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Dear Sacred Heart Families and Friends, Welcome to L’Esprit 2014—the 11th anniversary of L’Esprit de Sacré Coeur. On behalf of everyone who has worked tirelessly in planning the gala event tonight, thank you for celebrating the spirit that is this Sacred Heart community. This year, our school community is focusing on deepening our life in the Goals and Criteria through the lens of Goal IV: Schools of the Sacred Heart commit themselves to the building of community as a Christian value. While there is much to celebrate about Sacred Heart, it is truly our life as a community rooted in the Goals and Criteria that sets us apart in our mission of making the love of God visible in our world. The Academy and Hardey Prep are blessed with 700 students—over 400 families—in this, our 137th year in Chicago. Our community embraces a rich diversity of people living throughout the city and from across the globe. Our students are nourished by different faith traditions and family structures, but once on campus, they experience one community that we work continually to build. We work at building community because it enhances our life together, and because we know that it is the right way to educate our children. The community of Sacred Heart doesn’t end on Sheridan Road. It extends to all those with whom we share our mission. In celebrating the values of Goal IV, this year we honor Howard Area Community Center as our 2014 Goal Award recipient. As one of our neighbors in the Rogers Park community, Howard Area Community Center builds community in many ways by providing a food pantry, a jobs program, dental and health services and educational opportunities for all ages. Their work is a wonderful example of St. Madeleine Sophie’s commitment to making the love of God visible in the world. Building community in a neighborhood as diverse as Rogers Park requires dedication and hard work. Howard Area Community Center’s commitment to mission inspires all of us at Sacred Heart. Students at the Academy and Hardey Prep are well aware of the work of Howard Area Community Center since it is one of our community service partners. This past year, we sponsored over 170 families and over 350 children in our December outreach. Our students continue to build meaningful relationships through the Center in their weekly work there. I am delighted that our friends and neighbors at Howard Area are the recipient of this year’s Goal Award. On behalf of the entire community of Sacred Heart, congratulations! I extend a special welcome to all those who have helped with L’Esprit over these last 11 years, to the Religious of the Sacred Heart, to our past event Chairs, and to all of you who have made our annual gala such a success. Thank you for joining us this year, and thank you for your on-going support of the mission of Sacred Heart education. Now let’s celebrate L’Esprit 2014...the spirit of our community! Gratefully,

Nat Wilburn Head of Schools

GOALS AND CRITERIA of Sacred Heart Education

Goal I Schools of the Sacred Heart commit themselves to educate to a personal and active faith in God.

Goal II Schools of the Sacred Heart commit themselves to educate to a deep respect for intellectual values.

Goal III Schools of the Sacred Heart commit themselves to educate to a social awareness which impels to action.

Goal IV Schools of the Sacred Heart commit themselves to educate to the building of community as a Christian value. 1. The school implements an ongoing plan for educating both adults and students in the heritage and mission of Sacred Heart education. 2. The school promotes a safe and welcoming environment in which each person is valued, cared for and respected. 3. Adult members of the school model and teach skills needed to build community and practice clear, direct and open communication. 4. The school has programs that teach the principles of nonviolence, conflict resolution and peacemaking. 5. The school makes a deliberate effort to recruit students and employ faculty and staff of diverse races, ethnicities and backgrounds. 6. The financial aid program effectively supports socioeconomic diversity. 7. The school participates actively in the national and international networks of Sacred Heart schools.

Goal V Schools of the Sacred Heart commit themselves to educate to personal growth in an atmosphere of wise freedom.

Past Goal Award Recipients 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006

Care for Real

2005 2004

Sr. Rosemary Connelly, Misericordia/Heart of Mercy

Josephine Lee, Director of Chicago Children’s Choir Steven Bumpus Helen Bruns Ryan The Mikva Challenge Inspiration Corporation Reverend Monsignor Kenneth Velo Dr. Carl L. Backer & Dr. Constantine Mavroudis; heart surgeons at Children’s Memorial Hospital Shirley Ryan, Pathways Foundation

Howard Area Community Center 2014 Recipient of the Sacred Heart Schools Goal Award A social service agency in Rogers Park, Howard Area Community Center has been chosen as the 11th annual Sacred Heart Schools Goal Award recipient. By providing a client-selected food program, a jobs program, dental and health services, early childhood and adult education opportunities, literacy classes and even an urban garden, Howard Area helps others to a brighter future. As its nomination states, “Howard Area Community Center welcomes each child, woman and man with dignity and respect and as a valued member of the community.” The Howard Area Community Center, by providing basic services to people of all ages marginalized by society, not only builds community for underserved constituencies, but also builds community among its many volunteers. Sacred Heart Schools values the partnership we have enjoyed with Howard Area for more than 30 years. We have seen first hand the good work that they do for their clients in a myriad of ways. Our students have benefited from their volunteer experiences in their Head Start program, their Family Center, and through their annual Christmas Drive, to name just a few. What comes across very clearly in the nomination received for Howard Area Commuity Center is the reciprocal nature of the partnership we have with them. It states, “The Howard Area Community Center staff and clients have taught the Sacred Heart community the realities of hunger, homelessness and poverty in urban life, and the joy of receiving the simplest of gifts at Christmas time.” Sacred Heart salutes the Howard Area Community Center’s 45 years of service to the Rogers Park community!

Dear Fellow Parents and Friends of Sacred Heart Schools, What a night! The mission of Sacred Heart Schools that is alive every day on Sheridan Road is alive tonight at the Hilton. There is no better way to celebrate Goal IV and the Sacred Heart family’s sense of community than L’Esprit de Sacré Coeur. The community that we build within our school creates the base from which we can positively affect others. The tremendous amount of effort and generosity that goes into creating L’Esprit and the Fall Gathering, as well as the other events throughout the year, exemplifies the strength of community within Sacred Heart. The Howard Area Community Center provides a terrific example to all of us of how to live Goal IV. They have been building community through serving those in need for 45 years and Sacred Heart has had the good fortune of being a partner with them for more than 30 years. We salute Howard Area and its mission. It is an honor to present to them the 2014 Sacred Heart Goal Award. This year’s chairs, Amy, Wendy, Jane, and Beth, have once again pushed this event to new heights. We are extremely grateful for their leadership and the tremendous amount of time, effort and creativity they have put into making this event another overwhelming success. Our heartfelt thanks goes also to the numerous parent volunteers, staff, and faculty who have committed so much of their time and energy to make L’Esprit possible. Finally, thank you to all who are attending tonight and giving so generously. The fact that so many of you contribute your time and resources throughout the year to support our great school is inspiring. This truly is an important night for Sacred Heart. Although the money raised at L’Esprit is critical to the financial health of the school, I believe that the strengthening of our community is the larger benefit. Lisa and I look forward to enjoying it with all of you.

Jeff Jozwiak Chairman, Board of Trustees

Dear Friends, th

Welcome to Sacred Heart Schools 11 Annual L’Esprit de Sacré Coeur! This year, we celebrate Goal IV: Schools of the Sacred Heart commit themselves to the building of community as a Christian value. These words truly have been our guidance throughout the planning process over the last nine months and the success of tonight’s evening is in no small part due to the combined efforts of many talented individuals. From our amazing committee members to the Sacred Heart staff, we certainly have witnessed the power of our wonderful community in action. We would particularly like to thank our Solicitation Captains, Kory Kozlowski, Sarah Lien and Maura Starshak and their solicitation committee for all of their effort. Additionally, we wish to thank all the various L’Esprit committee members who donated their time and resources to the auction and the planning of tonight’s event. This event simply could not take place without the efforts of each and every person who volunteered. A special thank you to Sophie Streeter and Lindsey Lopez for everything they do for Sacred Heart and for their tireless support of our fundraising efforts tonight. Our acknowledgements are not complete without recognizing and thanking the Sacred Heart community for donating their time, talent and treasures. Whether you bought a raffle ticket, donated an item, attended the event or simply offered a word of support during the planning process, we are indebted to your generosity. It has been our great honor to chair this event. We are thrilled to have you here with us and hope that you will have a wonderful evening. Cheers! Sincerely, Amy Andrews, Wendy Beard, Jane Goodrich and Beth Kost

11th Annual L’Esprit de Sacré Coeur Past Event Leadership 2013

Event: Maria Cieciura, Michelle Krage and Claire O’Grady Auction: Kerry Judy


Event: Andrea Garber, Mary Beth Hopp and Colleen Mygatt Auction: Wendy Beard and Beth Kost


Event: Anna Atkinson, Jenifer Coletta and Christy Kyhl Auction: Joan Ferraro, Nancy Fullerton and Dietrich Klevorn


Event: Michaela D’Arrigo, Monica Martinson and Cynthia Patti Auction: Julie Ehrlich and Tracy Karlos


Event: Sandy Bosca, Denise Speta and Lisa Zirpolo Auction: Amy Andrews and Jane Goodrich


Event: Nancy Coletto and Kelly Lawrence Auction: Mary Ann Clement, Kelly Dettmann and Alice Topping


Event: Jill Birringer, Bea Douma and Maggie Simons Auction: Sandy Bosca, Denise Speta and Lisa Zirpolo


Event: Jean Olson and Maureen Sippel Auction: Sandy Bosca and Denise Speta


Event: Arlene Carlucci and Margie Hodur Auction: Sandy Bosca, Jean Olson and Jacqueline Simon


Event: Irene Bumpus Auction: Celeste Denton, Jean Olson and Maureen Sippel

2014 Event Leadership Event Co-Chairs:

Amy Andrews, Wendy Beard, Jane Goodrich and Beth Kost

Auction Solicitation Captains: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Kory Kozlowski, Sarah Lien and Maura Starshak

Catalog: Cate Kinder Children: Katie Davies, Hadley Denny and Kristin Quinn Data Editing: Aimee Sullivan Data Input/Inventory/Certificates: Kelly Owens Dinners: Stacey Cavanagh, Tracey Stokes & Peter Finocchiaro, Maribeth McElveen and Sheila Troy Entertainment: Catherine Denny, Jacqueline Bush, Mary Ann Hoey and Betsy Zeiger Follow up: Nicky Creamer Getaways: Lisa McCarthy His and Hers: Letty Marsico, Boop Marsico and Maureen Gilligan Home and Garden: Andrea Helms and Amy O’Toole Kindergarten/8th Grade Photos: Frank Bruno, Julie Dingens and Michelle Krage Online: Megan Witzel Photography: Janet Larson Sign-up Parties: Andrea Garber Sports: Colleen Farrell and Eileen Murphy Teacher Treats: Monica Martinson and Cynthia Patti Wine: Jacquie Amacher, Tina Chatalas, Peggy Hampton, Debbie Militante and Lisa Wissink

Boutique: Katie Benson, Onna Jones and Kim Ruhana Decor: Jenifer Coletta and Nushin Samii Fall Gathering: Sandra Hamacher, Mary Beth Hopp and Jona Penner Goal Award: Becky Marquardt and Allison Youngblood Public Relations: Meggan Needham Raffle – Tiffany & Co.: Elizabeth Beck and Lisa Jozwiak Raffle - Tuition: Laurel Hansen and Colleen Mygatt Reservations: Mary Fencl and Breda Rugai Sponsorship: Beth and Ryan Garino, Vicki and Tyler Ginn and Jackie and Peter Grahn Video Production: Maureen Mobarak Volunteers: Michele Sparks

2014 Event Sponsorship

Diamond Sponsors ($10,000) Laura and George Bilicic ♥ Tiffany & Co.

