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April 2018 | March Results

Ruth Heller EMERALD

Trisha Mellody DIAMOND

Carmen Mihai RUBY

Maggie Picot RUBY

Kristen Culver RUBY

Kathy Currier SAPPHIRE

Patricia McDonald SAPPHIRE

Kate Chandler SAPPHIRE


Dottie Gilbar SAPPHIRE

LOOK who’s on-target for ALL-STAR and kate spade new york!!! ALL STAR BOOSTER Get 2,400 additional contest credits toward your year-end All-Star prize when you: 1. Achieve Star Consultant status all four quarters 2. Attend Seminar 2018 AND 3. Achieve all 12 months of the New Faces Take You Places Challenge

Queen of Sharing Trisha Mellody 1ST Time GOLD MEDAL

April Leal 1ST Time SILVER MEDAL

Queen of Wholesale Carmen Mihai $2,503.00

Look who invested in their business in March Carmen Mihai $2,503.00 Mary E. Vono $1,820.50 Trisha Mellody $1,285.00 Kate E. Chandler $1,072.00 Dottie Gilbar $1,057.00 Kristen R. Culver $936.00 Ruth J. Heller $842.50 Kathy Currier $642.50 Sarah Williams $641.00 Lindsay N. Johnson $626.50 Cassandra R. Conover $622.50 Maggie Picot $613.50 Jamie M. Renshaw $610.00 April Leal $604.00 Linda Johns $471.50 Nancy L. Corti $424.50 Emily R. Hannenberg $378.00 Lindsey M. Dollahite $326.50 Emily Totten $306.50 Laura E. Coleman $306.00 Kathryn Haase $271.50 Melissa S. Anderson $266.00 Sarah Gatewood $262.00 Shannon Linnehan $235.00 R. Alexander Daugher $234.00 Ruby L. Streyle $234.00 Thea Helms $234.00 Wan-Yu Lu $231.50 Tiffany S. Holmes $231.00 Shayla Y. Notice $231.00 Marissa Martinez $231.00 Vivi Juwita $230.50 Heidi Caissie $230.00 Lisa A. Robtoy $229.00 Kristinia M McDonald $229.00 Grisel Bergollo $228.50 Ashleigh Harris $228.50 Sharon L. DiDio $227.50 Tifany D. Lindeman $227.00 Kimberly Bradshaw $226.00 Sofie Romero $226.00 Jennifer A. Ricupero $225.50

Queen of Retail Sales Trisha Mellody $2,381.00

New Beauty Consultant s New Consultant Piedad Aleman Elisha Beatty Cassandra R. Conover Sharon L. DiDio Cristina Divito Kathryn Haase Grace Hernandez Marissa Martinez Carmen Mihai Ana Paula Nogueira Tracy A. Ovitt Kaylah Pope Bethany Valois Mary E. Vono


Sponsored by Maggie Picot Trisha Mellody Laura Coleman Trisha Mellody April Leal Trisha Mellody Jamie Renshaw Trisha Mellody Ruth Heller April Leal Dottie Gilbar April Leal April Leal Trisha Mellody

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DIQ 8+ Active Team Members

Recruiter: Trisha Mellody Sharon L. DiDio Stacy M. Dube Kathryn Haase Marissa Martinez Lori Neubauer Shayla Y. Notice Jenice Vega Mary E. Vono * Elisha Beatty * Colleen Holohan

Star Team Builders 3-4 Active Team Members

Recruiter: April Leal Nicole Bellizzi Aimee Goudas Deborah A. Lowe * Cristina Divito * Valerie L. Gardner * Ana Paula G Nogueira * Nury Ortiz * Kaylah Pope * Wendy Russo * Bethany Valois

Future Sales Director 8+ Active Team Members

Recruiter: Juliana Langille Eliane. A. Badaro Luisa Carvalho Claudia M. Cunha Luz Laboy Recruiter: Tifany Lindeman Rose Cross Lindsey M. Dollahite Lana M. Garberich Sarah Gatewood Ashleigh Harris Thea Helms Natalie J. Moorhouse Jamie M. Renshaw Ruby L. Streyle * Kathy A. Nichols * Heidi A. Repp * Brinisha L. Tobar

