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CEOProducer &Publisher DianeWinbush Women Who Rock with Success; formerly The National Extraordinary Professional Women. was created to target women in all areas of business/media/music/ and entertainment.

The brand grew and developed a wide range of targets for women. Entrepreneurs have opportunities to network with our readers and supporters for business referrals and proposals. In today's society; women in business are seeking multi strategies and brands to grow their business and Women Who Rock with Success is here to develop their potential. We are a media broadcasting entity for professional and entrepreneurial women. We allow women to spotlight and profile their brand/business/ and or product through our media platforms to further enhance their brand.











beauty pageant queen and plus size model Ch ak iva Lat r ell, creative director and artist Yan iqu e DeCost a, model and designer Sh abr ia Pet er son , and one of Atlanta's most popular real estate agents,Robin An dr ade, better known as "Robin Sells Atlanta." The hustle and grind of business women is always taken for granted, but now that Black women are the fastest-growing group of entrepreneurs in the U.S., it is time for the world to take notice.

Reed is producing the first season of Atlanta's Own on her own budget with the help of director James Morgan, production managers Markell and Enrico Jones, and Los Angeles music producer Eric Mayfield. Reed is also a talent agent and manager with Hollywood John Talent and Casting Agency in Atlanta. Her music artists, Canadian rapper Myazwe, and Atlanta poet, motivational speaker, and rapper Majik, will also be featured in the show. Viewers will be able to watch Atlanta's Own on Roku, Xfinity, Hulu and Amazon Prime this year.

Follow Danielle Reed @ReporterReed on Instagram and Twitter for more updates and details about the cast and crew of Atlanta's Own, and like her Facebook page Danielle S. Reed. To find out more about the show, or to make a contribution to the production budget, please e-mail ReporterReed@gmail.com.

Dan ielle Reed Execu t ive Pr odu cer of At lan t a's Ow n M u lt i-M edia Jou r n alist

Q: Tell u s abou t Kr yst al Covin gt on ?

I?m a woman who loves making an impact. Growing up I always had a gift for making people feel at ease. As a teenager I would have peers come to me to talk about things they were going through, almost like a counselor. They would share their struggles and insecurities with me and they appreciated the trusted companionship I gave them. I thought that gift meant that I should become a counselor or social worker, so I dedicated my college career to becoming educated in the philosophies of psychology and taking on internships to get my practice. During my first real internship (the kind where you really look at case files and meet patients) I found that I didn?t have the heart to really take on the responsibility of being a counselor to those who were struggling. I?d read case files and cry over them, struggling to see how I could ever be able to go home each day and live my life knowing all of the pain these people were going through. That?s when I redirected my career into the business world and started the work of navigating my way into another expertise.

Marketing naturally found me because I expressed creativity freely, something that?s necessary to be successful in the field. I took on any opportunity to really try my hand at marketing as an administrative assistant for a multi-family real estate development firm. They had a new property they were building and needed someone to own the marketing plan and tactics. When the marketing plan was a success, I got my very first bonus check ? that?s when I knew I was hooked.

Q: Wh at com pelled you t o lau n ch t h is br an d f or pr of ession al w om en ? Women of Denver began as my way of building a network for me. I needed connection and I had a really hard time feeling comfortable at traditional networking events. The best way for me to build relationships was for me to create an environment that helped me feel at home; and Women of Denver was that home for me. I focused each event on facilitating conversations that went deeper than the surface level. The goal was for all of us to get to know each other well and truly connect rather than passing business cards back and forth and talking about the weather or the drink in our hands. Q: Sh ar e w it h t h e r eader s t h e r ew ar ds f r om lau n ch in g t h is pr of ession al br an d f or w om en ? Developing a program like this from scratch was a tremendous undertaking for me and has helped me become a stronger leader, a more strategic thinker, and a better person overall. There?s not a month that goes by that I don?t receive a handful of thank you letters and several emails just saying ?thank you? for creating something that?s become such a motivational force. What?s been most valuable is being able to watch other women grow in their own leadership through their involvement with the program. Q: Wh at w ou ld you lik e f or w om en t o ach ieve f r om you r t r ain in g t ools? I?ve been the person sitting on the sidelines watching other people get the opportunities I felt I as more qualified for. I?d wonder why they got the title, the opportunity or the money while I was sitting back doing all of the work. What I quickly learned is that those people had acquired the credibility, power and influence to get them to the next level ? something I needed to work on for myself. This is why our program is focused on helping women stand out as powerful experts. I want them to work on building that credibility for themselves and to become a powerful force in their area of business.

