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June-October 2013

IMC’s 24th founding celebration kicks off By Emmanuel Agsamosam and Ninna Angela Arambulo

Recently, IMC concluded its 24th founding anniversary in celebration of its pre-silver anniversary. This was held last September 28 and 30 at the Bulacan Sports Complex. The yearly sportsfest was incorporated with a fun run prepared by the Student Government.

The fun run started early at 5:30 a.m. The starting point was at the Rufina Golden Village and the finish point was at the Sports Complex. Tomas R. Perez a fourth year student finished first in the fun run winning a cash prize. The sportsfest included three teams: the Pink Panthers,

Purple Olympians, and Green Wolves. The event started with the three teams competing in the cheering competition, which was won by the Purple Olympians followed by the raising of flags and the releasing of balloons for each team. The Green Wolves

reigned supreme in all these except for the cheering competition where the Purple Olympians won. Afterwards, the torch in the sports complex was lit to signify the start of the sports events.


IMCIANS make it over The Giants By: Hanna Denise Baesa “Sino nga bang magaakala na mananalo ang isang maliit na paaralan gaya natin?” (Who would have thought that a small school like us can stand alone and win over other schools?”) , says Mrs. Regina Fundano, Highschool Principal, right after the Maciprisa Meet 2013-2014 (Malolos City Private Schools’ Association) - one of the prestigious and well succeeded events of International Montessori Center and other schools. 2

IMC Conquers DSPC 2013 By Sheena C. Tuazon

Approaching victory. The flash of a triumphant smile as she gets near to the finish line.

Feeding Program 2013: A Mark of Success

Studes feast healthily By Nickaella B. Bautista

By Ninna Angela Arambulo

‘Gutom at Malnutrisyon, Sama sama nating wakasan.’ The annual nutrition month celebration was celebrated during the whole month of July and its Culminating Day was held last July 31, 2013 at the Teatro delos Ninos.


A helping hand. Sharing what we have to the needy is the noblest act that we can do.

Last July 28 at Dakila Elementary School, Ma’am Joyce Acay Cruz (CAT Moderator), Sir Reymarc Madlangsakay (YEC club Moderator), Ma’am Regina Fundano (High school Principal), the Young Entrepreneurs Club members, and the fourth year students

and the Parents-Teachers Association officers executed another commendable service to our fellow students by means of a “Feeding Program” that occurs annually as part of their Citizenship Advancement Training Program.


The Division Schools Press Conference (DSPC) is undoubtedly the most prestigious and awaited for interschool competition every year. Campus journalists are selected to participate and represent the school in different contest categories. Students show off their crafts in the art of journalism. Last October 20 in City of Malolos Integrated School (CMIS), IMC bagged many victories. The winners are as follows: • Bianca Marie R. Ramos (4th) – Pagsulat ng Pangulong Tudling (Editoryal) • Denisse C. Buensuceso (5th) - News Writing • Samantha Nicole T. Fransisco (7th) - Feature Writing. • Sheena C. Tuazon (9th) - Onthe-Spot Journalism Quiz Bee • Emmanuel Agsamosam (3rd) - On-the-Spot Journalism Quiz Bee • Nickaella Bautista (4th) News Writing • Christine Joy Tiongson (4th) - Photojournalism • Hanna Denise A. Baesa (6th) - Feature Writing • Ashley T. Estrella (7th) Sports Writing Ninna Arambulo, 1st in Pagsulat ng Lathalain, and Sheena Tuazon, 2nd in Pagwawasto at Pag-Uulo ng Sipi are qualifiers for this year’s Regional Schools Press Conference (RSPC) to be held at Clark Fontana on November 28-29, 2013

‘Hats off’ to the first quarter’s IMC’s Best By April Jame Chin and Mariella Tolentino Last August 26, the faculty released the report cards of the IMCians for the first grading period. As these were released, the faculty also listed the students who attained or surpassed a grade of 88. Students that have done the feat are included in the IMC’s Best. Students are ranked starting from the highest achiever to the lowest. The list is as follows. Grade 7: 1st: Mariella Tolentino 2nd: Angelika Villaluz 3rd: Andrea Gabriel 4th: Stephen Bernard Ragaza 5th: Ma. Isabelle Creus 6th: David Sambilay 7th: Edgardo Francisco Jr. 8th: Louise Lane Navarro 9th: Steven Jon Santos “They truly deserve to become some of the best students in IMC because they showed a lot of intelligence not only in academics but also in extracurricular activities,” said Mr. Reymarc Madlangsakay, the grade 7 class adviser. Grade 8: 1st: Nickaella Bautista 2nd: April Jame Chin

3rd: Austin Jay Hibo 4th: Paula Patricia Perez 3rd Year: 1st: Ashley Estrella 2nd: Satsuki Tanaka 3rd: Warren Tandang 4th: Janina Marie Villamero 5th: Nicole Tatlonghari 6th: Danielle Rose Santos 7th: Jan Vergara “Specifically to Ashley--I am speechless because he is very studious and consistent. Although the honor rolls are interchanging…the others are not consistent enough in their efforts. In some ways, their objectives are changing,” said Mrs. Joyce Cruz, the third year class adviser. 4th Year: 1st: Sheena Tuazon 2nd: Emmanuel Agsamosam 3rd: Hanna Baesa 4th: Ninna Angela Arambulo 5th: Franco Luis Lopez 6th: Christine Joy Tiongson 7th: Ben Israel Angeles “Don’t be arrogant or egoistic of where you are now. At any moment, the rankings may change” said Mrs. Marites Calayag, the fourth year class adviser. “Hats off to the IMC’s Best,” said Mrs. Regina Fundano, the high school principal. The release of report cards for the second grading period will be on November 16.

Mariella Tolentino

Ashley Estrella

Nickaella Bautista

Feeding Program... from page 1 It is a way of our school to feed not only the minds but also the core values of its students. This has been a tradition among IMCians for 24 years and still counting to subsequently offer and give a helping hand. The said program is not just all about giving but also interacting with our fellow youth. It was indeed a commendable and fulfilling experience that let us see how beautiful the smiles of young people are with their stomachs and minds filled. It made us realize how fortunate and blessed we are; the true meaning of sharing is loving, making other people smile and letting them perceive that there is still hope. “As an IMCian, it's a very satisfying feeling to be able to give and lend a helping hand. Seeing the children smile with their stomachs filled was a sight I'm sure everyone loved,” said Sheena Tuazon, a fourth year student. Indeed, this feeding program, as an act of sharing our blessings and making small tummies healthy left a mark of success in the hearts of IMCians who were able to see smiles and traces of gratitude from the faces our fellow youth.

Sheena Tuazon

Career Talk: An Orientation for a Right Decision By Nichole Arvy Jean Tatlonghari Last September 20, the IMC high school students were gathered in the Teatro de los Niños for the yearly career orientation. Different colleges like UST; the home of growling tigers, UE ; the red warriors , and other schools like Letran , Angelicum, AMA and OLFU (add schools) came to present information about their colleges and alumni. In their presentations they showed their facilities and some of the services they offer. And the speakers also prepared some questions and prizes for correct answers. The IMC students participated in the orientation. “The orientation was a success and every college gave a good idea to students on which school they will be choosing as they graduate in high school,” said Ma’am Regina Fundano, IMC’s high school principal.

Sports Fest... Two sports events were started first, basketball and volleyball. The Purple Olympians of High School department bagged the victory for these two categories while the Green Wolves won the volleyball for the Teachers and Staffs department. Overall, for the volleyball competition, the Purple Olympians ranked first, followed by the Pink Panthers, then the Green Wolves. In the basketball competition,

the Purple Olympians again ranked first, followed by the Green Wolves, then the Pink Panthers. Stanley Llobrera of Green Wolves earned 28 points and Jeff Jordy dela Cruz of Purple Olympians having 33 points were this year’s Most Valuable Player. For the badminton, Singles for girls was won by the Pink Panthers while for boys, Green Wolves ranked first and for mixed doubles, Green Wolves

prevailed. The sprint field, done on the second day, Green Wolves again, was victorious followed by the Purple Olympians and the Pink Panthers. For over all champion, the Pink Panthers landed on the 3rd place, Purple Olympians bagged the 2nd place, and of course, the Green Wolves reigned and was declared as IMC’s 24th Sports Fest champion.

IMC holds Student Government elections

By Satsuki Tanaka

For the third week of June, the presidents of the two participating parties, Christian Paolo Eslava and Ninna Angela Arambulo searched for their candidates to join the SG elections coming from each year level. The campaign started on the last week of June. Each party went from room to room to discuss their platforms. A Miting de Avance was held for the students to ask questions for each candidate. The next day, the elections were held at the HELE Room. Each student is required to vote for their bet in each team to be elected as the Student Government officers. The Student Government is an organization that exists in International Montessori Center which acts as a voice of the students to the authorities. It also assists students on needs

and school regulations. Most of the winners came from the Avengers Partylist but there are also some from the “HEAT Partylist”. Ninna Arambulo as the elected President, Hanna Baesa as Vice President, Christine Joy Tiongson as Secretary, Ashley Estrella as Treasurer, Samantha Burgos as 4th year representative, and Sandy Timoteo as 3rd year representative. They are all from the Avengers Partylist. Paula Perez as 2nd year representative and Ben Jordan Angeles as 1st year representative are both from HEAT Partylist. Most of the platforms of each party were immediately implemented. Students were allowed to wear the P.E. uniform every P.E. days. The rule of no homeworks on Fridays and no quizzes on Mondays was also implemented.



