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Classes & Treatment Health improving... Stress-reducing... Life-enhancing...

Classes start 09 January 2012 book now!

Charity Registration No. 295219 1

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Who we are The Letchworth Centre for Healthy Living is one of the leading centres for wellbeing in Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire, providing a broad range of clinical and educational programmes for the local community.


Each week, more than 1,000 people attend our classes – and hundreds more seek help from our complementary therapy clinic and counselling service. Tel: 01462 678804 Website: To enrolbycomplete Cover photo: Carole Richardson Paul Derrick the 2

form on page 35

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Why come? • You can choose from nearly 100 classes a week • You’ll find talented, skilled and experienced teachers • You’ll meet like-minded people • Classes are relaxing, fun and non-competitive • You’ll learn skills you can use for the rest of your life • What’s more, you don’t need to become a member or pay a joining fee

A long-established, award-winning, registered charity


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Reiki Reiki (Universal Life Energy) is a Japanese energy healing practise that is great for reducing stress, promoting relaxation throughout, boosting the immune system and helping various health problems. It is a gentle hands on (or off) technique, that works on an emotional, physical, mental and spiritual level to heal holistically, helping to bring balance and natural healing to oneself. Reiki is also effective for putting you in touch with your inner wisdom and clarity. Reiki is suitable for everyone, with no known contraindications. It can be used alongside orthodox medical care, other complementary therapies and counselling. Reiki Treatments are available Mon, Fri and Sat, including evening appointments – please contact reception for availability (£45 for first appointment / £40 per hour thereafter) If you’re not sure if Reiki is the right treatment for you, Taster Appointments (£15 for 25 mins) are available on the following dates to let you experience Reiki and its benefits: Fri 20 Jan 2pm - 5pm • Sat 28 Jan 10am - 1pm • Fri 3 Feb 2pm - 5pm You can also learn Reiki for yourself! Reiki Level 1 Course – Saturday 17 & Sunday 18 March - £139 This 2 day training focuses on what Reiki is and what it can do for you. This includes where it came from, how to give it and the most effective ways of using it – with lots of hands on practice. Upon completion of the 2 day course you will know how to use Reiki for self healing, to help friends and family and to stimulate personal and spiritual growth. Manuals are provided, and certification awarded upon completion of personal practise. Students find the training to be ‘fun & friendly’, ‘uplifting’ and ‘a real personal growth experience’. They leave feeling ‘calmer, more relaxed and peaceful’, and with lots of benefits reported in their life afterward. Reiki Level 2 and Reiki Level 3a courses are also available for those qualified at Level One, in addition to a Reiki Share Group (first Friday of every month) For further information, or to book, contact Christina Norwich on 01462 622852 or Christina Norwich teaches and practises authentic Reiki having studied and practised since 2001, she is also a qualified Life Coach.


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Department for Mindfulness Mindfulness offers, quite simply, a way of changing your life. By altering the way you think and perceive the world, its practice makes you less stressed, better able to cope, more positive, more aware – in short, more able to appreciate yourself and your life. In recognition of its importance to our wellbeing, the Centre is launching a specialist Department for Mindfulness which includes the following programmes: • Mindfulness Basics – a short two-session introduction to mindfulness principles. • Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction – the classic 8-week course • Mindfulness Practice Days • Mindfulness at Work/Mindfulness in the Community – programmes tailored to the needs of organisations, companies and groups Principal teacher: Barbara Reid, a university teacher who has trained in teaching Mindfulness Based Approaches with the Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice at Bangor University, and with John Kabat-Zinn (who developed the formal Mindfulness programme). She is a registered teacher with the ‘Be Mindful’ campaign, is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, and in addition to her other Mindfulness teaching has run Mindfulness in prisons. 5

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Counselling, Psychotherapy & Personal Change Our team provides a safe space for you to explore and manage your problems, with the aim of helping you to achieve a more satisfying experience of life. Clinic hours: Mon – Fri 09.00 to 20.30 Sat 09.00 to 15.30 • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Bereavement Counselling Clinical Psychology Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) Couples, Relationship and Psychosexual Therapy Family Therapy Health Counselling Hypnotherapy Integrative Psychotherapy Life Coaching Low-cost Counselling Neuro-Linguistic Psychotherapy (NLPt) Occupational Therapy Person-Centred Psychotherapy Psychodynamic Counselling Transpersonal Therapy Young Persons’ Therapy

We also offer: • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) • Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) For appointments telephone Reception on 01462 678804 6 6

Referral Service Finding the right therapist can be bewildering. We can take that pressure away from you by offering a confidential referral service. Call Jo Coker or Sylvia Sterling on 01462 678804.

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Complementary Therapies • Acupuncture • Homeopathy • Manual Lymphatic Drainage • Aromatherapy/Hot Stones • Massage Aromatherapy Osteopathy

• Medical Herbalism • Naturopathy • Osteopathy/Cranial Osteopathy • Physiotherapy • Reflexology • Reiki • Shiatsu

Our practitioners – talented, experienced and highly qualified


For appointments or more information telephone Reception on 01462 678804 or visit our website 7 7

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Alexander Technique Renowned for its benefits to back pain sufferers, Alexander Technique teaches us how to sit, stand, lie and move in ways which minimise chronic muscular & spinal tension. Especially useful in stress relief, it also helps asthma and insomnia. Wear loose clothing & bring a mat or blanket and 2/3 paperbacks.

Prefer a one-to-one session?