But marketing never gave me those moments I missed when I was a mentor and coach creating safe spaces for my peers, so I had to find those opportunities in other ways. I found myself volunteering my time with non-profit organizations that supported causes I cared about. I was a volunteer coordinator and loved bringing people together to work for a cause. When I moved to Denver and was without a network I saw a new opportunity to create that same safe space, but for myself. Without the familiarity of the place I grew up, the friends I knew and my family close by I was feeling really disconnected. That?s why Women of Denver was initially created. I needed a safe space, friends and a true community.

Q: Wh o ar e t h e Wom en of Den ver ? Women of Denver is a community of women who have the passion to make an impact in the world and the drive to support each other in reaching their goals. The #1 thing we offer is connection. When you?re on the road less traveled it?s easy to feel alone. These women are here to validate each other ?s desires to be make a real impact and help you build the influence you need to really excel financially as well. Our social mission is to help women reach economic equality and that starts with knowing our value, building the influence we need to qualify for higher pay, and gaining the confidence to demand what we?re truly worth.

As a social enterprise we donate a portion of our revenue to causes that support economic equality and financial growth for women.







This highly anticipated collaborative effort between Dexterity Sounds, The Dream Label Group and Capitol Records offers a distinctive sound not currently in the market. We are so excited to share the combined styles of worship within this contemporary gospel project. ? ~ Bishop TD Jakes


also received a number of messages from women who were inspired by the show and have learned tangible tips for success from the women I?ve interviewed. I sat down with a viewer once for coffee and she was practically in tears as she quoted back some of the motivational messages that resonated with her. That was one of the most endearing moments I?ve had so far.

Q: How can w om en m ove f or w ar d f r om pr ocr ast in at ion an d f ear in a bu sin ess?

Q: Wh at cau ses t h e f ear an d pr ocr ast in at ion ?

I think procrastination really comes from a lack of strategy. When we aren?t sure how to move forward it?s hard to feel the motivation to take action. The best way to reduce the tendency to procrastinate is to build a strategy for achieving your goals that details the actions you need to take to get to your end goal. I?ve met lots of people who have goals written down, but they don?t actually know what action steps they need to take to achieve them. I think fear really comes from a different place than procrastination. When we?re afraid to move forward it?s usually because we are worried about the outcome. A simple mindset shift can really help with that and it starts with understanding that we can never predict or guarantee and outcome, but we can control how we respond to it. Being prepared for all of the potential outcomes and having a plan for action can help reduce fear. I actually worked with coaches during the launch of my Women of Denver program to help me manage my perspective during the process. It was easy for me to believe that each ?no? was personal and to focus on the people who rejected the idea versus those who happily joined and were.

When our members lead workshops, get interviewed on our show, and participate in our program offerings we?re constantly reinforcing the belief that what they have to share is valuable. My goal is for them to recognize their value, understand that they are worth so much more, and go out and confidently demand to be respected and ultimately paid well for the value they bring through their work. The way our program is constructed, women who get involved have opportunities to practice the skills that make them powerful expert influences in their area of business. Whether they want to use those skills to excel in a traditional corporate career or as an entrepreneur is their choice, but ultimately what they learn here should help them reach higher levels as experts. Q: Wh at su ppor t w ou ld you give t o w om en w h om obt ain a pow er f u l br an d; bu t ar en?t aw ar e of h ow t o st r u ct u r e t h e idea? It is very important to be strategic when building a brand for yourself. It takes time to build a brand and also takes a great deal of time to change a brand as well, so it?s important to truly understand what you want from your goals. Personal fulfillment to me is more important than having the right idea or concept. When you?re excited about a topic people will follow you simply because joy is contagious. Q: How h as you r m edia br oadcast excelled w om en ? Our show, ?Inside the Women of Denver ? has really been a great tool for our members to get comfortable talking about their expertise, and building their business portfolio with a solid professional video they can use to attract clients or use on their resume. My biggest accomplishment so far is a great testimonial I received from one of our members saying that she landed a client from her moment on the show. They saw her interview and called her up to get started with her service.