IMCIANS make it...

from page 1 As the Volleyball boys win over the other large numbered schools, they gave pride and stand as subject to this Alma Mater last September 12-14, 2013, again, occurred at Bulacan Sports Complex. The overwhelming support was evident through the silver medals and cheers received by the Volleyball girls. The other contestants in sports are Andrea Gabriel and Angelica Grace Soriano for Chess Girls, 1st placers and Jasper Ang and Ben Angeles for Chess Boys, 2nd placers. Meanwhile, the Academic and Cultural

participants rose with flying colors as they gave glory to their alma mater, at the first two days of Maciprisa, September 12 and 13. The said participants are as follows: ACADEMICS •SPELLING QUIZ BEE : 2ND-Sheena Tuazon •SCIENCE QUIZ BEE : 2ND -Emmanuel Agsamosam CULTURAL •DECLAMATION: 2ND-Ninna Arambulo •SANAYSAY: 7TH -Ninna Arambulo •ESSAY WRITING: 5TH-Hanna Denise Baesa

•POSTER MAKING: 9th-Isabel Dimalanta Creus •TULA: 10th-Angel Villaluz The consistency these IMCians depicted really paid off as shown not just with the awards they got but most importantly with the pride and name they presented to the school. Thus, this has just proven the power and armored faith among these young fighters. As the Volleyball Boys take the pave to the City Meet 2013-2014, all IMCians are now putting their hopes high as they make it over the giants.

One team with burning passion and exceptional talent led IMC volleyball team to success.

“Tanghal Sining: We’re all in this together” By Camille Kyle Lorenzo Last October 5, 2013 the non-participants (highschool and elementary) of the Malolos City Private School Association (MACIPRISA), were accumulated at the Central Terminal Malolos, Bulacan to render the practiced presentations of the selected IMCians. The theme of the highschool students was “High school Musical”, a famous musical American television film that was released in year 2006. The elementary department did their own varieties of

their music or song choice either siniging or dancing. The audience was students from different schools and very supportive parents of the participants. After the tiring event, some high school students tried some carnival rides for some fun since it was near the venue. The teachers said the IMCians did a great job in representing International Montessori Center. Every hard work was paid off and the efforts were all worth it.

Studes feast... from page 1 The program’s main event was the cooking showdown between the four year levels. The mechanics was to prepare three meals; an appetizer, a main course and a dessert complete with ambiance and table setting for the three judges namely Mr. Sonny Proximo, Mrs. Sussy Cal-Ortiz and Ms. Gemmabine Atenta. But, the contest has a twist: Each year has an assigned theme for their cuisines; Japanese, Italian, Korean and French. After the exciting and anticipating battle, it was clear that the juniors were the champions for their hard work and perseverance with their Korean themed preparation. Next to the juniors were the

seniors who took the 2nd place with their French themed food and ambiance. The sophomores got the 3rd place with their Italian theme and the freshmen got the last place with their Japanese theme. Aside from the cooking battle, one of the nutrition month’s features was the Bulletin Board Competition between the year levels in which the pupils are assigned to decorate and design their bulletin boards according to the theme. In the end, the freshmen were considered the most creative with their fresh fruits and vegetables decoration. The juniors were the 2nd placers, the sophomores were 3rd while the seniors got the last place.

Bullying symposium educates studes, teachers By Ninna Angela Arambulo

IMC celebrates UN By Romar Malabrigo

Different activities were held in the International Montessori Center (IMC) to celebrate the United Nations day which is facilitated by Social Studies instructor Ms. Aprilaine Cristobal. Students were asked to make different national flags using art papers. On October 10, the mural painting competition was held at The Teatro Delos Niños. Before the event, the students were divided into four groups each section while five groups on the 7th grade assembly and these groups competed for a cash prize. The first prize was worth 1500 pesos which was received by Ana Beatriz Atienza, Michael Julius Tampipeg, Ma. Isabelle Creus, Stephen Bernard Ragaza and Juan Carlos Tierra from the 7th grade. The second prize was worth 1000 pesos which was received by Ishmael Batallones, Nikaella Bautista, Claire Dianne Villanueva and Raphael Miguel Ramos from the 8th grade. While Christian Paolo Eslava, Joanne Delapena, Anna Patricia

Montealegre, Samantha Diane Burgos and Ivangard Revita came in the third place and received 750 pesos. An essay writing activity was held on October 16 and 17 with Hanna Denise Baesa on the first place, Nikaella Bautista on the second and Emmanuel Agsamosam on the third place. Meanwhile, no one from the 3rd year assembly participated due to the late preparation for the bulletin board competition. It was also an activity for the UN celebration whereas also considered as a performance task. The United Nations (UN) is an intergovernmental organization which aims for diplomatic relations between its member states and achievement of lasting world peace. Established in October 24, 1945. The United Nations replaced the League of Nations which existed since 1919 to 1946. At its founding, the UN had 51 member states. Now, there are 193 member states and 2 observer states: The Holy See and The State of Palestine.

New found hope. Unity reigns over the habagat wrath

Obama signs bill to end US gov’t shutdown By Emmanuel Agsamosam US president Barack Obama signed a bill that finally ended the 16-day partial government shutdown and raises the debt ceiling, the White House said early October 17th. After weeks of the political standoff, a bill was passed that would then prevent the United States from crashing into the debt ceiling. After shutting down

the U.S. government for 16 days and driving the nation toward the brink of default, the Congress voted late Wednesday to reopen federal agencies, call hundreds of thousands of civil servants back to work and raise the $16.7 trillion debt limit. Obama signed the measure into law shortly as midnight came , reopening parks and monuments across the nation, restoring government services

attack done to dominate or humiliate others which may also be done verbally. There are three types of bullying: Racial Bullying commonly done by racists, Extortion which is usually done by blackmailing, and lastly Exclusion which is done to isolate other people. Any type of bullying made has an impact or effect to its victims and to the bullies. As part of this symposium we were taught to have REASON- which stands for Respect, Equality, Acceptance, Sensitivity, Openness, and Nice. These are the guidelines that will help us to void bullying and being bullied this will also serve as a key to keep us on the right track.

By April Jame Chin DepEd will begin drafting the implementing rules and regulations of the Anti-Bullying Law in consultation with stakeholders from other sectors. The Anti-Bullying Act was established on 2012 but since it doesn’t seem to be noticed by people, news reports and articles came like a flash mob all of a sudden. These reports dominated televisions rather quickly. This law indicates to protect students from bullies and bullying. Public and private schools are required to discuss this law, specifically about bullying, to their students. If failed to do so, they will face administrative sanctions from the DepEd. DepEd officials state that bullying doesn’t only affect students’ learning. It also includes any kind of negative activities whether where they stay or go. Any kind of bullying act should be reported immediately. If an act is represented, teachers or faculty or staff have no right to humiliate a student in front of the entire class and/ or school. “Bullying and other forms of violence in schools should be viewed not just a school problem but a society problem as well.” This statement was said by the education secretary, Bro. Armin Luistro. The DepEd warns that students who experience bullying may become inflicted with psychological trauma. They may become bullies later on in life, or in worst-case scenario, they might commit suicide. (c)

Showcasing talents. Selected pupils in the elementary department amaze the crowd with their moves.

Last July 19, IMC held a bullying symposium led by Mrs. Jane Galicia in the auditorium to discuss about the different kinds of bullying and their negative effects to students, as well as teachers. The said symposium served as an eye opener to IMCians that at an early age, it is essential to know how accepting other people and treating them with equality may affect us and the way we live. Mrs. Galicia also emphasized how each one must bear in mind that bullying will do no good both to the one being bullied and the one who bullies. Bullying is an act of repeatedly hurting, harassing, offending someone intentionally; it is a reiterated physical or psychological

DepEd enacts Anti-Bullying Act

and putting furloughed federal employees back on the job, many of them in the Washington region. “With the shutdown behind us and budget committees forming, we now have an opportunity to focus on a sensible budget that is responsible, that is fair, and that helps hardworking people all across this country,” Obama said at the White House.

Habagat strikes again By Nickaella Bautista Last August, the southwest monsoon or “Habagat” once again brought in strong winds and heavy rains which caused flooding in different areas of Luzon. The National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council confirmed that P633.082 million worth of infrastructure and agriculture were destroyed because of the calamity. According to NDRRMC, there were a total of 21 fatalities in the disaster. The recent monsoon caused great damage to the country

and almost 541, 000 families were affected in 1,822 villages in the nation. About 46,000 families stayed in evacuation centers until relocation was available to them. Classes in different parts of the country were also suspended for safety purposes. The monsoon rains caused by typhoon Maring was said to be stronger than the monsoon rains caused by typhoon Ondoy for the latter only dumped 472 millimeters of rainfall while the former dumped 600 millimeters.

