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Hi Motor Hi Everyone

Hi My name is Erzi, I always can’t stop doing something. So you always looks me so hurry, and I like helping people.and I like performing and has conscientiousness, Erzi is my childhood name, my real name is Li Huicheng, I am te second son in my family, so they call me Erchengzi sometime, they call my brother Dachengzi, but I like this form of address, I feel so friendly. I graduated from special [technical secondary] school when I was 16, my major is the repairment of Motorcycle,after graduation, I keeps a shop that repair the motor or change some parts for many motor riders, because I make many friends , I don’t collect money from them for repair motor. in the course of time, it has become a free repair shop. Then, a manager find me ,and hire me as the manager of Customer service department in a motorcyle sales center.I feel so happy and excited. Play motor since the trip to Yunnan, I take part in that motor trip. In that motor group, I see many interesting things, especially the motor stunt man make hotdogging in motor-x. All people cry out in alarm, that’s the first time I feel the effect of motor stunt, I have a dosire that I wanna learn that, it must be very thrilling, because it need enough courage for you. But as a man who love performing,due to the age and my family, I have a cute daughter and virtuous wife, so I should take care of myself , some dangerous actions are hare to make , genarally speaking, I am a man who has responsibility. I have take part in many competitions about motor previously, such as Provincial , the county-level, amd the countrywide and so on, and I had a good result, gain so many award, such as computer, TV, refrigerator and washing machine , I remeber I gain the

biggest award, the zongsheng motor, My lovely baby. This time I join this activity again, I entered mt name into that,an d then receive a note about matters needing attention and athe thhings I should prepare,even though I have participated in many activity, but my mood is very excited, I can’t wait any moment, I wanna see the beautiful scenery o nthe road, and performing for my group riders and my lovely motor funs. The first day we ride about 500 kilometers, it’s a long distance, but I am not feel tired, I sing songs to the walkie-talkie on the way, so alll members can listen to it, when I sing not good, they all laugh,it is filled with singing and laughing in the journey, make us feel not single.when I tired , the sister MOLI will instead me for riding, and I sit after her ,can you guess what I do behind her? I am telling funny stories to my members. Actually there are many funny story on the road, please look my picture in my trip ,then I will tell you how is that,oh, my lovely motor ,I am coming for you.

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Hi motor hi everyone  
Hi motor hi everyone