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Stress? Muscle Aches? Stiffness? Headaches? Anxiety?

Do you suffer from any of the following: • Allergies • Anxiety & Depression • Arthritis (Osteo & Rheumatoid) • Circulatory Problems • Carpal Tunnel • Chronic Pain • Constipation & Diarrhea • Digestive Disorders, Including Spastic Colon • Frozen Shoulder • Fibromyalgia • Headache, Especially Due to Muscle Tension • Migraine Headaches • Low Back Pain • Insomnia • Muscle Spasm

• Neck & Shoulder Tension • Neuritis/Neuralgia • Post Injury Rehabilitation • Pseudo-sciatica (Leg Aches) • Pulled or Strained Muscles • Pregnancy • Reduced Range of Motion • Respiratory Problems • Sinusitis, Stress • Sports Injuries • Sprained Ligaments • Tendonitis/Bursitis • TMJ Problems • Whiplash, etc • Or Any Other Soft  Tissue Disorders


CranioSacral Therapy, Acupuncture, Relaxation & Hot Stone Massage by Experienced Therapists



Registered Massage Therapists – Members of AMTWP & MTAA #207, 86 McKenney Ave., St. Albert

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5 SWEET TALK Lighten the load.


6 Looking Fabulous at 50 Closet audit: Simply your life. 8 HAPPINESS Is clutter sabotaging your happiness and prosperity. 10 ON TOBY’S TERMS What can you learn about from a dog. 12 FINANCIAL FINESSE No problem. 14 FEATURED FABULOUS@50 WOMAN Kelly Falardeau - No Risks...No Rewards. 18 LIFE IS A PHASE Your kitchen isn’t the only place with a junk drawer. 20 FABULOUS PARTNERING Decluttering relationships. 22 CONSIGNMENT SHOPPING! Benefits of consignment shopping. 24 THE POWER OF YOGA Clean house - from the inside - out. 24 LIVE WELL Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy - A preventative approach to diseases of aging.

Publisher: Gryphon Publishing Editor: Dianna Bowes Cover Photography: Nicole Watson Designer: Creative On The Printer: Transcontinental Inc. Sales: Christy Cooke E: P: 780-756-8106 Editorial Contributors: Dianna Bowes, Shirley Borrelli, Elizabeth Manuel, Jennifer Park, Donna Worthington, Glenda Polak, Laurel Vespi, Toby, Sue Paulson, Reneigh Pickunyk

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Cover Photo: Nicole Watson is an Edmonton-based freelance photographer who is the creative mind behind Nicole Ashley Photography. Since she was a little girl, Nicole felt as though she viewed the world through a lens. She found herself wanting to freeze time whenever she encountered something truly extraordinary or beautiful; eventually, it was photography that allowed her to capture these moments. nicole ashley photography,, Celebrating the baby boomer woman • 3

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Sweet Talk


Lighten the Load... To our new readers who are joining us for the first time: welcome. To those of you who have come back for more: welcome back. The concept here is simple, to empower women from 40-60 and beyond or, to recognize the strength and knowledge that lies within us all…and to celebrate it each and every day. To respect the wisdom that comes from the passing of time and to embrace that unique desire in all of us to continue to grow and enrich our lives to be the very best that they can be. For if not now, when?


The truth is, we are a society that loves their stuff...and everything in the media targets our desire to have what’s newer... because newer and more is always better, right?

Letting Go

For a great many of us, it’s difficult to let go. The emotional attachment is simply too great…and there’s all that history to consider. Oftentimes, it’s easier to

keep things the same…even though we realize the usefulness isn’t what it used to be. The magic may have dimmed but we hang on to the belief that it could be rekindled if only we had some muchneeded, all-elusive time. I’m talking about our attachment to stuff…and we’ve got way more of it than we could ever want or need. The time has come to simplify our lives and there’s no better way to do this than by taking stock and cleaning out. It may seem harsh…that is, until one realizes how much one has accumulated. The truth is, we are a society that loves their stuff…and everything in the media targets our desire to have what’s newer…because newer and more is always better, right? I think you know the answer to this. The truth is that it can be liberating to lighten the accumulated load. And it can open our eyes to a greater understanding of what makes us tick…and maybe expose what’s holding us back as well. How many times do we hear about people who suffer from crippling consumer debt? Then they borrow from the bank to pay off all those nasty credit cards…but they make one crucial {continued on page 28} mistake:

Dianna Bowes • Founder of Fabulous@50 • Graphic Designer I am a baby boomer woman with a life full of experiences that I could write a couple books about and maybe will one day. I am passionate about connecting and empowering women to living their lives to the fullest. I am a graphic designer and have always wanted to create a publication filled with positive and uplifting information. Enjoy! • Celebrating the baby boomer woman • 5

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Looking Fabulous at 50


Cleaning out your closet might seem like the lowest priority on your already bursting “to do” list. Yet, your cluttered closet may be keeping you hostage to a scattered headspace each morning. “There is a connection between closet space and head space”, claims Karen Robock of Glow magazine.

There is a connection between holding onto clothes and accessories that you rarely, if at all, wear and your ability to feel unburdened to face your day. Your closet is not a storage unit, anything that does not belong to “getting dressed” does not belong in your closet. Keep your closet neat, organized and simplified. Everything in your closet needs to be clean, pressed and ready to wear. Follow this list to simplify your closet audit and therefore your life: Discard anything that: • does not fit. Too big or too small; toss ‘em! Consider tailoring for a proper fit. • is worn out. If it looks tired, toss it. • is outdated. If the item is more than 5 years old, it is probably outdated. • you have not worn for a year. If the clothing item is for special occasions, move it to a separate storage closet to not take up valuable space in your everyday closet. If it is not a “special occasion garment”, then why haven’t you worn it? Decide if it is worth tailoring. If not, toss it. • you do not feel wonderful wearing. It is better to have less clothing that you look and feel fabulous wearing than a closet full of clothes that “will do”. • does not support your colour, style,

image and quality. Eliminate items that make you feel self-conscious. Organize this discarded clothing into four piles: Pile #1: Repair or Alter These clothes should not be returned to your closet until they are ready to wear which means they are also clean and pressed. Pile #2: Too Small If you cannot fit into these clothes right now, they need to be out of your closet! Box and label them, “Clothes That Are Too Small”. It is very important to date this box. One year from now, if you haven’t gone back to those clothes, it’s time to give them away. Pile #3: Too Big If you cannot wear these clothes right {continued on page 7}

