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Angel Brunch T

he 53rd annual Angel Brunch, the culminating send-off for the Class of 2011, was held June 12 in the Grand Ballroom of the Palmer House Hilton, an alternate venue this year from the Michigan Avenue Hilton. From the stirring flag ceremony, in which Hardey grads presented flags representing

countries with Sacred Heart Schools, to the presentation of the Alumni Passports, the internationality of SHS was featured. Keynote speaker Bob Lock H’72, Chair of the Hardey 75th Anniversary Committee, exhorted the grads and their parents to “look around you...savor this moment and these friends.” His humorous and heartfelt talk stressed the fleeting nature of these moments.


Summer ‘11






The crowd of 500 enjoyed dancing to the Stanley Paul Orchestra. The event was elegantly orchestrated by Lillie Grisko, Karen Lamble, Nushin Samii & Michele Sparks. Emceeing again this year with his usual flair was Weston Outlaw H‘96. At left: Lining up to process into the Palmer House ballroom are Francesca Giambrone, Nazia Lalani, Isabella Field and Neelam Lakhani.





Congratulations Classes of 2011!


raduation of the Academy and Hardey Preparatory was celebrated June 10 at the Liturgy of the Word in the Campbell Building. With the inspirational words of commencement addresses by Kiera Kosciolek and Shreekesh Tamrakar resounding in their ears, the 66 graduates were awarded diplomas by Head of Schools Nat Wilburn and Middle School Head Christine Elliott. A retrospective slide show, recapping nine years of drama, dreams and daily life, organized by Dr. Sally Sharp, left not a dry eye in the house.

8th Grade Prize Day Awards:

HARDEY The Athletic Courage & Sportsmanship Award Jack Coletto The Athletic Leadership Award Kevin Dingens The Larry Shelton Award Brandon Waller Faith and Hope Award John Buchanan Scholastic Achievement Award Jackson O’Donnell Social Awareness Award Shreekesh Tamrakar Community Life Award Andrew Weber Personal Growth Award Griffin Elliott Courage and Compassion Award John Cleland Fulton Leadership Award Kyle Craven Hardey Award, to the student who has developed the character that typifies a Hardey Graduate, based on the five Goals: Andrew Hodur

ACADEMY The Athletic Courage & Sportsmanship Award Dominique Leone The Athletic Leadership Award Caroline Staublin The Larry Shelton Award Nathalie Boutros & Cecilia Valdez Scholastic Achievement Award Caeley Harihara Faith and Hope Award Maria Jardeleza Community Life Award Caitlin McCauley Personal Growth Award Elizabeth Elward Social Awareness Award Michelle Santos Duchesne Award Mathilde Geannopulos Stuart Award Madison Weatherly Barat Award, to the student who is most outstanding in living the five Goals of Sacred Heart education: Hamna Khan

Grads will attend: St. Ignatius College Prep Loyola Academy Walter Payton College Prep Northside Prep Whitney Young Latin School Woodlands Academy Lane Tech Lincoln Park Notre Dame for Boys Evanston High School Culver Academy New Trier

Reunion Weekend a potpourri of fun


Student Council President Kevin Dingens presents the birthday cake on Hardey Day.

H’86 classmates Robert Leighton (from l), Efpripios Daskalakis and Joe Yao find the old uniforms don’t quite fit, while clowning at the Hardey Reception April 30.

he year-long Hardey party came to a rousing culmination during Reunion Weekend. Celebrating 75 years in grand style, Hardey alums gave the weekend a special twist with their birthday events. It began on Friday, April 29, as Hardey alums shadowed a Hardey student in the morning on a typical class day. Saturday featured the annual Spring Reunion Luncheon, this year at the University Club downtown and attended by some Hardey gentlemen, in addition to 70+ Academy alumnae. In the evening, Hardey’s long history was feted with a gala cocktail reception in the Driehaus Center. More than 100 Hardey alums and their guests enjoyed reconnecting – and for those who attended class in the corner mansion from 1959-1970 – visiting their old classrooms! Sr. Pamela Hickey, RSCJ, ASH’47, was honored with the 2011 Sr. Catherine I. Seiker, RSCJ Award at the Alumni Reunion Luncheon and was also recognized at the evening gala in the Driehaus Center. This award is given yearly to a Sheridan Road community member who has shown outstanding dedication and service to Sacred Heart Schools. Sr. Hickey has always been especially devoted to her “Hardey boys.” On Sunday, May 1, current 8th graders were given a pre-graduation welcome into the fold of the Alumni Association with a Hardey Breakfast and a Mater Tea. These students were joined by their parents and alums to celebrate the Alumni Mass in the chapel, celebrated by Fr. Mark Bosco, SJ. At the Mass, deceased alumni, RSCJ and former faculty and staff members, especially Dr. Bessie Chambers, were remembered. (see page 6-7 for more reunion coverage)

Nat Wilburn and Ginger Tarjan (r) present Sr. Pam Hickey RSCJ ASH’47 with the Seiker Award at the Luncheon on April 30.

Mari Craven A’75 with children Kyle H’11 and Camille A’11 present the gifts at the Reunion Mass on May 1.

SHS snippets

Congé...Part of the fun during Congé, a surprise day filled with games, activities and performances, was a live falcon demonstration. Falconer Joe Occhhiuzzo showed an aplomado falcon, a peregrine falcon and red-tailed hawk. The Hardey mascot looked proud and fierce! Congé is a continuing tradition in SHS throughout the world, as St. Madeleine Sophie Barat believed that students should both learn and have time for fun.

