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To Be A Woman Who Have A Story

I like stories,and also like the person who have story, I always have a deep fascination with someone,and be potty about his story, we aspire and admire the life. A motor woman is like this ,her name is Jasmine. She is a motor fun that has a lot of stories and desire to make more story for herself. When I know this activity ,I was on the way to Tibet, after I study their travel plans, from Urumqi to Mohe ,then the last distance Heihe, what make me so surprise is that I find this is my plan of the nect year, so I don’t hesitate to turn back to Chongqing,when I reach the Chongqing motor scence, I enter my name down for this motor activity. May be she is from northeast, so she is more straightforward than other people. Once they wanna do somrthing, they will take action immediately,not like someone is slow as molasses. We are so curious about her choice, Then asked her, she said, I just wanna di something that I think it is worthe doing, when I am old, I don’t want to find there is nothing in my memory, to make some funny stories when we all are young is intereasting. I have many friends in motor forum. And some is known in the motor party, I am familiar with somebody is on the way to travel around the world, we all regret we didn't meet sooner.I see some of my friends in here just now, we are all so glad to meet each other here, I just wanna say ,the world is so small, but do you believe love? A journalist asked her, yes ,I believe, because I see the love betweenJames and Rose, they fall in love with each other at first I believe love. The story between Jame and Rose is dramastic. They have fate,at first ,when we reach Arctic Village, it’s said this place is most northest place in China. All are the most northest, the northest canteen, the most northest post office, however Rose, she is a lovely and lively girl in the canteen of Mohe.she is familiar with us quickly, when we

talked with Rose, we ask her do you have a boyfriend as a joke, but it is out of our expectation that our cameraman fall in love with the beauty girl at first sight. I go over mountains and bound across the peaks,just want to meet you. So sweet. How is your Mr Right in the future in your life? Do you dream that? I think he must receive evertthing of mine ,this is an important point, whatever the merits and demerits, he should be tolerant for that, and the other ppart, I believe the fate, and we will find each other at last, let nature take its course I don’t worry . My friends all know I like eating, so my slogan is see all the beautiful scenery ,and eat all delicious food, I think enjoy the local food is an essential part in motor trip. If you are singel, you don’t need to discuss with other people and make a decision, you are free to with your heart, but you can’t enjoy the happy from Group cooperation.just like this trip, the team leader and I strive for the fruit to eat. Our enthusiasm motivate the team member’s emotions, someone said he eat all a year’s friuit. We all are laugh, so the whole atmosphere turn into breezy and pleasure. Jasmine said: I have my birthday in the motor team ,all friends prepare a party and a big cake for me, I feel my tears will go out from my eye socket, so worm and close-hearted. I moved, we sit around the cake and the sing the birthday song for me, I see their lovly face, I feel so gald for their effort for me, so many birthday gifts , I will be smothered with those gifts, thanks, my dear brother, thanks ,my dear friend,I feel so lucky because you are here with me, I think this birthday will be deeply etched in my head and heart. They all think I looks like a man, because when I have a motor trip ,there will have 80 motors and 6 cars. So large scale, so great. But whenmy trip is done, I take off my motorcloth, I am a well-behaved daughter and listen to my dad in my life, I am firm and decisive in my work, and I am a fearless man in my motor trip. Just a joke. Of couse ,every time when I travel around China ,my father worried me, even though I told him it’s ok, it’s safe, but he alwanys worry, he often can’t sleep at night, so when I ride a motor, I warn me and my member frequently that take care of your body, don’t risk.At last ,refer to the harvest of this trip, I realize one of my dream, I reached the top of the Everest a month ago ,this time she reached the Western Kanas and the Arctic Village, I ride totally 16200 kilometers, Happiness consists in contentment, the time is long, leave the dream in the future. Article resource:

To be a woman who have a story  
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