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{Closet Audit • from page 6}

now without looking sloppy, they need to be out of your closet. Box and label them “Clothes that are too big”. It is very important to date this box. One year from now, if you haven’t gone back to those clothes, it is time to give them away. Store this box out of sight. Do not leave it in your closet; they will migrate back into the cycle. Pile #4: Discard Clothes You don’t want these clothes. They are worn out, outdated, or you just don’t like them. The key is to give them away today! Do not let that pile of discards hang around because they will migrate

back into your closet. Plan time in your schedule to start and finish. Your closet is a place for inspiration to clothe yourself; to reflect the image of who you are and how you want to be seen. It is not a place to store luggage, unhung pictures, old school uniforms, medals, or the kitchen sink. Your closet is not a storage unit. Declutter. Keep it clean. Keep it tidy. Keep it simple. You will be amazed at your newfound anticipation to get dressed with an organized focused space designed and organized to dress the fabulous person that you are!

Shirley Borrelli, B.Ed • Looking Your Best Inc. Shirley is a regular contributor to the media. She has appeared on Global TV, Access TV and was recently interviewed to comment on Prime Minister Harper’s image. A member of the Association of Image Consultants International, AICI. Shirley graduated from the University of Alberta with a Bachelor Degree in Education and a major in Business. 780-451-0661 • •

Celebrating the baby boomer woman • 7

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Is Clutter sabotaging your happiness and prosperity?

The ancient art of Feng Shui suggests that by focusing on one’s home and office, an individual can open the doors of prosperity, joy and health. While that might be too mystical for some to believe, almost everyone agrees that we feel better after spring cleaning our homes, cars and offices. Clutter, looking for files or cramming more paper into that overflowing “junk drawer” sucks energy and reduces efficiencies, not to mention the visual mess of it all. I suggest some simple actions individuals can do to refresh and renew their home and life. And with the tough economic environment in mind, it’s even more important to feel good, prosperous and hopeful in our intimate spaces such as our bedroom. It doesn’t have to break the bank and a little opulence can do a long way such as:

1. A fresh coat of paint. 2. Surround your home and office with life; fresh produce, plants and flowers. For a minimal investment, the energy will provide a positive vibe. 3. Clean out your filing cabinets, car, that “junk drawer” and of course, your closets. Holding on to old and unused items, clutter and dust hold back those feelings of happiness that a refreshed environment provides. Visit a dollar store for storage items that hide household items that don’t have a spot or are unsightly. (Spend 5-10 minutes per day clearing out spaces in your home or office) This clearing creates room for the new to come into your life. 4. Plan a garage sale and list your family’s unused and long forgotten items on Ebay. Not only will you get rid of your old junk, but you might make enough {continued on page 9}

8 • Be Fabulous! I APR • MAY • 2011 Issue 3.indd 8

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{Sabotage • from page 8}

extra cash flow for a family weekend away. Uncluttering your life is a spiritual and scientifically proven principle. All energy must flow to do its work. Any stagnation is apparent, visible and tangible. You walk past an area of clutter and you feel stuck, or like the life is being sucked out of you. Often we may cling to possessions out of fear or habit. My parents were raised during the depression, they had a deep rooted fear that caused them to “stock up”. Two people do not need 24 cans of soup at once or six boxes of laundry detergent. How about enough bubble bath to last for at least ten years? Clothing from the past? People who take these steps to clear and spring clean usually experience startling results. Releasing things you don’t need helps to heal fear and “lack” beliefs. A greater sense of freedom is immediately felt, plus an increased flow of new and more positive energy. Many spiritual abundance books refer to nature as abhorring a vacuum. The vacuum law of prosperity is one of the most powerful, “it takes bold and daring faith to set it into operation, as well as a sense of adventure and expectation to reap its full benefits.” (Catherine Ponder, The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity.”) Simply put, get rid of anything you don’t want or need and step into spring with a lightness of being and a happier home or office. Spring-cleaning is a valuable, refreshing and useful exercise that can involve the entire family and office. Not only can it be done on a dime, it could open up new opportunities for growth and prosperity. Elizabeth Manuel • Speaker • Coach In the area of the psychology of happiness, no one is better respected than Elizabeth Manuel. Giving from her heart with over a decade of specialized experience in increasing happiness and self-esteem, author of two books and six CDs, Elizabeth is a successful speaker and coach and certainly a powerful and positive woman of influence. • 780-445-9299

Tips and Tools to keep De-Cluttered Half the battle in getting organized is having the right storage solutions.

Use Felt Hangers Tip: Gain extra room in your closet, remove all extra wire and plastic hangers.

Storage Boxes

Shoe Rack Anita Beil - Professional Organizer The Clutter Helper H: 780-460-1684 Celebrating the baby boomer woman • 9

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On Toby’s Terms

BY Toby and Charmaine Hammond

WOOF! What can you learn about living with passion and purpose from me, a dog?

When my pet parents, Charmaine and Christopher, called Maggie the behaviourist, in, (about four years ago) to get me out of the dog house and help them manage my quirky behaviour and separation anxiety, she discovered that I needed a job...a purpose! Off we set to find a job for me. I got a four paws up score with the first organization but they said my barking would be an issue, so the search continued. Then we discovered CHIMO Pet Assisted Therapy Project who put me through a bunch of tests and I received a PAWsitive score! Weeks later I had my first volunteer interview at Alberta Hospital Edmonton. Of course I had to stop by each office to greet the staff (and see who might have a dog biscuit or toy for me). I still remember my first day volunteering at Alberta Hospital Edmonton, and that was more than three years ago now. As we walked through the door of the unit, I jumped into my passion, with all four feet. With Charmaine holding the end of my red leash and me looking PAWsome in my red vest and bandana I let out two huge barks, Toby style, to say, “I have arrived.” Some patients need a gentle cuddle; others enjoy a playful visit while some appreciate me keeping a comfortable distance. The patients always tell me that I help them so much,

