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Those Happy Time We Get Together With Motor

The 0760 motor camp always be active in I-MOTOR website, so we find them, it has so large scale, they published many pictures when they have activity, and write many post about the feeling they ride a new motor, or some thoughts about the motor, of course ,they attract much attention from netizens,this 0760 motot camp surrounding with mystery atmosphere, let’s see it clear, follow me. At first, this motor camp start on November 2008. But it is not called 0760 motor camp, it is called 0760 EN society, because they mainly play the SUZUKI EN 125-2A style,a whole consists of suzuki dirt bike parts , then, so many motor friends join this party, and every one played different motor, the 0760 EN society do not suit them, so they change the name of it into 0760 motor camp, the ward “camp” stand for they don’t limit the type of motor, as long as you like motors, you like to be one member of ours, we all welcome you to join us, on the other hand ,this also reflet that this camp like making friends with the people from all walks of life.learn together and share the experience with each other.just like a big family which have a common dream,that is we all like motor. I believe it’s the friendship between us links us together, at the beginning of motor camp, there are only a dozen people, maybe because we all young, we have passion. We like adaptations, we also like risking and experience, maybe we want to know our motor more, so we walk togethe, building this motor camp.

Gradually, it developed into a group contain 150 people in the past three years. There are many interesting things happened in our journey or our activities. Such as someone drop into the water, some one missing the road, someone’s motor was broken, but our members are kind hearted, some one is familiar with the road, so he ride at first ,we all follow him, some one ride along maybe he is in trouble, and he send the message to our members, they all come to that place to help him, in summary ,these all make a deep impression on us, even now, when I remember that ,I can’t help to laugh . we always said,we are together not only playing motor, but also the deep friendship and the deep love for motor, maybe some family oppose his son or daughter play motor, this can’t remove our passion to motor, we can’t give up motor, only we can do is to ride safely, don’t let our parents worry more, even though we pursuit free, but our motor camp has a list of rules, we don’t think the peple regard us as a crazy crowd,,we have order, gain the self-identity of society. And last, no matter how we change, or leave, or back,don’t forget the happy time we spend together, Long live the friendship. Article resource:

Those happy time we get together with motor  
Those happy time we get together with motor