HashtagHarsh [Sorry] State of the Nation Sheena C. Tuazon

Pig out “Crack!” goes the sound of chicharon as it is bitten by a hungry man. This loud sound is now amplified as the infamous Janet Lim-Napoles surrenders personally to our president after months of evading the police. Then goes another round of pigging out as whistleblower Benhur Luy names lawmakers allegedly enjoying “pork” too much, while denying the fact that they did. News of this has become widespread across the country and knowledge of it is getting fast to the Filipino people. “Pork” in technical terms is the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF). It is also called pork barrel and it was started during the regimen of Former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. It is a fund given to senators and congressmen at their own disposal but with rules and limitations under our constitution. Some people just wanted to break past the constitutional barrier, allegedly keeping the funds for their own usage for

whatever reason. Twenty-eight members of Congress (five senators and 23 representatives) were named as participants in the PDAF scam. The five senators who participated in the scam were Bong Revilla, Juan Ponce Enrile, Jinggoy Estrada, Ferdinand Marcos, Jr. And Gregorio Honasan. Among them, Revilla contributed the largest, with around 1.015 billion of his PDAF funds being transferred to organizations identified with the JLN Group of Companies. JLN Group of Companies is owned by Napoles which makes her involved in the alleged misuse of the funds given to the said senators. The investigation of this case first centered on the Fertilizer Fund scam in 2004, where Agriculture Undersecretary Jocelyn Bolante diverted some P728 million in fertilizer funds to the campaign of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. Napoles was said to be involved in this fraud. P900 million of royalties from the Malampaya gas field

was also lost to the scam. This has been going on for 10 years and around P10 billion was defrauded from the Philippine government. Now, plunder raps have been filed against Napoles and the lawmakers involved in the alleged malversation and misuse of funds. PDAF has been abolished and all we can do is wait and see how this chapter unfolds. This country has been looming with corruption for years unseen to the eye of the typical Juan. The administration of justice moves at a saddening pace in this country. If even the long entrenched pork barrel system can be abolished, it should not be impossible to bring long-overdue reforms in the judiciary. Ongoing investigation into the pork barrel scam is supported by a pile of documents based on a two-year probe conducted by the Commission on Audit. Certain mistakes have emerged in the COA report, but there are documents to make the necessary corrections. The special


April Chin & Carmela Agulto Feature Editors

Franco Lopez, Stephen Bernard Camille Angelo, Sarah Andrea Ragaza, Ben Jordan Angeles Munoz, Romar Malabrigo Sports Editors Literary Editors Christian Paolo Eslava & Nickaella Bautista Christine Joy Tiongson, Danielle Sci-tech Editors Rose Santos, Jhanell Estrella Samantha Diane Burgos Photojournalists Cartoonist Correspondents: Nichole Tatlonghari, Satsuki Tanaka, Mariella Tolentino, Ivangard Revita MRS. REGINA FUNDANO HS Principal


audit report still provides a strong basis for the criminal indictment of certain government officials and private individuals for the atrocious misuse of public money. The judiciary should do its part and speed up the determination of truth and culpability. Pigging out has been really common in this country, and most of the time, those who do it end up

hurting themselves. So let this be a warning to those who want to try it. This country doesn’t deserve a government like this and we want change. Why don’t we end the greed and use government funds to help the Filipinos? The least we could do would be to vote wisely in the elections. It’s time to be a part of the change we want for this country.

Bullet with a Name Too Short

Ninna Angela Arambulo Managing Editor

SECTION EDITORS Hanna Denise Baesa & Ashley Estrella News Editors

will change finally happen? “It’s more funds in the Philippines” – we all have heard about the A-Z’s of scams and scandals- Fertilizer, NBNZTE, Pork Barrel, Malampaya – name it and it most probably exists. It seems that corrupt officials won’t let go of their high and mighty position while red-handed officials of other countries admit and resign immediately out of shame. Our condemned politicians can escape through wheelchairs or private jets plus plastic surgeries. When will punishment be delivered to those felons? So, what are we Filipinos ought to do now? Complain about the government? Pretend to care about current affairs? Just give up all hope for the betterment of the Philippines and pine for a bright, comfortable future in some first-world country? A South Korean named Kim Jae-Youn wrote an open letter titled “My Short Essay about the Philippines” where he said that heartfelt patriotism and nationalism can change a nation for the better. Seems idealistic, no? But it was a proven and tested solution in South Korea, which was one of the poorest countries in Asia back in the 1950s, now in the trillion dollar club. Maybe we should put some action to words. Maybe we should stop looking at the bad side every possible time and think positively. And maybe someday the state of our nation will rise.

Franco Luis G. Lopez

Emmanuel Agsamosam Editor in Chief

Sheena Tuazon Associate Editor

Welcome to the Philippines - where the rich get richer, the poor get poorer, and the mediocre stay mediocre; where justice is never served, problems persist, and the people are content, complacent, obliviously blindfolded, and feigning ignorance. Gaze at the squatters’ area and you’ll see scantyclothed women, perennial drunkards, and malnourished children. There are syndicateruled homeless, street people everywhere. When will poverty be finally defeated? Now check out the five-star heaven-on-earth places that make you wonder if you’re still in the Philippines- worldclass resorts, casinos, and hotels are filled with wealthy foreigners. I also wonder if June 12 has any significance because it seems like we’re still under colonialism. When will we finally rule over our own motherland? Albert Einstein said, "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” This quote reminds me of our elections (more like popularity polls) that can be summarized in 8 words: same faces, same farces; same names, same games. In the end, after the long queues in precincts, the ones elected are those nurturing their family tree - dynasties are embedded in our politics. We are experiencing an endless time loop: politicians just keep on promising, people just keep on putting their trust on the wrong ones, and past mistakes just keep on reiterating. When


“This could be the day the Lord unleashes His wrath.” If I could have a crisp 100 peso bill every time I hear that from pastors and fellow churchgoers, I’d have enough to fill every tithe box. Most Christians have an apocalyptic fixation; we look forward to the end of days just so we can rub in every nonbeliever’s face that glorious “I told you so” and gloat in front of those who chose a different path of faith. We are so caught up in

preparing for an indefinite end of times that we forget to enjoy our own here. As far as the hit song and the human anatomy goes, we literally only live once. So I guess it’s pretty imperative that we live it to the fullest. As cliché the advice may sound, life is better enjoyed by making a few mistakes here and there and learning from them later on.


Corazon’s Turning Page Love Breathes on Water Ninna Angela Arambulo

It is human nature to feel this and makes us want to hold on sensation that fuels us up when against all odds after all, we we feel we’re nearly running cannot expect everything to be out of gas; gives us strength perfect only that love gives us when we are torn apart; picks the taste of contentment and us up when everything seems the happiness of living just to to be a never ending chain of see the one you love deeply fallen; feeds our hungry soul with a smile on his face. for attention and quench our It really is fascinating to see thirst for affection-in simple different people from all walks words, this is what keeps us of life united by one distinct alive. No plain adjective or any and powerful emotion. Only form of speech can completely once in our life, we get the describe or explain the magic of chance to know someone who love be it in a friendly, romantic, can let us feel the warmth and or any form. It merely has bliss of having them near no boundaries and the us. The one who’ll happiness it brings let us feel free to lasts till eternity. show even our Love breathes on craziest side, Loving water for even if it accept us is impossible for is not about taking, despite of our us to live beneath it is about giving; the sea, love loving is accepting... itself seems to make it possible. imperfections It is limitless; it and love us just doesn’t require your the way we are. vital statistics, and They are considered age, status in the society as life’s greatest gifts. or even preference. It may They are someone whom come in many ways- some we find strength knowing are unrequited, some are that they’ll always be our true unspoken, others are hindered friend, a partner, someone and painful while most are who you can share everything blissfully lived. It may even turn about, even the smallest detail a selfish person into a generous in your life, someone who one, a deceitful person into charges you up after a long a loyal and faithful one and and tiring day, someone who that it completely turns your laughs with you even if there pale blue sky into a peaceful is nothing to laugh about, and vibrant one. Truth is love someone who understands brings out the best in us; it is you even if you can’t really what makes the world go round understand yourself, someone not money or fame. Well I who’ll join you through thick guess there’s this one thing or thin and someone whom about love that all of us can’t you find hope and security deny- it never grows tired. It and that life seems completely keeps us holding on even if it different without the star in may at some point becomes your gloomy night, the soul too much to bear. It teaches us who’s the other half of yours to wait, to trust, to sacrifice and and the one who you ought most of all it lets us see and feel to be with in a small piece of the beauty and the goodness forever. of a person beyond his or her That I guess is how I see imperfections. Though we are it. Loving is not about taking, not certain that it will always it is about giving; loving is be a smooth, sweet and perfect accepting the one you love ride it is definitely worth it. even if he is at his worst, loving We may experience pain that is a priceless treasure, a gift sometimes makes us want to from God, and lastly loving is give up but love itself saves us simply living.