Meet Toby, my Chesapeake Bay retriever rescue dog, who has had quite the adventure in his 9 years of life! So much so, he has his own book called “On Toby’s Terms, which has been signed to become a motion picture.” Toby has become an a PAWsome example of what joy and peace can come when a dog has what he needs – in Toby’s case his need was for a role, a job and purpose! To manage his naughty and destructive behaviours which included emptying closets, breaking toilet thank lids and chewing the occasional fence board. We got him a job as a pet assisted therapy dog and Toby now volunteers in Alberta Hospital Edmonton, does many presentations at schools and businesses, and is on a mission to spread joy and compassion wherever he goes. He is leaving a big PAWprint in the world.

and make them smile. It’s not just me who is leaving pawprints on hearts- the patients have a PAWsitive impact on me too. I am just as excited today about my volunteer work as I was on my first day. This was the first lesson Charmaine discovered from our volunteering together...when you are on purpose, life is easier, and there is less resistance. Imagine if every day of your work, you were as excited as the day you began! What a different world we would live in. {continued on page 11}

10 • Be Fabulous! I APR • MAY • 2011 Issue 3.indd 10

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{Woof • from page 10}

Five other tips to living with passion and purpose and staying out of the doghouse: 1) Discover your passion. Ask yourself questions like “what gives me joy?” or “what is it that I can’t wait to do?” or “What makes me feel like I am in service to others?” or “What is my true calling?” Once you discover your passions and purpose, living it every day becomes a conscious choice. 2) Set a daily intention or mindset that you are resilient and make choices that support your resilience. 3) Wake up every day the Toby way, with a happy dance. While a happy dance

may not be everyone’s style, waking up with energy, excitement and curiosity for the day is a much better option than waking up dreading the day. 4) ASK for help. ASKing for help is uncomfortable for many however; when you ask others for help, you pave the way for others to do the same. It has been my experience that most people want to help others, but in many cases they simply do not know how. 5) One action every day is 365 actions per year, and for most of us that is more than we are currently doing to live and work in our passion.

Toby & Charmaine Hammond • Speaker • Coach Toby, a 9 year old Chesapeake Bay retriever, is the star of the book On Toby’s Terms, written by Charmaine Hammond (published by Bettie Youngs Books). Charmaine is a transformational speaker working with organizations to build resilient and inspired teams! Together, Charmaine and Toby are on a mission to inspire others to live with more passion and purpose. or

Are you thinking of Buying or Selling? Give me a call, I will get you Maximum dollar and help you find your next home Faster, Smoother & Cheaper with your best interests in mind. Call today for your free home evaluation! Direct.780.994.6769 Office. 780.485.5005 Fax. 780.665.4350 Email. Celebrating the baby boomer woman • 11

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Financial: Finesse


Many women have minimal or non-existent pensions



Pension Problem Many women are without pensions. For those who have pensions, their pension income is 50 per cent of men’s. Because RRSP contributions are maximized at 18% of earned income, many women have saved less in registered plans. Many of these women cannot suffer another downturn in the market. They are looking for a more solid investment; ones that come with guarantees on the principle. However, when interest rates are low, GIC’s are not the answer. GIC’s may not generate enough income to live on and could easily be outpaced by inflation. DOES THIS SOUND LIKE YOU?

THE SOLUTION: Guaranteed Minimum Withdrawal Benefit products, available through Canada’s Insurance Companies. These new products offer Canadians peace of mind. Whether you are an entrepreneur, self employed or a stay at home mom, these products should be of great interest to you. They look, sound and work like a pension without

the need of an employer or earned income. They can be registered as an RRSP, RRIF or a non-registered investment. The Guaranteed Minimum Withdrawal Benefit product is already tremendously successful in Canada – a guaranteed income for life for retirees. Companies offer a 5% bonus on your base investment for every year you do not make a withdrawal. Take advantage of market upturns while you protect yourself from market downturns. Your plans or your lifestyle should never be put at risk by unforeseen financial market events either in Canada or abroad. Protecting your investment does not mean missing out on attractive returns. A large selection of funds are available to you and are offered by some of the best portfolio managers. Unlike some other investments, you have access to your deposits at all times and should you die, the Death Benefit guaranteed under your contract will be paid to your beneficiary. {continued on page 13}

12 • Be Fabulous! I APR • MAY • 2011 Issue 3.indd 12

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{Financial • from page 12}

When the time comes to withdraw money for income, the 5% withdrawal amount is based on your principle amount plus all those bonuses that you accumulated (called the Income Base) This amount is not dependent on market values (and you will not outlive your money). Sounds like a pension! These funds offer important maturity and death benefit guarantees, as well as the potential for creditor protection. Canadian Insurance Companies are member of Assuris, the organization that protects Canadian Insurance policy holders from loss of benefits due to financial failure or insolvency of a member company. This short article does not allow for a complete explanation of the numerous and sometimes complicated features of these products. In addition, these products are not for everyone, nor for all your retirement savings. I suggest you seek out the advice of a professional, a Certified Financial Planner, to see if these are a fit for you. Donna Worthington CFP EPC • Investment Planning Counsel Donna Worthington, is on the National Board of Directors as 1st Vice-Chair of the Canadian Institute of Financial Planners. Join Donna for an upcoming seminar series, topics include: credit, debt and mortgages, tastes, estate planning, wealth accumulation, risk management, health and disability. (780) 702-1551


on y hat is



et Li k c u B Results of this survey are from Travel • 33%

Starting a business • 7% Finding a partner • 20% Volunteering • 13% Go back to school • 7% Write a book • 15% Be in a movie or play • 2% Run a marathon • 4%

Celebrating the baby boomer woman • 13

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Feature Fabulous@50 Women



NO REWARDS Burn survivor’s book explores beauty from within Above: Kelly and JR Martinez (All My Children and Iraqi War Veteran). Right: Kelly on runway at fashion show.

Meet Kelly Falardeau – a child burn survivor who is anything but defined by her scars. What’s striking about this 44-year-old mother of three, wife, author and successful entrepreneur, is not the physical markings of a tragic childhood accident, which left her fighting for life when she was two, with burns covering 75 per cent of her body.  What hits you about Falardeau is her upbeat step, her easy-going smile, her fearless vulnerability and her purposedriven life.  Scars or no scars, here’s a woman who has always defined reality on her own terms; who could teach other gals – runway model or not – a thing or two about true beauty. STICKS AND STONES

Surviving school unscathed is a rare bird’s plume in any kids’ hat; if you can make it, without any invisible emotional

scars, carried into adulthood, then you’re just plain lucky. For Kelly, those difficult years as the “ugly duckling” grew her swan’s wings. “Every day was a risk for me. I didn’t know if I was going to be teased, stared at or rejected,” says Falardeau. “But I was never allowed to quit. I had to be treated normally because (my family) wanted me to grow up and have a normal life like everyone else.”  In her recently self-published book, No Risk, No Rewards, soon to be available on, Falardeau bravely tells how she was nicknamed “Scarface” by a school bully and faced rejection from classmates, especially boys, who didn’t want to stand out for dating the scarred-face girl.  But instead of walling herself off, she found the courage to live each day to the fullest; instead, she spread her wings {continued on page 15} and soared.