Bloomfield Hills visits... For the

past 30 years, 4th graders at the SH Network school in Bloomfield Hills, MI, visit Chicago and spend the night in SHS classrooms! Students are assigned an e-mail buddy, and they exchange projects throughout the year. Here, they breakfast with their buddies before leaving for home.

Grease is the word!


he timeless coming-of-age musical Grease was performed by the Middle School on the Campbell Building stage April 8-10. The school version of Grease tells the story of the 1959 Rydell High School class reunion. The audience is taken back to the class’s senior year and through song and dance they relive their exploits, from telling stories at sleepovers to dreaming about cars to struggles with school. Teacher Miss Lynch (Madison Behm) and students Eugene Florczyk (Michael Milito) and Patty Simcox (Barbara Starshak) welcome back the old crowd. The Pink Ladies led by Betty Rizzo (Caroline Staublin, above right), Marty (Caitlin McCauley), Frenchy (Penny

Belnap), and Jan (Caeley Harihara) join new student Sandy Dumbrowski (Hannah Lyons above left) to catch up on their summer adventures with the memorable tune, Summer Nights.

‘Greased Lightning’

Danny Zuko (Kyle Craven), the leader of the “gang” jumps on a set piece hot rod to sing the popular hit, Greased Lightning along with Kenickie (Luis Collado), Roger ( Joshua SteinfelsSaenz), Doody ( Jack Cleland) and Sonny (Brandon Waller). The plot thickens, as Kenicke invites Cha-Cha DiGregorio (Cesca Giambrone) to the high school dance, where they dance to the music of Johnny Casino (Elijah Griffin). Cha-Cha and Danny end up winning the dance con-

phy and Gabe Garino process from the 2011 Kindergarten Prize Day on June 3. The 80 class members were presented certificates by Nat Wilburn, Head of Schools and their teachers. They entertained the appreciative crowd with spirited songs and dances. A retrospective slide show created by Kindergarten teacher Mrs. Lynn Feeley reminded everyone of how much the class has grown in nine short months. Wax Museum...Shelby Smith A3 recreates Phyllis Wheatley, quill pen in hand, for the annual 3rd grade Wax Museum on May 6. Each “wax” student comes alive at the push of a button to retell the life story of their famous Revolutionary figure.

KDG proudly shows her work to both of her grandmothers, Juana Monroy and Mary Martinez, at Primary School Grandparents Day on May 9.

Costumes brought the 1950s to life, with the girls in Pink Ladies jackets, cheerleader outfits and poodle skirts and the “greasers” sporting leather jackets and converse shoes. For April 9’s performance, high school age alumni attended the musical to offer encouragement to future alums. Faculty members Jane Steinfels, producer and director, Cheri Dahlen, musical director, and Jill Renn, choreographer, coordinated more than 50 middle school performers and crew to present this rousing staging of Grease.

‘Nanas’ visit... Ava Martinez

1950s come to life

Science Olympiads Move Up! The Science Olympiad team moved up to division AA at the state tournament April 16 at the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana. The students competed in 27 events, finishing in the top half of 44 schools. The team took first place medals in “Compute This” and “Solar System.”

Tiny Grads... Diplomas in hand, Margot Mur-

Class Capers

test. Sandy, feeling betrayed by Danny, splits up with him. The whole group comes together at the end by singing the lively dance number, We Go Together.

World’s Fair of 1933... Abby Lawrence presents her project about the1933 Century of Progress to parents at the 4th grade annual Illinois Project Fair May 3.

Plant Killers beware ... Patrick Lanser (l) and M’Kyah Benjamin have your number! They share their science board on plant behavior with family and friends at the annual 5th grade Science Exposition. The students research a science topic, conduct an experiment, collect results and data and draw a conclusion based on their results. All work is done in class, overseen by science teachers Lynn Patterson and Andrea Jones.

Volume 28, No. 3; Summer 2011

Book signings to come...Deano Izauirre H1 enjoys refreshments with his mom Thanamart Anan at the annual Hardey Authors’ Breakfast on May 6.

The Heartbeat is published three times a year.

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Nat Wilburn Diane Fallon Judy Corrin Meghan Donahue Kathy Fivelson Caeley Harihara Nancy Jones Kathleen Morton Jamie Powers Lisa Raterman Sally Sharp Sophie Streeter Debbie Wells

Fun Fair...Noah Hughes H2 shows off his hula hoop skills during the 2nd grade end-of-year Fun Fair in the gym. Relays, games, crafts and contests made for a rousing afternoon on June 1.

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Budding Author... Margaret Goldman A1 shares her original stories with her parents Susan Eggers and Bob Goldman at the annual Academy Authors’ Breakfast on May 6.

Faculty Profiles

Julie Perona

The Academy 2 teachers are profiled:

Sheryl Henderson


Area of responsibility - Academy 2nd grade What is unique about teaching 2nd grade girls – I see a little of myself as a 2nd grader in each of my students. I grew up in – Chicago Personal hero or heroine – My parents are my personal heroes. In addition to raising my two brothers and me, they also raised nine other children who needed a loving home. They selflessly opened their home and their hearts to children who needed a safe place to call home, making no distinction between them and their biological children. They loved and cared for us all equally. My parents also instilled in me a deep faith in God and the knowledge that God is always with me. Currently I’m – looking forward to visiting my parents in Connecticut for an extended visit this summer. If I could do it all over, I’d – be as wise as I am now 20 years ago! My family says I – have a great sense of humor and should be a comedian. That way, we’d all be rich! Now I’m reading – The Big Dirt Nap and The Girl Who Played With Fire. I’d like to have dinner with – Agatha Christie and David Tennant. Schooling – M.A.T. National-Louis University; M.A. Webster University; B.A. Lawrence University In School I was known as – a voracious reader. Favorite “junk” foods are – Milk Duds and BBQ potato chips. I spend my “free” time – reading mysteries, exercising, and doing crossword puzzles and brain teasers. Your proudest moment – Living on my own for two years in London just after getting my B.A. and not having to call home to ask for money. Favorite school memory – I was the Lady in Orange in the play For Colored Girls during my freshman year in college. My parents drove up from Chicago to see the production. I was so excited!