“ ”

Too Short from page 4

You start off getting carried by your parents, next thing you know you’re getting carried by your pals after a long night’s worth of alcohol and merriment, and then suddenly you’re getting carried because you don’t have the strength to walk anymore. As exaggerated as it may sound, our life is designed to be a decade or score short so we can live every moment of it to the fullest. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not implying that you go driving an 18-wheeler blindfolded. Just dream that farfetched dream once in a while, exceed the recommended calorie intake, put on pounds and shed them afterwards, watch the sunset

with someone special. Regrets are experienced in the end; it is inevitable and that is the beauty of it. Everyone gets the chance to walk this earth, but not everyone takes the opportunity to experience the beauty of it. Taking things into personal account, I really don’t have much to brag. 15 years of age, hair still a lustrous pitch black, nothing but a shadow of a moustache, bones are still growing and voice is still getting deeper. You’d think a person who isn’t allowed to drive and buy alcohol doesn’t have the slightest right to tell you how to live. But if mistakes added a year or two to my life, I’d be centuries old. I hurt people, betrayed them, betrayed myself, and the list goes on and


Undying Song Hanna Denise A. Baesa

To construct a wholesome song really is a pain in the neck, isn't it? The song title must be upfront mysterious- composed of three or more words portraying no image that will be subsequently seen along the song, prior to this, the following lyrics undoubtedly are united as they spur around the melody of the song retelling the song's soul by themselves and lastly the tune created with the accompaniment perfectly assaults the listeners ears that it paves it way through the heart. For others, some songs are relevant while some are not. Others are omitted out of each playlists, and other are recently inserted; not knowing that music really never gets buried under the loam soil, rather it varies on what we are experiencing- as of the moment. Therefore, I welcome you, musicians and nonmusicians, composers, lyricists, singers and co-dreamers, to my undying song. As I open my eyes and have a glimpse of sun rise, three lively beats from the drum accompanies the melody sang by the birds, a long trumpetsound like comes out from the roosters, the overwhelming plucks from the newly toasted break is what I hear, and a scary pitch from the piano centers mom's voice saying, "Gising na! Malelate ka na sa school, alas-siyete na," (Wake up! You're late for your school; it's already 7a.m. in the morning!). And now plays the grumbling rolls as I hurriedly button my long sleeve-sailormoonlike uniform, comb my tangled hair and hurry up for school wishing I am not yet late, fingers crossed. Here it is, when I come to school late attending half of the flag ceremony, a dramatic tune adds sorrow to my regret of consuming more than enough on. I personify “been there and done that” when it comes to school offenses: cheated in my exams, bullied without a cause, disrespected and deceived every authority in uniform. I’m not proud of anything I’ve done to the people around me, but it really helped me change. And while tarnishing my school’s name isn’t exactly part of my bucket list, it would be one of the things I’d remember as I plummet down to the eternal boiling lava. People, memories, and problems may come and go, but all of them leave things to learn. Class is still in session, and the world is our teacher. Complete with all of its unexpected twists and turns, life is the best rollercoaster you will ever ride. Whether you enjoy it or not is completely up to you, either go with the flow or go against it. One thing is for sure though; we will all realize that despite being the best, the ride was still too short.

hours of sleep. With not just half a second, a manly voice whispered an encouraging lyric saying, "It's okay, My child, tomorrow is another chance.” And then again, take note of this chorus as a repeating part of my song- trembling and sentimental chords drowns me as I suffer; I mean strive to be better during classes especially the bloody Physics and Math. Added to this, whenever I get disappointed with my failure to succeed, a broken violin is bowed bringing me to pieces. Yet an unexpected heavenly like voice again engages me with the last part of the chorus, “I prefer trying than not trying." Forgive me for spoiling, but I just can't be ashamed of my faith. Although my song isn't fully retold, I want you guys to meet the Constructor, The Lyricist, The Musician, and The Composer of my Undying Song- the Man behind every superman, The Man behind every fighter, my Lord, The Almighty God. This Musician of mine is just so great that with His guts, He can perfectly suit the fit music on every dilemma or success I am passing through with every moment. With

no laps of seconds or even millisecond, with no shade of hesitation, He can musically divert every sorrowful bridge unto joyful chorus and just repeat it for a million times the best way He can give. He turns every boring Bach's pieces into lively Hillsong praises. He catches every summit of the pitch I can't get and sings it for me out crying. Through pain and oh so romantic scenarios, Almighty Musician Lord just offers me the best pieces of lyrics accompanied by the most melancholic and most blissful melody one could hear. Ten years after, God's piece will always be my undying song. Failed attempts may come my way; His praises will always divert these unto pieces of transparency and hope. Thus, this will save my song from dying. And when the last day of my life comes, that would not be a time for funeral songs but more of praises and happy songs. My last breath though won't be a chance for me to say "Goodbye" as the last lyric of the story, but rather a privilege to utter, “Repeat the song, please.”

StuckinLove 50 shades of being friends Camille Kyle Lorenzo

What are you going to do when you fall in love but the person whom you love wants nothing more than friendship? Well, I’m pretty sure almost all of us are familiar about this. Either you’re the one who did it or you’re the one who got stuck. I bet nothing’s harder than hurting someone’s feelings just because you don’t feel the same way they do. This thing called “friend zone” simply refers to, “I love you, and you love me as a friend, no more than that.” I asked some of my friends on Twitter and Facebook about their views on friend zone and most of them based their answers with their experiences. A friend of mine said that, “It's not that hard to be in the friend zone because you can still be with the one you like. But when I say it's not hard, I didn't say that it won't be sad. It’s kind of depressing, sort of but not that sad. Just that melancholic vibe that you get when you're with her/him and the longing you get and the knowledge that you can't be more than friends with her/ him. But that's 50/50 because you either get out of the friend zone, or move-on. Either way is fine but both will take a lot of time to happen” Yes, it would take a lot of time. Maybe to ask yourself if what you’re really feeling or if that person is just special and you’re not in love. My best friend said that you know you’re stuck in a friend zone when you feel “pretty devastated and heartbroken. It is when you realize that “she is my girlfriend” and “she is my girl friend” is different no matter what punctuation mark you

insert” In this case, when you feel like nothing’s going to change and you’re still treated as a friend, only you can help yourself. You should try to make a safe way to escape the friend zone. Always remember to never fake your feelings because the more you lie to yourself, the harder the situation would be. Stop being needy. One of the reasons you might be interested in this person more than he is to you is because you are giving off signals that you really want to be in a relationship. You might be coming off as a little desperate, which is quite the “attraction killer” Think about the “difference between a friendship and a romantic relationship” Especially when it comes to women. Arthur Miller said if you want to understand a woman, you have to turn her into a piece of literature. The person who you want to be more than friends with probably makes a bigger distinction between "friend" and “romantic partner” than you do. Wait for the perfect timing to tell them what you really feel for them. Accept their reaction whether it’s positive or negative. Don’t be afraid of rejection because most of the time, you learn good lessons from bad happenings. “A guy and a girl can be just friends, but at one point or another, they will fall for each other. “Maybe temporarily, maybe at the wrong time, maybe too late, or maybe forever,” this quote from the movie 500 days of Summer explains that building a friendship first is the best way to start a relationship.

Where lessons are learned, experiences are shared, failures are tasted, achievements are By Ninna Angela attained, friends are made, and our characters are molded: International Montessori Arambulo and Hanna Center - the cradle of achievers, the home sweet home. It’s a common occurence to fail to Denise Baesa keep in touch with graduates, so here it is - a meaningful, inspiring interview with IMC

achievers turned achievers in life.

Christine Jade N. Trece- “The Dancing Virtuoso of her age”

Age: 17 years old Currently studying at: University of the East-Caloocan 1st year college; Electronics and Communication Engineering

You are a loyal IMCian at heart and your stay here at IMC were happy as her smile, if you were able to see this young lady at her shining stage at IMC. You’ll always have the chance to glance upon this amazingly terrible girl at the stage, once she move her hips and legs, and dance to the beat of the music. She is not just a dancer, but also makes it to join other extra-curricular activities at her time like quiz bees, poster makings, and essay writing competition. No doubt that because of her versatility, IMC had her at the Salutatorian of IV-Wisdom Batch 20122013. She is none other than, Christine Jade Nepomuceno Trece, or you can call her “Ate CJ”.

Life as an IMCian For CJ, life as an IMCian was like riding a roller coaster. Her experience literally has its ups and downs. But what matters most, in the end, you have no regrets, you managed to enjoy the ride, and before the school ends, memories will make you and your relationship with others stronger, she said. During her IMC days, given that CJ is also a loyalty awardee, she had friends and knew that they were for a lifetime. Again, because of CJ’s versatility, she even made a lasting relationship with her teachers she never knew she would have a bridge on to. CJ did not let her teachers’ strictness break her sweetness

and got every chance to know them and finally discovered more about her teachers. And because of these, it made this harder for her to cope up for the next chapter, the real lifecollege.

Most important learned in IMC


Besides to the academic lessons she learned, as for CJ, through every success you gain, there will always be these people who made it with you to the trials before you reached the top goal. And once you succeed in victory, CJ said, she will always come back to her teachers directly saying,

“Ma’am, Sir, dahil po sa inyo, hindi ko mararating kung ano man ako ngayon.” (Ma’am, Sir, I won’t be who I am now because of you.)

Definition of Success With just an amazing quotation, CJ defined success as- “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” –Winston Churchill. This quotation will apparently be the way and line CJ will live by as she step on to her final mission and finally fulfill her dreams in life.