14 • Be Fabulous! I APR • MAY • 2011 Issue 3.indd 14

3/25/11 1:54:27 PM

{No Risks• from page 14}


She had survived the odds once, and after years of hospitals, surgeries, skingrafting, and wondering what life would be like without burns, the young teen chose to embrace life as it was, and take her happiness into her own hands. “Even though I wasn’t considered one of the ‘pretty girls’ I still tried out for the cheerleading squad, I still tried out for choir, I still asked guys to dance, and I still put myself out there because I knew that I wouldn’t get anywhere in life if I just stayed home and continued to be shy and blamed everything on my scars,” Falardeau writes.  “Eventually people started saying that they didn’t notice my scars, they noticed my inner beauty.” Falardeau blossomed into a confident and motivated young adult. She got married at 19 to Max, who didn’t see her scars at all; to him, inside-out, she was beautiful. Falardeau discovered she had a talent for business when, 15 years ago, she started The Balloon Gang as an athome business, and sold the successful company a year later. She has also produced a documentary, SexAbility, which explores disability and sexual intimacy. Falardeau is a longtime supporter of the Canadian Burn Foundation, Alberta Children’s Burn Camp and past-president of Alberta Burn Rehabilitation Society. Today, she is successfully launching herself as an international motivational keynote speaker and blogger. 


In 2010, Falardeau won Twitter’s People Choice Award and Fierce Woman of the Year Award; to win the latter, she had to face her own emotional skeletons on – no-less – a fashion runway. “I didn’t tell anyone that I nominated myself, not even my husband,” says Falardeau. “When I was picked for the Top 10 I had to face my fears of rejection. Walking the runway took me back to the halls at school, where I was teased and whispered about by the non-burned kids.“‘ If I don’t do this,’ I thought, ‘what will I think when I am 70 years old?’ I decided it was not a risk I can afford not to take.” BEAUTY FROM WITHIN

As an increasingly soughtafter motivational speaker, Falardeau is sharing her “no risk, no rewards” message with others, and says her next personal goal is to speak to a group of 5,000 people about finding beauty from within. “Women place too much emphasis on trying to look beautiful to other people, instead of trying to feel good about themselves. Our scars make us human. Whether wounded flesh or damaged ego, our scars tell a story that’s infinitely more rich, complex and intimate than a million close-up shots of flawless, skin-deep beauty. Some of that story gets written for you; the rest is up to you. “Ultimately life is about choices. You can choose to be happy or you can choose to be sad,” says Falardeau. “You can choose to feel ugly or you can choose to feel beautiful.” Read Kelly’s blog at Celebrating the baby boomer woman • 15

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Shot on location in a Prominent Homes Ltd. showhome Dress by Who Cares?

16 • Be Fabulous! I APR • MAY • 2011 Issue 3.indd 16

3/25/11 1:54:29 PM

WHY A TRIP TO THE SPA CAN QUICKLY TURN INTO A NIGHTMARE Give Yourself Peace of Mind By Asking Important Questions

Going to the spa should be an enjoyable experience – not one that puts your health and well-being at risk! Did you know that the medical spa industry is not monitored in any way by a regulatory board or governing body, meaning each medical spa is responsible for setting their own safety and training standards? This knowledge is frightening, especially when you consider the rigorous training and standards that hair stylists need to fulfill. Before a hair stylist is licensed, they must complete 1,400 hours of in-school training, an additional 1,400 hours as an apprentice, and pass rigorous Alberta Hair Stylist Trade Examinations. If hair stylists have to meet strict guidelines, why don’t medical spa technicians? After all, they’re using equipment that requires significant skill and if used improperly, can cause serious burns or injuries! What’s even more alarming is that spas do not have to meet any requirements to call themselves a ‘medical’ spa. Crystal Armstrong, Director of Phoenix Renewal Centre & Spa says “Clients hear the word ‘medical’ and are given an impression that the treatments they will undergo are supervised or performed by a medical doctor. This isn’t the case. Any spa can call themselves a ‘medical’ spa, thereby misleading their clients to believe they are in the hands of a certified medical professional”. And the consequences of a lack of experience and training can be dangerous. A service gone wrong can lead to a severe burn or permanent damage to the skin. Armstrong encourages clients to do their homework and educate themselves when choosing a medical spa. “You can enjoy great benefits from medical spa treatments, so arm yourself with questions and educate yourself on your preferred treatment and facility. Give yourself peace of mind”. Armstrong says, “At Phoenix Renewal Centre & Spa, we take training and standards very seriously. All our technicians perform hundreds QUESTIONS TO ASK of procedures for training and complete rigorous 1) DOES THE SPA HAVE A MEDICAL DOCTOR AS AN ADVISOR? HOW ARE THEY testing prior to doing treatments on the public.” INVOLVED? In addition to setting high standards for all » If you have any medical questions about your treatment, or should complications staff, Phoenix Renewal Centre & Spa uses a top cosmetic dermatologist as their medical advisor. arise, can you consult with a medical doctor immediately? Dr. Barry Lycka is one of North America’s foremost » Ensure the supervising doctor is a medical physician certified with the College of authorities on cosmetic dermatology, skin cancer Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta. To confirm this, complete a simple search surgery, reconstructive surgery and laser surgery. on the College’s website at Dr. Lycka determines which procedures are done at the spa, and what training and standards 2) DOES THE SPA INSIST ON A FULL CONSULTATION BEFORE PROVIDING A are needed. “If clients have questions about a SERVICE? treatment, I am happy to consult with them. It’s » Be very wary of any spa that will book you for a procedure without insisting important that the right treatments are offered you undergo a consultation. This is true for all types of laser and rejuvenation for the right clients.” says Dr. Lycka. Recognized treatments. by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta as a specialist in Dermatology, Dr. Lycka 3) WHO WILL BE PERFORMING YOUR TREATMENT? is the founder of the Canadian Skin Cancer Foundation and author of the best-selling book; » Does your spa technician have specific training on the equipment used for Restoring Youth: How to Restore and Keep Your your procedure? Ask to see their certification and inquire about the number of Natural Beauty. procedures done by that technician. » Has the technician received more training on the machine than what was provided by the manufacturer? What are the minimum number of hours and procedures completed prior to being fully trained? 4) HAS THE MEDICAL SPA BEEN CERTIFIED AS A “LEADING SPAS OF CANADA”? » Leading Spas of Canada has just launched a new Quality Assurance Program. For certification, a spa must meet rigorous safety, hygiene and service standards. 5) WHEN YOU ASK FOR A QUOTE, DOES IT INCLUDE THE NUMBER OF PROCEDURES REQUIRED FOR YOU TO SEE THE BEST RESULTS? » When receiving a quote, ensure the price includes the total number of procedures required. Medical spa treatments require multiple sessions to see results. 6) ARE THEY PROMISING THE WORLD? » Are they helping you set expectations for a realistic outcome from your procedure?

