Business opportunities available. • p: 780.994.1529


Tokyo Milk fate & fortune collection Collection includes one perfumed shower gel, one roller parfum de cigarro, and A body souffle.

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Specializing in event marketing • postcards • brochures • signage • magazines • newsletters


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The Benefits are so Amazing! Having a fun ladies night in with

lia sophia jewellery

In addition to a great evening with friends and a break from the chaos, here’s the Hostess Benefits:

FREE Jewellery!! Receive 20% of your sales in FREE jewellery

HOSTESS BONUS ITEMS! Choose any 4 items at special Hostess Bonus prices. ($16.50 unless otherwise noted in our catalogue)

Half Price Items! Choose any 2 Items at HALF price.


with 10 Orders and 2 dated bookings

For questions or to book, please contact me:

Penny Matthews – Ind Advisor/Leader


BONUS OFFER     Book  a  Show  and  receive  an  additional   $100  in  FREE  product     Place  an  Order  and  Receive  20%  OFF  

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Indulge & Create Special Memories

Charleston Wine & Food Festival March 2 – 4, 2012

The 7th annual Charleston Food & Wine Festival is a four-day event celebrating the city’s extraordinary culinary history. Indulge in Southern cuisine, meet awardwinning chefs and enjoy all the action in the Culinary Village. Includes two nights boutique hotel, Culinary Village ticket and Gospel brunch. From $499 USD

The Girlfriend’s Getaway, Shop & Flop

— Explore Hong Kong & Thailand

January – March, 2012 departures

Grab your girlfriends and get down to some serious shopping in Hong Kong. Fly to Koh Samui, an island paradise in Thailand to enjoy some relaxation and time to reflect on your purchases. From $1865 (includes airfare from Edmonton/Calgary)

Yukon Cross Country Ski Tour

with Olympian Jane Vincent

March – April, 2012

This small-group, eight-day tour is hosted by Yukon-Olympic CrossCountry Skier, Jane Vincent. Yukon boasts one of the country’s most avid cross-country ski communities and developed trail systems. From $2250

All tours are quoted in Canadian dollars unless otherwise stated, are per person based on two sharing and are subject to change and availability. Rates do not include airfare, taxes, fees, or insurance unless indicated. 24 • Be Fabulous! I I December 2011 • January • 2012

Be Fabulous! Dec-Jan 2012  
Be Fabulous! Dec-Jan 2012  

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