Emerald Sponsors ($5,000) Consolidated Carqueville Printing Company and Phil Wicklander Envestnet – Michaela and Pete D'Arrigo ♥ Beth and Ryan Garino ♥ GVP Development – The Grahn Family♥ Hart Davis Hart Wine Co. Eleanor and Michael Husman H'89 Mobarak Productions - The Mobarak Family Lydia and Pat Ryan H’81

Ruby Sponsors ($2,000) Pamela and Cushman Andrews, Sr. ♥ Petey and Chris Butler Mary and Sean Clark A’84 Vicki and Tyler Ginn♥ Jenn Goodrich Design Caroline and Charles Huebner Holly Karris and Alexis Koch Colleen and Mike Kirchberg Linden Group Health Services – Craig Stubler Letty and Robert Marsico ♥ Carrie and Matt Parr Jennifer and Perry Pinto ♥ Plante Moran, LLP – The Kinder Family ♥ Barb and Rex Sessions

Sapphire Sponsors ($1,000) Jacquie and Doug Amacher Jennifer Ames Chicago Lynn and Dustan Beier Courtney and Haim Brody Lauren and Gerardo Cerda Chapman & Cutler LLP – Patricia Curtner and Timothy McGree♥ Tina and Paul Chatalas Elizabeth and Michael Cole Helena Gabriel and Patrick Collins Liz and Matt Connelly Joanne and Richard Constantine A’79

Frances and Paul Dean Elizabeth and Timothy Devine Monica Llorente and Michael Duffy Jacqueline Bush and John Dugenske Mary and Tom Fencl Tracey Stokes and Peter Finocchiaro Donna and David Fleming Angela and Brian Haggie Paula Hambrick ♥ Alexis and Edward Hanlon Stephanie Nash Hart and Paul B. Hart Catherine and Colm Heaney ♥ Carolyn and Yale Henderson Julie and Jeff Hesse Cheri and Tom Hubbard Sarah and Kip Kelley H'78 Stephanie and James Koh Kory and Brian Kozlowski Christy and Carson Kyhl Kelly and John Lawrence Maribeth and Charles McElveen Laura and David McHugh Meghan and Kevin McIntyre Sally and Joe Milito Susan and John Morlock Yuan-Qing Yu and Ronald Mui Norcon, Inc. – Lisa and Jeff Jozwiak Cynthia and Jim Patti Christine and Jay Poorman Emily and Chris Raub Breda and Robert Rugai Kimberly and George Ruhana ♥ Anne and Kelly Ryan H'87 Liz and Lawrence Ryan Jennifer Kraft and Colin Scantlebury Lisa Scully ASH'83 ♥ Michele and Steve Sparks Maura and Bill Starshak Lisa and Dan Tiemann Lisa and Jeff Wissink

♥ Donated to the Faculty/Staff Attendee Pool (as of 2/22/2014)

2014 Diamond, Emerald and Ruby Level Corporate Sponsorship


Enjoy the evening ...


Evening Raffle

Generously provided by our Diamond Sponsor



Atlas Hinged Bangle Hinged bangle in 18k white gold with round brilliant diamonds. Fits wrists up to 6.25" in circumference. Carat total weight .97.

Value $9,000



Ziegfeld Collection Pearl Tassel Necklace This tassel necklace of luminous pearls evokes the cool elegance of the Roaring Twenties. Necklace in sterling silver with freshwater cultured pearls. 33" long. Pearls, 2.5 -9.5 MM

Value $1,200



Paloma Picasso Olive Leaf Cuff Inspired by the olive branch, a symbol of peace and abundance. Cuff in sterling silver. Size medium. Original designs copyrighted by Paloma Picasso.

Value $975

Raffle tickets will only be sold during the L’Esprit Cocktail Reception from 6:00-7:30pm. The ticket price is $100 each or 3 tickets for $250. st

Note: Winner of the 1 prize will be subject to applicable taxes.

Dinner Menu

Reception Hors d’Oeuvres Salmon Mousse on Cucumber Rounds Beef Tenderloin with Boursin on Crostini Fig and Blue Cheese Pizza Bacon Wrapped Dates with Balsamic Drizzle Thai Chicken and Cashew Spring Roll

Dinner Salad of Butter, Lola Rosa and Frisée Lettuces Cabernet Sauvignon Poached Baby Pear Triple Crème Blue and Candied Walnuts Sun Dried Apricots and Cranberries Rosemary Vinaigrette Potato Crusted Breast of Chicken with Balsamic Reduction Sweet Potato Puree Sauteed Spinach, Bundled Green Beans and Confetti of Pearl Vegetables Artisan Dinner Rolls and Butter

Dessert Chocolate Pot de Crème with Salted Caramel Ginger Almond Cake with Grapefruit Salad Melba Sauce and Cherry Confit Coffee and Tea Service

Dinner Wine White: 2012 Casamatta Bianco Bibi Graetz Red: 2009 Tanto Monta Tempranillo Lo Nuevo

Evening ProgrAM 6:00-7:30

Normandie Lounge Cocktails and Hors d’oeuvres Reception Silent Auction Tiffany & Co. Raffle Ticket Sales 7:30 Call to Dinner 8:00

Grand Ballroom Dinner Goal IV Award Presentation Tuition Raffle Drawing Tiffany & Co. Raffle Drawing Silent Auction Closes Live Auction 10:00 Exclusive Offerings Closes Dancing 10:30

Normandie Lounge Auction Close Out

General Guidelines


All items purchased must be claimed, paid in full, and removed by the close of L’Esprit. Special arrangements may be made for larger items.


All sales are final. Items cannot be exchanged or returned.


Sacred Heart Schools has endeavored to describe all properties correctly and all properties are sold “as is.” Neither Sacred Heart Schools nor the auctioneer assumes responsibility for the validity of any description, authenticity, or condition of any item offered or makes any warranty or guarantee.


Values of items are the donors’ estimates and are not warranted by Sacred Heart Schools, the auctioneer, or the auction committee for tax purposes or general use.


Sacred Heart Schools is not liable for any refunds or exchanges.


Sacred Heart Schools reserves the right to change, add to or remove from the auction any items it deems appropriate, even though the same may have been previously advertised, cataloged or verbally indicated as being a part of the auction.


Neither Sacred Heart Schools, the auction committee, nor the auctioneer can guarantee any of the purchases made at L’Esprit.


Sacred Heart Schools is not responsible for unforeseen circumstances that affect ticketed events or items donated to and purchased at the auction. Hotel, air transportation, and gift certificates are subject to availability. Some items will list additional contingencies for use. While we have attempted to include all substantive limitations herein, catalog descriptions are not exhaustive. Please read all specific restrictions carefully.


By making a purchase, the buyer waives any claims for liability against either Sacred Heart Schools, its officers, board members, employees, agents, successors, auction donors and assigns, causes of action or suits, resulting from bodily injury or damage to property arising out of the use of such items by his/her family or invitees or others allowed to use such items.

Auction Guidelines All bids at Sacred Heart School’s 2014 L’Esprit de Sacré Coeur (“L’Esprit”) are binding and there will be no refunds. Please read the following procedures carefully. Check Out and Item Pick Up: 1.

Payments for items purchased must be made in full on March 1, 2014. Cash, checks (made payable to Sacred Heart Schools), Visa, Mastercard and American Express will be accepted. At registration, you will be asked to pre-swipe your credit card (Visa, Mastercard, or American Express). If you pre-swipe your card, you will not need to check out! Your credit card will be charged only if you make purchases at L’Esprit. If you would like a receipt for any items purchased either through the online auction or during L’Esprit, please stop by check-out after 10:30 p.m. If you did not pre-swipe your credit card at registration, you can pay by cash, credit card or check at the end of the evening. Any bidder not making arrangements for payment in full will forfeit the right to purchase the item at the discretion of Sacred Heart Schools. This does not limit other rights that Sacred Heart Schools may have.


Any bidders who are not present at L’Esprit at the time of bid notification authorize Sacred Heart Schools to bill the amount of their winning bids to their pre-registered credit card.

3. All merchandise purchased at the auction should be picked up from the auction tables prior to leaving L’Esprit. No receipt is necessary to take your items, provided you have pre-swiped your credit card at registration. If you have not pre-swiped your credit card, you will need to stop by checkout to arrange for payment before taking your items. Gift certificates purchased either through the online auction or during L’Esprit can be picked up at checkout after 10:30 p.m.

Live Auction Guidelines


Randy Parnell from Stokes Auction Group will conduct the Live Auction. Once commenced, the Live Auction will continue without interruption until all items have been sold.


To enter a bid, the bidder signals either the auctioneer or one of the spotters who relay bids to the auctioneer. The auctioneer must formally recognize the bid in order for it to be accepted.


The auctioneer determines the successful bidder.


The successful bidder: (a) assumes full risk and responsibility for the item purchased; (b) must provide name and bid number to and his/her signature on a bid sheet provided by an auction committee spotter; and (c) must pay the full purchase price before the end of L’Esprit as set forth above. In the event of any dispute between bidders, the auctioneer and Sacred Heart Schools’ administration shall have sole and final discretion to determine the successful bidder or to re-offer the item in dispute. In the event an item or package becomes a collaborative effort, the bidder accepts full responsibility for payment. After payment, items may be claimed at check-out.

Silent Auction Guidelines Sacred Heart is pleased to have BidPal, an interactive wireless automated silent auction bidding process, for use again. You may also use BidPal on your smartphone. With BidPal, you can bid anytime, from anywhere at the event. You can bid on items, watch items, and be instantaneously alerted when you have been outbid. Remember to set your Maximum Bids. This will allow you more time to socialize without being interrupted when out bid.


Live Auction

Late Nite Catechism Dinner with Sacred Heart Leadership Team Donated by: Sacred Heart Schools Value: Priceless

You and nine friends will join the Sacred Heart Leadership Team; Nat Wilburn, Judy Corrin, Brian McGuinness, Sally Sharp, Meg Steele, Mary Ann Ligon and Stephen Puricelli for a dinner with a twist! Late Nite Catechism, now in its 20th year in Chicago, is an uproariously funny play where an irrepressible Sister teaches class to a roomful of “students.” In this case, the Sister will pay a visit to Sacred Heart! Your guests and the Leadership Team will be the “students.” You’ll start the evening in a Sacred Heart classroom and be transported back to the days of catechism class, Latin Mass, meatless Fridays and reminded about the good ol’ ruler across the knuckles! Late Nite Catechism is a sharp satire, but never mean. It simply will be an evening of fun and laughter! After class, you’ll walk to the Driehaus Center to enjoy drinks, dinner and lots of laughs with the Sacred Heart Leadership Team. Raise your paddle and laugh your sins off!

Snowmass Adventure at the Viceroy Donated by: Viceroy Snowmass, Huffman Travel, Elizabeth and Michael Cole Value: $7,500

Viceroy Snowmass is a year round, luxury mountain resort located a short seven miles from downtown Aspen. From winter skiing, snowboarding, ice skating and sleigh rides to summertime hiking, mountain biking, fly-fishing, horseback riding, festivals and concerts, the Rocky Mountains' limitless seasonal pleasures and a world of unexpected Viceroy privileges await you at the newest luxury ski resort in Aspen/Snowmass. The Viceroy is truly a year-round destination: in the winter, it offers the ultimate in ski-in/ski-out convenience, and during the warmer months, serves as a gateway to onand off-mountain adventure and culture. Regardless of when you visit, every stay at the Viceroy is complemented by imaginative dining and lounging, a Ute Indian-inspired wellness spa, and a year-round pool terrace and café—an ideal setting for a Snowmass mountain vacation during any season. Your trip to the Viceroy consists of a four-night stay in a contemporary one bedroom residence designed to offer luxurious comfort in every detail and complete with majestic mountain views. In addition, a five hundred dollar gift card is included for you to use in the restaurants or spa. Subject to availability. Blackout dates apply, including seasonal, holidays and special events. Gratuities and incidentals are not included. Expires March 31, 2015.

Wrigley Field Sleepover Donated by: Chicago Cubs Value: Priceless

You’ve been there for a day game… You’ve been there for a night game… But you’ve never been there when the lights go out and the gates are locked. Thirty lucky people (kids and adults) will be there after the lights go out and spend the night in the Friendly Confines. Pitch your tent and get comfortable for an evening you’ll never forget. Play a game of catch on the field, run the bases, touch the ivy, or just stargaze and dream about baseball on Wrigley Field’s centerfield grass. Bring a picnic dinner and a kidfriendly breakfast will be delivered in the morning. Plus you’ll enjoy a special private tour of Wrigley Field. What a great way to explore Wrigley and learn more about this historic building and its 100 year history. Make sure to pack your cameras because no one will believe you when you tell them you spent the night at Wrigley Field. Date and time to be mutually agreed upon.