Armstrong says that the benefits of medical spa treatments to consumers are enormous, as long as the procedures are carefully selected and completed by fully trained and certified technicians. “We offer procedures that really make a difference in people’s lives. We have the technology to reduce acne scarring, reduce cellulite and diminish damage caused by the sun.” Phoenix Renewal Centre & Spa is privileged to be a three time winner of the coveted “Consumer’s Choice Award for Best Medical Spa Treatment” and is a member in good standing with the “Leading Spas of Canada”. For more information on the types of procedures offered and benefits of medical spa treatments, go to, or phone 780.424.8885. The first 25 people who phone for more information before July 31st will receive a 360-degree skin analysis session, worth $125.00.

Celebrating the baby boomer woman • 17 » The first 25 people who phone for more information before July 31st will receive a 360-degree skin analysis session, worth $125.00 « Issue 3.indd 17

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Life is Just a Phase

Your kitchen isn’t the only place with a


Junk DRAWER For most people, there is some space within their house or office that needs a little de-cluttering. Perhaps it is that universal collection point in most homes – the kitchen junk drawer – a bizarre accumulation of odds and ends, bits and pieces, things with no real home or ones that might come in handy some day or things that we’re certain are important if we could only remember what they were for. Perhaps your clutter collects on your desk with slightly unfinished projects or completed ones that have not been put away, articles to read one day, phone messages, and coffee cups. For those of you who hang out in cyberworld, your clutter just may be less visible – stacks of email messages in your inbox, hundreds of digital photos with no real organization, unfinished tasks in your Blackberry. All of that clutter can be positively overwhelming. You'd like to clean things out but you are uncertain where or how to start. What if you focused on de-cluttering your heart and mind first rather than things? Just like the stuff in our drawers, we hang on to stuff in our heads that has long ago stopped serving us. We have ideas or beliefs about things that create obstacles rather than opportunities. Let go of those thoughts that take up space but don’t really provide any return – the ones that include should or must or if only. Ask yourself: what belief am I currently holding that prevents me from creating what I want in my life? Now take that belief and turn it on its head. Let go of the old one and put your energy into the opposite idea. It may be as simple as switching from "I can't because" to "How can I?" Your heart has a junk drawer too. It's filled up with relationships that are no longer working and things that you haven't yet forgiven. Some relationships may be meant to last a lifetime, but others are not. Yet we tend to hang on to them because it somehow seems easier to keep {continued on page 19} doing the same old thing.

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Here's a simple test. Ask yourself: Is this relationship mutually enriching? Do you support/encourage each other to be the best you can be? If the answer to these questions is no, then it just might be time to gracefully and respectfully let it go. It’s easy to come up with an endless list of reasons why you can’t let something in your head or heart go. We tend to focus on change by looking back at what was rather than forward on what might be. Just like picturing your neat and tidy junk drawer in the kitchen,

create a picture of what becomes possible when your head and heart clutter has been cleared out. With a more clutter free heart and mind, perhaps then the task of decluttering the things – the rooms and drawers and desks and stuff – will become much easier. You might have more time and a better sense of what to keep and why, what is simply a physical barrier holding you back, or what to toss out because you no longer need a thing to remind you of a feeling or memory. Albert Einstein once said that out of clutter, find simplicity. It's as simple as that.

Laurel Vespi • Life Coach • Author • Speaker Laurel Vespi is a certified life coach, author and motivational speaker who helps women find more balance, fun and satisfaction no matter what phase of life they are in.

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Fabulous Partnering


Decluttering RELATIONSHIPS Spring cleaning was always a big deal in my grandmother’s day. All the grime from a dreary winter was cleared away in a frenzy of rug-beating and wall and window-washing. Crisp spring air flapped the curtains and beckoned everyone outside to revel in sunshine, blue sky and the promise of hot summer days. Just as we pitch out broken tools and useless items cluttering our homes and offices, when seeking new relationships, it’s good to give our minds and hearts a spring cleaning. We benefit when we shed old notions and emotional charges that no longer serve us. A friend once referred to emotional baggage as the “book of sins”. It’s that diarized historical list that he believed women kept about the misbehaviours of men – not usually a written list but one carved into unforgiving memory banks that gets revisited whenever there’s a new sin to add. Oh oh. I really hated to admit that I had and have such a book, with pages not just for the men in my life but for every person that I felt “did me wrong”. Some of these entries are more than 50 years old! You can bet that this book has become pretty heavy – talk about excess baggage! So I’ve decided to more diligently apply that old adage “forgive and forget”, tear out those pages and surrender them to the four winds. Because, let’s face it; everyone’s just doing the best they can, including you and me. 20 • Be Fabulous! I APR • MAY • 2011

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Let me give you an example of how that “book of sins” might interfere with your desire to find an ideal life mate. Let’s say you felt betrayed in a previous relationship; your partner violated your trust in some way. It was hurtful, damaging and it took a long time for you to move on. Of course everyone has horror stories to share, so similar stories from others might have reinforced your temptation to brand all guys as betrayers of women. Now how will that work when someone new enters the picture and you watch closely for signs of betrayal? Allison Armstrong, one of my favourite relationship experts, talks about men as being either wolves or sheepdogs. Of course the wolves are predatory; they’re only interested in going after whatever they can get for themselves. You do not want a wolf! Sheepdogs, on the other hand, exist to protect and provide – often sacrificing their own needs in favour of loved ones. Allison maintains that there are far more sheepdogs than wolves. My own experience with men backs up the notion of an abundance of sheep dogs – many were total strangers who gave instant help without asking for anything in return. You do want one of these! Even if betrayal has been a theme for you in the past, decide to move beyond that. Once you start attracting all kinds of sheep dogs, eventually you’ll find the one you want for your very own. {continued on page 21}