Q: In you r ow n w or ds; w h at develops t h is pat t er n f or w om en in a bu sin ess (m ean in g f ear an d pr ocr ast in at ion )? I remember working in the church nursery as a young girl for many years and seeing the interaction between the children and their parents. Kids fall constantly as they explore what their little legs can do, but I often witnessed the toddler girls being cared for more quickly and often when they fell down while the toddler boys would be allowed to pick themselves back up on their own. I?m not a psychologist, but observing that leads me to believe that perhaps as women we?ve learned to fear mistakes because we never really learned how to pick ourselves back up. We need to unlearn the behaviors that hold us back from taking risks that could lead to failure by giving ourselves permission to go after something scary with the understanding that if we fall we have the power to lift ourselves back up. Q: How h as Wom en of Den ver been an em pow er m en t t ool f or bu sin ess, f or you per son ally? Spending any amount of time with the incredible women in the group is bound to be motivational for anyone, but knowing that I brought these ladies together is truly inspiring for me. I remember when the group first started taking off. I?d have over 15 people in a room and have to lead them, but I was scared to death of that many people staring at me all at once. I?d cling to the wall as I gave my welcome and introduced the speaker, or I?d sit in a chair frightened of the power that comes with standing. Now I can lead dozens of people in a workshop or keynote with ease. It simply had to begin with getting comfortable with 15 people, then 30, then 60 and working my way up from there. It?s also empowering to build something from scratch and see it thrive. Building this group has taught me the importance of hustle, and helped me to really appreciate what startup founders really go through to build something new.


are not a lot of people who will invest in something that hasn?t already been proven, so be very appreciative of those first few people who validate your creation by buying your product or service. \ Q: M an y br an der s an d st ar t u p bu sin ess ow n er s ar e pr on ged t o seein g im m ediat e r esu lt s af t er lau n ch in g a New bu sin ess; h ow ef f ect ive is n et w or k in g f or w om en in bu sin ess? I actually sat down with someone once about a year ago who was interested in picking my brain to learn how I built my community. She had made the assumption that I just put up a website and started creating content and people just joined from there. I think I shocked her when I told her about the hours of networking I did to get it off the ground. I remember taking full days off of work just for networking. I would go to a hotel that had lots of seating options and good wifi and I would book myself solid from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. with coffee dates. As an introvert those were some of the most challenging days of my entire life, but as an entrepreneur they were the backbone of my business. Anytime I had an invitation to go to a networking event, meet someone for coffee or speak at a local meeting I?d be there ? early. I had to show my face, shake lots of hands, and share my vision with anyone who would listen. In the beginning the people who joined the group did so because they admired me and what I was creating. Now, they join for the community and what we offer, which is really amazing. Q: Ar e t h e cr u m bs (h ar d w or k ) w or t h t h e w ait du r in g t h e n et w or k in g ph ase? Networking is hard, and it takes time. You can?t just walk up to someone with a business card and a flyer and expect magic to happen. You need to show interest in them, find mutual ways to collaborate and engage with each other, and build a real connection.