Averill’s Flathead Lake Lodge Donated by: Averill’s Flathead Lake Lodge Value: $12,000

Averill’s Flathead Lake Lodge is a third generation Montana mountain dude ranch nestled in a private bay on the largest fresh water lake in the West. At the Lodge, you’ll enjoy unmatched hospitality from the Averill family and staff during this all-inclusive Montana ranch experience. Each morning you’ll be greeted with the opportunity for unparalleled adventure, both in the mountains and on the water. Your family can choose horseback riding, along with roping, wrangling and rodeoing. On Flathead Lake, boating, sailing or waterskiing will be sure to entertain. And for the anglers out there, you can’t beat the fly fishing in the many rivers around the Lodge. The Lodge also boasts an extensive children’s program to keep your cowgirls and cowboys smilin’. Activities include barn dances, chuck wagon cookouts, campfires with s’mores and teepee overnights. All will be certain to create lasting family memories for years to come. During your stay, a visit to Glacier National Park, just 45 minutes away, can’t be missed. Or, you can explore Bigfork, Montana, a charming western artisan village on the bay, where you’ll discover fine art galleries, restaurants and unique shops. This package includes an all-inclusive seven-day, seven-night ranch vacation for two adults and two children (ages 6-12 years) from Sunday, August 17 – Sunday, August 24, 2014. Normal rates apply for additional guests.

For the Die-Hard Blackhawks Fan! Donated by: Chicago Blackhawks, Amy and Cushman Andrews and Kristin and Christopher Quinn Value: Priceless

Has your house been hit by Stanley Cup fever? You will love this ultimate Blackhawks package! For starters, hop on the Zamboni for a trip around the ice at a Chicago Blackhawks game during the 2014-15 season. And when you aren’t grooming the ice, you’ll be in the stands taking in all the action with your two tickets to the game. That might be enough for even the biggest Blackhawks fans, but there’s more! Also included in this package is an official adult jersey autographed by every member of the 2013-2014 team, including Stanley Cup heroes Jonathan Toews, Patrick Kane, Patrick Sharp, Marion Hossa, Corey Crawford and Duncan Keith (just to name a few!). And for the younger fans in your house, we’ve got a youth jersey from #7 Brent Seabrook signed and customized to your specifications. Date to be selected during 2014-15 season. Note: all Zamboni riders must be 48” tall the night of the game; regretfully, no exceptions will be made.

One Direction LIVE IN CONCERT Donated By: Amy and Cushman Andrews, Wendy and Steve Beard, Jane and Jim Goodrich and Beth and Stephen Kost Procured by: Christy and Tom Russell Value: Priceless

HARRY! ZAYN! LIAM! NIALL! LOUIS! You might not know them, but your kids sure do! Be the most popular parent at Sacred Heart when you bring home four tickets for the sold out ONE DIRECTION concert on Friday, August 30 at Soldier Field. It’s hard to believe that just three years ago these five boys hadn’t met each other. They are a product of Simon Cowell’s competitive reality show, Britain’s The X Factor. Originally, they auditioned as individual contestants, but – voilà – out came a boy band! Since then, ONE DIRECTION has taken the world by storm. With their millions of loyal fans and some killer songs, One Direction has become a global phenomenon. Lyrically, the boys remain in the PG-rated themes of young love, heartbreak, and staying out late. So parents, rest assured, they’re tweenfriendly! Oh, and by the way, did we mention the tickets are located on the floor? You will definitely light up your kid’s life will be when you surprise them with these tickets!

Blackberry Farm Donated by: Ana and Pedro Rodriquez Huffman Travel, Letty and Robert Marsico Value: $7,100

Blackberry Farm, a Relais & Chateaux resort located in the Tennessee Mountains, has consistently been named one of the best luxury getaways in the United States. This luxury resort’s accommodations are a haven of carefree comfort. From heavenly featherbeds adorned with sumptuous linens to plush robes, your room will reflect meticulous attention to detail. Find out for yourself why this special property is worth the accolades with this two-night stay for two people. Room selections are subject to availability and vary depending upon room type and season, but all are spectacular. Regardless of the season, Blackberry offers countless activities and adventures to fulfill your every desire. Its gastronomy is often described as Foothills Cuisine, as it combines both haute cuisine and foods indigenous to Blackberry’s Smoky Mountain heritage. Experience a rare collection of artisans – the chef, the master gardener, the baker, the cheese maker, the forger, the chocolatier, the sommelier – they all combine to create a world where you escape modern-day frenzy and slip into a Blackberry state of mind. Blackberry Farm also features wellness and spa, paddle sports, hiking, cycling, equestrian programs, fly fishing and even shotgun sports. Located just 25 minutes from the Knoxville airport, Blackberry Farm is easy to get to, but hard to leave. If all of this isn’t enough, we’ll also throw in two pieces of exquisite Tumi luggage so you’ll arrive at the Farm in style. Blackout dates might apply, including seasonal, holidays and special events. Gratuities and incidentals are not included. Expires March 31, 2015.

Chicago Cubs Experience in the President’s Box Donated by: Theo Epstein and the Chicago Cubs Value: Priceless

Go Cubs Go… Go Cubs Go… Hey Chicago what do you say?? Have you ever wondered what Wrigley Field, one of America’s most beloved ballparks, looks like from the field during batting practice? Perhaps from the batter’s box? How about from the Cubs President’s box behind home plate? This is your opportunity to experience the big leagues like never before! You will enjoy two tickets to join Theo Epstein, President of Baseball Operations for the Chicago Cubs for an afternoon of baseball! While at the park, you will also take a tour of Wrigley Field and receive passes to watch batting practice down on the field. After warm ups, head up to the President’s box for unlimited drinks and food while you sit in the best seats in the ballpark. You will mingle and talk baseball with Theo and the Cubs Operations staff. Mutually agreeable date. Maybe this is their year!!

Instant Wine Cellar…Thank you SHS Board of Trustees! Donated by: Sacred Heart Board of Trustees Value: Priceless

In the words of William Shakespeare, “…good company, good wine, good welcome, can make good people.” Be a good person and raise your paddle high for this phenomenal package. The winner of this collection will receive 64 bottles that were carefully selected by SHS Trustees. Wine will be delivered to the winner’s home. This incredible package includes: A tasting from the world famous Gaja winery in Italy. Gaja is a noted cult wine, sometimes called a Super Tuscan. Many think the 1997 Gaja vintage wines from the Barbaresco zone are historic. As reviewed by wine critic Richard Parker, "stunning, complex wines of great elegance and class that evolve beautifully in the glass, revealing layer after layer of flavor." These superb wines are a spectacular vintage and will age gracefully for years. 1996 Gaja Costa Russi. Robert Parker rating 93 1997 Gaja Costa Russi. Robert Parker rating 94 1997 Gaja Sori San Lorenzo. Robert Parker rating 98 Chateau Montelena in Napa is most famous for winning a section of the historic "Judgment of Paris" wine competition. A highly rated vertical from one of Napa's most historic Estates, perfect for any Cabernet Sauvignon aficionado! 1986 Chateau Montelena Winery Cabernet Sauvignon, Estate. Robert Parker rating 95. 1990 Chateau Montelena Winery Cabernet Sauvignon, Estate. Robert Parker rating 93 1992 Chateau Montelena Winery Cabernet Sauvignon, Estate. Robert Parker rating 95 1993 Chateau Montelena Winery Cabernet Sauvignon, Estate. (2 bottles) Robert Parker rating 91 1996 Chateau Montelena Winery Cabernet Sauvignon, Estate. (2 bottles) Robert Parker rating 93 1998 Chateau Montelena Winery Cabernet Sauvignon, Estate. Robert Parker rating 93 2003 Chateau Montelena Winery Cabernet Sauvignon, Estate. (4 bottles) Robert Parker rating 93+ A sampler from Rudd Estate in Oakville, one of Napa Valley's classic sectors known for outstanding Cabernet Sauvignons and Bordeaux Blends. 2009 RUDD Cabernet Sauvignon Oakville Samantha's. Robert Parker rating 93 2009 RUDD Oakville Estate. Robert Parker rating 92 2008 RUDD Estate Oakville. Wine Spectator rating 94 2011 RUDD Sauvignon Blanc Mount Veeder. (3 bottles) Robert Parker rating 88

12 bottles of 2006 Chateau d'Arsac, The Winemaker's Collection, Episode Nº 2 - Denis Dubourdieu (Ch. d'Arsac) The Winemaker’s Selection is a creative project with a different world class winemaker each year producing a wine from a specific parcel of vines at Chateau d’Arsac. Produced by the famed professor of oenology at Bordeaux University, Denis Dubourdieu. Robert Parker rating 91 12 bottles of 2003 Château Duhart-Milon (Dom. de Barons Rothschild - Lafite) Château Duhart-Milon of the Pauillac appellation of the Bordeaux region is a classified Fourth Growth owned by the First Growth Château Lafite Rothschild. Robert Parker rating 92+ 6 bottles of 2002 Meursault, Les Perrières, Vincent Girardin Vincent Girardin is an 11th generation winemaker from Burgundy and a master of harnessing his vineyards to produce world class Chardonnay with elegance and precision. 6 bottles of 2010 St. Francis Sonoma Valley Merlot Enjoy this classic California Merlot produced by St. Francis Winery which has been producing top quality wines for over 30 years and has earned a reputation for bold, fruit-forward wines that showcase the terroir unique to Sonoma. Robert Parker rating 88 2011 Magnum Caymus Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa Valley Cellar this magnum produced by the popular Caymus Vineyards and enjoy a special occasion in the years to come! This ever reliable producer has been producing top rated wine in the Napa region for over 40 years. Robert Parker rating 90 Distinctive Cabernets and Bordeaux 2002 Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon- produced in the Alexander Valley of Sonoma, Jordan Cabernets enjoy nationwide popularity and are known for their food friendliness. 2010 Chateau Talbot Grand Cru Classe Bordeaux - classic Bordeaux from the renowned Chateau Talbot in the Saint Julien's appellation. Wine Spectator rating 90-93 2008 Chimney Rock Cabernet, Napa - produced on some of the most coveted vineyard lands in the world for Cabernets. Robert Parker rating 91 Distinctive Bottles from Sonoma 2011 Pahlmeyer Chardonnay - a bold, rich chardonnay- from one of California's top Chardonnay producers, made famous in the movie Disclosure. Robert Parker rating 92 2010 Kosta Browne Winery Pinot Noir, Russian River Valley - from one of California's most highly acclaimed pinot labels. Robert Parker rating 90 2010 Flowers Vineyards Pinot Noir, Sea View Ridge - a rich Pinot Noir from one of Sonoma's best known for their excellence and consistency. Robert Parker rating 90

New York, New York Donated by: The W at Union Square, Laura Solomon Fine Art LLC, and Mary Ann and Jim Hoey Value: $4,500

Start spreading the news... You'll want to be a part of it... New York, New York There's an amazing array of things to do and see in Manhattan. Experience all the fun and culture in the largest city in America! No matter what your interest... arts, culture, entertainment or shopping, the four of you will enjoy a fabulous weekend away from Chicago. Your weekend starts on Friday when you check into the W - Union Square. Package includes 2 rooms for 2 nights and private sedan transfers to and from the airport are included. From there, you will enjoy one of the hottest tickets in town to a fabulous Broadway show. Ticket options depend on what is playing your trip is planned, but you will have a choice. Saturday will be spent making the most of six hours with a private car service where you will enjoy various behind-the-scenes gallery tours and shopping! Private art advisor and NYC gallery owner, Laura Soloman, will take you on a personalized gallery tour. After that, you pick from a variety of museums and then hit the windows at Bergdorf Goodman for some fashion forward ideas for you and your family. Then, step inside the shopping mecca and do a little shopping with $500 Bergdorf gift cards per couple. On Sunday morning before you depart, linger and chat about your fantastic weekend away from home over brunch at Le Pain Quotidien before your ride back to the airport. Please allow 6-8 weeks in advance to plan your arrival and pick your Broadway show. Subject to availability. Tolls, tax and gratuity are not included. Expires March 31, 2015.