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If freedom is the goal – to be free to choose again – differently, more wisely and to experience that new beginning in ways we’ve never experienced before, then let’s sweep away the misperceptions and old hurts from the past. As you clean out and make room for the new, what do you dream of as an ideal relationship? My ideal for a new relationship and a new life was something I called “full-blown ecstasy”. (I quickly discovered how far I was from that ideal when I had to reach for my dictionary to learn how to spell ecstasy!) After years of taking and teaching personal growth workshops, I knew that I had to start by being ecstatic about my relationship with me. I began by examining and replacing my thoughts of low self-worth. I looked for ways to deal with all the dating fears that plagued me. When trial and error

showed me my unconscious and unproductive attraction to guys with very similar negative qualities to past relationships, I dug deep so I could choose differently. More and more of my time was spent with the activities and people that brought me joy. I also began to focus on what was really important to me both in life and in the relationship I desired – my lists of ‘must-haves’ and deal-breakers. Now I confess that my ‘must-haves’ list for a new life partner got so long I began to worry that I’d never find someone that extraordinary. But day by day, just as seeds planted in spring bear fruit in the fall, my de-cluttering work – with a big boost from the Universe – brought me my harvest. Yep, just the guy I was looking for. Blessings to all of you as you scrub, scour and clean the recesses of your heart!

New York


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Price quoted is in Canadian dollars, per person, based on two sharing and is subject to change and availability. Price does not include airfare, taxes, fees or insurance. Escorted departure is based on a minimum number of participants.

Call 1-866-989-3293 or visit us on-line at Celebrating the baby boomer woman • 21

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Benefits of

Consignment Shopping

Once people discover the benefits of consignment shopping, they rarely go back to paying full price again. According to the National Association of Resale and Thrift Shops (NARTS), consumers are waking up to the advantages of resale shopping in the midst of a weak economy. More people are embracing consignment shopping because of both the savings and the experience. Customers love the fact that they can build amazing wardrobes for a fraction of the retail cost. They don’t want to have a ‘cookie-cutter’ wardrobe, they want something that speaks to their unique personality. If you haven’t been to a consignment store in the past few years you owe it to yourself to go and check out a few. Consignment stores of today are nothing like they were years ago. No more dark, dingy, smelly stores with clothes thrown helter-skelter all over the place. Many customers don’t realize they’re in a consignment store when they walk in until they realize that everything is unique and different, unlike the chain

stores at the mall where you see rack upon rack of the same items. Consignment stores of today are bright, clean and best of all don’t have an odor to them. Why? Because consignment store owners are VERY picky about what they select for their store. Items must be cleaned, pressed and on hangers to be accepted. Items should have been bought within the last 2 years. Items may have been worn but they have to look new and as if they weren’t worn. Who benefits from shopping and consigning at consignment stores? Well let’s start a list….. • I’ll start with the consignor who now has a cleaner closet and cash in her pocket. • Money spent in a consignment store is money spent locally. You are supporting a local business which means your dollars are staying within your community. 40% of every consigned item you buy goes directly to the previous owner. {continued on page 23

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That person may be a student who is trying to earn a bit of extra cash to pay her tuition or put gas in her car or maybe it’s a very wealthy woman who supports a local charity with the money she receives from her consigned items. You will never know though as consignment stores pride themselves with providing 100% confidentiality to their consignors. • Then there’s the consignment store that earns a commission on the sale. • And of course, the jobs created at the consignment store.

Employees, window washers and bookkeepers – they all get paid. • The local community benefits from the sales taxes collected by the store. • Budget friendly for your wallet, only you’ll know how little you paid to look so great! • Smart shoppers save $ buying used instead of new – leaving more money for other needs (like gas and groceries) • The EARTH – Environmentally friendly, because that’s one more recycled jacket, suit etc. that’s not in a landfill. {continued on page 29}

Glenda Polak • Caprice West Consignment Glenda Polak was born to shop! Trained from the time she could walk by her Grandma and Mom she can sleuth out a bargain with the best of them. She calls it Retail Radar! She has owned CapriceWest for the past 10 years and has taken it from a 900 sq. ft store with 1 employee to a 4100+ sq. ft store with 10 employee’s.

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As a person who considers herself a highly organized multi-tasking maven, I’m often amazed at how well I work in the middle of a mess. Blame it on my right-brain bent, but I feel quite at home submerged in a sea of sticky notes, leaning towers of books and coffee-stained notes full of chickenscratched ideas and to-do lists. My “organized disorder,” as I affectionately call it, is both a blessing and a curse. While creativity can thrive, often beyond my wildest expectations, inside the unblinking eye of my personal ClassFive hurricane – even I have a breaking point. It’s no coincidence that the art of Feng Shui – creating livable, functional and Zen-inspired spaces – was invented in the same part of the world as transcendental meditation and yoga. 

Ancient ascetics and aesthetes well understood the interplay between our inner and outer worlds: when we choose to inhabit surroundings that promote peace and serenity it reflects positively in our mood and state of well-being. Likewise, when we think thoughts and cultivate attitudes that are upbeat and life-affirming, the world around us starts to look and feel more hopeful, benevolent and beautiful. Whether in 2011 you need to de-clutter your car, kitchen, office or schedule, or purge your life of a particularly destructive habit, relationship or outlook, there are only two things required: action, of course, and imagination. Can you picture how your inner and outer worlds will look and feel once you’ve rolled up your sleeves and cleaned house? {continued on page 25}

