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The Lovely Motor Of HK250 Part Two

As we know, the introduction of HK 250 changed the people’s trend of the mean time ,it also improved the level of science and techlonogy about motor. From the two-stroke to four-stroke gasoline engine, from hand operation to electric automation, from low power and high gas-guzzling to high power and low gas-guzzling. All of that changed the standard of HK 250. At the meantime , to lay the foundation the function of HK 250 in the future, under this circumstance of the development of consumtiom and motor market at that time, HK 250 is an advanced motor,because it is the copy motor of Z259FS motor of Japan.use all the 250cc scooter parts of Z259FS motor. After 22 years, the YBR 250 has been produced in 2007, it occured in the eyes of everybody.14.7kw and 20.7 N.m, the engine is 130km per hour, these technical parameters are meet the production standard, but ,in that time , the price of YBR 250 is so expensive, maybe the salary package is so low, so many people can’t afford it , even through they like this motor vary much, in a word, it looks such a long way off . Gradually, it become a sign that symbolize wealth, yes ,if you have a YBR 250 ,you are rich, a motor funs said , even through the price is so high, all the first YBR 250 are sold out, no one leaves, you can image how popular it is, then the following YBR 250 ‘s price is more higher and higher, from the first 4659 , to 8000 per one, at last , the price up to 150000 per one unexpectedly. Some special place, the bad stockist change the price to 24000 per one, I have to say , it’s so crazy, maybe everyone want to have a YBR 250. It’s everyone’s dream.

The technical parameter of HK 250 is listed in the next paragraph. The long, wide and high is 1945mm, 735mm, 1035mm, the wheel base is1320mm, the lowest distance to earth is 140mm, the sitting height is 750mm, the net weightis 130 kg, the engine are four-stroke gasoline engine and Single-cylinder air-cooled engine. The displacemint is 248cc, cylinder diameter is 70.5mm* 44.0mm. The the compression ratio is 9:3:1, the maximum power is 14.7kw, equivalent to 8000r per minute, the maximum torque is 19.4N.m, equal to 6000r per minute, the Carbureter is JB CVK34, the Ignition method is transistor ignition, the transmission type is a 5-speed reciprocating, the oil wear is 2.6L per 100km, the maximum speed of HK 250 is 140km per hour. Maybe at that period, if you see a man ride the HK250 in the street, you must admire him, he is keeping with the times,the fations, on the other hand, view the motor market, The supply of HK250 is not adequate to the demand. The prospect of econimy is so flourishing.if you are interesting about motor , welcome to visit our website. Article resource:

The lovely motor of hk250 part two  
The lovely motor of hk250 part two