Duration 10 weeks Half-term week of 13 February Tutor Judy Hammond BEd ANATD MSTAT

Call 01462 678804 to book. Cost £45

Moving Mindfully Moving Mindfully is a unique movement, alignment and relaxation class, carefully combining key elements of Pilates, Yoga and T’ai Chi and always incorporating the Alexander principles of excellent use of the spine and joints. The resulting quality of movement and alignment is a joy to experience!

Judy Hammond

Wear soft comfortable clothing and bring warm socks.

Class Alexander (All levels) Technique Alexander (beginners) Technique Moving (advanced) Mindfully Moving (all levels) Mindfully

Day Tues

Time Start Date 09.45-11.00 24 Jan

Code X1

Cost £75



18 Jan





24 Jan





18 Jan



To enrol complete the form on page 35 8

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Ballet for Adults You will dance, get fit and have great fun in this popular class which includes barre work (for greater flexibility and balance), centre work (for toning) and simple ballet routines. Open to anyone over 16 who has

Vickie Lesnick(right)

had ballet experience.

Duration 10 weeks Half-term week of 13 February Tutor Vickie Lesnick RAD RTS AIDTA Class Ballet for Adults

Day Tues

Time Start Date 19.00-20.00 17 Jan

Code B1

Cost £60

Carnival Dances from Brazil Discover the richness and energy of Brazil from the traditions of the Orixas (Yoruba Entities) to Street Carnival, and from jazzy Bossa Nova to seedy Samba Reggae. Each class begins with a gentle warm up, followed by dance training and a routine – and finishes with slow, deep stretches.

Marcia Magliari (centre)

Duration 11 weeks Half-term week of 13 February Tutor Marcia Magliari Dip DMT

Wear loose comfortable clothing and dance/soft shoes that allow your feet to bend.

Class Carnival Dances

Day Mon

Time Start Date 10.00-11.00 9 Jan



Code C1

Cost £66



(some experience required)

Carnival Dances

10 Jan


FREE Dance Taster Thursday 5 January see page 21 9

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Five Rhythms


Flowing, staccato, chaos, lyrical, stillness. Duration 11 weeks Half-term week of 13 February Tutor Richard Lang MA UKCP Five RhythmsTM accredited teacher

Class Five RhythmsTM Workshop Five RhythmsTM Five RhythmsTM

Day Tues

Experience being in your own skin and moving to your own inner rhythm… Whether you’ve always danced – or always yearned to – Five Rhythms™ offers a wonderful opportunity to experience yourself in motion, in a totally nonjudgmental and uncritical environment. You will learn to feel good about the way you move, about your body, and your means of expressing your feelings. Wear loose, comfortable clothing you can move in. Bring water to drink.

Time Start Date 19.00-20.30 10 Jan

Day Time Sunday 29 January 10.00-13.00 Sunday 25 March 10.00-13.00

Code F1 Code F2 F3

Cost £83 Cost £20 £20

To book your place on a workshop contact Richard Lang on 07968 845825 or email

Free Dance Taster Thursday, 5 January, 18.30-21.00 Come along and try Carnival Dances, Latino Ballroom, Stretch and Centering and Raqs Sharqi. Admission free.

To enrol complete the form on page 35 10

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Hips, Tums & Thighs Keep Fit & Zumba

Tutor Luzi Georgas IIST Duration 11 weeks Half term week of 13 February Class Hips, Tums & Thighs Keep Fit Keep Fit Zumba Zumba Zumba

Day Mon Wed Sat Mon Thurs Sat

Hips, Tums & Thighs – Tone those thighs and flatten your tum, shake your hips and say goodbye to the Christmas excesses! Keep Fit includes warm-up, 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise, abdominal strength training, body toning, cool-down and stretch. Zumba combines Latin and international music with a fun and effective workout system. Early booking recommended for this popular class.

Time Start Date 18.00-19.00 9 Jan 19.00-20.00 11 Jan 08.30-09.30 14 Jan 17.00-18.00 9 Jan 20.15-21.15 12 Jan 09.30-10.30 14 Jan

Code K1 K2 K3 ZU3 ZU1 ZU2

Cost £66 £66 £66 £55 £55 £55

Fitness & Biomechanics Coaching • Personal Training


• Biomechanics Assessments • Nutritional Evaluations • Lifestyle Appraisals Stop thinking about making a change to your life - get in touch!

Contact Phil on 07515 881637 11

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Meditation Calms the mind

Relaxes the body

Improves concentration Increases awareness & self-confidence Reduces stress & blood pressure Suitable for all levels of experience beginners welcome. Four different types of meditation techniques will be taught: 1. Mindfulness/Buddhist based breathing technique 2. Modernised visualisation techniques based on Tibetan Buddhism 3. Taoist water tradition meditation 4. Sound meditation/being present in the Zen way Duration 9 weeks No class on 18 February Tutor Ian Warder MA MSc Class Meditation

Day Sat

Time Start Date 11.15-12.30 21 Jan

Ian Warder

Code M1

To enrol complete the form on page 35 12

Cost ÂŁ54

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Meditation & the Chakras Guided visualisation, affirmation and meditation form the basis of this powerful programme, designed to address healing in key life areas: Week 1 – Chakra & Guided Meditation Week 2 – Survival and security Week 3 – Emotions and sensuality Week 4 – Will and choice Week 5 – Relationships and love Week 6 – Communication Week 7 – Vision and creativity Week 8 – Spirituality and completion Duration 8 weeks Half term week on 13 February Tutor Anita Marshall Dip Spiritual Counselling, Life Coaching, Ayurveda Lifestyle Consultant, ITEC Reflexology, Reiki II Class Day Time Start Date Code Cost Meditation & the Chakras Tues 20.35-21.55 17 Jan M2 £60 Meditation & the Chakras Wed 13.30-15.00 18 Jan M3 £60

