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RITZ-CARLTON ONLINE STRATEGY C. Blancard – D. Bouissou – B. Ly

How do the hotel concierges use technology to make personal recommendations? 

Own smartphone’s app:  to

push information to clients  tips from 200 concierges constantly updated  to provide a lifetime experience 

Other apps:  Push

information to other apps: such as Foursquare

How do they relate to 3rd party recommendation sites? What is the strategy? 

They have more than 200 concierges around the world “controling� the e-reputation of their own hotel. They provide on site and personalised advices, tips and recommandations. They can also answer quicker to 3rd party recommendation websites.

What is the strategy behind 'Art of the Craft'? 

Ritz-Carlton gets closer to the customer by creating a friendly atmosphere with them. They break the wall between the staff and customers by showing the work done to satisfy them. It humanizes the products and push the clients to consume more. Videos can be shared on social media By the way, the hotel empowers its staff (real collaboration) Considering both guests and staff as ladies and gentleman

Comparison Ritz Carlton online strategy to Renaissance Hotels Navigator program Renaissance Hotels Navigator

Ritz Carlton Online Strategy

select the places to savor, sip, shop and see that will transform any trip into an inspiring journey of discovery

Same Use mobile app for any request, in or out room

Use of a responsive website Use Instagram & Twitter by pushing customers to post (#RDiscovery) Post Navigators comments and tips with a blog looking type.

Use of foursquare for their concierge service

Webmagazine to share experience, tips, recipes and stories

Ritz Carlton concierge for each hotel of the world is available everywhere with the different apps. Renaissance “Navigator� program gives tips and 3rd party types recommendation but on a static websites.

The concierge of the future  

He knows you before your arrival Provide you information and services you may need related to your personality without asking (through a “smart” app) directly connected to the concierge desk The concierge is creating online content

Ritz Carlton Online Concierge  

How do the hotel concierges use technology to make personal recommendations? How do they relate to 3rd party recommendation sites and strat...

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