Katrina ysabel P. Ortiguerra- “Literally beauty and brains” “In one word, "unforgettable." In IMC, learning is always fun, and you will never feel left out. As an IMCian, I hated all my math subjects (I suck at Math), I looked forward to recess, and lunch (I miss Ate Belle's baked macaroni), and maybe engaged in a little friendly competition from time to time. I never buttoned my long sleeves. There were times when I pretended I was Sailor Moon in our highschool uniform. I practiced for hours in Teatro de los Ninos for hours, for a song number, or a dance number. Met my first enemy in IMC, and gained lifetime friends. Had my first heartache in IMC, and found true love that lasted. No matter what university I go to, I always refer back to IMC, because there, I have a family. A sense of belonging. A place where I can be myself, and most importantly, excel.”, said of a former IMCian who studied at IMC from 1996 up to 2009. Way back then, that was her perspective towards the life of being an IMCian up until now of being a 20 year old lady after graduating from the University of the Philippines Manila on 2013 as Magna Cum Laude. This fine lady had her internship in the Corporate Communications

Department, Public Relations Division of ABS-CBN, and she is now currently studying the University of Santo Tomas Faculty of Civil Law. No need for spoiling cause you definitely all know the most beautiful amongst lawyers alive, inside and out, Katrina Ysabel P. Ortiguerra. If you’ll look at this way, Katrina would always be beautiful rose among the thorns not just because of the elegance she possessed but also because of the ways and momentous times she stood out of numerous students. What she has learned from IMC can be fully depicted on where, what and who is she now“Earn your stripes.” IMC really taught and boosted the best in her. Given that she was able to overcome her shyness in IMC, she undoubtedly earned her stripes through being different, and not being ordinary, still. This includes thinking out of the box, accepting failure, and making up for it afterwards. On the other hand, IMC also enhanced her humility as a person, there were times when things did not go her way, and she learned to just accept that. And most importantly, IMC academically and emotionally cultivated Katrina as a wholesome individual knowing these lines by her, “I

go into my or head, because didn’t let small big success these would disarm me, and make me complacent. It helps to be level headed. Merits+Values=Success”, she said. Although she surely admitted that she suck at math before, she even had a formula of percentage of success’s content. As for her, success is 70% Preparation, 20% Skill, and 10% Timing. Any brilliant person would not succeed without preparation. One can have all the intelligence in the world, but if that person is unprepared, he or she is vulnerable. There should always be Plan B, even up to Plan Z. As for Skill, this puts the icing on the cake. This is all about you. Apply everything you have learned from pre-school, to college. Do not be stuck with theoretical concepts; get a wider lens, and see the bigger picture, which is - application. This is the time to be creative, and unique. Lastly, Timing; there is always a time for everything. A tiger stalks its prey before pouncing at it. One should learn when to strike, and when it comes, strike hard, she

said, unconsciously not knowing that these inspiring words gave hope to her dreamers of her age. No need for experimentation to prove Success Formula right, just glance upon the Katrina Ysabel Ortiguerra and you’ll be more of a dumbfounded person who just found out the solution to his or her dreams. Oh, do not glance too long, you might fall to the lady with literally beauty and brains.

nina Alyssa Tubig- “The young entrepreneur” Nina Alyssa Tubig formerly labelled as “thelatecomer-from-abroad” is a 20 year old simple IMCian who was in the Class of 2009 and now a successful entrepreneur, a graduate of BS Psychology. Ate Nina, was one of IMC’s gem during her days. She is a multi-talented student who at first had a hard time adjusting to our school’s curriculum for she just went home from abroad when she decided to enter IMC as a simple freshman. As years passed by, Ate Nina’s high school life started to bloom who would have thought that a shy-type “latecomer-from-abroad” would surprisingly became one of IMC’s commendable and superb dancer in her time up until she reached college. She was also elected as Student Government Representative, class president and an officer of a club or two. Also, she became a writer and member of the Doulos that time.

Because of this, ate Nina then proudly stated that she never had NOTHING to do by the time I reached my 4th year. :)) But it was comforting. All the stress, drama, friendships, lovelife, gossips, everything. My life at IMC still probably is one of my favorite experiences ever! Everything's just worth the throwback! Of course, IMC would definitely leave a mark to its students that It is never too late to be yourself and maximize your potentials. Also, to not be afraid of trying out new things, even if it's out of your comfort zone. You'll never know unless you try, right? Ate Nina added. And lastly, as IMC’s precious gem ate Nina undeniably reached her goals and became successful- one factor why IMC and its students must be proud of. Of course, success is another definition for achievement. But for me,

barbara keyt d.g. david- “angel locsin of her time” Ate Barbarra also known as Jannah/Barbs/ Barbie is a 22 year old independent, successful lady who was once a versatile and talentented IMCian. She graduated last March 2008 and she is self employed woman who is, I can say one of the successful persons in her generation. Ate Barbara stated her life as an IMCian in a way she joyfully remembers. And I quote “I was very loud during my stay at IMC. You'll hear my voice on hallways. I was very active back then. I joined every extra curricular activity there was. Name it, I was there. From dance contests, Teatro, Christmas Caroling, DOULOS, cheering, volleyball, foundation day, MS.MACIPRISA and more activities that has passed. I really loved IMC because it really served as my second home. It was like I felt very at ease even from the first day I

had stepped on those grounds. I loved the people, the faculty, staffs, students and even Ate Bel's famous Baked Mac. It was my training ground, it was where I first learned I had a future in a beauty contest. “ As a former IMCian, she proudly shared how the institution she’s been with for four years of her secondary life helped her to widen her knowledge and sharpen her skills be it in academic, physical .or extracurricular activities. She cheerfully added that IMC was able It to teach her all the lessons she needed to learn educationally, spiritually and socially. Because of this, undoubtedly IMC left her with love for every student IMC’s giving that she savor every moment, every scream when they call her Ate Barbs, there's so much respect and I feel they really look up to me as their bigger sister. “IMC really captured my heart. My loce for this school is like a treasure

no one can ever take away from me.” Ate Barbs, said while she’s looking back to her bright days in IMC. Having said how she feels toward her high school journey. Ate Barbs ended her reminiscing moment by defining success. We really have each opinion about the word SUCCESS but one thing I am sure of, it definitely is not by the cash you have on your wallet or the credit cards stacked in your bag or how many cars you have in your garage or the biggest house in a subdivision. For me, success is simply the fulfillment you feel when you see something you worked hard for finished and done precisely or more than what needs to be met. It is the satisfaction and determination packed in one and when you see it, all ypu can say is "I, MYSELF, WORKED HARD FOR

THAT!" It's not really about luxurious things. It's more of how ypu earned those things that you can say it was really a success. You can get money, cars, big houses and all but it can be taken away. But that feeling, that one feeling of seeing a result of what you really worked hard for, earned for despite the odds, that is success. That I guess is how a truly blooded IMCian turns back to the wonderful pages of her IMC days. She is indeed a person who’s not just full of beauty inside and out but also of undying memories that gives us a glimpse of her fleeting happiness while talking about her priceless experience during the length of her stay in IMC.

success is being able to go through thick and thins, sail all the seven oceans, reach your destination, and be able to tell yourself that you're happy and thankful for everything. It is being proud of your accomplishments and help other with all the knowledge that you've gained through the journey. This is just a part of Ate Nina’s own definition of success. Certainly, ate Nina left a mark to IMC and so do IMC to her, she together with the former IMC graduates attained success and were definitely equipped with burning passion and dedication. Ate Nina, and her success in life proved how strong IMC’s DNA is. That no matter what she achieved or gain she still has this part in her heart that remembers where she started to unleash her exceptional talent. That no matter where we are or what we’ve been through at the end of the day we’ll still come back to our home.

Athletic Twist: s of an The Twist and Turn By Ashley Estrella e if L ’s e t e l h t A


There goes the wild cheers, the bewildering jeers, and the team encouragements as the game reaches its climax. With scores neck on neck, the ruckus grows wilder and wilder by each passing point. Tensed and exhausted players only pushing through with sheer determination, fuelled by the will to win, the utter arrogance to accept the alternative. But one way or another, win or lose, the game will end. And as the game reached this point where the end is inevitable, I can’t help thinking through the hardships and trials that we all faced in order to “live up” the tournament’s standard.

The Schedule

In order to match up against the other competitors, training is definitely required, unless making a fool of yourself is something you enjoy. That’s where the training program enters. With the frequency and duration depending on the ones in charge, we, the players, are required to attend and train whenever summoned. That’s why being prepared is a must with the ever so flexible schedule. Morning session,

afternoon sessions, “M-W-F”, whole day Saturdays, up to whole day sessions everyday, we need to train, no questions asked. And did I mention that skipping a session is hardly an option? Yep, many have backed out, pulled out, and utterly removed due to this conflicting schedules.

The Training Program

Now that we’ve complied with the schedules given, it’s now the time to train. And when I mean train, I also meant HARD. Training is no kids’ game where you do a couple this and that and you’re done. Nope. It’s way more than that. It’s a “program” designed to develop the core skills and strengthen a person in the fastest and safest ways possible. And again when I said “safe” don’t you get the wrong idea of chilling with fresh summer breeze in the background. It is safe, in a way where our endurance can be edge to the limit without serious and lasting injuries. And no, waking up the next day with stiff and aching muscles all over is not an injury. It’s just one of the things we learn to live with during the duration

Just a minute, maybe you should grab your phone before we start this thing. Isn’t this worth capturing? Alright, hold on to your front cameras, victims. Approximately 9 out of 10 persons are proved to be malnourished due to hunger, said the highly recommended doctors in the world. Meanwhile, statistics show that most students in all levels are seen to have an impaired academic performance and deficient attention in subject to their degrees and at high possibilities, tend not to pass their examination. Worse are flash reports on screens and even on radios still uproar the top grossing incidents regarding premarital sex, cases of rape, robbery, and kidnapping. The moment you put all of these together will sum up the raging situation of the whole wide world, yes, and some particular parts of it. Killing the overwhelming statistical preview aside, would you believe that these cases have one similar cause which complements each other? Indeed, there’s a rising and well-known addiction, or syndrome rather which makes these problems more detrimental, but on the other side makes the Apple and Samsung companies have their stocks go more abundant. No need to spoil such things, for all of us know and are aware of this syndrome standing out of the group- “The Gandangganda sa Sarili Syndrome”, with its known and irresistible effecthashtag, selfie. THE CREATION OF SELFIES Selfies first existed through portable

of the training. And if we can’t, well, no one’s stopping us from leaving, yes? Because of all the people wanting to be in the team, it is a privilege to be in the team.