Meditation & Pranayama Sarah O’Connor

Pranayama is the science of the breath, control of which has been shown to improve physical health, wellbeing and to still the mind. When combined with meditation it can serve as a powerful de-stressing tool. We will observe our habitual patterns of breathing, their effect on the mind – and learn to alter them to produce inner harmony and positive thinking processes. Duration 11 weeks Half-term week on 13 February

Tutor Sarah O’Connor BA(Hons) BWY(Dip), Pranayama & Meditation Module Class Day Time Start Date Code Cost Meditation & Pranayama Tues 11.15-12.15 10 Jan PM1 £64 Meditation & Pranayama Tues 18.00-19.00 10 Jan PM2 £64 13

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Be Mindful…with our Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) programmes Originally developed at one of the leading university hospitals in the US over 25 years ago to help manage chronic pain, MBSR’s reputation for helping people to deal with a wide range of problems is now worldwide. Research over two decades has shown that people who complete the course report: • Being better able to relax • Being less distressed by physical and psychological symptoms • Reduced pain levels and an enhanced ability to cope with pain that may not go away • Greater energy and enthusiasm for life • Improved self-esteem

Mindfulness Basics The Basics programme gets you started with simple Mindfulness practices that improve focus and concentration, help you to relax, and reconnect with the experience of your senses. While not a prerequisite for the 8 week programme, Basics is a good starting point for anyone interested in becoming more mindful. Enrolment on Basics entitles you to £10 discount on the full 8-week course. Tutor Barbara Reid PhD, PGDip Mindfulness Sessions Day Time Code Cost MBSR Basics Wed 18 Jan & 1 Feb 14.00-17.00 MBB1 £62 MBSR Basics Sat 10 March & 24 Mar 14.00-17.00 MBB2 £62 To enrol complete the form on page 35 14

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Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)

– 8-week course

If you are feeling disconnected from your life – if you want to spend less time being highjacked by the stresses and strains of work, home, family, or health – if you want to learn to live more fully in the present moment – and you are willing to commit yourself to spending 45 minutes a day working on this – then this well established and tried-and-tested class can give you the tools to change your life. We can all benefit from MBSR training: we all long to be centred and at ease with our lives. Duration 9 weeks (plus Sunday, 4 March, 10.00-16.00) Half-term week of 13 February Tutor Barbara Reid PhD, PGDip Mindfulness (All students must attend the orientation session on Wednesday 11 January)

Class MBSR

Day Wed

Time 19.30-21.30

Start Date Code 11 Jan MB1

Cost £185

Practice Day for Mindfulness Graduates This Day of Practice on the theme of ‘Seeing clearly: being with all our experience’, will provide an opportunity to reconnect with and go deeper into your Mindfulness practice. Prerequisite: completion of any 8-week Mindfulness course. Session Date Time Code Cost MBSR Practice Day Sun, 4 March 10.00-16.00 MB2 £50

Mindfulness at Work/Mindfulness in the Community A 6-week course for the workplace or community group setting, this programme includes all the elements of the 8-week course in a more concise format. Contact for more details.

For more information visit 15

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The reason our Pilates classes are always full is not just because we have excellent instructors – it’s because Pilates really does work! Our students come back term after term and report more energy, reduced back pain and better posture. Book early and secure your place – you won’t regret it!

Tutors Amanda Brosnan Body Control Pilates, Body Control Reformer Kati Boyle Body Control Pilates, Body Control Reformer Emily Channon Body Control Pilates Julia Crossman Body Control Pilates, Reformer, Cadillac, Chair, Level 4 low back

Shashin Gajjar Body Control Pilates Rachel Luck Modern Pilates I, II & III, Gordon Thompson’s Body Control Reformer

NB: Certain health problems could preclude participation in Pilates classes. Sarah Hilton

Introductory Course – for the complete beginner or for those who have not done Pilates for a while. This will enable you to progress into one of our Improvers classes. It will take into account any relevant medical history, assess posture and movement quality and introduce the Pilates principles. You will be asked to complete a brief health questionnaire and will need to arrive 15 minutes before the start of the first class (ie. at 08.30).

Duration 6 weeks Tutor Amanda Brosnan Body Control Pilates, Body Control Reformer Session Day Time Start Date Code Pilates Introductory Tues 08.45-09.45 10 Jan PTP1 To enrol complete the form on page 35 16