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If you can imagine the results, then you’ve got a “sensory map” to guide you. A vision and clear intentions for change will not just help you along the journey, they will help you get there. When my world starts to feel upsidedown, it’s a cue that two things need to happen fast: It’s time to survey my storm-ravaged surroundings and start re-creating order out of chaos – which usually means finding my desktop, cleaning the kitchen, catching up on laundry and paperwork, and ridding the house of resident dust bunnies. I do the grunt work on faith that it will make me feel better, and sure enough, when things are set rightside-up, I can breathe more deeply, laugh more easily, and problems seem smaller and more manageable. I also roll out my yoga mat. The breathing techniques and postures are Molly Maid for the soul. Mental clutter is swept away and in its place I find spaciousness and clarity. The practice is like a mirror: you can’t help but look inward and see who you are in the present moment. Sometimes I don’t like what I see. Other times love and gratitude bubble up and intoxicate me. No matter what arises, my day has changed course, and I am always in a better place – inside and out. Jennifer Parks • Yoga Instructor Jennifer Parks has a passion for sharing the gifts of yoga with others, and is a devoted teacher and humble lifelong student of yoga – a dynamic total wellness practice for optimal living. Visit her website at

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De-cluttering Your Pantry When de-cluttering your home, don’t

forget about the pantry. If you have a lot of extra food in storage, try reducing it by planning your menus using ingredients already in your pantry. By using up some of your older pantry items you will have room for a fresh supply of food. To get you started, try the Pantry Fruit Crisp from ATCO Blue Flame Kitchen. It’s a quick and tasty way to use up some of your pantry items. Did you know that unopened canned fruit will last up to 18 months in your pantry and unopened canned meat or vegetables will last two to five years? For more information on food storage, check out the brochure: How to Store Food Safely available under food safety at PANTRY FRUIT CRISP • 1 cup (250 mL) flour • 1 cup (250 mL) old-fashioned or quick-cooking rolled oats • 1 cup (250 mL) packed golden brown sugar • 1 1/2 tsp (7 mL) cinnamon • 1/4 tsp (1 mL) ginger • 1/4 tsp (1 mL) freshly ground nutmeg • 1/4 tsp (1 mL) salt • 3/4 cup (175 mL) butter, chilled and cubed • 2 cans (19 oz/540 mL each) apple pie filling • 1 can (14 oz/398 mL) sliced peaches or pitted cherries, drained • Ice cream, optional To prepare crumb mixture, combine first 7 ingredients (flour through salt) in a bowl. Using fingertips, rub in butter until mixture is crumbly. Combine pie filling and peaches. Spoon into a greased shallow 2 quart (2 L) baking dish. Sprinkle crumb mixture over top. Bake at 400°F (200°C) for 30 - 35 minutes or until golden brown and juices are thick and bubbly. Serve warm with ice cream. Serves 6. For cooking ideas and great recipes, visit our website at Celebrating the baby boomer woman • 25 3/25/11 1:55:04 PM




Chronic degenerative diseases in the aging population have fast become one of the biggest burdens of health care today. With a western medicine approach, the only solution offered is the newest pharmaceutical agent. We have drugs to lower cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar, prevent bone loss, help us sleep, and of course antidepressants for any other health problem that there doesn’t seem to be a quick fix for. I prefer an integrative, preventative approach to address chronic diseases. This article will be a brief introduction to BHRT (bioidentical hormone replacement therapy) as one therapy to prevent diseases of aging. BHRT is a therapy that uses hormones which are “human identical.” The endocrine system is one of the most com-

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy A Preventative Approach To Diseases of Aging

plex in the body. When hormones are balanced, it is like a well-orchestrated symphony. You feel on top of the world. If the system becomes stressed or imbalanced it can become debilitating or even life threatening. Hormones are the essence of life, making balance fundamental in achieving optimal health. Key hormones that are addressed with BHRT are: estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, DHEA, pregnenolone, thyroid, and cortisol (adrenal hormone). The regulation of insulin is also an important part of BHRT. In spite of the importance of BHRT in maintaining health, it is still met with much controversy in the medical community. One reason for this is the Women’s Health Initiative. {continued on page 27}

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This was a study treating menopausal In spite of the importance women with SYNTHETIC hormones. of BHRT in maintaining The results were disastrous, leading to health, it is still met with increased rates of breast cancer, strokes, much controversy in the heart disease, and blood clotting. From a holistic point of view, the outcome medical community. One is not unexpected. You are putting reason is the Women’s foreign substances into the body that Health Initiative. have no resemblance to the hormones your body produces naturally.  The results of this study have left many We can unnaturally keep you alive until clinicians leery of treating hormone you’re nearly 100, with all sorts of drugs imbalances.  and surgical interventions. If we use a preventative approach to The question we need to be asking is, diseases associated with aging, hor“What type of quality of life is in those mones must be addressed. When we last 40-50 years?” When your body quits are young and our hormones are at making hormones, it naturally leads their peak, we do not see high rates of to a decline in health. So no, it isn’t prostate and breast cancer, high blood completely natural to continue suppressure and cholesterol, diabetes, plying the body with hormones, but dementia, Alzheimer’s, insomnia, and it does result in a better quality of life. bone loss.   That is the crux of anti aging medicine. Balancing hormones with BHRT can After spending many years in sickness, play a part in preventing a lot of these I am a strong advocate of quality of life. health issues. I would far rather have vibrant, healthy I’m often asked, “Isn’t it unnatural to years, than be plagued with illness. It is a continue taking hormones, don’t our personal choice that each one of us has bodies naturally stop producing them to make. for a reason?” My response is that it BHRT has been used over 50 years is natural for there to be a decline in in Europe, with a proven safety track hormone production as we age, but our record. The key is balance and a welldecline and imbalance has also been educated clinician. Using too high affected by environmental exposures. doses of bioidentical estrogen can lead It is also less natural to use drugs as a to breast and uterine cancer just like band-aid approach for chronic diseases, synthetic estrogens. {continued on page 28} which brings its own set of side effects. Reneigh Pickunyk • Conquest Integrative Health Services RN offering consulting services for BHRT and functional/integrative medicine

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{BHRT• from page 27}

Progesterone is the key in balancing hormones. It is your breast protective hormone! I see too many women put on bioidentical estrogen without progesterone after having a hysterectomy. You may not have a uterus, but you still have breasts that have a lot of estrogen receptors that are being stimulated by taking estrogen. Without progesterone to counteract the effects you are at risk of breast cancer. I am also seeing a lot of women who are put on bioidentical estrogen in pill form, which has more side effects than cream form. Whenever estrogen is taken orally, it has to be broken down in the liver. This increases risks of strokes, blood clotting, and heart attacks. Estrogen should only ever be used in cream form to keep side effects to a minimum. The foundation of BHRT is INDIVIDUALITY. No two people are the same. It must be customized for your body. Adrenal and thyroid function must also be thoroughly assessed, or

there won’t be balance. As in all things, common sense must rule. If you had estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, DHEA, and pregnenolone, when you were young, then these all need to be replaced in balance as you age. Every hormone has specific functions; you can’t leave one out without risking imbalance. Overall, BHRT can be very safe and effective. The goal of BHRT is to age gracefully while maintaining quality of life. The key is balance.