Years at Sacred Heart - As a teacher I have been here a little over two years. I have been a Sacred Heart parent for seven years. Area of responsibility – I currently teach Academy second grade How does being the mom of three current SHS students affect your role as teacher? I think being a parent gives me an interesting perspective. I see things from both sides. Being a parent probably affects my philosophy on homework. Being a teacher here makes me grateful that my children go to such a good school. What do your children think of mom teaching in their school? For the most part they like it. Sometimes I embarrass them. I won’t be able to dance in the Halloween faculty dance again since my daughter was horrified. I grew up in – LaSalle, Illinois. Personal hero or heroine – My dad is my personal hero. His life has been a very rough road and yet he handles it with grace and a positive attitude. Currently I’m – In the middle of a very busy time of year. The month of May is a bit crazy at home and at school. If I could do it all over, I’d – have pursued playing college sports. My family says I – am a good mom and that I say “alright” all the time. Now I’m reading – The Hunger Games trilogy for the second time. When I find a book I love, I will read it more than once. I’d like to have dinner with – My grandma and grandpa Derix who both died when I was very young. Schooling – B.A. Illinois State University In School I was known as – an athlete and student government representative. Favorite “junk” food is – cupcakes. I spend my “free” time – playing tennis and reading Your proudest moment – The birth of my three children. I am also very proud each and every Prize Day as a parent and a teacher. Favorite school memory – As a senior in high school we put on the musical, Grease. I had the role of Frenchy. Watching our Sacred Heart kids this year really took me back in time.

by Caeley Harihara A8

SHS giving spirit lives on!


es, of course we are thrilled, delighted, excited and elated (thank you, Roget’s Thesaurus) with the many accomplishments of our school. Our high standardized test scores are proof of the rigor and quality of our academic program. Our sports teams have won many trophies, and we have proven to be tough competitors to the best of the best at the State Science Olympiads. And we obviously have the classiest uniforms around. But, what is it that sets us apart? What makes us unique? No, I am not talking about our miniature parking lot! And no, this is not the right place to discuss our contribution to the traffic jams on Rosemont Avenue. As a “lifer” at Sacred Heart, I call tell you with we will confidence that we are as excited about wrapping presents for the Howard Area bring with community baskets as we are about scorus the ing a goal. We relish making blankets for Sacred Make-A-Wish and taping cards to the gym wall to proudly display how much money Heart we have raised. We are overjoyed to supspirit of port our student-run organization, SOAP giving and (Student Outreach, Advocating Philanthropy) by participation in their bagel and sharing. ice cream sales. We are equally ecstatic about cleaning up Camp Rosenthal in the fall after it has served children who would not typically attend camp. We jostle for the opportunity to work with residents to drizzle chocolate on pretzels or to splatter paint on a canvas at Misericordia. We are thrilled to play with children at Howard Area, Uptown Headstart, and Children of the Heart. We are euphoric to help stock goods for the Saint Ignatius Food Pantry. In a word, I am proud that we are educated to be socially aware. I am comforted by the fact that as we move on to high school and beyond, we will bring with us the Sacred Heart spirit of giving and sharing through a continued commitment to community service and social engagement. In short, we will continue to strive to make a difference.

SHS teacher coaches at Hoop Forum in Africa


his May, Andy Pronto, Primary School Physical Ed teacher, traveled to Senegal, Africa, as part of the SEEDS (Sports for Education and Economic Development in Senegal) program. He spent a week coaching at their annual camp called the Hoop Forum. It is an offshoot of the program he coaches here in Chicago. “It was something I will never forget,” said Pronto. “I went over there with a respect for the program and the boys already because they work so hard here in Chicago, but when I saw where they come from and how hard they work to try and make it to the USA, I was humbled beyond comprehension. “ For more information on the program, visit

Boys Network of Sacred Heart Schools

Princeton Academy joined sister school Stuart Country Day in 1999 Besides Hardey Prep, the three other boys’ schools in the Sacred Heart Network are Regis School in Houston, Stuart Hall in San Francisco and Princeton Academy in Princeton, New Jersey, which is profiled here.


rinceton Academy of the Sacred Heart was founded 12 years ago as a brother school to Stuart Country Day School of the Sacred Heart. The school’s mission, rooted in the Goals and Criteria of Sacred Heart Schools, is to develop young men with active and creative minds, a sense of understanding and compassion for others, and the courage to act on their beliefs. As a Sacred Heart school, Princeton Academy is part of a Catholic educational tradition that provides a faith-based foundation from which to teach the whole boy: body, mind, and spirit, with a mission to educate children to become leaders of a just society.

As a boys’ school, Princeton Academy focuses on providing an environment that best addresses the educational and developmental needs of boys. Experiential learning and physical activity within the classroom are examples of teaching methodologies that are specifically beneficial to boys and as such are an integral component of learning at Princeton Academy. Subjects are taught in a hands-on, inquiry-based environment that teaches them to think about, explore and research topics. In September of 1999, Princeton Academy opened its doors to 34 boys in Kindergarten through grade three, and has grown to 228 boys in Junior Kindergarten through grade eight.

