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Hi, My Name Is Wang Paopao

Hi, my name is Wang Paopao, I am a straight spoken girl who has an open character,I like playing with everyone in the motor group, I am also a easy-going girl, I like vehicles with high emissions, I like dogs and cat, I like sing a song on high note as a conpetition with the group member, I like palying games ,such as The Game of Killing and SANGUOSHA , I think it’s very funny, I like watch the football game, I like share the happy things with every one in the micro-blog, I hope more people will like me, and we will make friends ,in a word , I like so many things ,I have interesting in many things, I am a Positive and optimistic girl . A motor girl of Lanzhou,a singer or a lead singer .Paopao introduce herself to everyone like that, a journalist contact her and interview her, she looks so happy, the journalist asked her, To be frank with you , it’s hard to image that a beauty singer is a motor girl , how can you touch the motor ,there must a story in it, tell us , ok , at first ,when I was in elementary school, my mother bought a big vesper in Guangdong, it’s white, I stolen the motor keys while my mom slept, and ride the vesper in the street, but my primary school headmaster stumble across me, then the result is that do a criticism and education to me In front of all the students in the school, even through this , but I still like motor very much. Ai the latter time, about in 2004, whem I finished the intership in the Zhuhai , I know so many friends who also like motor, so I beg them to teach me to ride a motor, after I leaned that well, I asked them to borrow me a motor to play everywhere, maybe from 2005 to now, I always play motor and have motor trip.

wow , you are a adventurous girl who is Full of curiosity, so good , you play motor so ong time,so what is your motor now? Haw many motor you have changed ? In my memory, the earlest motor I have is Zongshen200. I use the salary package to bought it, a friend like it very much , then I sold it to him , and give him the helmet, after that , I bought the Handa VTR 250, it’s a very good motor, I still like it now, it has Double cylinder and it’s Fuel-efficient motor,it adopt honda oem dirt bike parts , the speed is fast, also it’s light and handy, ride it hardly lifts a finger,and the apperence is very young and lively, it fits girls to ride . Then I sold it to my friend, then I bought Kawasaki Z1000, I ride it till now. I like motor very much , it’s like my life, it is a indispensable part in my life, I like it. Article resource:

Hi my name is wang paopao