Cost £49

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Pilates Duration 11 weeks, 8 weeks for Kati Boyle’s classes Half-term week of 13 February Beginners’ Level – for those who have not done Pilates before – the introductory course is also recommended for this level. Improvers’ Level - suitable for those with no serious medical conditions who have attended at least two (or even three) terms at beginners level. Pilates (beginners) Mon 08.30-09.30 9 Jan SG P24 Pilates (beginners) Mon 09.30-10.30 9 Jan SG P25 Pilates (beginners/improvers) Mon 13.00-14.15 9 Jan RL P1 Pilates (improvers) Mon 17.45-19.00 9 Jan RL P2 Pilates (beginners) Mon 18.30-19.30 9 Jan EC P23 Pilates (beginners/improvers) Mon 19.45-21.00 9 Jan EC P3 Pilates (improvers) Tues 09.45-11.00 10 Jan AB P4 Pilates (improvers) Tues 10.30-11.45 10 Jan RL P5 Pilates (beginners) Tues 18.00-19.15 10 Jan AB P6 Pilates (beginners/improvers) Tues 19.15-20.30 10 Jan AB P7 Pilates (Men only) Tues 20.30-21.45 10 Jan AB P8 Pilates (beginners) Wed 08.00-09.00 11 Jan SG P26 Pilates (improvers) Wed 09.15-10.30 11 Jan RL P9 Pilates (improvers) Wed 11.15-12.30 11 Jan AB P10 Pilates (improvers) Wed 14.00-15.15 11 Jan JC P11 Pilates (beginners/improvers) Wed 17.45-19.00 11 Jan EC P12 Pilates (beginners/improvers) Thurs 10.00-11.15 12 Jan RL P13 Pilates (beginners/improvers) Thurs 11.30-12.45 12 Jan RL P14 Pilates (beginners/improvers) Thurs 16.30-17.30 12 Jan SG P27 Pilates (beginners/improvers) Thurs 17.30-18.45 12 Jan AB P15 Pilates (improvers) Thurs 17.45-19.00 2 Feb KB P16 Pilates (improvers) Thurs 19.00-20.15 2 Feb KB P18 Pilates (beginners/improvers) Thurs 20.30-21.45 12 Jan SG P19 Pilates (improvers) Fri 08.30-09.30 13 Jan SG P28 Pilates (beginners/improvers) Fri 09.30-10.45 13 Jan JC P20 Pilates (improvers) Fri 11.00-12.15 13 Jan AB P21 Pilates (beginners) Fri 12.30-13.45 13 Jan AB P22 For more information visit 17

£90 £90 £90 £90 £90 £90 £90 £90 £90 £90 £90 £90 £90 £90 £90 £90 £90 £90 £90 £90 £66 £66 £90 £90 £90 £90 £90

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Designed for Osteoporosis and Osteopenia

‘On the Ball’ Rachel Luck

The exercise ball is a wonderful Pilates tool for improving core strength and developing the abdominal and back muscles. Exercising ʻon the ball’ – which continually moves slightly beneath you as you work – can also increase overall flexibility and mobility. And it’s such fun to do! Open to both beginners and more experienced Pilates students. (You will need to provide your own ball.)

This course includes Pilates exercises designed to strengthen the core muscles in a way that helps support the spine whilst avoiding any exercises that are not suitable for people with osteoporosis or osteopenia. We use weights (where appropriate) to promote bone strength. The class finishes with relaxation. Participants must be able to get down (and up!) from the floor.

Duration 11 weeks Half-term week of 13 February Tutor Rachel Luck Modern Pilates I, II & III,

Duration 11 weeks Half-term week of 13 February Tutor Julia Crossman

Gordon Thompson’s Body Control Reformer

Body Control Pilates, Reformer, Cadillac, Chair, Level

Tuesdays 09.15-10.15 Start Date 10 Jan Code PLB1 Cost £90

4 low back

Mondays 14.30-15.30 Start Date 9 Jan Code OPL1 Cost £90

To enrol complete the form on page 35 18

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Body Tone Pilates

Special Care Pilates


This programme focuses on building strength and stamina and is designed for those people looking for a more demanding Pilates workout. Prospective students should be free from pain, injuries or any conditions affecting mobility. As with all exercise regimes, you should consult your GP before beginning any physical programme. Duration 11 weeks Half-term week of 13 February Tutor Shashin Gajjar Body Control Pilates Thursdays 17.45-19.00 Start Date 12 Jan Code P17 Cost £90

A gentle, slow-moving class with plenty of time to focus on special conditions that may make exercise difficult. Duration 11 weeks Half-term week of 13 February Tutor Rachel Luck Modern Pilates I, II & III, Gordon Thompson’s Body Control Reformer

Special Care Pilates Tuesdays 12.00-13.15 Start Date 10 Jan Code BPSP1 Cost £90

For more information visit 19

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Raqs Sharqi Traditional-style Egyptian bellydance Based on the traditional folk dances of Egypt this vibrant, expressive dance style is a unique way of exercising the whole body. Raqs Sharqi (oriental dance) is suitable for women of any age, size or body shape and you don’t have to have dance experience to join.

Bridget Poulter

We dance barefoot or in soft shoes, wear a long full skirt or loose trousers with a scarf tied around our hips.

Duration 6 weeks Half-term week of 13 February Tutor Bridget Poulter MCIM *These classes are held at Wilbury Hall, St Thomas’ Church, Bedford Road, Letchworth.

Class Raqs Sharqi Raqs Sharqi

Day Tues Tues

Time Start Date Code 20.15-21.15 10 Jan R2 20.15-21.15 27 Feb R4

Cost £36 £36

Salsa If you like Latin rhythms this is the class for you! Salsa offers a physical and mental challenge – and the class is both fun and a wonderful opportunity to form new friendships. You will learn to dance La Salsa Cubana and master the basic steps in Mambo, Rumba and turns. Come on your own or with a partner. Wear loose, comfortable clothing and flexible shoes – but not trainers!

Duration 11 weeks Half-term week of 13 February Tutor Marcia Magliari Dip DMT Class Day Time Start Date Code Salsa (intermediate) Thurs 20.00-21.00 12 Jan SA2 Salsa (advanced) Thurs 21.00-22.00 12 Jan SA3 To enrol complete the form on page 35 20

Cost £66 £66

Brochure_Spring_2012_V3_V1 05/12/2011 17:11 Page 21

Latino Ballroom

Marcia Magliari

You will learn a variety of Latin ballroom dances: Merengue, Cha-Cha-Cha, Salsa, Samba, Gafieira, Lambada and Forro taught by a Brazilian choreographer who was the pioneer of Brazilian dance in the UK.