Princeton Academy counts among its achievements the purchase of a 49acre campus, and the construction of a new athletic and convocation center, athletic fields, and the William E. Simon Chapel Library. The school, however, is most proud of the many individual accomplishments of its 170 alumni, who are attending a wide variety of high schools and universities both nation-

Princeton Academy

ally and internationally. Princeton Academy invites any and all in the Sacred Heart family to visit, if in the Princeton Area. Until then, please visit the website at www.


Faith in God

Goal 1:

Each year, the Schools focus on one of the five Goals of Sacred Heart education. This year, the focus is Goal 1, “to educate to a personal and active faith in God.” Numerous activities occu­r on and off campus to that end. Highlighted here are just a few.

First Communion, Confirmation

TRADING PLACES Students see Goals in action on West Coast


wo SHS 8th graders took advantage of a unique opportunity to see another Sacred Heart school in action. They exchanged places with students from the Schools of the Sacred Heart in San Francisco for two weeks. Madison Behm A8 and Robert Bettuzzi H8 stayed with host families while attending their counterpart’s classes and doing all the homework that was required. They found many similarities between the two schools. “They follow the same five goals, honor Mater Admirabilis, St. Philippine Duchesne and St. Madeleine Sophie Barat and are involved in a lot of community service,” Madison said. “The Convent also follows many of the same traditions as we do in Chicago, like Congé.” The Schools of the Sacred Heart are divided into Stuart Hall, Stuart Hall High School, Convent of the Sacred Heart Elementary and Convent of the Sacred Heart High School. Even though the boys and girls schools are located near each other, they follow separate curriculums and have different teachers. Robert found that, even though Stuart Hall is similar to Sacred Heart in that they both require students to wear uniforms and have eight periods in the school day, there are some differences. “They gave the students less homework, they gave out JUGs instead of write ups and they had a different lunchroom system,” Robert noted. He also found the city itself different than Chicago because of the landscape. “It is a lot less crowded and it was built on steep hills.” Both host families made sure the students toured the city and its sights Alcatraz, the Golden Gate Bridge, Chinatown and more. “I was thrilled that our students would get to experience a week in the life of another student from our Network,” Middle School Head Christine Elliott said. “They will really see how we are all connected.”

On May 7th, members of the SHS community gathered at St. Gertrude’s Church to celebrate First Eucharist. After a year spent in preparation through prayer and study, 60 second graders, two fourth graders, a sixth grader, as well as a parent celebrated the sacrament with Fr. Justin Daffron, SJ and Fr. Patrick Dorsey, SJ.

St. Therese of Lisieux by St. Sebastian by Andre Kathryn McDonough Rojas-Castillo

St. Catherine of Siena by St. Jerome by Olive Eleanor Wachtel

Fine Arts Week Madison Behm A8 (l) & Maddy Murname

Criteria 3: The entire school program explores one’s relationship to God, to self, to others, and to all creation.

F Benzi Blatman & Robert Bettuzzi H8 (r)

Josephinum joins Network of Sacred Heart Schools Sharing the Goals of Sacred Heart Schools is Josephinum Academy in Wicker Park, which was voted the 22nd member of the Network in April!

Hardey students dig in at the second annual Dads/Kids Cleanup Day at Josephinum on May 22.


ine Arts Week is a celebration of the arts at Sacred Heart. Throughout this week the building is filled with displays of student artwork. Visiting artists enrich classroom learning while students share many of their unique talents with one another. Through spoken word, painted canvas, weavings, ceramics, film and music, we are reminded as Mr. Wilburn stated in his welcome to Gallery Night that “as children of the Sacred Heart, art affords us the opportunity to make the love of God visible in the world.”

Marin Malm

The week began Monday, May 9 with Grandparents’ Day. Special tours of the art collection were given in the morning. Watercolor artist Marin Malm worked with the 6th grade classes to teach watercolor techniques. Malm, who paints with a focus on plants, birds, animals and still life, has studied botanical illustration at the Morton Arboretum and is currently an Art Instructor teaching at the College of DuPage.

Paula Belnap

SHS parent and author Paula Belnap worked with Lower and Middle

School students during Fine Arts Week. She has prose and poems that have appeared in The MacGuffin, The Iconoclast, Inkwell Magazine, The Ledge and Passages North literary magazines. “For me, creative writing is a very Goal One experience,” Belnap said. “God is the creator, and a personal and active faith in God has given me the determination and tools to know not simply that I can create, but that I must.” Belnap worked with students on a visual art process called clustering. Clustering is when artists eliminate a portion of a piece of art and focus on the part that remains, writing words in circles around the artwork that express feelings and impressions. Students clustered Picasso’s painting, The Old Guitarist. “I hope they use clustering in future creative writing,” Belnap said. “I cluster all the time to help flesh out characters or explore plot lines in the stories I write.”

Sue Black

Spanning a several

Bradleigh A5, Shelby Smith A3 and Kim Taylor Smith enjoy the art at Gallery Night.

week residency that included Fine Arts Week, Storyteller and Prairie Area Reading Council Literary Award recipient Sue Black worked with the Primary School through an Arts-In-Education Residency Program partially funded by a grant from the Illinois Arts Council, a state agency. “We brought stories to life through the use of voice, dialogue, facial expressions and action,” Black said. “We added props to the telling – sock puppets and simple scarves – and enjoyed the changes that occurred with that story.” Black met with the 1st graders seven times for three weeks while she was on campus. They learned the art of storytelling, with a culminating performance for the Kindergartners. “When students perform for their peers, they become leaders – and the 1st grade

(From the revised Goals and Criteria, 2005)