It? s important

to be patient and recognize that there is success on the other end of the networking phase. If you?re doing things the right way, meaning building true connections with people who share your vision, you?ll see the success you want. Q: How r ew ar din g can n et w or k in g be f or w om en in bu sin ess? Networking is an important tool for a successful business. If no one knows you exist, how will they find out about you? In-person connection and real conversations are still the best way to build a business and sustain your success. There may be someone reading this who feels differently and maybe they think that today?s digital/social environment makes it possible to sell without in-person interaction. My response to that is to really think about the time investment it takes to build a relationship online versus in real life. People who meet you in person have the quality experience it takes to really connect and break through the trust barriers we all have. Digital relationships take time. Think about all of the people you follow and how long you?ve been an engaged follower of each person. Then think about how often (or if ever) you?ve made a purchase because of that relationship. Chances are you?ve been following most of these people for years and may never have purchase anything they were selling. Then think about people you?ve met on the street selling any number of things (jewelry, candles, event tickets) and consider how easily you bought from that person simply because they were right in front of you and had a nice smile while offering what you wanted at that moment.

Digital selling is a different ball game and takes a really strong marketing strategy (and lots of time or capital) to build that kind of business. If you want to quickly establish yourself and build a successful business brand you need to get out there and pound the pavement in person.

Q: Wh at is t h e n ext ch apt er f or Wom en of Den ver ? I am currently hiring staff and working on developing systems that make this a sustainable business that can last for the long haul. My first membership manager recently resigned, which left me running events on my own again until I hire a replacement leader. I hadn?t done that in a very long time, so I wasn?t aware of all of the challenges in our system. Now I?m on the grind developing a new workflow that I can start testing to make sure we?re as efficient as possible. I also plan to do more to educate people about the non-profit organizations we support. I?ll be scheduling regular Facebook live events throughout the year where I?ll be featuring these organizations and letting them share some of the incredible things they are doing in the world.

Q: If you w ou ld leave t h r ee f in al t ips f or ou r r eader s; w h at w ou ld t h ey be?

Edu cat e you r self as m u ch as possible bef or e ju m pin g in t o st ar t in g a bu sin ess. My first business flopped because I didn?t know anything about financial management. That was one of my biggest motivators for going after my MBA. I wanted to make sure that I never made that same error again. If you can?t afford a standard educational program there are so many local government-based organizations that are specifically put in place to support business owners and offer free training. Look for those opportunities and make sure you?ve thought out all of the potential pitfalls you might run into and brainstorm your philosophy for how you would plan on managing those challenges.

Bu ild w h at you r cu st om er s n eed, n ot w h at you w an t t o cr eat e. When I first had the idea of building a business around Women of Denver it was completely different from what it ended up becoming. This is because I listened to my members and asked what they needed. The program is an evolution of my responding to their needs and not simply something I made up. I honestly thing that?s the only way to do business. I have met a lot of people who have admitted to me that they don?t have any clients. They had a problem, and then they created a business to solve that problem and found out that no one else identifies with their business. What that tells me is they created their business for themselves and not for others. If you want to sell a product or service to other people you need to first investigate what they need and then respond to that need, not the other way around.

You ar e t h e voice an d f ace of you r bu sin ess ? get ou t t h er e as m u ch as you can . One of the biggest challenges my female clients face is that they are very afraid to get in front of the camera, take an interview on a pod-cast, or put themselves out there in any way. They think the business will speak for itself, but honestly people are more engaged with learning about new people than a new business. They want to know you, hear your story, and get engaged in the business through you. Don?t be afraid to take on opportunities to get out there and tell your story. Q: Wh at bu sin ess lit er at u r e w ou ld you r ef er f or w om en w it h st ar t u p bu sin esses? (book )

Here?s a list of some of my favorites from Audible: The Charisma Myth by Olivia Fox Cabane Made to Stick by Chip Heath and Dan Heath Profit First by Mike Michalowics Daring Greatly by Brene Brown The Icarus Deception by Seth Godin

Q: How can t h e r eader s con n ect w it h you ? (Th is in clu des social m edia plat f or m s, TV br oadcast in g, et c.) They can visit my personal website at www.krystalcovington.com, or learn more about Women of Denver at www.thewomenofdenver.com.