Senior Consultants 1 or 2 Active Team Members

Recruiter: Amy S. McDonald Kerry Gifford Recruiter: Charletta Warren Tanya Nelson Recruiter: Dottie Gilbar Emily Totten * Tracy A. Ovitt * Alyssa M. Sweet Recruiter: Heidi Caissie April Leal Trisha Mellody * Lynne M. Belmore * Lois Black * Jazmyne J. Cromwell * Crystal R. Devoe * Mari C. Dobson * Tania Montanez * Jaryce Reyes * Carol Rogers Recruiter: Jamie M. Renshaw Constance Arismendez * Shambree L. Givens * Grace Hernandez Recruiter: Jennifer A. Cann Erin L. Galvin Patricia McDonald Recruiter: Kate E. Chandler Shannon Linnehan Recruiter: Kathy Currier R. Alexander Daugher Megan E. Santos

Recruiter: Kristen R. Culver Kimberly Bradshaw Ruth J. Heller Linda Johns * Filippa S. Viola

SNSD Emeritus Maureen Ledda’s tips: •Look for the “sparkler.” To me that means someone who is considerate, courteous and communicates well with others at the class. •Observe if she loves the product. If she does, she’ll make a great hostess. From there, you can build a relationship with her and present her with the opportunity. Relationship building is a must. •Be persistent. Lots of people at the top said “no” many times but eventually agreed because someone established a relationship with them. I wrote a letter to Maureen Myers for 12 months before she signed her Independent Beauty Consultant Agreement! •I always relied on referrals. Don’t forget to ask, “Who do you know?” •Use the four-point recruiting plan. It works if you work!

Senior Consultants 1 or 2 Active Team Members

Recruiter: Kristinia McDonald Juliana Langille * Patricia Baronoski * Patty M. Fenton Recruiter: Laura E. Coleman Cassandra R. Conover Recruiter: Marcelle F. Martins Consuil Duarte Lindsey O. Tait Recruiter: Megan N. Schaafsma Lindsay N. Johnson Recruiter: Patricia McDonald Kate E. Chandler Eliza Woo * Deborah A. Carpenter * Catherine Fortuna * Amy S. McDonald Recruiter: Ruth J. Heller Kristina Brusenkova Carmen Mihai * Lourdes Berman * Anabela Ramos Recruiter: Shambree L. Givens Tiffany Lacy Recruiter: Stephanie Hovasse Jennifer A. Ricupero * Aurelie M. Cyr Recruiter: Valerie L. Manolis Sarah Williams * inactive consultant at close of last month

Mary Kay Recruiter Commission Checks 13% Recruiter Commissions Trisha Mellody $371.28 9% Recruiter Commissions Tifany D. Lindeman $170.55 4% Recruiter Commissions Ruth J. Heller $100.12 Heidi Caissie $ 75.56 Kristen R. Culver $ 61.60 Kathy Currier $ 53.18 Patricia McDonald $ 42.88 Valerie L. Manolis $ 25.64 Laura E. Coleman $ 24.90 Dottie Gilbar $ 12.26 Stephanie Hovasse $ 11.66 Kate E. Chandler $ 9.40

Ideas to help you Earn Your Star this quarter!! First step...decide to make this happen for you...Second step...get to work!! Third step...enjoy your journey of achievement!! 1. Become a TOTAL USER of all of our FABULOUS products! We have the very best products! Why consider using anything else? When you fall in love with YOUR products, you’ll be more likely to tell more people about them! Sit down with the current issue of “The Look,” circle the items you are not yet using, and use that to start your next product order. Fill out a Customer Profile and evaluate your skin like we do with our customers.