Exclusive Offerings



1989 Chateau Mouton Rothschild Premier Cru Bordeaux, Pauillac, France Value: $485 From the superb 1989 vintage, the elegant Bordeaux is approaching full maturing. Beautiful and stylish, with deep ruby hue, pleasant nose of toasty oak, dried berries and lead pencil give way to flavors of nutty cedar, vanilla bean and plum, and a long, generous finish. Drink 2014-2020. Wine Spectator 96 pts. Donated by Jim Giannis


2009 Scarecrow Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa Valley, CA Value: $1125 Three bottles of THE cult Cab. Rare product of the remarkable vineyards of MGM's JJ Cohn (think Wizard of Oz). From the oldest vines in Napa, a complex Cab, rich, loamy and layered, with pure, detailed currant, blackberry and black licorice flavors and gripping tannins. Only 400 cases made. Drink 2014-2028. Wine Spectator 94 pts. Donated by Beth and Ryan Garino


2003 Caymus Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon, CA I Value: $570 Six bottles of this extraordinary wine! It possesses an enormous wealth of back cherry, blueberry, cassis and expresso flavors, wrapped in fine, welltoasted oak. Has that rare quality of elegance, in which all parts work together in harmony. A certain cellar candidate. Wine Enthusiast 94 pts. Donated by Lydia and Pat Ryan


2003 Caymus Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon, CA II Value: $570 Six bottles of this extraordinary wine! It possesses an enormous wealth of back cherry, blueberry, cassis and expresso flavors, wrapped in fine, welltoasted oak. Has that rare quality of elegance, in which all parts work together in harmony. A certain cellar candidate. Wine Enthusiast 94 pts. Donated by Lydia and Pat Ryan



Aubert Chardonnay UV-SL Vineyard Vertical Tasting 2009, 2010, 2011 Sonoma, CA Value: $420 A stunning, impeccable and rarely available three bottle vertical set from cult winemaker Mark Aubert. Compare the points of subtlety and finesse, with touches of creamy, smoky oak woven into a fabric of fresh-cut apple and pear, gaining richness and depth and ending with a long finish. Drink 2014-2018. Donated by Michele and Steve Sparks


Dyed Knitted Mink Scarf with Cashmere Trim Value: $1295 Charcoal gray, dyed knitted mink scarf with cashmere trim from The Fur Salon at Saks Fifth Avenue. Donated by The Fur Salon at Saks Fifth Avenue


Park Hyatt Chicago Experience Value: $875 Enjoy a complete evening at the Park Hyatt Chicago with a custom massage at the NoMI Spa, dinner for two at NoMI Kitchen and an overnight stay in a Park View King room with a view of Lake Michigan or Water Tower Park. Expires 3/1/15. Donated by Park Hyatt Chicago


Behind the Scenes Tour with FBI Special Agents Value: Priceless Would you like to hold a real Tommy gun? See how blood, fiber and fingerprint evidence is collected? See the gear and tools used by a SWAT team? Visit a wiretap room and FBI command post? Take part in a threehour tour of the FBI building in Chicago led by FBI Special Agents. Group may include up to eight people, preferably 12 years and older. Donated by Laura and Joe Miller


Oscar de la Renta Fashion Necklace Value: $1200 A stunning statement necklace from Oscar de la Renta. Donated by Oscar de la Renta



Jim Karas Personal Training Experience Value: $2379 Let Jim Karas Personal Training get you in shape for summer! This wholebody transformation package includes one consultation, six private training sessions, a three-week metabolic detox program and 12 cryotherapy post-workout sessions. Expires 1/1/15. Donated by Jim Karas Personal Training


Original art from "Max and Ruby" author Rosemary Wells Value: $2000 You can own a framed original piece of art from beloved children's author and illustrator Rosemary Wells. This original drawing of Max is from the "Max and Ruby" book series. Donated by Rosemary Wells


2014 NCAA Final Four Basketball Tournament in Dallas Value: $3000 Trip for two to the Final Four in Dallas! This package includes two tickets to the 2014 Final Four semi-final games in Dallas on Saturday, April 5, and the final game on Monday, April 7 as well as roundtrip airfare for two from Chicago to Dallas. Flights must be booked through donor a minimum of four weeks prior to travel. Donated by Annie and Mike Murray


Dinner with John Chandler, Vice President of St. Ignatius College Prep Value: Priceless Join Vice President of St. Ignatius College Prep, John Chandler, as he takes you on a fascinating behind-the-scenes tour of St. Ignatius. This 145 yearold school is one of the oldest in Chicago and its main building is one of the only five structures remaining in the city which predates the Great Chicago Fire. This package includes a catered meal and drinks for eight guests served in the historic Brunswick Room, as well as St. Ignatius College Prep spirit wear. Date to be mutually agreed upon. Donated by John Chandler, St. Ignatius College Preparatory School



Billy Joel at Wrigley Field Value: $600 The Piano Man at Wrigley Field! This marks the first time a musical artist has made a return appearance to the storied ball park. You and three friends will enjoy Billy Joel at Wrigley Field on Friday, July 18, 2014. Great seats in the lower deck, Section 137, Row 3, Seats 1-4. Donated by Jane and Jim Goodrich


Your Very Own Lemonade Stand Value: Priceless Need a little extra cash this summer? Looking to teach your kids the entrepreneurial spirit? The Jozwiak family will build you a customdesigned lemonade stand sure to bring in top-paying customers. You will have the option of a fully constructed stand or one that will arrive in pieces for easy assembly with your kids. You will have the coolest stand on the block for sure! Donated by Lisa and Jeff Jozwiak


Honorary Head of Schools for a Day Value: Priceless Would your student like to be Sacred Heart Schools Honorary Head of School for a Day? Well...this is your chance! The lucky winner of this item will be Honorary Head of Schools for a Day. Date to be mutually agreeed upon. Donated by Sacred Heart Schools


VIP Fine and Rare Wine Auction Experience Value: $500 Enjoy a one-year subscription to Hart Davis Hart auction catalogs, a private rare wine tasting and a complimentary buffet lunch for two at the award winning Tru Restaurant during an upcoming Hart Davis Hart wine auction. Dates to select from: March 22, 2014, May 17, 2014 or June 28, 2014. Auction dates are subject to change. Donated by Hart Davis Hart Wine Co.



Lunch with Rev. Patrick E. McGrath and a Behind-the-Scenes Tour of Loyola Academy Value: Priceless Join the President of Loyola Academy, Rev. Patrick E. McGrath, SJ, as he takes a maximum of ten guests on a fascinating behind-the-scenes tour of Loyola Academy. Along with the tour, enjoy lunch in the dining room of the Jesuit residence and a Loyola Academy spirit wear package. Reservations must be made in advance and be made before March 1, 2015 for a mutually-agreed-upon date. Donated by Loyola Academy, Patrick E. McGrath, SJ, President


Mia Francesca Family-Style Coach House Feast Value: $3500 Family-style coach house feast for twenty-two guests at Mia Francesca, 3311 North Clark Street. Enjoy an abundant Tavoli di Amici (table of friends) and a multi-course dinner prepared by Corporate Executive Chef Peter DeRuvo. Family-style dinner includes a variety of delicious appetizers, salads, pastas, entrees and desserts. Premium bar and house wines will be available throughout the meal. Gratuity not included. Valid Sunday through Thursday only at Mia Francesca. Not valid on holidays. Subject to availability. Expires 12/31/14. Donated by Francesca's Restaurant Group


A Night at the Opera! Value: $858 Your ultimate date night is already planned! On March 20, 2014, two people will enjoy dinner at RPM Italian, one of Chicago's hottest new restaurants. After dinner, you'll head to the Lyric Opera House and settle into your two main floor seats to enjoy a performance of Mozart's "La Clemenza di Tito". And forget about worrying about driving or parking, as a limousine for the night is also included. Donated by Mary Ann and Jim Hoey, Lettuce Entertain You, Metropolitan Limousine



Chicago Bulls vs. Miami Heat Club Seats Value: $500 Grab your jerseys and get ready for this amazing Chicago Bulls experience on March 9, 2014. Not only do you get four tickets to the game (located in Section 219, the Lexus Club Level) and a parking pass, but if you arrive 90 minutes before game time, a member of the Bulls staff will escort your party to center court for a photo and you will then sit court side for warmup. Donated by Mary Ann and Jim Hoey


Joffrey Ballet's Nutcracker 2014 Value: $550 Christmas in Chicago just isn't complete without a trip to see the Joffrey Ballet's enchanting production of The Nutcracker. This December, treat your family to this amazing Nutcracker experience. Includes: four Joffrey tickets to a 2014 production of the Nutcracker, pointe shoes autographed by Joffrey star April Daly and a Joffrey tote bag filled with Joffrey goodies. And if that isn't enough, you'll also choose from a wonderful backstage tour of the theater OR an onstage flower presentation to the Sugar Plum Fairy. This is an experience a young ballerina can't miss! Expires 12/31/14. Donated by The Joffrey Ballet


Dinner with Mr. Nat Wilburn, Sacred Heart Head of Schools Value: Priceless Welcome Mr. Wilburn into the warmth of your home to enjoy a casual yet elegant meal for ten people. Professionally-trained personal chef Tracy Rhodes will meet you to prepare a menu to showcase Chateaubriand, donated by Great Western Beef. The winner will supply additional food and alcohol. Tracy will provide her culinary expertise to present a delicious meal. Please note that the clean-up will be shared with the winner. Date to be mutually agreed upon. Donated by Sacred Heart Schools, Tracy and Phil Rhodes, Great Western Beef



Boka Restaurant Group Progressive Dinner for Four Value: Priceless Your ticket to not one, but FOUR of the hottest restaurants in town. Your group of four will travel by limo for an evening of gastronomic fun. Your evening starts at Stephanie Izard’s James Beard nominated Girl & the Goat for two starter courses. Then, continue your progressive dinner with two entrée courses of your choice at Giuseppe Tentori’s GT Fish & Oyster, which Travel & Leisure named “One of the Best Seafood Restaurants in America.” From there, you’ll head to Balena where you’ll delight in Chef Chris Pandel’s “honest Italian cooking.” Finally, finish your night at fourtime Michelin starred BOKA Restaurant where you’ll enjoy the culinary creations of recent Michelin Star winner, Chef Lee Wolen. Expect top VIP treatment throughout the night, including a complementary wine pairing at each location. Date to be mutually determined. Donated by Boka Restaurant Group, Janet and Eric Larson


You Get What You Get... Value: Priceless And don't throw a fit. You are guaranteed at least two bottles of tonight's dinner wine: one red and one white...and maybe much more. Hart Davis Hart Wine Co. graciously has donated the wine served during tonight's dinner and the lucky winner of this package will take home whatever is left over! Donated by Hart Davis Hart Wine Co.


Backstage Pass to Napa Valley with 750 Wines Value: $2500 You've never experienced Napa Valley like this before! David & Monica Stevens, owners of 750 Wines in St. Helena, will take you and three friends on a two day backstage tour of Napa Valley. David and Monica will carefully craft an intimate, private tasting designed to the varietal specifications and price points for you and your guests. Their goal is to surprise and delight you and at the same time, introduce you to the world of small production wines made by their friends and colleagues. Includes two days of private tastings at appointment only wineries, two lunches (one of which will be hosted at 750 Wines), transportation, dinner reservations and a magnum of Drinkward Peschon Cabernet.

Donated by 750 Wines


St. Louis Cardinals Baseball Package Value: $700 Take a road trip to St. Louis to see the baseball game of your choice in the beautiful Busch Stadium, home of the 2011 World Champion St. Louis Cardinals. This unique package includes four box seats, a pre-game meal in the exclusive Cardinals Club and four field passes for pre-game batting practice. You pick the game that works best for you by selecting any Cardinals home game throughout the 2014 regular season (including games against the Cubs, but excluding opening day). Experience MLB baseball at its best in downtown St. Louis! Note: batting practice usually occurs two hours before most home games, but no guarantee can be made that batting practice will occur on the date of the chosen game. Game must be selected before March 31, 2014.

Donated by Maureen and Aaron Mobarak 1027.