This class is suitable for beginners. Ideally, come with a partner. Wear loose comfortable clothing and dance or soft shoes that allow your feet to bend.

Duration 11 weeks Tutor Marcia Magliari Dip DMT Half-term week of 13 February Class Day Time Start Date Latino Ballroom Thurs 19.00-20.00 12 Jan

Strengthening & Centering

Code SA1

Cost £66


An advanced programme A unique body workout that aims to integrate base, strength, balance, fluidity and graceful movements with the principles coming from classical ballet, T’ai Chi and Yoga. Suitable for experienced dancers, actors, and those who are physically fit and are willing to be challenged!

Duration 11 weeks Half-term week of 13 February Tutor Marcia Magliari Dip DMT Class Day Time Start Date Code Strengthening & Centering Thurs 18.15-19.00 12 Jan SC1

Cost £60

Free Dance Taster Thursday, 5 January, 18.30-21.00 Come along and try Carnival Dances, Latino Ballroom, Stretch and Centering and Raqs Sharqi. Admission free. 21

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T’ai Chi

Richard Lang

T’ai Chi is a jewel – which works on the mind as much as the body. Practised daily by millions worldwide, evidence shows that it: • is of great benefit in improving balance and increasing muscle strength and is therefore recognised by NICE as a useful part of a falls prevention programme. • can benefit the heart and circulatory systems • can significantly reduce stress • can enhance well-being It consists of a series of slow stylised, dance like movements which are practised in sequence. Simple – oh so effective – in influencing all areas of one’s life. Duration 11 weeks for T1, T2, T3 and T4 9 weeks for T5 – no class on 18 Feb Half-term week of 13 February Tutors Richard Lang MA UKCP Ian Warder MA MSc Ian Deavin BSc and Member of CIAA also recognised by BCCMA

Class T’ai Chi

Day Tues

Time Start Date Tutor Code Cost 17.15-18.45 10 Jan RL T1 £83

(Yang style long form and sword form – intermediate/advanced)

T’ai Chi



10 Jan




12 Jan




12 Jan




21 Jan




(Yang style short form – beginners/intermediate)

T’ai Chi

Thurs 19.00-20.30

(Chen style – beginners)

T’ai Chi

Thurs 20.30-22.00

(Chen style – improvers)

T’ai Chi



(Wu style short form – intermediate)

Video clips and further information 22

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Yoga Why do yoga? For one thing – it makes you feel good and it keeps you flexible and improves your stamina. It stretches your muscles – it helps still your mind, improves concentration, boosts self-confidence. People report that they sleep better, experience fewer episodes of back strain and have reduced headaches. Duration 11 weeks Half-term week of 13 February Tutors Julie Brunton BSY Sarah Harris BWY RT FCT, NLP Master Prac Carole Richardson BA(Hons) FAETC BWY Jacqueline Whyte Anusara Inspired Yoga TeacherTM Lorraine Woods Class Yoga (experienced ) Yoga (experienced ) Yoga (all levels) Yoga (all levels) Yoga (experienced ) Yoga (experienced ) Yoga (experienced ) Yoga (beginners/improvers) Yoga (all levels) Yoga (all levels) Yoga (all levels) Yoga (improvers/beginners) Yoga (all levels) Yoga (all levels) Yoga (all levels)

Day Mon Mon Mon Mon Mon Mon Wed Wed Wed Wed Thurs Thurs Fri Fri Sat

Carole Richardson

Time Start Date Tutor Code Cost 09.10-10.40 9 Jan LW Y1 £77 10.45-12.15 9 Jan LW Y2 £77 17.15-18.45 9 Jan CR Y3 £77 18.45-20.15 9 Jan CR Y4 £77 19.00-20.30 9 Jan LW Y5 £77 20.40-22.10 9 Jan LW Y6 £77 09.15-10.45 11 Jan LW Y8 £77 10.45-12.15 11 Jan LW Y9 £77 18.15-19.45 11 Jan JW Y10 £77 20.00-21.30 11 Jan SH Y11 £77 13.00-14.30 12 Jan JB Y12 £77 18.50-20.20 12 Jan LW Y13 £77 09.15-10.45 13 Jan CR Y14 £77 11.00-12.30 13 Jan CR Y15 £77 08.45-10.15 14 Jan SH Y16 £77

For more information visit 23

Brochure_Spring_2012_V3_V1 05/12/2011 17:11 Page 24

Iyengar Yoga Iyengar Yoga, developed by Yoga Master BKS Iyengar, is characterised by precision and alignment and uses props such as blocks and belts to ensure that maximum benefit is gained from each posture whilst ensuring absolute safety. Duration 10 weeks Half-term week of 13 February Tutor Thelma McNairn MA Hons Dip ED IYTA Class Iyengar Yoga

Day Tues

Time 19.00-20.30

Start Date 10 Jan

Code IY1

Cost £70

12 Jan



(beginners and general)

Iyengar Yoga

Thurs 09.45-11.15

(beginners and general)

Kundalini Yoga

Saibhung Kaur

Kundalini Yoga is a relationship between you and yourself. A technology of awareness that brings together finite and infinite. A joining together of body, mind and spirit. Using asana, pranayama, mudra, mantra and bandhas, Kundalini yoga Duration 11 weeks embraces all practices of yoga, awakening the self to more creative Half-term week of 13 February Tutor Saibhung Kaur and satisfying ways of living and Kundalini Levels I & II communicating. Class Kundalini Yoga Kundalini Yoga