10. Have a $1000 day challenge and offer 15% off to all customers or offer a product 1/2 off with a $40 purchase.

2. As soon as new products become available each quarter, always order them right away, and start to use them, and “show and sell!”

12. Challenge your son, daughter, or spouse to sell $200 (mother-in-law and mothers, too).

3. Hold 2-3 Parties every week! Holding parties is the key to building your business and to establishing customers for life! Overbook so that you’ll always be holding 2-3 parties a week—book 5 to hold 3. Coaching hostesses including pre-profiling your guests, etc.

11. Contact Skin Care customers and introduce another product line. Look at her profile— it indicates all the products she feels she should be using! Recommend she start on at least one of them this month! Offer a little discount!

13. Encourage each customer to visit your website, do her “Virtual Makeover,” and then get together to try her new look. Suggest she invite some friends so she can get hostess credit and FREE products! Call me if you need a booking script.

14. Deliver reorders and up-sell by selling at least one additional item per customer. IF she buys a lipstick, suggest a lip liner and gloss. If she buys an eye shadow, recommend eye pencil and mascara—don’t forget about things like the Eye Primer!! And any of the newer products she is not using...remind every time about a product you 5. Offer gift-giving ideas: birthdays, anniversaries, brides, feel she should be using and why! We are “Consultants!” showers, etc. Talk about it all the time!!! Let your customers know that you are available for gift giving all 15. Hold a phone lottery: call as many customers as you year long!! It’s not too late to start training your customers can in one hour and tell them that one of them will receive that you can be their one-stop shopping service! their order at 1/2 price. 4. Join the “Glow and Tell” Movement! Yes— this is continuing!! Have 21 new customers each using one of the skin care lines!!! The New TimeWise 3D is launching in May!

6. Hand out 10 product samples this week, and call prospects for feedback, orders, and to book their pampering appointment.

16. Take the full-size of your favorite Mary Kay fragrance and one other fragrance and let everyone try them and get their opinion.

7. Contact 6 customers (who work outside the home) to do a $200 sales challenge. Whoever completes the challenge gets her choice of the New makeup brushes, Skinvigorate Cleansing Brush, Travel Roll Up Bag or one product for 1/2 price. Contract with each one what they need to do. Give “The Look.” Have them direct people to web-site. Have her talk about her favorite products with her friends.

17. Book two guests for your weekly success event EVERY WEEK to be your model. When you take guests, you’ll learn and earn!! Invite 15 to get 8 to commit to come and for sure you will have at least 2!!!

8. Contact birthday customers for a Birthday Beauty Bash with friends! Offer 15% off their purchase if they share it with a friend. A fun idea is to give the birthday girl a discount equal to her age (up to 50%) for sharing with 5 friends not yet using Mary Kay!!

When you implement half of these suggestions, you will likely have sold a complete Star Consultant order or more! Shoot for the moon and if you miss, you will land among the stars! Don’t forget to ask every customer for referrals! Every time you seem them, ask!!

9. Call husbands of customers with birthdays and anniversaries and offer your gift giving services. Don’t forget to call the wife for her gift for her husband.

18. Go to your personal shopping website or, find your favorite product and share it on your social media. Let everyone know why it’s your favorite


Trisha Mellody 9TH Bracelet

Kate Chandler 4TH Bracelet

Kristen Culver 9TH Bracelet

Lindsay Johnson 4TH Bracelet

Ruth Heller 9TH Bracelet

Dottie Gilbar 2ND Bracelet

Kathy Currier 9TH Bracelet

Carmen Mihai 1ST Bracelet

Maggie Picot 9TH Bracelet

Mary Vono 1ST Bracelet

April Leal 9TH Bracelet

Sarah Williams 1ST Bracelet

Jamie Renshaw 1ST Bracelet

March Bracelet winners are On-Target for the Seminar Consistency Challenge and special SISTERS BRACELET!! Place $600 wholesale orders again in April, May & June to WIN your invitation to the City Girls & Pearls Prize Party at Seminar!