Rooted in the love of Jesus Christ, the school promotes a personal relationship with God and fosters the spiritual lives of its members. The school seeks to form its students in the attitudes of the heart of Jesus expressed in respect, compassion, forgiveness and generosity. The entire school program explores one’s relationship to God, to self, to others, and to all creation. Opening themselves to the transforming power of the Spirit of God, members of the school community engage in personal and communal prayer, reflection and action. 5. The entire school program affirms that there is meaning and value in life and fosters a sense of hope in the individual and in the school community. 6. The school fosters inter-religious acceptance and dialogue by educating to an understanding of and deep respect for the religions of the world. 7. The school presents itself to the wider community as a Christ-centered institution and as an expression of the mission of the Society of the Sacred Heart.

celebrated in May Andrew Martinson, with his family by his side, is confirmed by Bishop Kane, with Fr. Paulson in attendance. On May 15th, members of the SHS Community gathered again at St. Gertrude’s to celebrate Confirmation. This year, 50 7th graders completed their initiation into the Catholic Church and were anointed by Bishop Francis Kane. Fr. Brian Paulson, SJ, and Fr. John Costello, SJ, concelebrated the liturgy. Fr. Paulson served as chaplain for these students throughout the year-long preparation process.

Goal 1 Potpourri Resurrection Mass ✒ Katherine McDonough A7(l) and Savita Gupta A6 lead the community in the Gloria during the liturgy celebrated by Fr. Michael Garanzini, SJ, President of Loyola University.

1. 2. 3. 4.

Goal 1 Criteria

Iconic images created


‘Mary’s Song’

Kindergartners Aidan Kiergan and Stevie Norman present their class vase of flowers to Mary while the Primary School sings Ave Maria. The May Crowning highlights the loving relationship between God and Mary. As part of May Crowning, second grade students write prayers about Mary’s faith, trust and love in God.

s part of Confirmation preparation, each 7th grader created an icon in the image of the saint each choose for Confirmation (left). Students selected saints who represented themselves or the person they would like to become. Mrs. Katie Roeck, MS art teacher, worked with an Iconographer, Carol Cade, who came to one class period a week. Before each class, she led the prayer of the Iconist, asking for guidance and help from each saint and from God. It begins: “The Divine Rules for Icon Writers: Before starting work, make the sign of the cross; pray in silence with love and gratitude, remembering to send love to all including your enemies.” The class tried to maintain silence and stay in a state of prayer while working.

er Carr

‘Bring Flowers of the Rarest’

Dawson Gallay H6 and Maya Ginn A2 perform at Gallery Night.

students definitely rose to the occasion,” Black said. Black observed that Sacred Heart students are generous, have a creative use of the imagination, exemplify service and display wise freedom. “Because the groundwork had been so wonderfully laid before I arrived, I take with me the memory of your students standing tall, taking a deep breath, gathering the courage to step out of their comfort zone and tell their story,” Black said.

Kathy East

Kathy East, former President of the Association for Library Service to Children and the 2004 Caldecott Medal Award Chair, visited with students over the course of two days during Fine Arts Week. East, who is also the author of Across Cultures: A Guide to Multicultural Literature for Children and is currently chairing the Committee on Outstanding International Children’s Books, met informally with parents and faculty to share a

collection of fabulous international story books.

Gallery Night a feast for the senses!

At Gallery Night May 12, the SHS community toured the school to see student artwork. Nine new selections of student art for the Sacred Heart permanent art collection were unveiled as part of evening events. New this year, the Middle School film students premiered to a packed audience five short films produced in an after school film class led by fig media. The Chapel was filled with musical performances of after school guitar, voice, piano and choir students. Head of Student Life Sally Sharp explained that Gallery Night was a culmination of students’ hard work and creative expression. “Our creative talents are a gift from God,” Sharp said. “Our school celebration of the fine arts affords our students amazing ways of expressing their love of God through joyful music and beautiful art.”

Luis Tapiru H6 and Phillip Truong H5 examine an art piece in the school library.

3rd graders Bella Kiely and Colby Bellaman carry vases of flowers to Mary in the Lower School May Crowning, while singing hymns to Mary. They also pray a decade of the Rosary.

Stations of the Cross Mathilde Geannopulos A8 presents a reflection on the Stations of the Cross to the assembled Middle School, making connections between Jesus’ suffering and that of people throughout our world today. This cross-curricular religion/humanities project was coordinated by Mrs. Nancy Jones.

Diversity Luncheon

Different religions, ethnicities and backgrounds are represented on the Diversity Council, which held its first Luncheon April 3. Shown are Libby and Mark Behringer, Gary Norman, Mollie Murnane and Audi Melsbaukas.


Alumni News etc...

H.S. Profile:

Andrew Brennan H’02 in Service Corps


ndrew Brennan H’02 currently works through the Service Corps as a 7th and 8th science, math and religion teacher at Christ the King Elementary School in Detroit. Service Corps teachers volunteer for two to three years at the school and receive a small stipend ($100 a month plus some expenses). They live in a house with other volunteers located a mile from the school. “I knew that when I was done with college I wanted to begin a career that involved two things ... service to others and … working with people,” Andrew said. After attending high school at Loyola Academy, Andrew graduated in 2009 from Xavier University in Cincinnati with a liberal arts major and minors in gender and diversity studies, peace studies and business. Andrew is the first volunteer to

work at Christ the King and is working on creating a community similar to Sacred Heart’s. “It’s that idea that we are a family and that we are all in this together doing it for the kids, who are the reason we are here,” Andrew said. He has found it challenging to supply resources for the children at the school. “I raised enough money to purchase chemistry supplies for my students, which previously have not been properly maintained, organized or even present at all,” Andrew said.

