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The Lovely Motor Of GSX 250 Part Two

The choice of motor market tells us that if a motor is too fashion or too outmoded, it will disappered in the market , in one woed , it will face the problem that stop production,the fact is that only the appropriate product can live long in the competition,because these product meet the requirement and demand,if a motor is just in media price that all consumers can receive ,and the functions and 250cc scooter parts are good to handle . ok, the prospect of it will be good, and the xf 250,the HK250 , and the GSX 250 are three representatives that stand for three different times in China, even through because a lot of reasons that they all are stoped production, but theyare thecalssical in our heart, some one who has bought the XF 250 ,now put it in their house to as a remembrance, undoubtedly ,they have a big influence on motor market, especially have a large influen on the field of 250cc motor market. Their name in our brain just like using the knife Engraved it on our heart ,let us not forget them ,even in today ,when we refer to these motor, many motor funs all excited to talk about the story about the motor at that time. Which accompany eheir childhood, the beautiful memory in our heart. Let’s see the technical parameter of GSX 250, The long, wide and high is 2085mm, 710mm, 1175mm, the wheel base is1410mm, the lowest distance to earth is 135mm, the sitting height is 790mm, the net weightis 185 kg, the engine are four-stroke gasoline engine and double-cylinder air-cooled engine. The displacemint is 249cc, cylinder diameter is 57mm* 48.8mm. The the compression ratio is 10:5:1, the maximum power is 19.85kw, equivalent to 11000r per minute, the maximum torque is

18.6N.m, equal to 8500r per minute, the Carbureter isDouble BST29, the Ignition method is CDI , the transmission type is a 6-speed reciprocating, the oil wear is 2.6L per 100km, the maximum speed of GSX 250 is 150km per hour. In 80’s and 90’s, there are so many new different type of motor come into the market, the market has become flourishing and palmy, the economy is also blooming, vary from 70cc and 250cc motors, they also the classical motor, for example, in 1983, the JiaLing motor limited liability company produced the JiaLing 70,in 1985, the WUYANG Honda motor company produced the Honda CG 250, in 1992, Honda bring the WY125-A to the motor market , in popular views, and in 1995,the YAMAHA motor company produced the SRZ150,and so a word, so many new motors in the market. There are many reaationary motor in the motor market, but it can’t stead the classical motor in our heart, just like the XF 250, HK250 ,or GSX 250, it’s them. They are the only motor in the world , no one can replace them , they all our lovely motor ,our lovely and happy time altogether.We will remeber you forever.

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The lovely motor of gsx 250 part two  
The lovely motor of gsx 250 part two