The ‘Twist’

Okay. So we’ve complied with the schedule, endured and completed the training, and with all our mind and heart, we’re ready to play. BUT WAIT! THERE’S MORE! Have I somehow forgotten to mention that we are still, no doubt, 100%, a student. And what do students do? STUDY. For what? To get good grades. Correct! But, (oh no…), have we somehow, (surely not!), with all our attention and effort focused on getting better at training, (ummm…), NEGLECTED OUR STUDIES? (noooo!!!) YES! Yes, we did. And I’m afraid most of us did. With all our strength and endurance pushed relentlessly to its edge at training, we barely have the energy to go home, much less do all our missed school activities.

Lessons Learned

Like a husk of our former self, depleted of all the

energy we once possessed, we go home. With purely sleep and rest, and sometimes eat, in our mind, doing the school activities seems to be a trivial and irrelevant thing. But we still need to do it. For the sake of our grades/future. We know that, but sometimes, we just momentarily forget, during while we push to finish our 5th lap on the oval, or perhaps, as we struggle to do our 68th push-up of the drill. But at the end, the tournament will conclude, the training will be no more, but our studies, our lessons, will always be there. That’s why grades are important, that’s why grades matter.

The GGSS Generation By Hanna Denise Baesa Kodak Brownie box camera, a long-running popular series of simple and inexpensive cameras made by Eastman Kodak at late 1900s. The routine was regularly taking photos by mirror and soothing the camera on a near object or using a well-adjusted tripod which is focused at the top of the box. Even a Russian named Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna, one of the teenagers who tried taking a picture of herself at the mirror, left a letter at the back of the photograph, she wrote, “I took this picture of myself looking at the mirror. It was very hard as my hands were trembling.” THE PHENOMENAL OUTBREAK OF SELFIES Selfie, a type of self-portrait photograph, is typically taken with a hand-held digital camera or camera phone. But when the calendar fell on August 2013, the term selfie, made its debut in Oxford Dictionaries Online’s quarterly update and had its meaning as “a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a social media website.” Due to the massive modernization, people have their conception now that

selfies are associated with social networking and photo sharing services such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Vine. Neither on dull nor productive hours, people with GGSS tend to be tempted on getting their high retina display source of photo, turning on their surreal application that preposterously turns normal lips into sexy lips (Hi there, Camera 360 users) subsequently make their “Please like my photo” smile, and finally post them on social networking sites. Times like these, a day won’t end without this routine being executed, and the caption “#selfie” being inserted. Of all the ailments, GGSS is the deadliest, and of all the hashtags, selfie is indeed the most contagious. There are numerous poses which make selfies more contagious. The said poses are as follows: 1. Just woke up Selfie These selfies are usually taken at the bed, too often near their blanket, with an angle 45 degrees emphasizing their morning glory and newly opened eye.

2. Do you see my dimples Selfie On happy and sunny days, these selfies are the most abundant ones. The person who does this has to smile, not showing her teeth, making her cheeks grow a little fluffy and her dimples, if she has, appear. 3. The melodramatic selfie Boys and girls with a broken heart frequently have these selfies filtered with black and white effect. They do not smile but have their lips quietly opened, complementing their seriously bulked eyes. 4. The Compass Selfie Due to the different directions they look at, there you go, forms the compass selfie. This kind of pose is associated with the melodramatic selfie for it highly matches the emotional state when you look at the east, west, north, south, or even north-east. 5. I am Donald Duck Selfie This selfie is also known as the famous Pouted Lips Selfie. This is common for girls, definitely awkward for the boys, who trying to highlight their lips or the brand of lipstick they’re putting on. Oh well, better to take selfies moderately and responsibly rather than being tremendously ill, afterwards being rushed to a hospital and your selfies there.

Hallyu Wave Has Expanded!!!

What is Hallyu Wave you ask? It gathers all the KPOP idols, either male or female. Once they made a hit single, they instantly become part of the Hallyus. Now, if you ask what KPOP is, someone’s gonna tell you directly sooner or later that you’ve been living under a rock for a long time. KPOP is also known as Korean POP and its origin is Korea, specifically South Korea. Now, KPOP wasn’t actually just one click of a button and instantly famous. NO! Many KPOP artists work very hard to get known worldwide. And those KPOP artists now all thank the legendary Lee Sung Chul. He’s the one that made KPOP known in the first place (60’s or 70’s). Then, there’s the first ever band that made it to the Hallyu Wave, H.O.T which was from the first ever music entertainment, SM Ent. Of course, it doesn’t stop there. As generation passes, types or genres of music expand. Next to H.O.T are in chronological order (SM artists): SHINHWA – debuted on 1988; unlike H.O.T who disbanded but still in the music industry, SHINHWA is still active with members in their early 30’s BoA – debuted on 2000; AKA

Simplmyic Dyna A game review by Ashley Estrella There are games that consume endless hours of memorizing complicated rules, builds, and strategies before you can actually play them, while there are also games that are pretty straightforward and requires only a couple of rules of so. And fortunately, 2Fuse is among the latter group. Equipped with few simple rules and concepts, it will take anyone mere minutes before you can disconnect from the real world and enter the dynamic and fast-paced world of gaming.

The Rules

With 4x4 grid filled with colored tiles (Blue, Red, and Green) labeled with 1, 2, or a star, the main goal is to combine two tiles with the same colors and the same labels. Combining tiles labeled 1 will create a tile labeled 2, and combing tiles labeled with 2 will likewise create a Starred tile, while combining Starred tiles will produce a temporary special effect depending on the color of the tile. -Blue stars slow/ freeze time, -Red stars double the score, -And Green stars instantly refresh decimated tiles. Pretty simple, right?

The Game





Queen of Korean POP DBSK – debuted on 2003; AKA Dong Bang Shin Ki; disbanded and formed two groups: TVXQ with members Changmin and Yunho and JYJ with members Jaejeong, Yoochun and Junsu Super Junior – or SuJu/SJ for short; debuted on 2005 with 11 members then became 12, 13, 14 and last 15. Originally, there are only 9 members today but when you add up Zhuomi, Henry and Heechul who just came back after serving the army, they are 11 again. Other members are either serving the army or left; AKA KPOP Kings Girls Generation – aka SNSD (So Nyeo Shi Dae); debuted on 2007 with 9 members respectively; became famous when “Gee” debuted as it top the charts for 9 consecutive weeks; AKA KPOP Queens SHINee & f(x) – both debuted on 2009; aka “The next KPOP Kings and Queens” As both SHINee and f(x) debut, 2ne1 made their debut in YG Entertainment with Big Bang who debuted on 2006 with “Lollipop”. Those are only few examples of KPOP artists. Basically, SM’s the first entertainment that has artist


simple and easy to get and understand, mastering the skills needed for the game itself is quite the contrary. Combining tiles in the fastest possible pace within 60 seconds requires tremendous hand-to-eye coordination and a lot of finger dexterity too. You’ll also need a strategy because used tiles take a second or two to refresh, and having a large combo streak when you’re always running out of tiles to use is pretty hard. (Tip: Always go for GREEN STARS first!)

in the Hallyu Wave. Other entertainments include JYP, Dream Tea, Woolim, CUBE, DSP Media, TS, FNC and lots more. SK has now over 100 entertainments and counting. Since KPOP’s expanding, may fans all over the world want their favorite idols to go to their country whether they are there for movies, CF’s, fan signing events and most wanted, concerts/tours. Yes, fans would practically camp out outside the ticket booth/center to see their beloved biases in personal. If you’re a fangirl or fanboy, you’ll understand them all the way. Here in the Philippines, idolsrarelyholdconcertsresulting in fans getting dramatically disappointed but that doesn’t stop their persistence. Little by little, Filipino KPOP fans’ wish came true (at long last). This 2013, concerts will be held and even fan signing events. Example would be when SuJu’s Donghae and Siwon came on 2012 for “Bench” in Tri Noma where numerous of fans (specifically, fangirls) came. Famous Korean actor, Lee Minho also attended as well as famous Korean actress, Park Shin Hye. The charismatic 6 member male group, 2PM came on early March 2013. Unfortunately,

permanent upgrades and consumable b o o s t e r s to improve your overall gameplay. N o w that you’re all ready and prepped up, it’s time to go out there and experience the 2Fuse madness. Compete with your friends Post-game Option and set the When your 60 seconds highest score are up, you will be led to the result interface. It is where you can in… your score will be gauged depending on the number of 3… tiles used, the longest combo 2… streak, and the time you 1… played. And that’s where the GET READY! “Volts” enter. The Volts are ingame currency used to buy

By April Jame Chin and Mariella Tolentino

since it’s a school day, only a few Hottest (2PM fans) came but nonetheless, it was an exciting and eventful night for 2PM and their fans. Since they came here and held concerts twice, U-KISS is back again with fellow groups Girls Generation/SNSD, EXO, Tahiti, Tasty and Infinite. All in one concert called the Dream KPOP Fantasy concert (DKFC) on January 18, 2013. It was a memorable night for them and fans. This October 2013, SS5 was held on the Mall of Asia Arena. What’s SS5 you ask? It’s short for Super Show 5 where Super Junior is present. Long wait of Filipino ELF’s were so worth it especially since Chinese members, Henry and Zhuomi, were in it. There’s a rumor saying that SMTown (now in Beijing) will come to the Philippines, and that MAMA (Mnet Asian Music Awards) will also be held on November 2014. When fans hear about things like this, they can’t but feel excited and hoping for it to come true and wish it was that day already. Although most people don’t like KPOP saying to us fans “Why do you even like it? Unless you’re Korean which you’re not,

you don’t even understand it!” If you don’t like what we love, don’t push us. We can and will get scary at some point (though that depends on the person). Here’s my answer, “Why? Do you have to be Japanese to like anime or JPOP? Do you need to be French to like baguettes or French toast? Do you need to be Italian to like pasta?” NO! You love what you love ‘cause it came to you naturally (maybe influenced). Asking us KPOP fans why we like KPOP is like talking to a turtle that’s already dead and you’re gonna sound like a broken record. On behalf of the Filipino KPOP fans, here’s my answer: “We love KPOP because we love the music. Yes, we don’t understand the lyrics but we try to. Once we love something, it’s hard to let go so we push ourselves to learn and understand what they mean. Not just the music, but also the people. We don’t love them just because they are pretty, cute, sexy or whatever. There’s a deeper meaning why we love them. They are have great personalities and talented. Yes, we can find these characteristics in many idols but we chose KPOP, didn’t we? So let it be…”