Sacred Heart an inspiration

When Andrew applied to the AIC Core Education program he wrote his application essay about Wenche Haverkamp’s (MS faculty) inspiration as a teacher. He remembers the staff and the community, including the students at Sacred Heart. “There was a very warm and lov-

ing community at Sacred Heart,” Andrew said. “I felt as Andrew Brennan with though evChrist the King students eryone was there because they wanted what was best for the kids, and they did what was necessary for the kids.” Andrew said the teachers at Sacred Heart expected much from him and pushed him to do the best he could, both in the classroom and in life. “That is something I try and instill in my students as well.” Andrew is currently pursuing a degree in integrated science with a minor in physics and a masters degree in education from the University of Michigan at Dearborn. Andrew is featured in a Michigan Catholic article about the service corps.

McClusky sisters have music in their blood Rachel McClusky A’07

Rachel McClusky A’07 wrote a song that appeared in the Disney movie, Prom, and sang the National Anthem at the Chicago Cubs vs. Colorado Rockies game April 26. Mitchell Leib, the president of music at Walt Disney Pictures, used Rachel’s song, “Secret Crush” for the movie. The song appears in a scene where a boy asks a girl to prom by putting a big sign on a highway overpass. A truck drives through the sign, ruining it, and when the girl drives by, Rachel’s song is playing in her car. Rachel is currently working on finishing a 12-song album and hopes to tour this summer. “My goal is to move to California and keep pursuing music,” Rachel said. Rachel graduated from a boarding school in Massachusetts after attending Woodlands Academy for two years. Articles on Rachel have been published in the Chicago Tribune and the Chicago Sun-Times. A radio interview with her is posted on the B96 website.

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Lauren McClusky A’04

Lauren McClusky A’04 has managed her own company, Nelarusky, formerly known as McFest, since 2007. Nelarusky is an annual pre-Lollapalooza charity concert benefiting Special Olympics held at the Metro. With the help of SHS parent Joe Shanahan and a team of volunteers, Nelarusky has raised $60,000 over the last four years. The 5th annual event will be part of Lollapalooza this August. Lauren transferred from Boston University to Columbia College in Chicago where she is majoring in Music Business Management. She is also interning at a booking agency called Windish, as well as organizing the summer internship program for her father’s music promotion company, Jeff McClusky & Associates. Lauren says she thinks about Sacred Heart on a daily basis. She says her teachers had a strong impact on her. “A lot of people may not remember their grade school teachers, but I always will!” Lauren said.

Reunion Scrapbook “My years at Hardey Prep with Mother Fulton and the other nuns gave me the foundation of faith that I live by today. It was wonderful to return for the 75th Anniversary and see this tradition is alive and well.”

Jack Glunz, Class of 1949

See the Schools’ website for more photos and reunion coverage: Also posted at – call school for password.


Mason George H’07


ason George H’07 is currently a studying film at the Chicago Academy for the Arts. He has produced two films, and wrote an awardwinning screenplay his sophomore year that was set at Sacred Heart Schools. He was also part of CircEsteem, a youth circus, for the last 10 years. Mason’s films can be viewed at Mason will be attending Earlham College next year, where he says he will most likely major in Religion and minor in Film. The 8th grade year at Sacred Heart held happy memories for Mason. “During the D.C. trip we came up with so many inside jokes that in retrospect weren’t ‘inside’ at all,” Mason said. “We were the class that sang ‘Dream On’ by Aerosmith with Mrs. Dahlen at our chorus performance. And this we sang any chance we could in unison and perhaps intentionally off key.” Mason also remembers playing rugby on the roof playground, the socials and slow dancing, and playing dodgeball and hockey in the gym. One of his most memorable teachers was Middle School Teacher Mrs. Havercamp. “She taught Daulair’s Book of Greek Myths.” Mason said. “To this day I remember every single story and even some pictures. She was the most warm and caring person I knew, and is still probably. I remember her smile.” Mason said Sacred Heart prepared him with life skills and core values. “If you are yourself, people will like you no matter what,” Mason said. “At SHS, there was no real line between the popular and the unpopular. Anybody could talk to anybody.” Mason is a dedicated Quaker. “And I also very much enjoy riding my fixed-gear bicycle and eating burritos by myself.” In five to ten years, Mason sees himself as a pastor, teacher and traveler. “I’ll be doing something fun and worth something,” Mason said.

Sr. Therese Downey RSCJ, Angela & George Connor H’77, Michael Novak, past faculty

Timothy Corrigan, past faculty, with Class of 81: John Geoghegan, Ed Benson, Brian Storey, Leonardo Biciundis

Dan Flaherty, former Hardey Head, FJ Dolan, H’92 Michael Dolan H’94

Pat Ryan, Sr. Mary Schumacher ASH’59, Nat Wilburn and Lydia Ryan enjoy a vintage Hardey yearbook.

Kurt Schultz H’59, Anthony DeMonte H’60

Mark Anderson, faculty, Kathy Bloomberg, past faculty, Bob Lock H’72

Alumni News Taffy Klinger Sanger ASH’74 has a new granddaughter, Abigayle Whitney Wesolowski, born on Jan. 26, 2011 to daughter Elizabeth and husband Nick. Allan C. Ryan, IV H’87 is a private funds partner in Kirkland & Ellis LLP’s Chicago office. He has extensive experience in structuring investment funds and their management companies, with a concentration on real estate, infrastructure and alternative assets. Alexi Giannoulias H’90 former State Treasurer, will become Professor Giannoulias at Northwestern University this fall. Alexi says he’s weighing job offers in the finance world and may pop up in the civic arena, too, in education. Jane Wolforth A’99 is currently living in North Dakota. She is working with STD/HIV patients. Although it seems that her workflow will never cease, she feels blessed that it keeps her on her toes. Julia Corrin A’99 is pursuing her MA in Information Science at University of Michigan. She is working for the Center for Legislative Archives in Washington D.C. this summer.