Personal Pitching Clinic with Kerry Wood Value: $2500 Do you have the next "Strikeout King" in your house? Let perennial AllStar and all-time Cub great Kerry Wood help develop those skills. Your child and two of his or her friends can participate in a private one-hour pitching lesson with Kerry Wood. Time and location TBD. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn from the best! Donated by Kerry Wood


Ultimate Shopping Experience at Ralph Lauren Value: $1000 Enjoy an exclusive shopping experience with a professional wardrobe consultant at the Ralph Lauren Chicago store and a one thousand dollar gift certificate. They are ready to assist with your selections from their timeless collections for men, women, children and the home. Donated by Ralph Lauren


It's The Late Show With David Letterman! Value: Priceless Is attending the Late Show with David Letterman on your Top Ten list? You can check it off with these two tickets to attend a Monday through Wednesday taping of the Late Show with David Letterman in NYC at the historic Ed Sullivan theatre. Attendees must be 18 or older. Tickets not available during the months of February, May, July and November. Expires 3/31/15. Donated by CBS Network



Kindergarten Portrait by Kevin Hammett Value: $60/Photo Your kindergartner is absolutely adorable! Can’t you just hear him/her giggling in this picture? For just $60 you can receive an 8x10 black and white matted photo of your amazing kindergartner. Professionally taken by Kevin Hammett here at school, it’s a true keepsake to hang on your wall so you can giggle together. Donated by Kevin Hammett Photography


Eighth Grade Portrait by Kevin Hammett Value: $60/Photo th

8 Grade Parents – can you believe that your child is in his/her last few months at Sacred Heart? What better way to remember this last treasured year than with a professional protrait taken by Kevin Hammett here at school. For just $60 you can receive a 8x10 black and white matted photo of your Hardey or Academy graduate. Donated by Kevin Hammett Photography

Silent Auction

Children Dinners Entertainment Getaways His and Hers Home and Garden Sports and Fitness

Children 1200.

Little Pink Princess Package Value: $135 Do you have a little princess in your life? She'll love this pink tutu dress (size 3T) from Mini-Me Boutique. To finish off her ensemble, this package also includes a light-up tiara and charming pink ballet dancer doll. Donated by Mini Me


Oscar de la Renta Childrenswear Trunk Show Gift Certificate Value: $150 Enjoy exclusive access to the new collection and be the first to shop with this $150 gift certificate for Oscar de la Renta Childrenswear. Must be used at a Katie Benson-hosted trunk show. Donated by Oscar de la Renta


Luxaby Baby & Child Gift Certificate Value: $250 Enjoy a $150 gift certificate and a basket with an Elks and Angels teddy bear made of Australian sheepskin, as well as Noodle and Boo children's products. Donated by Luxaby Baby & Child


Hoohobbers Child's Chair Value: $63 A beautiful child's folding rocking chair for children 18 months to 5 years. A certificate is included to personalize the chair with free embroidery. Donated by Hoohobbers


Boy's Lego Basket Value: $150 Hours of fun to be had with the Boy's Lego Basket. Four City Lego sets, two storage boxes and two Lego City books will keep him busy! Donated by Angela and Brian Haggie



Girl's Lego Basket Value: $150 Hours of fun to be had with the Girl's Lego Basket. Three Lego Friends, two pink storage boxes, a pink Lego water bottle and two Lego Friends books. She'll have a great time! Donated by Angela and Brian Haggie


Faux Fur Leg Warmers Value: $30 Your child will stay warm and toasty with these cozy faux mink leg warmers (size 8 years) from Restoration Hardware. Donated by Kory and Brian Kozlowski


Custom Girl's Pink Poncho Value: $75 Girl's pink poncho with anchor applique in lime green with lime green embroidered edge. This one-of-a-kind item was designed by Sacred Heart parent Beth Chilla with custom digitized embroideries from Sacred Heart parent Arizona Lagousakos. Donated by Coupe Couture


Custom Girl's Blue Knit Poncho Value: $75 Girl's blue knit poncho with custom whale embroidery with navy embroidered edge. This one-of-a-kind item was designed by Sacred Heart parent Beth Chilla with custom digitized embroideries from Sacred Heart parent Arizona Lagousakos. Donated by Coupe Couture


A Basket For the Hockey Lover! Value: $80 A NHL Indoor Hockey Game will keep your kids playing - even indoors. Hockey game includes sticks and everything you need! Basket also contains "bucket guys" NHL Hockey Series - Blackhawks versus Redwings. When they need a break, enjoy an "Eye Spy With My Little Eye" hockey book. Donated by Katie and Nick Davies



Loopdedoo Your Way Into This Basket Value: $70 Loopdedoo is a spinning loom that uses ordinary embroidery floss to create fab and funky friendship bracelets and a lot of other great crafts in just minutes! This basket includes a Spinning Loom, Headband Kit and Necklace Kit. Many hours of fun to be had at the loom! Donated by Katie and Nick Davies


Young Painter's Basket Value: $40 For your little artist...a table easel, Faber-Castell Paint-by-Number Cupcake Popart, a wood palette with 12 brushes, a set of 24 acrylic paints and an 8x10 canvas. Let the creativity begin! Donated by Katie and Nick Davies


Girl's Soccer Basket Value: $80 For the young lady who loves soccer! A Chicago Fire Home Jersey (youth size large), Soccer Girls by Kaskey Kids, and the book "Winners Never Quit!" by Mia Hamm. Donated by Katie and Nick Davies


Chicago Cubs Monopoly Game Value: $40 This collector's edition of the Monopoly game provides Cubs fans the ultimate fantasy: to buy, sell and trade some of the most exciting Major League Baseball players today. This completely customized game is designed for the tried and true Cubs fan and comes complete with 6 collectible pewter tokens including a batter, pitcher, ball in glove, World Series Trophy, socks and a Cubs cap. Play ball! Donated by Building Blocks Toy Store



Goldfish Swim School Gift Certificate Value: $199 Goldfish Swim School offers state-of-the-art aquatic facilities dedicated entirely to indoor swim classes and programs. This certificate is for two months of swim lessons and a one-year membership at Goldfish Swim School Chicago. You will also receive swim goggles, kickboard and a goldfish plush toy! Donated by Goldfish Swim School


Cubs Jr. Director's Chair Value: $70 Officially licensed Major League Baseball furniture! This hand carved, hand painted, instant heirloom bears the official logo, colors and markings of the Chicago Cubs. Now even the smallest fan can have the best seat in the house. Donated by Building Blocks Toy Store


Goorin Bros. Girl's Hat Value: $50 Look stylish in this navy suede girl's hat with floral embellishment. Size small that would look great on a young girl. Goorin Hatmakers has been making hats since 1895. Donated by Kory and Brian Kozlowski


Rock Candy Stylin' Party Value: $375 Ten lucky girls (ages 2 to 16) will have a ball at this party at Rock Candy Salon. Each girl will receive a glamorous up-do, an age-appropriate makeup application, and the perfect nail polish to finish. Gift card may be used toward other services also. Donated by Jacqueline Bush and John Dugenske


Dinners 1300.

Mon Ami Gabi Gift Card Value: $100 $100 Mon Ami Gabi gift card. A little slice of France in Chicago, this reasonably priced bistro offers solid, well-prepared French fare. Donated by Lettuce Entertain You


Market Fisheries Seafood Extravaganza! Value: $450 This seafood package includes: five pounds of Alaskan Snow Crab cocktail claws; five pounds of Alaskan King Crab legs; six pounds of 10/15 count, peeled and de-veined jumbo shrimp; six jumbo lobster tails; two bottles of cocktail sauce; and six fresh lemons. Includes preparation tips and delivery to your home. All items subject to availability. We reserve the right to substitute. Expires 3/31/15. Donated by Courtney and Haim Brody


Del Frisco's Steakhouse Gift Card Value: $250 A $250 gift card to Del Frisco's Double Eagle Steakhouse at 58 East Oak Street in Chicago. Del Frisco's is a prime steakhouse & seafood restaurant offering bold and flavorful cuisine and an award-winning wine list. Donated by Tara and Chris Shannon


Dinner Under the Tuscan Sun Value: $800 Enjoy a five course Italian dinner for eight made with the freshest local ingredients and paired with the finest wine and spirits. Hosted by SHS parents, Louise and Jeff McClimans. Start your evening with cocktails in their backyard before dinner is served on their terrace overlooking the lakefront. Perhaps a midnight dip and dessert on their roof-top pool? Choose a mutually agreeable weekend in August 2014. Donated by Louise Sclafani and Jeffrey McClimans



"The Day After" L'Esprit French Breakfast Basket Value: $150 Enjoy an easy and delicious breakfast the morning after L'Esprit with an assortment of freshly-baked homemade "Sweets by Sandra," coffee from legendary Maxim's Paris, Harney and Sons "Paris" tea, and L'Ancienne French hot chocolate. Donated by Sandra and Marcus Hamacher


"The Day After" L'Esprit Italian Breakfast Basket Value: $150 Enjoy an easy and delicious breakfast the morning after L'Esprit with an assortment of freshly-baked homemade "Sweets by Sandra," coffee from Rome's famous Sant'Eustachio Il Caffe, Zhena's Italian chamomile tea, and Pernigotti Italian Gianduia Cocoa. Donated by Sandra and Marcus Hamacher


The Boarding House Gift Certificate Value: $500 Master sommelier and former host of "Check, Please!" Alpana Singh, is behind this tri-level River North showplace where a stunning space dramatically decorated with massive sculptures of wine bottles and glasses provides the backdrop for New American plates and an awesome vino selection. Three-course dinner for four complete with wine pairings selected by proprietor and Master Sommelier Alpana Singh. Please book reservation directly with Maitre d' Matthew Sheridan. Donated by The Boarding House


Blackbird Tasting Menu Dinner for Four Value: $1000 Dinner for four at Blackbird. Guests will enjoy critically acclaimed Executive Chef Paul Kahan's eight-course tasting menu with wine pairings. Chef Kahan is winner of the James Beard Award for Outstanding Chef in 2013 and Best Chef of the Midwest in 2004. Does not include gratuity. Expires 2/28/15. Donated by Blackbird



Milk and Honey Cafe Gift Certificate Value: $80 Brunch for four at Milk and Honey Cafe. The cafe has been open in Chicago's Wicker Park neighborhood since the spring of 2002 serving gourmet sandwiches, fresh salads, made from scratch soups, and housebaked pastries. Includes a six pack of Milk and Honey's famous granola. Donated by Milk and Honey CafĂŠ


Simone's Gift Certificate Value: $200 Dinner for eight at Simone's, a unique bar and grill located in the Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago. A great place to grab a craft beer, cocktail and quality grub. Expires 1/25/15. Donated by Simone's


Tortoise Club Gift Certificate Value: $100 $100 gift certificate to Tortoise Club. A charming restaurant serving fresh American fare in a comfortable, clubhouse vibe with a lively lounge. Donated by Tortoise Club


Butcher & The Burger Cooking Classes Value: $170 Gift certificate for two people for one of four popular cooking classes at Lincoln Park's Butcher & The Burger: Ossabaw Hog Butchery, Sausage Making, Venison Butchery, or Turkey Butchery and Cooking. All classes are held at the Butcher & The Burger and are BYOB. Donated by Butcher and the Burger


Quartino Wine and Salumeria Party Value: $200 Play host or hostess to a fabulous reception at Quartino, an urban wine bar and Italian restaurant. A $200 gift certificate for Salumeria reception. Valid Sunday through Thursday in wine bar area only. Check must be started by 5 p.m. Tax and gratuity not included. Reservations must be made in advance. Expires 2/14/15. Donated by Quartino



Starbucks Gift Bag Value: $70 Starbucks Gift Bag containing one pound of Espresso Roast whole beans, one pound of Ethiopia whole beans, one pound of Caffe Verona whole beans, two coffee mugs and an insulated travel mug. Donated by Starbucks


Gibsons Restaurant Group Gift Certificate Value: $100 $100 gift certificate to any of the Gibsons Restaurant Group locations. Those include: Hugo's Frog Bar & Fish House, Quartino, Luxbar and Gibsons. Enjoy! Donated by Gibsons Restaurant Group


Chicago q Gift Certificate Value: $100 Enjoy some delicious barbecue at Chicago q, a modern, urban barbecue experience in the heart of the Gold Coast with this $100 gift certificate. Expires 2/1/15. Donated by Chicago q


Gourmet Dinner for Six in Your Home Value: $600 Chef Joe Dugan will prepare a gourmet four-course dinner for six people in your home. Chef Dugan will shop, prepare, teach if you'd like, and serve a delicious gourmet dinner to you and your guests in the comfort of your home. He is happy to accommodate any special meal request and he will clean up so spotlessly that you will never know he was there! Donated by Joe Dugan, Wendy and Steve Beard, Amy and Mark O'Toole


Acadia Gift Certificate Value: $500 Dinner for four at Acadia, a contemporary and stylish restaurant located in the up-and-coming South Loop neighborhood of Chicago. The restaurant's emphasis is on contemporary takes on classic American and globally-influenced food. Donated by Acadia



goosefoot Dinner Party for Four Value: $600 Enjoy Chef Chris Nugent's creative and dazzling menu on the evening of May 31, 2014. Located in Chicago's Lincoln Square neighborhood, goosefoot is Chef Nugent’s BYOB market-driven contemporary American restaurant. Bring your favorite wines to enjoy the best BYOB in town! Reservation for 6pm includes tax and gratuity. Not redeemable for cash. Expires 01/14/15. Donated by Maura and Bill Starshak


Tavern on Rush Gift Certificate Value: $200 Enjoy a $200 gift card for Tavern on Rush - an upscale contemporary American steakhouse offering an extensive menu of classic American fare. Donated by Tavern on Rush


Mario's Table Gift Certificate Value: $100 Enjoy a $100 gift certificate to Mario's Table located in the Gold Coast. Mario's is a cozy neighborhood restaurant with great Italian food. Donated by Mario's Table


Entertainment 1400.