Day Time Weds 19.45-20.45 Thurs 11.30-13.00

Start Date 11 Jan 12 Jan

Code KY2 KY1

To enrol complete the form on page 35 24

Cost £66 £77

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Pre-Natal Yoga

Post Natal Yoga & Baby Massage

Gentle yoga exercises during pregnancy promote health and lead you to a more confident birth. In this class you will learn postures which strengthen, give flexibility and release tension – and you will be supported in a community of other mothersto-be over tea and a chat and often for long after your baby’s arrival Duration 11 weeks Half-term week of 13 February Tutor Tracey Luggeri

You will be taught to massage your baby: it provides a loving, fun, positive interaction that has been proven to nurture a baby’s health and development. Followed by one hour of post-natal yoga to exercise, recover and strengthen core muscles, to release shoulders and stiff upper backs. Includes relaxation, refreshments & chat! Wear an old t-shirt, bring a towel, and an organic base oil eg. grapeseed, olive, or sunflower (avoid nut oils).

Duration 11 weeks Half-term week of 13 February Tutor Tracey Luggeri

Level 1 Yoga Birth Teacher

Mondays 19.15-21.15 Start date 9 Jan Code PY1 Cost £95

Level 1 Yoga Birth Teacher

Mondays 10.45-12.30 Start date 9 Jan Code BMPN1 Cost £94

For more information visit 25

Brochure_Spring_2012_V3_V1 05/12/2011 17:11 Page 26

Restorative Yoga

Gentle Yoga Sarah O’Connor

Anne Hill

A gentler approach to yoga designed for anyone with restricted movement who is recovering from illness or operations, or simply for those of you who love yoga but don’t want the intense stretch! Class covers postures work, pranayama (breathing practices) meditation and relaxation. Duration 11 weeks Half-term week of 13 February Tutor Sarah O’Connor

This is a small yoga therapy class designed for people with chronic conditions eg. ME and MS, breathing difficulties, limited mobility or who find a regular Yoga session challenging for any reason. Focus is on the breath, carefully selected therapeutic posture work and deep restorative relaxation. Tutors Thursdays – Anne Hill YHF, Biomedical Trust, Yoga Therapist with the CNHC

Saturdays – Dr Neelam Taneja PhD, Member IAYT, Fellow (retired) RSM, London

BA(Hons) BWY(Dip), Pranayama & Meditation Module

Duration 10 weeks Half-term week of 13 February Thursdays 16.45-18.15 Start Date 12 Jan Code RY1 Cost £70 Saturdays 11.00-12.30 Start Date 14 Jan Code RY2 Cost £70

Fridays 11.00-12.15 Start Date 13 Jan Code GY1 Cost £65

To enrol complete the form on page 35 26

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Mother and Baby Yoga

Music with Your Baby

These small, baby-focussed classes (for babies from 6 weeks to crawling) alternate between gentle post-natal yoga for mums, yoga for babies, and yoga done together and include a mixture of movement, massage, rhymes and song.

These delightful sessions for babies and parents provide a broad range of creative musical experiences. With songs, rhymes, movement, instruments and listening activities included, the classes pay particular attention to the value of music for general development and wellbeing.

No previous experience of yoga required. Feeding, sleeping, soothing, changing can take place throughout the session.

Open to babies aged up to one year.

Duration 11 weeks Half-term week of 13 February Tutor Amanda Brosnan Member of

Duration 5 weeks Half-term week of 13 February Tutor Alison Fairchild BWY Mondays 13.00-14.30 Start Date 9 Jan Code BY1 Cost £40 Mondays 13.00-14.30 Start Date 20 Feb Code BY2 Cost £40

‘Music with Mum’ team

Wednesdays 10.30-11.00 Start Date 11 Jan Code MY1 Cost £44

For more information visit 27

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Ballet for Kids

These fun classes for children aged 3 and above provide a wonderful discipline – improving co-ordination, spatial and body awareness, concentration and physical confidence. The ballet training is according to the Royal Academy of Dance method. Dress comfortably and dance in either bare feet or dance shoes.

Duration 10 weeks Half-term week of 13 February Tutor Vickie Lesnick RAD RTS AIDTA Class



Baby Ballet (3 yrs) Baby Ballet (4 yrs) Baby Ballet (3 yrs) Baby Ballet (4 yrs) Pre-Primary Ballet (5 yrs) Primary Ballet (6 yrs) Grades 1 & 2 Ballet (7+yrs) Ballet (3-5 yrs)

Fri Fri Sat Sat Sat Sat Sat Sat

16.00-16.30 16.30-17.00 09.00-09.30 09.30-10.00 10.00-10.30 10.30-11.15 11.15-12.00 12.00-12.30

Start Date Code

20 Jan 20 Jan 21 Jan 21 Jan 21 Jan 21 Jan 21 Jan 21 Jan



£50 £50 £50 £50 £50 £55 £55 £50

We regret that after the first class parents will not be able to remain in the classroom. Please note that photos may only be taken with the permission of the tutor; filming will, however, never be permitted.

To enrol complete the form on page 35 28

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The ultimate dance experience specifically for pre-school age children

“Young children will come alive at Disco Duck - the best disco dance classes in town for groovy kids�

Classes at the Letchworth Centre on Fridays at 10am & 2.15pm

Funky dance classes specifically for young children to encourage movement, learning, confidence and fun!