On-Target Star Consultants ~ March 16 - June 15, 2018

Earn your Faces Take You Places Bracelet EVERY MONTH and you will be a Star EVERY QUARTER! ALL-STAR = kate spade new york! Current


Whlse Prod for Star Consultant Name


Team Contest Members Prize Total

-- Wholesale Production Needed -Sapphire

















































































































Happy Birthday Angelica Parra Kely Santos Grisel Bergollo Lindsey O. Tait Wendy Gonzalez Jenice Vega Kate E. Chandler Veluma Silva Sandi M. Mrowka Nury Ortiz Cynthia R. Eskelinen Lindsey M. Dollahite Consuil Duarte Natalie J. Moorhouse Lourene O. Silva Kathy Currier Lana M. Garberich Ashleigh Harris Lori Maag Victoria L. Spagna

Day 8 8 9 9 13 13 14 18 19 20 21 23 23 23 25 26 28 29 29 30

MK Anniversaries Laura Lane Jennifer A. Cann Cynthia R. Eskelinen Ashley L. Engel Maribel Cruz Jenice Vega Jami Lewallen Cherrita N. Duke Mindy G. Gregg Marisol Santiago Amie Macolini Tiffany Lacy Deborah A. Lowe Tatiane D. Mejia Lori Neubauer Dalyn Walsh

YRS 7 6 5 4 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1

Achieve the April New Faces Take You Places Challenge: Earn the ACTION Bracelet and have a chance to win a pair of DIAMOND EARRINGS or a $100 AMEX gift card!

S p r in g Int o Act io n ! When you hand out your business card with a sample, it just makes smart business sense to follow up. Did you know that in a study by the Promotion Marketing Association, 81% of the women surveyed were much more likely to buy a product after receiving a free sample? Consider taking advantage of the wide variety of samples available in Section 2 of the consultant order form.

Seminar Year 2018 Top 5 YTD Court of Sales

Trisha Mellody

Kristen Culver

Heidi Caissie

Maggie Picot

Ruth Heller Retail Sales Courts:

YTD Top 10 Court Sales 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Trisha Mellody*** Heidi Caissie*** Kristen R. Culver*** Ruth J. Heller*** Maggie Picot*** Kathy Currier*** April Leal*** Kate E. Chandler*** Patricia McDonald*** Kristinia M McDonald

$15,572.50 $13,869.00 $13,628.00 $13,516.00 $12,664.00 $12,264.00 $10,969.80 $10,452.00 $10,369.00 $8,548.50

*$40,000 Retail Sales = Company Court **$20,000 Retail Sales = NSD Princess Court ***$10,000 Retail Sales = Mentiply Unit Award



with $20,000 in retail production by June 30th

WILL PARADE ACROSS THE SEMINAR STAGE! PLUS..they get a special Bling Button and sash!

Top YTD Court of Sharing*

Kristinia McDonald

Trisha Mellody

Consultant 1 2 3 4 5

Kristinia M McDonald Trisha Mellody Ruth J. Heller Jazmyne J. Cromwell Laura E. Coleman

Ruth Heller

# Qual


3 1 1 1 1

$240.26 $236.66 $100.12 $57.24 $24.90

*Based on commissions earned

Jazmyne Cromwell Consultant

6 Natalie Papadopoulos

Laura Coleman # Qual




Sharing Courts: *24 Qualified Team Members = the BEE!

**12 Qualified Team Members = NSD Princess Award ***6 Qualified Team Members = Mentiply Unit Award

Diane Mentiply National Sales Director 84 Matheson Dr. Marlborough, MA 01752 774-249-1615


July 24 - 27, 2018 Priority Registration Opens: April 25th Registration opens to ALL sales force members April 30th

When you increase your Unit attendance at Seminar 2018 by JUST 2 attendees—ALL attendees will WIN some great BLING! • A gorgeous necklace • Standing recognition in the General Session and a Bling Button.

Mentiply UNIT April 2018 with March results!  
Mentiply UNIT April 2018 with March results!