2000'S Allison Travis A’00 is the proud mom to Makayla Grace Travis, born Jan. 7, 2011. Brian Prendergast H’01 has completed his first year at Loyola University Law School. His sister Sheila, A’99, will be joining him at Loyola Law this fall, after having taught in Washington D.C. since her graduation from Georgetown in 2003. Andrew Brennan H’02 works through the Service Corps as a teacher at Christ the King Elementary School in Detroit. (See Profile opposite page) Katherine Perrine A’02 graduated May 6 cum laude from the University of Wyoming where she was selected by the Psychology Department for the Outstanding Psi Chi Member Award and was also inducted into Phi Beta Kappa. Kate is a research analyst for Datacorp, Inc. in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Ann Corrin A’04 recently completed her junior year at Dartmouth and is interning with the Human Capital Division at Mercer in Chicago this summer. Awah-Lem Atanga McCormick A’04 and her Amherst Varsity Women’s Basketball team won the Division III Women’s Basketball Championship. Lauren McClusky A’04 is attending Columbia College, majoring in Music Business Management. (See Profile pg. 6) Will C. Starshak H’04 was elected to the campus chapter of Phi Beta Kappa. Last year, he was a runner up in the Goldwater Scholarship competition and did research with

a Georgetown physics professor last summer. This summer he is interning at Citibank. Sara Shaaban A’05 is spending this summer in Singapore as an intern with UNIFEM of the United Nations, dedicated to women’s rights, empowerment and gender equality. After Singapore, she will be going to India for a retreat and exploration-type experience for 10 days. Sara has spent the past five summers in La Promesa, Costa Rica, working with women and children there on infrastructure and setting up a pre-school and daily lunch program. Madeleine Hodur A‘07 won Best Delegate of the committee of the Special Conference in the Youth Forum at the St. Petersburg International Model United Nations 15th Anniversary SPIMUN Conference. Braeden Lord, also ‘07, won Honorable Mention in the DISEC (Disarmament and International Security Committee). Seamus Doheny ‘07 also participated in the DISEC. The Saint Ignatius Model United Nations teams traveled to both St. Petersburg and Moscow, Russia over spring break and participated with more than 500 delegates from 18 different countries including Egypt, Italy, Turkey, Taiwan, Russia, India and South Africa. These 2007 grads of St. Ignatius will be attending (from l) Alex Dawson, Engineering -Utah or Colorado; Seamus Doheny, Chapman University (Dodge School of Film and Media) Orange, CA; Braeden Lord, Political Science - Boston College; and Jack Souter, Pre-med - Boston College. Rachel Brustein A’08 and Shrasta Tamrakar A’08 both attend Lane Tech College Prep. In April, they were both inducted into Lane Tech’s National Honor Society. Chris Bulf H’08 completed the Lavaman Triathlon in Kona, Hawaii on April 13. The event consisted of a 1 mile swim, 26 mile bike and 6.2 mile run. Together with his family, Chris raised more than $11,000 for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society as a participant in Team in Training. Hannah Viti A’08 spoke to student athletes at the Sports Banquet on May 19. Hannah is a student at Lane Tech College Prep and was inducted into Lane Tech’s National Honor Society and is also a 2011 World Sport Chicago Scholar. Colleen McNulty A’07, St. Ignatius senior, was named the 2011 Girls Catholic Athletic Conference Track & Field Athlete of the Year and also named the 2010 Cross Country Athlete of the Year, which gives her the distinction of earning honors in two sports this year. Vinod Punyani H’09 won second place in the Indo-American Center essay contest with his essay on environmental degradation and its consequences. Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, Former President of the Republic of India, presented Punyani with his prize at a public reception on April 24.

High School alumni go to ‘Grease’


lumni from the classes of 2007-2010 reconnected at the Driehaus Center for the High School Alumni Reunion Party April 9. For many alums, this was their first opportunity to tour the renovated 6200 house, completed in Spring 2010. Tours of the house, door prizes and good food were the focal point of this party. After catching up with Middle School Head Mrs. Elliott, MS teacher Mark Anderson and other alumni, they headed to the Campbell Building to see the Middle School musical, Grease.

=Howard Conant Sr., grandfather of Mason George H’07 =Theodore Compall, father of Thaddeus Compall H’68, Thomas Compall H’69, and John Compall H’75 =James Davenport, brother-in-law of Dan Flaherty, former Head of Middle School =Mary M. DeLemar, mother of Roberta DeLamar Voigt ASH’73 =Terrance M. Milos H’69, brother of Sharon L. Hogan ASH’71, uncle of Teddy H’99 and Alexandra Milos A’02 =Theodore Milos Sr., father of Terrance M. Milos H’69 and Sharon L. Hogan ASH’71, grandfather of Teddy H’99 and Alexandra C. Milos A’02 =Christopher Reischl H’80 =Regina Brennan Schaefer ASH’38 =George Schumacher, brother of Sr. Mary Schumacher, RSCJ, ASH’59 =Grace Virok, mother of Mary Virok, faculty =Richard Scully, husband of Lisa Evans Scully ASH’83, father of Gordon H’06 and Alastair Scully H’05 =Lillian Rogoz, grandmother of Jennifer Przybylo A’99, Frances Rogoz A’99 and Ellen Rogoz A’04

