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Dear Friends, February is a month filled with love and appreciation for those we love. We at Together in Hope would like to extend our gratitude and love to every single one of you. Because of your love for our children, you have helped us achieve so much since our beginning. We are grateful to everyone who has donated their time, money, and advice. We are especially thankful for those who have come to see the work we do and meet the wonderful people with whom we work. Thank you for sharing those moments with us. At the beginning of 2011, Together in Hope had a new vision of how we could make Together in Hope bigger and better. We are overjoyed to announce that our vision is coming true, thanks to the dedication of our volunteers, staff, donors and friends. In 2011, we strengthened our organization by expanding our programs and launching new initiatives all over the world. Together in Hope went from being run solely by our founder to having two permanent dedicated staff members. We held some great community service trips engaging youth, church members, and people from all backgrounds. Inside this issue: 

Our recent trip to El Salvador

What did we do in 2011?

What are we going to do in 2012?

Where would we be without you?

Staying involved

Throughout our development and growth, we have stuck to our vision of empowering the poor. We continue to be invited into communities and work with communities members, continuing our model of self sustainable development. We are hopeful that 2012 will be an even better year for us and that we can continue to make a difference in the lives of the members of the communities in which we work around the world.

Medical Mission to El Salvador In January 2012 , Together in Hope brought its first ever medical team to the Alta Mira Flores community in San Salvador, El Salvador. This medical mission was a vision that our director and founder Diane McGehee has had for many years. It is the first of its kind with this community. In fact, Together in Hope is the first international organization to be invited in to help this community. In the area where we work, there is one doctor for 30,000 people. She has very few resources and the need is too great for one person. As one of our team members said’ “We cannot change the world, but we can help change a life” and I believe we did! Our team went from seeing 61 patients the first day, 87 patients the second day to over 100 for the last three days. Every single member of the team gave it 100%.The majority of our team had no medical training, but wow, working along side our medical and dental personnel, we got the job done. In five days, between our medical and dental team, we saw and treated approximately 500 patients. Thank you to everyone who made this possible.

Jessica’s Table in the Philippines The Jessica’s Table program in the Philippines is continually expanding. In three different communities over 500 children are registered with the program. Not only is this program reaching out to children in need, but it has also expanded to the adults living in these communities. In Upper Javier, we renovated an existing structure and bought 9 industrial size sewing machines, launching a sewing program so that women and men in this squatter community could begin to earn a livelihood. A sewing and feeding program was also established in Bicol. The Bicol program continues to expand. In October in Bicol, a new hair dressing training program was launched for women in the community. Twenty-five adults are now enrolled in these programs. A literacy program was also established for 26 preschool children who are unable to read and write. We are hoping to expand these numbers in 2012. The Jessica’s Table program began in the squatter community of Malis in 2008. The program in Malis now feeds and provides educational support to over 300 children per week. It has also created great leadership amongst the community with the program being run solely by local youth and leaders. We have also established an economic development program to assist university students to earn their tuition for college, allowing them to get the education they deserve and need.

New Partnership-Ethiopia Together in Hope has expanded its support to Ethiopia. We are assisting Irish organization Youth Release in its efforts in providing educational and psychosocial support to street children in Dire Dawa Ethiopia. In September 2011, Youth Release opened its youth center. The youth center is now providing education, health classes, tutorial support, counseling services and family re integration programs to 275 children. For many children in Dire Dawa, school is not an option. When they reach 14 they are no longer able to enroll in school. A vocational training program has been created that allows these children to acquire a skill to enable them to have employment opportunities. The goal is to increase the number of programs at the youth center and also expand the number of children benefiting from these programs

Meet Rani. Before the youth center was established Rani couldn't afford to attend school. Now she is enrolled in full time education and LOVES to learn!

What’s in store for 2012 El Salvador For the majority of people living in Alta Mira Flores, El Salvador the cost of education, medical services, and job training programs is beyond their reach! What if we could change that? What if we could give each child a brighter tomorrow? What if these people didn’t have to live in poverty, or with disease? We can be that change. Together in Hope plans to buy this piece of property and build a larger school, (allowing the children to continue their education to high school), a medical clinic, and a community center. We also hope to use this facility to hold various adult education classes, health training and provide much needed counseling services for adults and children.

This is the piece of property we are hoping to purchase. What an amazing piece of land.

Meet the Del Carmens, they are just one of the families that will benefit from the much needed services

The Philippines

I Learn to be more patient and show concern and help other people. I learn to have self control in talking

In the Philippines, we are working in three squatter communities developing leadership and providing nutritional, educational, and occupational support programs. These grow as the leadership grows and resources are available. Other communities in the Philippines are awaiting similar relational partnering. Our goal for 2012 is to increase the number of these programs, bringing them to those who need it most.

with other people’

Amelia– Member of the adult cell group in the Philippines

Ethiopia In Ethiopia, Youth Release has opened a youth center providing an outreach service to disadvantaged and vulnerable youths targeted at 300 street children. Our goal is to support them in the facilitation of these programs and to work in partnership together to provide these much needed services. Our goal for 2012 is to continue with the programs and help improve the lives of children in Dire Dawa. New educational programs and fun outreach programs will be established for the children. The aim is to raise the number of children benefiting from the youth center and continue to give them the childhood they deserve!

Highlights from 2011-2012 Some of South Western soccer team who traveled to El Salvador in March 2011 to run a soccer clinic for the children

Dr Jojo in the Philippines providing free medical care To a community of 1000 people.

Dr Steve treating a patient in El Salvador January 2012

Our founder Diane Mcgehee teaching street children in Ethiopia 2011.

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