Diary ng Panget

A book review by Sarah Andrea Munoz, Danielle Santos and Jhanell Estrella

Diary ng Panget was written by HaveYouSeenThisGirl. This story is one of the most anticipated novels in Wattpad with 12,306,503 reads. The author of this book is also known as Denny. She is 19 years old and a graphic advertising student in Italy. Aside from writing, she is also fond of drawing and painting too; you can also add that she likes eating. Denny is a big fan of books and a collector of Shoujo manga. Writing is her passion which made her write Diary ng panget. Diary ng Panget was the very first book that she pubished. Yes she may be an amateur writer

but she said that she will do her best to improve her writing skills and make the readers proud. Who knows? That one day, ate Denny would become a famous writer. Many people were inspired by this book. People realized that it isn’t always what’s on the outside that matters. Sometimes, we need to look on the inside. Yes, this story will make you laugh out loud, and even make you roll on the floor because of kilig scenes. This can definitely bring out the butterflies in your stomach. Come! Let’s review the story of Diary ng Panget. It’s the story of a girl who has never been noticed. The main characters in the story are Reah Rodriguez (Eya), Cross Sandford, C h a d Jimenez, Lory and Ian. In the first book of Diary ng Panget, Eya is a poor and ugly girl with many rich handsome boys around her. This is Eya’s diary, a girl who believes she’s ugly and will meet Cross

Sandford, the most annoying person ever. A Cinderella story with a twist of comedy! In the second book, Eya became beautiful because of her friend Lory who treated her in the spa and salon. It all started when Eya’s classmates asked her to buy the materials for the school festival. In the third book, Eya and Cross danced in the school festival. At that moment, Eya didn’t know that her last partner would be Cross. When the fireworks started, they almost kissed. And Cross Sandford confessed to Reah Rodriguez (Eya) on what he really felt about her. And finally, in the last book of Diary ng Panget, a problem about arranged marriage arose. Eya accepted the challenge of Cross’ grandfather. Yvette Derosa, the antagonist girl and has an arranged marriage with Cross because of his grandfather’s business. What will happen to the relationship of Eya and Cross? Will Eya get through with this new problem? Last August, VIVA Films, together with Denny held a meeting about Diary ng Panget. It is said that Diary ng Panget will have a movie adaptation. VIVA said that it will be announced soon!

A Journey Beneath the Sea

By Ninna Angela Arambulo and Christian Paolo Eslava

Nowadays, we keep on searching for new and exciting discoveries. As we gaze and continuously search for new innovations, luckily, a group of scientist paved the way for new discoveries that will surely mesmerize us in the weirdest yet the most spectacular way. Come and join us as we swim beneath the sea to find out the top ten weirdest sea creatures ever. So get ready and put your goggles and flippers up, together let’s swim and learn more about the sea’s deepest and lurking animals.

10: Blobfish

Top ten of the list is the blobfish. It is typically shorter than 30 cm that inhabits the deep waters off the coasts of mainland Australia and Tasmania, as well as the waters of New Zealand. Its appearance is not far from its characteristics. As you can see, this creature is as sluggish as it may seem.

9: Axolotl

Axolotls also known as Mexican salamander landed on the 9th place. It is known as the walking fish because of its ability to walk and not to swim underneath the sea. Weird right? Yet cool. In addition, this sea animal is not able to undergo

metamorphosis leaving them small just like your personal small stuff toy.

8: Frilled Shark

Frilled shark on the other hand, is one of two extant species of shark. Because of its several "primitive" features,

Highlands have a history of having things appear out of the mist. It is the The Loch Ness Monster, or "Nessie" as we've come to know her, that has become the most popular Scottish Highlands' mistdweller. The story goes that in August of 1933, the Courier

top ten weirdest creatures under the sea for its distinctive characteristic that makes it special. The leaves in its body help them to avoid harm for its capacity to hide itself.

3: Longhorn Cowfish

Longhorn Cowfish is

as the sea’s fiercest predator. Viperfish vary in color between green, silver, and black. It uses its fang-like teeth to immobilize prey and would not be able to close its mouth because of their length, if it were not able to curve them behind its head. Scary isn’t it? And last but definitely not the least, the top in the list of 10 weirdest sea creature is:

1: Vampire Squid

the frilled shark has often been termed a "living fossil". It reaches a length of 2 m (6.6 ft) and has a dark brown and it has an eel-like body that makes it hard to distinguish if it’s really a part of the shark’s family.

7: Anglerfish

Anglerfish, as how we see it is ugly. They are bony fishes named for their characteristic mode of predation, in which a fleshy growth from the fish's head acts as a lure. Regardless of its physical traits, a male anglerfish is notable for its sexual dimorphisim and parasitism. How surprising isn’t it?

6: Loch Ness Monster




published an article stating that a man had witnessed what appeared to be a dragon or at least, the closest thing he had ever seen to a dragon.

5: Dana Octopus Squid

This weird sea creature also known as Tanginia Danae mesmerizes its prey by flashing it is a species of squid in the family Octopoteuthidae. It is one of the largest known squid species, reaching a mantle length of 1.7 m (5.6 ft). Maybe they’re considered as the light to the darkness of the sea.

4: Leafy Sea Dragon

The Leafy Sea Dragon or Glauert's is a marine fish which includes the seahorses. It is considered as one of the

a variety of boxfish which is of course, recognizable by its long horns that protrude from the front of its head, rather like those of a cow or bull. Well, undoubtedly because of its cuteness and unique quality, longhorn cowfish nowadays is becoming popular and the demand for it is increasingly being popular to be a pet. Badly, they are now suited in a home acquarium.

2: Viperfish

Now that we are so near to the finish line, of course our second of the top ten weirdest creatures is, I must say really deserving to be in its spot. Aside of its undeniably terrifying appearance, the so-calledviperfish is also considered

Vampire squid is a sea creature as unique as Edward Cullen and Bella Swan. It is based from what we’ve searched is a distinctive type of creature which has retractile sensory filaments justify the vampire squid's placement in its own order: Vampyromorphida , which shares similarities with both squid and octopuses. A sea creature with two identities: weird but fascinating. So there you have it, the top ten weirdest but fascinating sea creatures. Just imagine how cool is it to discover new creatures we’ve never heard and seen before. Well, our journey ends here. We hope that you also learned that there are creatures we never thought existed and enjoyed our jaunt beneath the sea as much as we did.

Common Teenage Exercise Misconception: D e b u n k e d By Franco Luis Lopez Being aware of our body is part of our maturing process. We suddenly notice that beauty mark on our skin, the dimples when we smile, and how our hairstyles frame our faces. Yet through all of the things that urge us to take that selfie shot, one factor stands out: The way our body looks like. Admit it; you’ve all gone through the dilemma of choosing between two-cups of rice or six-pack of abs? We diet our food properly, and we sacrifice so much time for jogging and/or lifting, all for the sake of losing that pot belly. Bodybuilding and exercising are complicated arts, with each muscle group’s capacity being subjective from person to person. You can never really state a general motto for every teenager to follow, mostly because it won’t produce the same result. That being said, we can never be sure if a technique or method of exercise can be a surefire way to burn fat and strengthen muscles. Now we may not be able to precisely differentiate a myth from a fact, to our advantage,

some have been debunked. According to Never trust these misconceptions, for they waste time and effort: Myth 1: Stretching Before Workout Prevents Pulling Muscles Truth: Stretching before a workout just gets the blood flowing to the muscles, enabling them to work hard. It's not going to prevent injuries--using the proper form for your exercise will do that--but it will ensure that the muscles are ready to work. Myth 2: Sports Drinks are Good for You After Exercise Truth: Unless you do more than 60 to 90 minutes of exercise, sports drinks are basically just sugary sodium water. They contain more calories than are good for you, and they'll end up adding a lot of sugar into your body. Myth 3: Protein Bars and Shakes are Top-Notch Nutrition Truth: Protein bars and shakes

do have good protein, but they're often higher in calories and sugar than you think. Many protein bars are more like candy bars, so they're not really all that they're cracked up to be. It's better to get protein from a natural source, and only supplement your protein requirements with these foods. Myth 4: Women Shouldn't Lift Weights Truth: Women should lift weights, as it helps to burn fat, tone the muscles, and keep their body from wearing out. As long as it's not power lifting, any woman can lift weights safely. Myth 5: The Scale is Your Sign of Progress Truth: Your scale just tells you how much your total weight is, not how much your lean body weight is. Your goal should be to increase your lean body weight and decrease your body fat percentage-something the scale won't be able to tell you.