Alums reminisce and reconnect at the University Club luncheon

50th Reunion Class of 1961

Classes of 1951 & 1954

Classes of 1955, 1956, 1958 & 1959

Sheridan Road Alum Board, alums and friends

Classes of 1968-1969, 1971, 1973

Lolita Tuohy ASH’47, Sr. Sally Brennan RSCJ, Mary Hickey Cron ASH’52

Kent Webster H’00, Margaret Largay ASH’75, Jamie Sullivan ASH’75, Greg O’Leary H’76, Ed Cooper H’63

Mary Hickey Cron ASH’52 with four RSCJ: Sr. Pam Hickey, Sr. Nancy Finn, Sr. Pat Murphy, Sr. Theresa Downey

Madeleine Ortman, Marie Shannon Gavin ASH’46, Sally Tuohy Brennan ASH’46


From the

Head of Schools

Faculty, staff walk to neighborhood places of worship “God is very busy in our neighborhood,” noted Fr. Patrick Dorsey, SJ, at the Madonna della Strada mass.


s we ended this school year, the faculty, staff and administration – 100 strong – embarked on a pilgrimage. Rather than traveling to distant lands, this year for our annual day of retreat we walked the paths of our neighborhood and visited the “holy places” of our students, families and neighbors. After beginning the day with morning prayer in our chapel, we headed to Temple Emanuel, home to the Chicago Jewish Day School. While for many of us it was our first visit to the local Jewish faith community, students from Sacred Heart and the Jewish Day School share community service and curriculum projects throughout the school year. Later in the morning, we trekked further down Sheridan Road to St. Andrew Greek Orthodox Church. There, sitting among the icons that bridge heaven and earth, we learned about Orthodox worship and the history of our shared faith. After lunch and small group reflection back at school, we visited the Ismaili Center Chicago, a Muslim place of worship. A number of volunteers

welcomed us with wonderful hospitality and lessons about how that congregation supports efforts around the world to lessen all aspects of human suffering. We examined how Sacred Heart students might join students from that Muslim community in local service projects. we build Before we concluded our bridges day of retreat, our faith community celebrated mass at that make Madonna della Strada chapel the love of on Loyola University’s campus. God more During the mass, we thanked God for the blessings of another visible in year and asked God’s blessings our world. on those who would be leaving our community as the year ends. Criterion 6 of Goal I states: The school fosters inter-religious acceptance and dialogue by educating to an understanding of and deep respect for the religions of the world. As we gathered in the worship spaces of local congregations, heard the tenets of their faiths and

about the life of their communities, we celebrated our mission as Sacred Heart educators. Each of Nat Wilburn us who chooses to educate in the tradition of St. Madeleine Sophie, commits to our obligation to promote the understanding of and deep respect for the faiths of the world. We also understand that by visiting our neighbors, we learn not only about their faith, but also about them. By deepening those relationships we build bridges that make the love of God more visible in our world. It has been a wonderful year at Sacred Heart focusing through the lens of Goal I. As individuals and as a community we have deepened our commitment to a personal and active faith in God. In the pages of Heartbeat, you read about the life of students, alumni and our community. They are stories not only of the heartbeat of the community, but also of the heartbeat of God who is alive in the mission of Sacred Heart education on Sheridan Road.

Schools bid ‘au revoir’ to Middle School Head


fter 10 years as the beloved Head of the SHS Middle School, Christine Elliott is moving on. Citing the need to “slow down a bit and focus on being a mom to my 7-and 14-year old,” she plans to do more volunteering and also Christine Elliott to devote more time to the Board at Woodlands Academy, of which she is a member. Mrs. Elliott was no stranger to Sacred Heart education when she came to Sheridan Road in 2001. She had been the Middle School Head at Forest Ridge in Seattle, WA, for five years, and had taught 7th and 8th grade science and algebra there before becoming their Head. Previous to that, she taught at Convent of the Sacred Heart in San Francisco. All this experience helped her meet the challenges unique to that age group.“I love the fact that I can never be 100 percent sure of what my day will be like,” she explains. “Middle school students can be unpredictable. I try and respect where they are at each moment and remember that they are still young and childlike in so many ways.” When asked of her greatest achievement at SHS,

she initially notes the math program, which has grown tremendously in the past five years.“We have developed courses that are challenging and built to fit the needs of the learners in a particular group.” But, on further reflection, she adds,“At the end of the day, the greatest achievement for any middle school educator is knowing our students are well educated, challenged on many different levels, are committed to giving back in this complicated global world we are raising them in…and that they are loved.” To that end, Mrs. Elliott is most proud of her faculty, who “are committed to doing what is in the best interest of our students and are the hardest working group of educators I know.” She is equally proud of her students, whom she calls eager and enthusiastic

INSIDE: 66 diplomas ‘Grease’ a hit 2 Fine Arts 4-5 Alumni 6 Reunion 6 & 7

This mosaic was created by the Middle School to beautify the Middle School art room in Mrs. Elliott’s honor. Each student made a tile and placed it in the design created by Academy 8, which included hand-cut pieces of mirror.

learners – most days! “I learn from them and laugh with them on a daily basis,” she says. These experiences have created indelible memories. Her favorites? “The most special moments have been the ‘little’ ones…a conversation with a Hardey gentleman in the hallway or chatting with a group of students at a lunch table, watching a lesson engage students so deeply that they don’t even notice that I have entered a room.” She also adds time spent with 8th graders in D.C. and being on retreat with the students as they share their hearts with each other as times she won’t forget. These thoughts temper the bittersweet parting. “I treasure the gift of the time spent with the students I have been blessed with at Sheridan Road,” she affirms. “It has been an honor to work here.”









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