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How Far To The Starting Point

Over the past ten years, I wrote articles ceaselessly, a part of the reason is that there always have friends ask me many questions : how did you reach Kampuchea from YunNan by motor? Did you have altitude stress in Tibet? Or how could you do if your motor haven’t oil? If your motor broken? And so on, my articles maybe will give them answers, actuallt, how to reach the starting point is so difficulty. It is extracted from ZhengGang’s blog. So ,who is ZhengGang? I contacted and interviewed him, he was a crazy motor-lover, he told me.before ten years ago, he had a idea that he wanted to change this quiet life at present, he looked for some thrills , so he started an adventure, this is the first time that he reachede the starting point.he quited the job,and shoulder the pressue from his family. the feel of first travelis so impressive, a little exciting,nervous,happy and scared for new environment. At last, in the past ten years, he tried to change everything to adjust life style in his trip however this process is long, and it was not always happy, some times feel a little anoying. But he never give up. At the same time , ZhengGang may face many questions such as the lack of experience for ridding a motor, his father threatened him if he go he will not his father. The work no

vacation.and no money fo travel and so on, the reason he can insist on and continue it is that he firmly believing the life must be changed. Choose the satrting poing is to choose a living state. ZhengGang said: a trip can let you know the real part of yourself, you can have self-examination and introspection on yourself. This is a good thing , but does he have any pity in his long journey?he talked with me, there are so many choice we need to make in our lifetime, wo may hesitate. He think , the changeless life is so bad, and the idea is shamful, because this life must be boring, if all the people have same idea ,they will not change any more, no matter the ten years ago or after ten years, the environment is same, this is no value,the world is progressing in change,so do we. We must change everything, only in this way can we grow to maturity. From our childhood, we have many dreams, and vowed that Iwill realize my dreams. but when we gradually grow up ,these dreams become fewer and fewer. Till no dreams. Because the life pressue, the reality of society let the dreams die, hardly able to lift each foot. No matte you will or you don’t will ,the world is changing, wemust lost some thing and ge t some thing, for those lost, we don’t need so sad, you just need go ahead bravely, I believe there have some better things waiting for you .yes ,the staring poing is there. But how far we can get there, we should think it seriously. Article resource:

How far to the starting point  
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