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Why Do We Make This Comparation In The Same Motor Industry

In a 150cc motors’ test, we gain much support from Wuben, Haojue, Lifan, Jianshe and Yamaha, totally are five big manufactures, thanks for their supports. Offer us about 150 motors that are new style and popular in the market, undoubtly, these motors can be chosen for this comparation are all the best motors ,including its function , performance, its apperence, the degree of comfort, maybe the all aspect, of course, the 150cc motors must be the best ones, because in this way can we make a good comparation , then get a exact result, write a proposal that handing out advices and take measures for motor market to be better. On the other hand, even through they all the best motor, there are difference between them, the price , the performance, the apperence, the function ,the comfortation, technique ,manipulation ,and so on, so many factors get together, for example,the yamaha dirt bike parts , the different parts have different functions. So ,they have advantages and disadvantages. And we help the players and consumers choose a type of one for them according to their different request to motor ,this is the real purpose.

In terms of manufactures , each has good or bad, and different features. This is Normal performance , of course, we difficult to make sure the result of comparation is accurate, there are little diversity in it, we are not use any machines to test it , because the list of technical parameter of motor in our hands, so the every manufacture test their motor theirselves, then the result may be more exact than ours. We focus on the feeling of every group of consumers, avoid the one-sided result,or say subjective evaluation , we need judge it more fair from many aspects, if a customer want to buy a motor, he will considerit from two sides, on one hand, he may reference the Technical parameter index of manufactures, but mainly is his Subjective feelings , such as , is it beautiful? Is it easy to handle? The perfomance is good? Is it comfotable? Can it save oil? Like these questions. The comparation make this activities more interesting. I see someone walk around the two motors ,he looks so hesitate, he can’t make a decision between this two motor,may be he don’t know which one suit him, don’t worry, you see, our woker come toward him ,and ask him what’s the question he hesitate, he discussed wiht our worker, then they analyse the different advantanges and disadvantage betweent them, at last ,they give the customer some advices and suggests, I believe the man know which one he should choose. The aim of comparation and competion is fair to judge every motors, please use an objective and open eye to view the motor market, let more people pay close attention to our new and hot stlye of motor. And take the motor that they love home. We can be better, and we all do our best to become that, find the disadvantages , and improve it, make it more perfect, this is our target, if you have any good suggstion about motor, don’t hesitate to tell us, we will show you a better one. Welcome visit us.

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Why do we make this comparation in the same moto