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This Not A Peak Period

After the Spring Festival, , the waiters of resturants around the Motorcycle shop said: their business is more better than last year, when asked the reson, they told us ,the wokers and salesmen in Motorcycle shop all stay in the shop instead of going out, so they have three meals in near resturants, and I huess ,the business of resturant is good, so the shop may be good too, but the truth is not positive, I went to a shop located in The Mansion Motor Market. It’s so strange that there is nobody in the hall, in the receiving room, there are four saleman sit around the desk, they are playing mah-jong, under the tea table, I found the plates and bowls still on there, the business looks so bad. A saleman said: from The Spring Festival to now, the business slows down in this season. We decrease the times of activity about motors. And the manufacturer didn’t organize activity to ivite us take part in, this showed that , the resturant’s business is good don’t stand the motor shop’s is good too. This off season start from The Spring Festival ,but why it last to June ? It’s so strange, of course We can’t think it too simple, let us study it deeply.focus on that question, the salesmen of motor shop all shook their head sadly, they may don’t know the reason.they just said, At this time of every year, this season is slack. I suddenly have nothing more to say,cause I don’t know how to explain that to them clearly. Someone said, onlythe slack saeson idea make the slack season market, yes, it’s ture. For example, a person can sell umbrella when it is rainy day, and he can sell sunshade when it is cloudless day, in my opinion, the slack season can’t be the whole reason for the decline in sales, further more, the low season is a good chance for good salesman,

he can do many things in this period, Marketing elite told us, the off season is the time for againsting competing products, clear the market old products, like A clearance sale, in order to occupy the market share earlier. At the same time, this period also can develop a new network, build a new system, find a new business opportunity and new resources. Build new customer group. on the last hand, it’s the best time to examine the ability and character of staff, an old saying is that share somebody's joys is easy ,but share his sorrows is hard, so it’s good to test out your employee. To make a conclusion at last, tell the truth , this season is an off season for motorcycle market, this is not changeable phenomenon, but we hope the mood of motor funs and salemen can be good instead of bad. Anyway, I prefer that this low season will end quickly, and the peak season come quiclkly. Let's pull together on this. Motor will be better in the future. Aticle resource:

This not a peak period  
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