Lucky Strike Bowling Party Value: $200 Lucky Strike is an upscale bowling and billiards lounge, restaurant, bar and wine lounge located on the second floor in the AMC movie complex in River East. This Red Pin Party certificate entitles the holder to two hours of bowling for up to eight people, including shoe rentals for the group and two appetizers. Guest must be 21 or older to redeem and attend. Expires 8/6/14. Donated by Lucky Strike Lanes


"Late Nite Catechism" Tickets Value: $60 Two tickets to "Late Nite Catechism," the longest running one-nun show in Chicago's history, now in its 20th year at the Royal George Theater. The show itself is a form of participatory theatre where the actress playing the nun is the only person on stage, and members of the audience become members of the nun's school class. Don't miss this hilarious comedy! Expires 6/30/14. Donated by Nuns4Fun


"Put the Nuns in Charge!" Tickets Value: $60 Two tickets to "Put the Nuns in Charge!" at the Royal George Theater. A new kind of nun, the Mother Superior of her order is here! A comic take on the Seven Deadly Sins, this show looks at everything from skirt lengths to cell phones, road rage to desire. The Seven Deadly Sins have never been funnier. Expires 6/30/14. Donated by Nuns4Fun



"Mother Superior's Ho-Ho Holy Night" Tickets Value: $60 Two tickets to the "Mother Superior's Ho-Ho Holy Night" at the Royal George Theater. Our favorite nun tries to blend Christmas and Santa...and comes up with a lot of laughter! Donated by Nuns4Fun


"La Clemenza di Tito" At The Lyric Opera Value: $488 Enjoy two tickets to the Lyric Opera's performance of "La Clemenza di Tito" on March 14, 2014. Mozart's "La Clemenza di Tito" is a new-toChicago production. A highlight of the prestigious 2011 Aix-en-Provence Festival, this production is filled with theatrical urgency and fire. Tickets located on the Main Floor, Row N. Donated by Eileen and Chris Murphy


"The Sound of Music" at the Lyric Opera Value: $600 A gift certificate for four tickets to "The Sound of Music" at the Lyric Opera. Don't miss this grand-scale Lyric production of the world's most beloved family musical. Performance dates from April 27 through May 18, 2014, matinee and evening performances available. No date restriction; seat location based upon availability at the time of redemption. Donated by Lyric Opera of Chicago


Lincoln Park Zoo Safari Membership Value: $175 See the new baby gorillas in style with a one-year Safari Level Membership to the Lincoln Park Zoo. With unlimited free parking, you will also have the opportunity to register early for Summer Conservation Camps, enjoy special open house events and keeper talks, invitations to exclusive zoo events and discounts on zoo programs and purchases. Don't miss your chance to forge a close connection with the animals! Donated by Lincoln Park Zoo



Art Institute of Chicago Experience Value: $500 A rare offering from the Art Institute of Chicago! With this package, you'll take a one-hour private tour for four and choose from a general museum highlights tour, a tour of the Modern Wing (Contemporary and Modern collections), or a tour of one of the special exhibitions (upcoming include Christopher Wool and Magritte). In addition, you receive a one-year Member Plus level membership, which includes admission for four adults, a second member card and discounted parking. A hardbound copy of the new edition of "Master Paintings in the Art Institute of Chicago" will also look great on your coffee table. What a way to experience one of Chicago's famous treasures! Please arrange tour at least two weeks before the desired date. Tour must fall between museum's weekday hours. Expires 3/1/15. Donated by Art Institute of Chicago


"Brigadoon" at the Goodman Theatre Value: $360 Four tickets to a performance of "Brigadoon" at the Goodman Theatre from June 27 to August 3. In this performance, an unforgettable musical adventure comes alive in a bountiful new adaptation directed by Chicago's own Rachel Rockwell. Must schedule performance date by 3/31/14. Dates subject to availability. Donated by Clerestory Consulting


Night Out in Uptown! Value: $310 Enjoy a night out in vibrant Uptown! This package includes a gift certificate for two tickets to any Wednesday, Thursday or Saturday performance at the Black Ensemble Theatre. The Black Ensemble Theater, founded in 1976 by the phenomenal actress, producer and playwright Jackie Taylor, has grown from a small community arts organization to a vibrant nationally and internationally renowned arts institution in Chicago. After the show, head over to nearby Magnolia Cafe with this $200 gift certificate and enjoy dinner at this cozy spot that Zagat's says serves "delicious" fare bolstered by a wine list that "works well with the menu" and "makes for a fun escape." Donated by Black Ensemble Theatre, Magnolia CafĂŠ



Davis Theater Gift Card Value: $50 Enjoy a $50 gift card from the Davis Theater, located in the heart of Lincoln Square. Certificate may be used towards ticket purchases as well as concession. Donated by Mary and Tom Fencl


Davis Theater Gift Card Value: $50 Enjoy a $50 gift card from the Davis Theater, located in the heart of Lincoln Square. Certificate may be used towards ticket purchases as well as concession. Donated by Mary and Tom Fencl


A Day at the Chicago Botanic Garden Value: $107 Spend a day in Chicago's Botanic Garden! Package includes four tram tickets valid for the Bright Encounters Tram or the Grand Tram, four tickets to the outdoor Model Railroad Garden or Wonderland Express, the indoor holiday train exhibition, as well as a coupon for $10 off a Botanic Garden membership. Expires 3/1/15. Donated by Chicago Botanic Garden


Behind-the-Scenes at the John G. Shedd Aquarium Value: $200 Experience the Shedd Aquarium like never before! Four people will enjoy a behind-the-scenes tour, admission to the Aquarium, Abbott Oceanarium, Wild Reef and "Jellies." Children must be at least 10 years old and participants must be 55 inches or taller. Donated by Shedd Aquarium



A Beluga Encounter at the John G. Shedd Aquarium Value: $750 Meet the belugas where they live, in Shedd’s newest extraordinary experience! Your beluga encounter begins as Shedd’s animal experts lead you through an informative orientation about training and animal care, the beluga you’ll meet and the best way to have a safe and fun experience. Then you’ll pull on waders to enter the fully accessible Grainger Beluga Encounter Habitat. Standing side by side with a trainer on an underwater ledge, you’ll be face to face with a whale! You’ll touch the beluga’s skin, try a few training techniques and enjoy some surprises. Also includes admission to the Aquarium, Abbott Oceanarium and Wild Reef, as well as complimentary parking. Participants must be at least 12 years old and 60 inches tall. No photography or video recording. Photos will be available of the encounter. Children 12-15 years must be accompanied by a participating adult. Date to be mutually agreed upon. Expires 3/1/15. Donated by Elizabeth and Michael Cole, Catherine and Matt Denny

Getaways 1500.

Four Seasons Resort Scottsdale at Troon North Two Night Stay Value: $1258 Enjoy the desert warmth with a two-night stay for two in a generouslysized casita guest room at the Four Seasons Resort Scottsdale at Troon North. Guestrooms feature gas burning fireplaces, oversized bathrooms and a private balcony or terrace offering magnificent desert and valley views. Reservations are subject to availability, valid Sunday through Thursday, and not valid on holidays. Excludes the month of March. This offer may not be used in conjunction with other special offers or promotions. Certain restrictions apply. Original certificate must be presented at check-in (no copies). Expires 3/1/15. Donated by Four Seasons Resort-Scottsdale at Troon North, Walton Street Capital LLC


Ventana Inn & Spa Two Night Stay Value: $1250 Get away from it all at the luxurious Ventana Inn & Spa in majestic Big Sur, California. You will enjoy a two night stay in a Ventana Guest Room at the Ventana Inn & Spa. Not valid Fridays or Saturdays, special events or holidays. Expires 2/12/15. Donated by Ventana Inn & Spa, Walton Street Capital LLC


One-Week Stay at Manhattan Beach, California, Beach House Value: $4500 Enjoy a one-week stay at this four bedroom, two bath Manhattan Beach, California, beach house. A terrific family vacation spot on one of Manhattan Beach's most desirable walking streets. Spacious beach home with front patio over looking the beach and ocean. Short three-block walk to great shops and restaurants and easy 100-yard stroll to the Pacific. Not valid July 1 through August 31. Expires 3/1/15. Donated by Ashley and Rob Craig



Long Weekend in Wisconsin Lakeside Log Home Value: $1500 Enjoy four days and three nights in a newly remodeled log home situated on three acres on Lake Wisconsin near Baraboo, Wisconsin, just three hours from Chicago. The cabin accommodates up to twelve people with three bedrooms and a loft. Featuring a 26-foot fireplace of local fieldstone and a large porch overlooking the water, you can canoe, kayak and enjoy the fishing boat. You are five minutes from Lake Wisconsin Country Club Golf Course, less than an hour to Wisconsin Dells and 25 minutes to Cascade Mountain ski area and Devil's Head, where you can find great hiking trails and downhill skiing. Wollersheim Winery, one of the Midwest's finest, is also ten minutes away. Date to be mutually agreed upon, between March 2014 and May 2014, or September 2014 and February 2015. Excludes Labor Day, Memorial Day and Presidents Day. Donated by Diane and John Fallon


Kohler Resort and Spa Getaway Value: $850 Your choice! The winner of this package will receive a $500 gift card to the Kohler Resort and Spa as well as the choice of ONE of the following resort amenities: (1) Superior guestroom for one evening at The American Club; (2) Lakeside guestroom for two evenings at The Inn on Woodlake; (3) Golf for two on The Meadow Valleys at Blackwolf Run or The Irish at Whistling Straits (includes golf card/excludes caddie and gratuity) or (4) Two 50minute massages at the Kohler Waters Spa (excluding Saturdays) in either Kohler or Burr Ridge locations. Donated by Jen and Bill Beattie


Trump Chicago Weekend Getaway Value: $1500 Enjoy a weekend downtown in this fabulous suite in the Trump Tower. This two-room, two-bath suite features a spacious sitting room, full kitchen fireplace and a spectacular view of the city, Chicago River and Lake Michigan. Mutually agreeable date. Expires 12/31/14. Donated by Chandra Greer and Steve Moravec



A Week in Park City, Utah Value: $7000 Enjoy the week of February 6 to 13, 2015, at the Canyons Resort in Park City, Utah. This Grand Summit condominium easily sleeps eight with two bedrooms, three bathrooms, living room, kitchen and dining area. Canyons Resort in Park City has been voted one of the top ten ski resorts in North America by the readers of SKI magazine. With 4,000 acres of skiable terrain, it is the largest ski and snowboard resort in Utah. Donated by Michelle and Rob McAndrew


San Diego Marriott Marquis and Marina Value: $1000 The centerpiece of San Diego Bay, enjoy a three night stay at the San Diego Marriott Marquis and Marina. SDMMM has spectacular views of Coronado Island Bridge, Sand Diego Bay and ideally located walking distance from the historic Gaslamp Quarter. The water falls, pools, cabanas and outdoor lounges help make a perfect getaway. Based on space availability. Expires 4/30/15. Donated by San Diego Marriott Marquis & Marina


Northern Michigan Lake Charlevoix Home Value: $5000 Enjoy a week-long stay in Northern Michigan, the land of the million dollar sunset. This home sits on beautiful Lake Charlevoix. Activities include swimming at a private beach or pool, tennis courts, and walks on nature trails. Hemingway Pointe Club is ten minutes away with shopping, fine dining, and golf courses. You are also close enough to plan various day trips to unique resort towns. If skiing is more your interest, you are just 20 minutes away from one of the finest ski resorts in the midwest. The house sleeps nine people comfortably. Available on a mutually agreeable date. Donated by Bea and Paul Douma



The Smyth Tribeca-Thompson Hotel Two Night Stay Value: $1518 Enjoy a weekend in Manhattan's Tribeca neighborhood with this two-night stay in a king deluxe room at the Smyth Tribeca-Thompson Hotel. Smyth is an intimate Tribeca luxury hotel that embraces the neighborhood’s vibrant history and contemporary lifestyle. For use on weekends only. Subject to certain blackout dates and availability. Expires 12/4/14. Donated by The Smyth Tribeca-A Thompson Hotel, Walton Street Capital LLC


His and Hers 1600.

