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How frequent masturbation keeps us healthy,

to a Healthier future happy and wise! Funny how almost every TV show, movie, subway ad and billboard follows the idea that “Sex Sells” but every time the subject turns to masturbation the conversation falls apart and silence ensues. Why? Are we too embarrassed at the thought of being seen as people who couldn’t find someone to have sex with so we had sex with ourselves? How else do you learn how to do it well, where your “pleasure spots” are, and what it takes to put you over the top? Masturbation has had a negative stigma attached to it for years, which is a bit odd considering that acts of masturbation have been celebrated worldwide since, well, forever. It has its own month, May, and people have participated in masturbation marathons in cities across the world in order to raise money for special interest issues and to draw attention to the health benefits of solo-sex.

DID YOU kNOw tHat tHe HealtH BeNeFItS OF MaStURBatION INClUDe:  Reduction in depression that leads to an increase in self esteem  Reduction in blood pressure  Increase in orgasm control  Helps balance a relationship (if one partner wants sex more often than the other)  Mutual Masturbation allows partners to reveal a map of pleasure zones


In Great Britain, the National Health Service published a leaflet encouraging teens to practice frequent masturbation. Their slogan: “An orgasm a day keeps the doctor away!” They’re absolutely right, and the benefits aren’t just for teens they’re for all ages!

For women, regular orgasms help alleviate stress and promote healthy blood flow. It also helps prevent cervical infections and helps relieve urinary tract infections through the flushing of old fluids from the vagina following a “tenting” in the cervix that comes with masturbation. Incorporating a vibrator into your masturbation sessions stimulates and strengthens the muscle tissues within the vagina.

For men, frequent masturbation and ejaculation can lead to reduced risk of prostate cancer. Also, the act of “flushing your system” keeps your semen healthy and prevents the buildup of toxins and cancer-causing chemicals.

And for both men and women, frequent masturbation is, in a sense, a form of exercise. Many men, especially as they age or after a heart attack, are afraid to get excited and especially to ejaculate. This is a myth that needs to be busted.

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