Myth 6: LISS Cardio is the Way to Get in Shape Truth: Low Intensity Steady State (LISS) cardio alone isn't going to burn much fat, but it will actually end up cannibalizing your muscle tissue. You need to add resistance training into the mix to stop your body from using muscle tissue for energy. Myth 7: Target Your Belly to Burn the Flab Truth: You can't "spot reduce" your body fat, despite what you may have heard. You have to work on the body as a whole, and your body will eventually burn away the fat around your entire body-including an inner tube around the waist. Myth 8: Exercise Allows Me to Skip Out on Dieting Truth: A healthy body is made 40 percent in the gym and 60 percent in the kitchen. If you train hard but don't eat properly, you'll not only stay

hefty, but you can actually injure your body because you're not giving it the proper nourishment. Myth 9: Pain is a Part of Training Truth: The pain of burning muscles is caused by lactic acid being released as your muscles work, and that is the pain they're talking about when they say "No pain, no gain." If there's any other type of pain (sore muscles, achy joints, tired body, hurting bones, etc.), you're doing something wrong. Myth 10: "I Can Work Out for Three Hours Once a Week and Still Get in Shape." Truth: Fitness takes time every day--even just 15 to 30 minutes. If you don't do something daily (even a walk around the block), that oncea-week workout isn't going to do much. You need to burn those calories every day to make a difference.

IMC triumph in MACIPRISA Volleyball, Chess

By Romar Malabrigo

HeldattheLaConsolacion University Philippines (LCUP) this September 11-13, 2013, the Malolos City Private Schools Association (MACIPRISA) is a prestigious event where students from different schools are given the opportunity to showcase their skills on academics and sports. The Chess competition is held at the Basic Education Education Department (BED) Library where Ma. Andrea Gabriel and Angelika Grace Soriano (1st placers, Gold medalists), and Ben Israel Angeles and Miguel Jehiel Ang (2nd placers, Silver medalists) participated. Before the competition, the IMC Chess Team has been through strict training at the Home Economics Room. The Volleyball competition is held at the Bulacan Sports Complex. The Volleybelles first played against the following schools in this order: Maria Therese, The Stella Orientis, Stella Maris Academy, LCUP, Maria Therese Montessori

School and LCUP again. The IMC Volleybelles Team, consisting of Mary Magdaline Navarro, Maria Tada, Hana Alfaro, Aerielle Gregorio, Louise Navarro, Aaliyah Basco, Danielle Santos, Janina Villamero, and Bea Soriano, came as a first runner up with LCUP at first and Stella Maris Academy a t third. The Male volleyball team, composed of Tomas Perez, Jan Vergara, Warren Tandang, Cyrus Navarro, John Deriq Lucas, Christian Paolo Eslava, Steven Santos, Jed Pelayo, Jeff dela Cruz, Leandro Gregorio, Ashley Estrella, and Josh dela Cruz, came in as champions with the LCUP at second and Maria Therese at third.

Courageous. The IMC Volleyball boys in action during the championship.

EDITORIAL A Bitter-sweet Potion IMCian Fighting Spirit Lives on If General George Smith Patron, Jr. of the American Army in the European Theater of World War Ii, commanded his men to indulge in battle, that was precisely because it was the most significant competition of the human being that time. That sort of competition left no place for the cowards; it removed all that was base, the ignoble, the dishonorable, and it upheld duty as the essence of manhood. Now, after seventy years the command to indulge still rings practical for the whole army of humankind, not because we are constantly faced by an armed conflict but because every split second we are confronted by a fiercer battle for continued existence, a battle that involves all faculties of the human intellect, and like the army of the second world war, we are left with no choice

but to indulge or to shrink down, to rise or to drown, to win or to lose, for the weakest species always die and the strongest thrive. We take our pick and we either live or die. This is exactly what IMCians are; this is what IMCians’ fighting spirit is all about. IMCians’ passion to excel, to be on top, to be the best, a never- say-die attitude -these is seen in all the endeavors the Imcians engaged in. The IMC Volleyball varsity team undeniably encompasses tne IMCian fighting spirit. The team works hard; holidays and sem breaks are working days. The endurance and survival in the training, the swelte¬ring heat of the sun, the routines to make those spikes and defenses in its perfect places are incomparable to IMCians fighting spirit. Alongside with this winning and passionate

attitude, IMCians are also ambitious for they want their efforts to be fruitful-to further themselves to Regional and National Battles. They know by heart that every step of the ladder, the fight gets tougher and tougher, the battle fiercer, and when they do not hold on, persist, indulge and endure they will reel down painfully to the bottom. The IMCian fighting spirit is a bitter-sweet potion. Bitter for sacrifices and struggles that should drink more the potion of sacrifice and feed more the spirit that give birth the desire to win. At the bottom of the bitter potion is a sweeter mixture of triumph, happiness and satisfaction. Indeed, as Henry J.Kasier wrote, “Live daringly, boldly, fearlessly. Taste the relish to be found in competition- -in having put forth the best within you”.

Philippines in Winter Olympics 2014 By Satsuki Tanaka and Nichole Arvy Jean Tatlonghari After 22-years of not being on the Winter Olympics, finally Philippines got a spot for the 2014 games which will be held in Sochi, Russia. The last time our country competed in Winter Olympics was on 1992. A sixteen year old , figure skater Michael Christian Martinez, from Muntinlupa, became the first Filipino to qualify for the Winter Olympics after he finished 7th place in Nebelhorn Trophy Tournament with a score of 194.08 points in Germany last September 28. Japan’s Nobunari Oda took home the gold medal for the event, followed by American Jason Brown and Canadian Jeremy Ten. He began skating in 2005 at a shopping mall ice rink. He started skating competitively in 2008. And according to International

PBA DRAFT: Rookies gets Trophies and Cookies This year’s PBA Rookie Draft took place on the Robinson’s Midtown Manila last November, 3. 44 rookies were drafted out of 79 hopefuls in an overall seven rounds. On the first round, the seven-footer from the Ateneo Blue Eagles, Greg Slaughter, is the number one pick of Barangay Ginebra San Miguel. Second was no surprise as San Mig Coffee Mixers pick Ian Sangalang from San Sebastian College. The third pick is a former Letran Knight, Raymund Almazan chosen by Rain or Shine Elasto Painters. The fourth, fifth, and sixth picks were former Arellano and FEU Tamaraws,

James Forrester , Terrence Romeo and RR Garcia chosen by Barako Bull Energy Cola. The seventh pick came from West Virginia State in United States - Isaac Holstein, chosen by GlobalPort Batang Pier. The eight pick was a former Ateneo Blue Eagle - Ryan Buenafe, chosen by the Alaska Aces. The ninth pick came from Adamson University, Alex Nuyles chosen by Rain or Shine Elasto Painters. The last slot for this round goes to a former Ateneo Blue Eagle, Justine Chua chosen by San Mig Coffee Mixers. While on the third round, Air 21 chose Joshua Webb, sharp shooter Jopher Custodio to GlobalPort, Zamboanga pride

Darwin Cordero to Barako Bull, La Salle guard LA Revilla to GlobalPort after Ginebra traded the pick for future draft picks, and former University of the Philippines’ gunner Sam Marata to Petron Blaze. San Beda’s point guard Anjo Caram was selected by Meralco, flashy guard Eliud Poligrates by Talk N’ Text, Raymund Ilagan by Alaska, actor Ervic Vijandre by Rain or Shine and former FEU player JR Cawaling by San Mig Coffee in the third. On the fourth round, the first pick came from San Beda Angelo Ingco chosen by Air21 Express. The second pick was from University of Perpetual Help

Skating Union (ISI) he is the first Filipino to perform triple axel, a complicated and can only be executed if all requirements of a powerful jump are maintained. He trains mainly in Manila, and also spends several months a year in California with coaches Ilia Kulik, John Nicks and Peter Kongkasem. And right now he is currently in the United States to train for the games in 2014. “Now that I deserve to represent the Philippines in the 2014 Olympic Games, this meant that I would have to train more and harder. It also entails a lot of sacrifice and hard work on my part, and more expenses for more lessons, not to mention the sacrifice by my family in terms of time and finances,” Martinez said.

By Sarah Andrea Munoz, Satsuki Tanaka and Nichole Arvy Jean Tatlonghari

System Dalta - Jett Vidal chosen by the Barako Bull Energy Cola. The third pick came from Shoreline Community in United States John Usita chosen by the Barangay Ginebra San Miguel. The fourth pick was from JRU in United States - Nate Matute chosen by the Petron Blaze Boosters. The fifth pick came from Mapua - Mike Parala chosen by the Team Meralco Bolts. The sixth pick was a former Ateneo Blue Eagle - Chris Sumalinog chosen by the Team Talk’N Text TropangTexters. In the fifth round, Randolf Chua got drafted by Air21, followed by Maroons Mike Silungan, Alvin Padilla and Mark Lopez, who

filled up the Barako, Ginebra and Meralco choices. By the sixth round, the first pick came from Far Eastern University - Jens Knuttel chosen by the Team Barangay Ginebra San Miguel. The second pick was from St. Fancis - Ron Guevarra chosen by the Team Meralco Bolts. And lastly the seventh round, the first and last pick came from Far Eastern University - Mark Bringas chosen by the Team Meralco Bolts. These rookies were fortunate to be chosen by those different respective teams and surely those team captains will eager for the win. Every game will surely be exciting and interesting.

IMC-TheDoulos 2013  

June-October 2013 issue of the official student publication of International Montessori Center

IMC-TheDoulos 2013  

June-October 2013 issue of the official student publication of International Montessori Center