L'Occitane En Provence Basket and Shopping Party Value: $170 Treat yourself with this basket of goodies from L'Occitane En Provence. Then, treat your friends to a shopping party at L'Occitane on Armitage where you will all receive 10% off everything in the store. Minimum five guests. Donated by L'Occitane En Provence


Oliver Peoples Tortoise Round Sunglasses Value: $375 Shield your eyes from the sun in style with a pair of Oliver Peoples tortoise round sunglasses. No refunds or exchanges. Donated by Oliver Peoples


Tory Burch Handbag Value: $365 Who doesn't love Tory Burch? The small, structured silhouette and convenient crossbody strap makes this cute bag easy to sling across the shoulder and head out the door. Donated by Neiman Marcus Michigan Avenue


Escada Watch Value: $500 Gold square-faced Escada watch with signature "EE" logo on the face. Donated by Escada


Glove Me Tender Men's Scarf Value: $95 Men's black and white alpaca scarf, hypoallergenic, lighter than wool. No returns or exchanges. Donated by Glove Me Tender



Vineyard Vines Men's Cubs Belt Value: $50 Perfect for the die-hard Cubs fan in your life! A Vineyard Vines Men's Cubs Belt (size 36). Donated by Amy and Cushman Andrews


Barbara Barry for Hartman Perfect Tote Value: $240 Internationally renowned designer, Barbara Barry, brings her refined aesthetic to Hartman luggage with her Perfect Tote. As beautiful on the inside as it is on the outside, this tote is the perfect accessory for the woman on the go. Donated by Patricia Curtner


Luxury Skincare and Fragrance Basket for Men and Women Value: $1200 Beautiful basket with multiple luxurious skincare items and fragrances, along with a travel case. Donated by Cellcosmet


Roberto Coin Diamond Cross Necklace Value: $580 Diamond and 18K white gold cross necklace from Roberto Coin. Donated by Saks Fifth Avenue/Roberto Coin


14K White Gold Pearl and Sapphire Pendant Value: $665 14K white gold 7mm white cultured pearl and .10ct round blue sapphire pendant on a 18" 14kt white gold box chain. Donated by Lisa Scully


Laura Tanner Initial Charm Necklace Value: $84 Gift certificate for a 14K gold initial charm necklace on a 14K gold filled chain. Donated by Laura Tanner Jewelry



Dana Rebecca Designs Diamond Necklace Value: $585 14K rose gold chain with .12 carat of diamonds and black rhodium. Donated by Dana Rebecca Designs


Oynx Necklace from A.M. Feldman Jewelers Value: $295 Turn heads wearing this fancy facet oynx necklace. Donated by AM Feldman Jewelers


Arbonne Spa Facial Party Value: $323 More beautiful skin can soon be yours! Tonight, take home Arbonne’s flagship RE9 anti-aging skincare set. Then, Arbonne International consultant, Melissa Tanis, will treat you and a handful of friends to a spa facial night at your home, including skincare consultations and mini facials. Mutually agreeable date. Donated by Melissa and Greg Tanis


Oliver Peoples Gold Metal Frame Sunglasses Value: $375 Shield your eyes from the sun in style with a pair of Oliver Peoples gold metal frame sunglasses. No refunds or exchanges. Donated by Oliver Peoples


Who Doesn't Love a Good Cigar? Value: $260 Since 1857, Chicago has been home to the oldest family-owned tobacconists in the country. Iwan Ries & Co. is the home of the Iwan Ries Lounge, downtown Chicago's only Smoking Lounge. The perfect alternative to the long-lost cigar bars of Chicago, the Iwan Ries Lounge is BYOB, so bring your favorite bottle. This certificate is for a box of Hoffman House Cigars and four complimentary one-day passes to the private Iwan Ries Lounge. Donated by Iwan Ries



Metallic Gold Cord Necklace Value: $160 Metallic gold cord double-strand necklace with freshwater pearls and semi-precious stones. Donated by Lynn and Dustan Beier


Handmade Gold and Crystal Necklace Value: $250 Handmade gold wire-wrapped necklace with Swarovski crystals and semiprecious stones. Donated by Lynn and Dustan Beier


Ermenegildo Zegna Men's Tie Value: $245 Gold, blue and green patterned Ermenegildo Zegna men's tie. Donated by Cathryn Marsico and Lawrence Kern


Isaia Men's Tie Value: $245 Fuschia & white polka dot Isaia men's tie. Donated by Cathryn Marsico and Lawrence Kern


Valentino Men's Tie Value: $150 One men's silk Valentino tie. Donated by Letty and Robert Marsico


Valentino Men's Tie Value: $150 One men's silk Valentino tie. Donated by Letty and Robert Marsico



Chat Charm Pendant Necklace Value: $600 A beautiful 18k yellow gold Chat Charm pendant with diamond accents. Item may not be exchanged or returned. Donated by A. Marek Fine Jewelry


Personal Wardrobe Stylist Value: $1000 "Help! I can't find anything in my closet!" "I don't have anything to wear!" If this sounds like you, you need personal wardrobe stylist, Deirdre Pursel, to pay a visit. With this package, you'll receive four hours of closet organization and editing, two hours of personal shopping and two hours of styling--putting it all together and even taking pictures so you can remember what you learned! Don't miss this fabulous opportunity to become better organized with your wardrobe and look amazing! Donated by Deirdre Pursel


Sophia Clutch from Sterling & Burke Value: $720 Designed in Chicago by Sacred Heart alumna Alexandra Megan, and handcrafted in England by Sterling & Burke, Ltd., this bridle hide clutch with suede lining is an elegant addition to any woman's handbag collection. Donated by Sterling & Burke Ltd.


Black Cashmere Women's Custom Poncho Value: $375 Black cashmere custom poncho with embroidery border. This one-of-akind item was designed by Sacred Heart parent Beth Chilla with custom digitized embroideries from Sacred Heart parent Arizona Lagousakos. Donated by Coupe Couture



Cream Wool Women's Custom Poncho Value: $190 Cream wool poncho with custom embroidery applique in cream pearl leather. This one-of-a-kind item was designed by Sacred Heart parent Beth Chilla with custom digitized embroideries by Sacred Heart parent Arizona Lagousakos. Donated by Coupe Couture


Nook Glowlight e-Reader Value: $120 Perfect for the book lover in your family! With the new NOOK Glowlight e-Reader from Barnes & Noble, they can carry up to 2,000 books anywhere on the lightest NOOK ever. Donated by Jamie and Peter Georgis


Glove Me Tender Women's Scarf Value: $74 Women's black knit scarf with decorative flower from recycled materials. No returns or exchanges. Donated by Glove Me Tender


Valentino Men's Tie Value: $150 One men's silk Valentino tie. Donated by Letty and Robert Marsico


Worth New York Scarf and Gift Certificate Value: $500 Take the scarf home tonight and then let Worth New York personal consultant, Alice Topping, help you refresh your wardrobe with this $250 gift certificate to purchase Worth New York clothing. Worth New York features high-end, luxury women's wear. Expires 12/31/14. Must purchase items through Sacred Heart parent, Alice Topping. Donated by Alice and Rob Topping



Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa Gift Certificate Value: $250 Indulge in some classic luxury with a $250 gift certificate for the Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa. Donated by Elizabeth Arden Red Door Salon and Spa


Coach Signature Logo Satchel Value: $248 Treat yourself to a luxurious mahogany Coach Signature Logo Satchel. Donated by Thanamart Anan and Fernando Izaguirre


Lululemon Athletica Gift Certificate Value: $250 $250 gift certificate to Lululemon. Ladies, now is the time to update that workout wardrobe! Donated by Alexis and Edward Hanlon


Hot Mama Spring Fashion Preview Party! Value: $30/person Spruce up your closet for spring at a fashion preview party on Thursday, April 10 at Southport's new Hot Mama boutique! Up to 35 guests will have the chance to meet with a stylist who will assist with coordinating clothing and accessories. As an added benefit, all purchases will be 15% off. Donated by Hot Mama


Home and Garden 1700.

Sutton Studios Photography Value: $725 Capture a moment with your family and your pet with a weekday portrait sitting for two people and two pets. Sutton Studios' portraits of dogs, cats and people with their pets have won international acclaim. Includes an 11x11 matted and signed exhibition print and a $50 framing voucher. Expires 3/1/15. Donated by Sutton Studios Photography


Stuart-Rodgers Photography Family Portrait Value: $450 This package is for an in-studio photography session at Stuart-Rodgers, including an 11x14 Classic Family Portrait. Founded in 1946, Stuart-Rodgers Photography is a nationally- known leader in quality, personalized photography bringing a unique style and commitment to the industry. Expires 4/30/15. Donated by Stuart-Rodgers Photography


Classic Kids Photography Value: $460 Bring your kids to Classic Kids for a portrait sitting for up to two subjects. Also included is a black and white 8x10 hand-edged, archival photograph from Classic Kids. Weekday sessions only. Expires 3/31/15. Donated by Classic Kids Photography



jookie, a portrait boutique, inc. Value: $676 Enjoy a fun, weekday in-studio playdate portrait session at jookie, a portrait boutique, inc., in the Lincoln Square neighborhood. You will also receive an artistic 16x20 portrait (unframed) of your children or family, along with a $200 credit toward a keepsake photo album. For new clients only; consultation required. Not valid October or November, or with other promotions or special offers. Not valid for newborn sessions. May upgrade to a Saturday or a location session; or to a Canvas or Series. Expires 7/31/14. Donated by jookie, a portrait boutique


Lovely Coffee Table Books! Value: $325 These books, curated by interior designers Melissa Lewis and Cari Giannoulias, will add a touch of elegance to your coffee table. The four books are "Gypset Travel," "Vintage Cocktails," "Slim Aarons: A Place in the Sun," and "Vogue Living: House, Gardens and People." Donated by Lewis Giannoulias Interiors, LLC


Alinea Cookbook by Grant Achatz Value: $60 The debut cookbook from the restaurant Gourmet magazine named the best in the country. A pioneer in American cuisine, chef Grant Achatz represents the best of the molecular gastronomy movement--brilliant fundamentals and exquisite taste paired with a groundbreaking approach to new techniques and equipment. A great addition to any cookbook collection. Donated by Patricia Curtner


Kate Oelerich Photography Family Portrait Value: $500 Capture memories with one outdoor sitting for an 8x10 family potrait taken by Kate Oelerich Photography. The session will take place at Kate's outdoor Winnetka studio. Includes an 8x10 classic portrait print of your selected photo. Expires 7/1/14. Donated by Kate Oelerich Photography



Grace Hayes Linens Ikat Lamp Value: $585 Gorgeous Ikat lamp from Chicago's own Grace Hayes Linens. Donated by Grace Hayes Linens


Julie A. Dobies Original Oil Painting Value: $400 An original painting by Chicago artist and former Interior Designer Julie A. Dobies. Donated by Julie A. Dobies


Small Rope Garden Stool From Scenario Home Value: $325 This stool is made of high-quality ceramic with authentic detailing and would be an elegant accent with a modern twist inside your home or on your patio. Scenario Home specializes in luxury home decor to create the perfect scenario in your home! Donated by Scenario Home


Decorative Tray and Cheese Board from Jayson Home and Garden Value: $115 Dazzle your guests at your next cocktail party with this decorative tray, Cheese Course book, slate cheese tray, cheese fork and cheese server from Jayson Home and Garden. Donated by Nicole and Chris Murphy


Jay Strongwater Frames Value: $150 Frame your pictures with beautifully detailed Jay Strongwater frames. This collection includes two frames with red, gold and jewel embellishment and one with blue, gold and jewel embellishment. Donated by Kory and Brian Kozlowski



Two Reed & Barton Crystal Candlesticks Value: $100 These Miller Rogaska crystal candlesticks from Reed & Barton will look lovely on any mantle. Donated by Kory and Brian Kozlowski