Brand new classes now available to book

Call 01462 625781 for more details

Available in Herts & Beds. In association with


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Yoga for Kids

Designed to stimulate imagination, encourage correct breathing and help maintain natural flexibility, these fun and creative classes incorporate songs, stories and relaxation techniques with yoga postures. Duration 11 weeks Half-term week of 13 February Tutor Julie Brunton BSY Class


Yoga for Kids (3-7 yrs) Yoga for Kids (8-12 yrs)

Tues 16.00-16.45 10 Jan Tues 17.00-17.45 10 Jan


Yogi Me

Start Date Code Cost

YK1 £49 YK2 £49

Each class is a mixture of storytelling, yoga postures, songs, music, mantra, games and meditation for children aged 7-11 yrs. Duration 11 weeks Half-term week of 13 February


Tutors Saibhung Kaur Harsaren Kaur Thursdays 16.30-17.30 Start Date 10 Jan Code YM1 Cost £55 To enrol complete the form on page 35 30

Brochure_Spring_2012_V3_V1 05/12/2011 17:11 Page 31

Yoga for the

Yoga for Teens


Young Sportsperson

Sarah O’Connor

The sessions for teenagers (11-15 yrs) combine traditional yoga postures with breathing and relaxation exercises to improve concentration, regulate sleep patterns and maintain natural flexibility. Duration 11 weeks Half-term week of 13 February

Suitable for students aged 14-18 who are keen on sport and already fit looking for the perfect cross-training regime. Yoga has been proven time and time again to help sports people and athletes to improve overall fitness, strengthen and increase flexibility, reduce injury and focus the mind for the competitive sports arena. Duration 11 weeks Half-term week of 13 February

Tutor Jacqueline Whyte Cert YogaBugs, Yoga’d Up & Anusara Inspired Yoga TeacherTM

Tuesdays 18.00-19.00 Start Date 10 Jan Code YK3 Cost £66

Tutor Sarah O’Connor BA (Hons) BWY (Dip) Pranayama and Meditation Modules

Tuesdays 16.30-17.30 Start Date 10 Jan Code YSP1 Cost £66

For more information visit For more information visit 31

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Week-at-a-glance Mondays 08.30-09.30 Pilates (beginners) 09.10-10.40 Yoga (experienced students) 09.30-10.30 Pilates (beginners) 10.00-11.00 Carnival Dances (all levels) 10.45-12.15 Yoga (experienced students) 10.45-12.30 Baby Massage & Post Natal Yoga 13.00-14.15 Pilates (beginners/improvers) 13.00-14.30 Mother and Baby Yoga 14.30-15.30 Pilates designed for Osteoporosis and Osteopenia 17.00-18.00 Zumba 17.15-18.45 Yoga (all levels) 17.45-19.00 Pilates (improvers) 18.00-19.00 Hips, Tums & Thighs 18.30-19.30 Pilates (beginners) 18.45-20.15 Yoga (all levels) 19.00-20.30 Yoga (experienced students) 19.15-21.15 Pre-Natal Yoga 19.45-21.00 Pilates (beginners/improvers) 20.40-22.10 Yoga (experienced students)

Tuesdays 08.45-09.45 Introduction to Pilates 09.15-10.15 Pilates on the Ball (all levels)

09.45-11.00 Alexander Technique 09.45-11.00 Pilates (improvers) 10.30-11.45 Pilates (Improvers) 11.15-12.15 Meditation 3 11.15-12.30 Moving Mindfully (advanced) 12.00-13.15 Special Care Pilates (all levels)

16.00-16.45 Yoga for Kids (3-7 yrs) 16.30-17.30 Yoga for Sports (14-18yrs)

17.00-17.45 Yoga for Kids (8-12 yrs) 17.15-18.45 T’ai Chi (intermediate/advanced) Yang Style Long & Sword Form

18.00-19.00 Yoga for Teens (11-15 yrs) 18.00-19.00 Meditation & Pranayama 18.00-19.15 Pilates (beginners) 19.00-20.00 Ballet for Adults 19.00-20.30 Five RhythmsTM 19.00-20.30 Iyengar Yoga (beginners & general)

19.15-20.30 Pilates (beginners/improvers) 20.00-21.15 Raqs Sharqi* (intermediate/advanced)

20.15-21.15 Carnival Dances (beginners) 20.30-21.45 Pilates (men only) 20.30-22.00 T’ai Chi (beginners/intermediate) Yang Style Short Form

20.35-21.55 Meditation & Chakras

Wednesdays 08.00-09.00 Pilates (beginners) 09.15-10.45 Yoga (experienced students) 09.15-10.30 Pilates (improvers) 10.30-11.00 Music with Your Baby 10.45-12.15 Yoga (beginners/improvers) 11.15-12.30 Pilates (improvers) 13.30-15.00 Meditation & Chakras 14.00-15.15 Pilates (improvers) 17.45-19.00 Pilates (beginners/improvers) 18.15-19.45 Yoga (all levels) 18.45-20.00 Alexander Technique (beginners)

19.00-20.00 Keep Fit 19.30-21.30 Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction 19.45-20.45 Kundalini Yoga 20.00-21.30 Yoga (all levels) 20.15-21.30 Moving Mindfully (all levels) 32

Brochure_Spring_2012_V3_V1 05/12/2011 17:11 Page 33

Week-at-a-glance Thursdays


09.45-11.15 Iyengar Yoga (beginners & general) 10.00-11.15 Pilates (improvers/experienced) 11.30-13.00 Kundalini Yoga (all levels) 11.30-12.45 Pilates (beginners/improvers) 13.00-14.30 Yoga (all levels) 16.30-17.30 Pilates (beginners)