{Lighten up• from page 5}

They don’t destroy those cards and ultimately, the debt returns…in spades. Then there’s the consumer who thinks she’s making the intelligent choice by renting a storage space for her overflow of accumulated stuff…and we all know how that story ends. Ultimately, neither person in the above scenario comes out on top. They’re usually worse off than before. So, make a conscious decision to purge. If you haven’t worn it, looked at it, or looked for it in a year, it’s history. Pay it forward to someone in need who will

use and appreciate it each and every day. Realize that walking around with excess baggage is a lifestyle choice… not a requirement. Take baby steps, if necessary. Pack up those items you’re ambivalent about and temporarily park them with a friend or family members. If over time you’ve forgotten about it, you’re probably done with it. Let it go. You’ll feel 20 pounds lighter… and you’ll be amazed at how good it’ll make you feel. Fabulously yours, Dianna

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Re-use, recycle, RESALE! • In short, EVERYBODY wins with consignment! (Well, maybe not ‘everybody’. China won’t be getting a cut of these sales and neither will foreign oil companies. A lot of fuel is saved when another new item isn’t manufactured or shipped over to Canada.) Tips for shopping consignment:

• Shop when you have time not when you’re rushed. • Remember, every item is different so carefully go through the racks looking at all the items. Think of it as a treasure hunt! • Ask the staff for assistance. They know their merchandise and can help you save time by showing you where specific items are. • Be willing to try on different sizes. You may ‘normally’ be a size 10 but in a consignment store smart shoppers look at sizes below and above what they normally wear. The reason for this is that you never know if the item has been altered. Perhaps the previous owner was a size 14 but lost 30lbs and had it altered to a size 10. Although the tag says size 14 it fits a size 10. OR…maybe it was tagged wrong at the factory and maybe that’s why it’s at our store. Perhaps the previous owner didn’t try it on before buying and later realized it wasn’t the size the tag said it was. A good suggestion is to ‘eyeball’ the item instead of going totally by the size tag. • Quality for less. Shopping consignment allows you to buy excellent quality at an affordable price. I say it’s like having Armani taste on a Gap budget! The average woman cannot afford to buy designer clothing but shopping at consignment stores gives you an opportunity to do that at a price that makes your budget smile!

FAB Books! No Fuss Clutter Control from a Top Professional Organizer The Fast and Furious FiveStep Organizing Solution

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by Kelly Falardeau Kelly’s book is about a burn survivor’s journey from near death... to success! Kelly suffered a tragic accident when she was only two years old, leaving her with burns on 75 per cent of her body. Available to order at: Celebrating the baby boomer woman • 29

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Anita Beil

Your Senior Relocation & Legacy Organizer Specializing and helping 50+ Generation.

780.460.1684 –


Live the Laughter:

a Comedy Hypnosis Show with Wayne Lee

tttttttt ttt

Join us for a fun evening including appetizers, dessert, wine, entertainment and a silent auction. Plus a special Mother’s Day gift for all the ladies Limited tickets, order today: All proceeds to go to Suit Yourself Women’s Charity

Specializing in event marketing • postcards • brochures • signage • magazines • newsletters

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CTV good neighbour Fashion Show Executive Royal Inn West Tickets are $45 each available at: · Unique Boutique (780)451-4280. · Perfect Sense (780)460-2422. · CTV Good Neighbour Fund (780)486-9215 (leave message) An Evening of Health & Success with Dr John Demartini Lister Hall Convention Centre Sponsored by your local Chiropractors

7:00pm – 10:00pm



The Three Musketeers The Citadel Theatre/McClab April 2-24 The Rick Hansen Story The Citadel Theatre/Shoctor April 2-17 “If you believe and have the courage to try … anything is possible.” –Rick Hansen


Live the Laughter: a Comedy Hypnosis Show SHERWOOD PARK with Wayne Lee Silent Auction 7:00pm, Show at 8:00pm. Sherwood Park Toyota. For more information and tickets In support of Suit Yourself Charity Fundraiser, Organized By the Mod Squad.

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Alberta Blue Cross (780)498-8000 Alberta Mental Health Board 1-866-408-5465 Alcoholics Anonymous (780)424-5900 Alzheimer Society of Edmonton (780)488-2266 Breast Centre Lendrum (780)434-9179 Breast Friends Society of Edmonton • Canadian Cancer Society (780)455-7181 Canadian Celiac Association (780)485-2949 Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Fdn 1-800-378-2233 Canadian Diabetes Association 1-800 -226-8464 Canadian Liver Foundation (780)444-1547 Canadian Mental Health (613)745-7750 Canadian National Institute for the Blind (780)488-4871 Canadian Paraplegic Association (780)424-6312 Capital Health Link (780)403-5465 Capital Health Community Sector • General (780)735-3000 •Travel (780)735-0100 Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of Alberta 1-800-387-1479 Edmonton Family Violence Centre (780)439-4635 Gamblers Anonymous (780)463-0892 Greater Edmonton Resources - Housing for Seniors • (780)482-6561 Heart & Stroke Foundation (780)451 4545 Huntington’s Disease Resource Centre 1-800-998-7398 Kidney Foundation of Canada (780)451-6900 Lung Association, Alberta, NWT (780)488-6819 Menopause Canada - Menopause Clinic - Grey Nuns Hospital (780)735-7625 Osteoporosis Canada (403)237-7022 Ovarian Cancer Canada 1-877-413-7970 Parkinsons Society of Alberta (780)342-8993 Schizophrenia Society of Canada 1-800-263-5545 The Society of Obstetrics and Gynaecology of Canada • 1-800-561-2416 Women’s Health Program - Royal Alexandra Hospital • (780)477-4804 Women’s Wellness Program - Grey Nuns Hospital • (780)735-7604

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Be Fabulous! April - May 2011  
Be Fabulous! April - May 2011  

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