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Enjoy The Motorcycle Race

If you want to watch the motorcycle race, an feel the civilization of its, you should go to a place where have long history about motorcycl race, just like the motrocycle exhibitions , the famous MILAN exhibition and the Munich exhibitions,if you are in the scence,the atmosphere is very hot, so nervous and excited,but they are all foreign motorcycle exhibitions , our common person can’t enjoy it , just through the TV and the Internet, actually, on November of every year, you can go to Hongkong for an exhibition of motor in its street, it has many parts, such as new motor show ,trick cycling performance and experience the riding.and so on, so lucky , if you are in Macao , you can enjoy thehot motorcycle race of city. The motrorcycle race in Macao including formula-3 racing , super touring car and motorcycle, the high level’s Marco Fu racing has about more than 50 years of history. It also is the large International motorcycle racing, the motors and super touring car that all take part in the racing can speed on the natural automobile race track of the city. During the period of racing, all city are permeated with excited and nervous atmosphere. the roar of the engines , Visitors to the exhibition came in an endless stream, the colorized little flag ont the roof that fly with the wind on the both sides of the street, especially, in the period of racing ,the pace of life may be disorganized instead of the common pace, whereever you sit . The tea house or a little pastry store, you can see a tv that make a direct seeding about the the accounts of the matches, and the busy street will influence your emotion, let you change into excited as them.

But what do you enjoy in this racing? Yes ,it’s the stimulation, the Macao GP is the Street Racing ,the road is narrow and the road inclines is steeply , onthe contray hand. the stright roads is short, so the accident in the road inclines happend frequently , the crash is also continually, the visitors are all heart-stirring, and the skillful riding skills of riders when he through the curve wiil let visitors clap hands for joy, yes ,they are so fast ,so awosome, it’s a wonderful racing, to tell you a truth, someone judge the risk level of racing of Macao is more venturesome than other motor racing. Of course , besides enjoy the racing, you can enjoy the delicious food and go shopping in Macao. Bring your family member or girlfriend, ride a motoe in the street of Macao, experience the local people’s life, so comfortable ,there are many motors in the parking lot, no matter the big output volume or small output volume, look as the same, they are placed around the street at random, the beautiful street lamp and the the flowers on the eaves of house ,do you wanna take a picture to remember that? Come Macao, it will be a wonderful jorney. Article resource:

Enjoy the motorcycle race  
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