08.30-09.30 Keep Fit 08.45-10.15 Yoga (all levels) 09.00-09.30 Baby Ballet (3 yrs) 09.30-10.00 Baby Ballet (4 yrs) 09.30-10.30 Zumba 10.00-10.30 Pre-Primary Ballet (5 yrs) 10.15-11.15 T’ai Chi (Wu style short

16.30-17.30 Yogi Me (7-11yrs) 16.45-18.15 Restorative Yoga 17.30-18.45 Pilates (beginners/improvers) 17.45-19.00 Pilates (improvers) 17.45-19.00 Body Tone Pilates 18.15-19.00 Strengthening & Centering 18.50-20.20 Yoga (beginners) 19.00-20.00 Latino Ballroom 19.00-20.15 Pilates (improvers) 19.00-20.30 T’ai Chi (beginners) Chen Style 20.00-21.00 Salsa (intermediate) 20.15-21.15 Zumba 20.30-22.00 T’ai Chi (improvers) Chen Style 20.30-21.45 Pilates (beginners/improvers) 21.00-22.00 Salsa (advanced)


10.30-11.15 Primary Ballet (6 yrs) 11.00-12.30 Restorative Yoga 11.15-12.00 Grades 1 & 2 Ballet (7+ yrs) 11.15-12.30 Meditation 12.00-12.30 Ballet (3-5 yrs)

Sundays 05.00-07.30 Sadhana You are invited to join us most Sunday mornings from 05.0007.30 fo yoga, mantra and universal prayer. Please contact Saibhung Kaur 07752 446246,

Fridays 08.30-09.30 Pilates (beginners) 09.15-10.45 Yoga (all levels) 09.30-10.45 Pilates (beginners/improvers) 10.00-10.30 Disco Duck 11.00-12.15 Pilates (improvers) 11.00-12.30 Yoga (all levels) 11.00-12.15 Gentle Yoga 12.30-13.45 Pilates (beginners) 16.00-16.30 Baby Ballet (3 yrs) 16.30-17.00 Baby Ballet (4 yrs)

* These classes are held at Wilbury Hall, St Thomas Church, Bedford Road, Letchworth

For more information visit


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Useful information Opening hours: Mondays to Fridays 09.00-20.30 Saturdays 09.00-15.30

Director Roberta Meldrum (Founder)

Tel 01462 678804 Website Email Half-term: week of 13 February Term begins: Week of 9 January Severe weather: Check our website before setting out on your journey to confirm that we are able to open. Refunds: Once term has begun, refunds can only be given for classes in exceptional circumstances and will be subject to a £20 administration fee. All refund requests must be made in writing. Advertising: Half page – £125 Full page – £175 Back page – £200 To book an advertisement contact

Head of Classes Fiona Wallace Head of Counselling and Clinical Services Jo Coker Head of Conferencing and Marketing Jaqui Derrick Head of Mindfulness Barbara Reid The Letchworth Centre for Healthy Living Rosehill Hospital, Hitchin Road, Letchworth, Hertfordshire SG6 3NA Charity Registration No. 295219

Hitchin Garden Centre

H ITC 5 H A50

To Hitchin, Luton & M1


Norton Way Sth

To Letchworth Town Centre

To Baldock & Cambridge


5 A50 Willian Way

To Stotfold & Bedford (A600, A507)

The Broadway

To Letchworth Town Centre

A1(M) North

We are here We are on the A505 opposite Harkness/Wyevale Garden Centre

Junction 9 A1(M) South

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Enrolment Form

To book your place complete the form below in block capitals and post to: The Letchworth Centre for Healthy Living, Rosehill Hospital, Hitchin Road, Letchworth, Herts. SG6 3NA For confirmation of booking enclose an SAE Title (Mr. Mrs. etc.) Surname First name

Date of birth (optional)

Address Postcode Mobile Email Tel (Day)

Tel (Evening)

Class/Workshop 1. 2. 3.


• Concessions are available on some classes at the discretion of the Centre. • Proof of entitlement will be required upon enrolment.

Cheque (payable to The Letchworth Centre)







£ Credit card


We cannot accept payment by American Express Card.

Card number Valid from:_ _/_ _

Expiry date: _ _/_ _

Security 3 digit code_ _ _ Found on the back of your card

Issue no:_ _Maestro

I certify that the above information is true and accurate. I consent to my details being held by the Letchworth Centre for Healthy Living for administrative purposes. I agree to the Letchworth Centre contacting me with details of its programmes that may be of interest to me, or for research that it may wish to conduct into its clinic and classes. By supplying my email address, I give my consent for it to be used by the Letchworth Centre for administrative or marketing purposes.


Date: 35

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Letchworth Centre for Healthy Living

You can hire our facilities for • Conferencing, training, away-days • Celebrations, wedding receptions, children’s parties

We offer • • • • •

Large refurbished rooms Lovely, tranquil grounds set in 8½ acres of greenbelt Ample parking Catering available Competitive daily and hourly rates

We are a community venue for local charities, health and social care providers, mental health services, educational bodies and social enterprises. For further details, contact Jaqui on 01462 678 804 email

Letchworth Centre Spring 2012  

Yoga, Pilates and Dance classes in Hitchin and Letchworth

Letchworth Centre Spring 2012  

Yoga, Pilates and Dance classes in Hitchin and Letchworth