Waterford Lismore Gold Essence Candlesticks Value: $335 Your table will glow with this set of three Waterford Lismore Gold Essence candlesticks. Donated by Letty and Robert Marsico


Original Painting by Natalie Danak Value: $150 Original oil painting by Chicago artist and Sacred Heart parent, Natalie Danak. Donated by Natalie and Rahul Danak


Original Painting by Natalie Danak Value: $150 Original oil painting by Chicago artist and Sacred Heart parent, Natalie Danak. Donated by Natalie and Rahul Danak


Grow and Shine Photography Session Value: $450 A 45-minute photography session along with a private, fully-edited online gallery of 15-20 of the best unique images from the session. Six digital files of selected images, both in color and black and white. You'll also receive six prints in 4x6. Grow and Shine was voted the best family photographer by Red Tricycle Totally Awesome Award 2013. Expires 8/1/14. Donated by Grow and Shine Photography



Custom Pencil Portrait from LWGDESIGN Value: $350 Create a lasting memory! Chicago artist Lee Glazer of LWGDESIGN will work with you to make a custom pencil portrait of a loved one. Portrait can be created via a photo or in person. Donated by LWGDESIGN


Autographed Books from Dr. Sarah Seidelmann Value: $40 Feeling stuck? Need some inspiration? Dr. Sarah Bamford Seidelmann, a physician-turned- life coach and shamanic healer, has a unique perspective on life, which she shares through her two books, "What the Walrus Knows" and "Born to Freak: A Salty Primer for Irrepressible Humans." She believes in helping everyone to live life to the fullest! Donated by Sarah Seidelmann


Complete Set of Autographed Brad Thor Books Value: $500 Perfect for the book lover in your life! A complete collection of all 13 novels written by author and Sacred Heart alum and parent, Brad Thor. Donated by Trish and Brad Thor


Custom Letterpress Silhouette Portraits Value: $300 With this certificate, you'll receive up to four custom-created, letterpressprinted silhouette portraits by Articulations. Articulations uses only the finest 100% cotton, off-white letterpress paper and black ink to create a vision of beauty that is uniquely yours. Expires 3/1/15. Donated by Articulations LLC



Music Direct Rock-n-Roll Package Value: $650 Upgrade your home stereo with this rock-n-roll package from Music Direct. Included is an award-winning Music Direct best-seller, the Pro-Ject Debut III turntable in bright red, along with various LPs and CDs. Forget about all the accolades and awards, what matters most is that the ProJect Debut III delivers rich, organic and inviting analog sound at levels unrivaled for its price. Donated by Music Direct


Geo Dot Velvet Pillow From Scenario Home Value: $150 This pillow is created by hand from high-end designer fabrics and expertly tailored featuring feather down fill. Scenario Home specializes in luxury home decor to create the perfect scenario in your home! Donated by Scenario Home


Kevin Hammett Photography Photo Session Value: $400 Enjoy a photo session for you and your family at Kevin Hammett Photography, as well as a complimentary 8x10 print! Kevin Hammett is a high end children's photography studio located in Lincoln Park, Chicago. Expires 2/13/15. Donated by Kevin Hammett Photography


Sports and Fitness 1800.

White Sox First Row Tickets Value: $350 See the White Sox up close in your four box seats in Row 1 on the visitor's dugout! Sit in style and make your friends jealous as they watch you on TV every time a left-handed batter steps to the plate. Get as close to the action as possible and have a great day at the ballpark. Choose from the following games: May 10 vs. Arizona Diamondbacks, May 26 vs. Cleveland Indians, June 19 vs. San Francisco Giants, or July 2 vs. California Angels. Donated by Colleen and Joe Farrell


Chicago Bulls vs. Milwaukee Bucks Value: $230 Two tickets to the Chicago Bulls vs. Milwaukee Bucks game on April 14. Seats are located in section 116, row 14. Donated by Eileen and Chris Murphy


Chicago Bears vs. Minnesota Vikings Value: $580 Four tickets to cheer on the Bears as they take on the Minnesota Vikings during the 2014-2015 season. Seats are located in Section 131, Row 18. Donated by Lisa and Dan Tiemann


United States Ski Team Swag Value: $200 Show your Olympic spirit with this official U.S. Ski Team vest, t-shirt and baseball cap. Donated by US Ski & Snowboard Team Foundation



Michigan Wolverines vs. Utah Utes Value: $750 Enjoy the Big House and all the action on the field from these ten seats located in the front row of the Jack Roth Clubhouse for the Michigan vs. Utah game on September 20, 2014. Donated by Jennifer and Perry Pinto, Kim and George Ruhana


Chicago Bulls vs. Indiana Pacers Value: $540 Four tickets for March 24, 2014 game against the Indiana Pacers. Seats are located in Section 104, Row 16, Seats 15-18 on the aisle. Donated by Sheila and Patrick Troy


Chicago Bulls vs. Oklahoma City Thunder Value: $540 Four tickets to see the Chicago Bulls play the Oklahoma City Thunder on March 17, 2014. Seats are in Section 104, Row 16, Seats 15-18 on the aisle. Donated by Sheila and Patrick Troy


Chicago Cubs vs. Colorodo Rockies Value: $314 Four Field Box tickets, Section 121, Row 13, Seats 1-4 for July 31, 2014. Donated by Charles Heekin


Glen View Club Golf, Cocktails & Dinner Value: $1500 Three lucky couples will enjoy an outing at the GlenView Club with your hosts, Sacred Heart parents Chris and Emily Raub. Three golfers will join Chris for 18 holes of golf and afterwards, spouses will join in for cocktails followed by dinner in the club's private wine cellar. Mutually agreeable date in the summer of 2014. Donated by Emily and Chris Raub



Chicago Bulls vs. Detroit Pistons Value: $880 Four tickets to watch the Chicago Bulls take on the Detroit Pistons at the United Center on Friday, April 11 at 7 p.m. Seats are in Section 111 and a parking pass is included. Donated by Tara and Chris Shannon


Chicago Cubs vs. New York Yankees Value: $160 Two outfield box seats to the Cubs vs. Yankees game on Wednesday, May 21 at 1:20 p.m. Seats are located in Section 108, Row 5, Seats 101-102. Donated by Beth and Scott Haviland


Rick Renteria Autographed Baseball Value: $100 Add to your sports memorabilia with this baseball signed by Chicago Cubs new manager, Rick Renteria. Donated by Chicago Cubs


Archie Griffin Autographed Football Value: $100 Every Buckeye fan will want this football autographed by Ohio State University legend Archie Griffin. This all-star running back is the only twotime Heisman winner! And if that isn't enough, he was the first ever player to start in four Rose Bowls and also spent seven seasons in the NFL with the Cincinnati Bengals. Donated by Colleen and Joe Farrell


Michigan Wolverines vs. Appalachian State Value: $450 Three tickets to the Michigan Wolverines home opener vs. Appalachian State on August 30, 2014. Seats are on the Michigan side, 45-yard line (Section 24, Row 61). Donated by Amy and Cushman Andrews



Chicago Bears 50-Yard Line Tickets I Value: $2500 Bear Down! You'll enjoy cheering on the Bears from these four seats on the 50-yard line for a Chicago Bears game during the 2014-2015 season. And parking won't be a hassle as these tickets include a parking pass. Game date to be mutually agreed upon. Donated by Cathryn Marsico and Lawrence Kern


Chicago Bears 50-Yard Line Tickets II Value: $2500 Bear Down! You'll enjoy watching the Bears from these four seats located on the 50-yard line and just eight rows from the sideline! And with a stadium parking pass, you won't need to worry about parking. Winner will be given up to three games from which to choose a mutually agreed upon date. Donated by Lydia and Pat Ryan


United States Ski Team Swag Value: $100 Show your Olympic spirit with this official U.S. Ski Team ski sweater (size S). Donated by U.S. Ski & Snowboard Team Foundation


Northwestern Wildcats vs. Northern Illinois Huskies Value: $350 You'll catch all the action on the field when you sit in these six seats on the 50-yard line to the Northwestern vs. NIU football game in Evanston on September 6, 2014. Also includes a parking pass to the adjacent west lot. Donated by Peggy and Steven Hampton



Experience an Upland Hunt at Halter Hunt Club Value: $750 Join Sacred Heart dad, Joe Needham, and experience a half-day upland hunt at Halter Hunt Club. Successful bidder and their guest will have a guided hunt at the premier private hunt club in the Midwest. One hour north of Chicago near Kenosha, Wisconsin, this package includes three birds per person if hunting with two people, or eight birds if hunting as one individual. Game will be cleaned and processed for you to take home. Includes lunch. Date to be mutually agreed upon between 11/1/14 through 2/1/15. No license required, but need prior hunting experience and own equipment. Expires 2/1/15. Donated by Meggan and Joe Needham


Official Blackhawks Jersey Autographed by Brent Seabrook Value: Priceless Every Blackhawks fan will want this official jersey autographed by #7, defenseman Brent Seabrook. Donated by Chicago Blackhawks


DoggerJogger - Red Value: $40 Created, patented and manufactured by SHS parent, Bill Braman, The DoggerJogger is the easiest way to jog your dog in the "safety zone" alongside your bike. The Dogger Jogger's patent-pending design allows a two-point connection which maintains the dog's position without hardware, brackets, bolts or tools! it snaps on your bike in seconds, the soft nylon straps will not damage or ding your paint or frame, and the beautiful nickel-plated hardware will shine brightly for years. This fulfilling activity contributes to better fitness, increases your dog's ability to focus, can help solve behavioral problems and increases trainability! It works for all dogs and all bikes! Donated by DoggerJogger


Chicago Cubs vs. New York Mets Value: $314 Four Field Box tickets, Section 121, Row 13, Seats 1-4 for June 4, 2014. Donated by Charles Heekin



Chicago Blackhawks vs. Dallas Stars Value: $363 You won't miss any action with center ice seats right above and behind the penalty box. Enjoy two tickets to the Blackhawks game on March 25, 2014 in Section 111, Row 13, Seats 1-2. Parking pass (Lot K) is included with tickets. Donated by Eleanor and Michael Husman


DoggerJogger - Blue Value: $40 Created, patented and manufactured by SHS parent, Bill Braman, The DoggerJogger is the easiest way to jog your dog in the "safety zone" alongside your bike. The Dogger Jogger's patent-pending design allows a two-point connection which maintains the dog's position without hardware, brackets, bolts or tools! it snaps on your bike in seconds, the soft nylon straps will not damage or ding your paint or frame, and the beautiful nickel-plated hardware will shine brightly for years. This fulfilling activity contributes to better fitness, increases your dog's ability to focus, can help solve behavioral problems and increases trainability! It works for all dogs and all bikes! Donated by DoggerJogger


Notre Dame Fighting Irish vs. Stanford Cardinals Value: $250 Two tickets to the Notre Dame vs. Stanford Cardinals football game on Saturday, October 4, 2014. Head down to historic Notre Dame stadium to see the Irish take on perennial National Championship contenders, the Stanford Cardinals. It is sure to be a great fall day on campus! Donated by Colleen and Joe Farrell


Chicago Bears Platform Tennis Paddle Value: $100 Don't miss your chance to take home this limited edition Chicago Bears 2014 official paddle. These completely sold out last year! Donated by Marie and Todd Kipp



Michigan Wolverines vs. Indiana Hoosiers Value: $300 Cheer on the Wolverines with these four tickets on the 25-yard line to the Michigan vs. Indiana game at the Big House in Ann Arbor on November 1, 2014. Donated by Liz and Tim Devine


Dad’s Golf Outing Value: $300/Person th


Mark your calendars for Saturday, May 10 or 17 . Here’s the perfect way to spend an afternoon golfing with other SHS Dads. Your day includes drinks, golf, prizes, dinner, and more drinks. The first 34 lucky bidders to sign up will enjoy 18 holes of golf at Ridgemoor Country Club. Donated by Kristie and Brant Booker, Stacey and Tim Cavanagh, Colleen and Jay Doherty, Mary and Tom Fencl, Vicki and Tyler Ginn, Meighan and Frank Harmon, Andrea and David Helms, Rita and Bill Platt, Caitlin and Joseph Pultz, Michele and Steve Sparks, Sheila and Patrick Troy

6250 n o r t h s h e r i d a n r o a d c h i c a g o , i l l i n o i s 60660

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