NICOLEC.MULLENS Few artists in any genre of music possess a more diverse resume than Nicole C. Mullen. Songwriting has always been one of Mullen?s most treasured gifts, and through infusing scripture into the songs she writes, she?s used it as a vehicle to encourage, inspire and to teach. From her early days as a background vocalist/dancer/ choreographer to writing and recording such classic hits as ?Redeemer ? to mentoring young women through her Baby Girls Club, Mullen?s creativity and compassion have fueled a life of ministry that has had global impact. Mullen has long channeled her considerable energy into not just sharing the gospel, but living it. This has never been more evident as Nicole mentors youngsters in her Baby Girls Club, ?Mentorship is our way of investing in young people with the hope of Christ and practical experiences,? says Mullen. ?We?ve also had the opportunity to help others around the world set up similar clubs. We?ve started a Baby Girls and Champions club in the country of Belize, and a like model in Zambia; with hopes of further expansion. I believe we have a great opportunity to affect the future of our nation and the future of our world. Mullen has long been known as an undeniably talented artist who is unafraid to be vulnerable and transparent with her audience. That sincerity and artistic integrity have been recognized with two GrammyÂŽ Award nominations and seven Gospel Music Association Dove Awards, including two Female Vocalist of the Year honors, Song of Year for ?Redeemer, and On My Knees?, Songwriter of the Year and the Urban Album of the Year for ?Everyday People ?, Contemporary Song of the year (Call on Jesus), and the ?rst African American to win Songwriter of the Year. She has toured all over the globe, becoming a highly sought after speaker and singer, and has frequently graced the stage at Billy Graham and Women of Faith events

A Greater plan has taken Nicole C. Mullen down many interesting roads and encompassed a variety of roles. She?s a mother, singer, songwriter, speaker, and a successful business woman as well as a mentor. ?I really feel like God set his love upon me at an early age and it was something that I could not have earned. I didn?t deserve it. I was not talented enough to merit His gaze, but He gave it to me. By this I am reminded of his love towards all of us. Like the Bible says, ?while we were yet sinners, He died for us.?I love and worship Him because He

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Pen alt y Rat e


Paying on time is the best way to defend against a penalty rate. Not all penalty rates last forever. Check your account agreement to see if they impose a penalty rate and if so for how long. Issuers are required to review your account to see if the penalty rate can be reduced. Find out when that is and follow up with your credit card company. Understanding and keeping track of your credit card rates will help keep you in control of your finances. The more you know and understand the better you can plan.

Wou ld you lik e t o su ppor t DASNM ? If so, it is easy, visit ou r st or e an d m ak e a pu r ch ase or u se t h is lin k Am azon Pu r ch ases in su ppor t of DASNM .com A sm all per cen t age of t h e am ou n t you or der w ill be sen t t o DASNM . Th an k you f or you r su ppor t .


Tash er



was divorced on her 26th wedding anniversary, and she embarked on a new life. Yet, after the divorce many times she felt so alone and scared. Even though, she had lots of friends, a wonderful family and a great church, it seemed she searched for someone who understood her roller-coaster of feelings. At times, she felt like no one understood the pain and fear she was feeling. She like many, did seek professional help and encourages others to as well. It can be a wonderful experience to expedite the healing process. Although her marriage was broken all to pieces, she was not going to let the divorce break her. Tasher has dyslexia yet always enjoyed writing and decided to share with others the things she learned while rebuilding her life. The logo for the websites inspiration was a set of broken pilot wings (her ex-husband is a pilot). After healing was accomplished, Tasher quickly discovered that single life was very different from all those years ago. One case in point is dating; there was not an internet back then, and cell phones didn?t exist. Like many, she initially was scared but being a smart businessperson she set up a plan of how to date yet continue to keep her and family safe. The desire in creating the website, Divorced and Scare NO More, was to try and help others help themselves through shared experiences. She knew many experienced some of the pain and sorrow she had felt, and believed that together people can learn and share to reduce the fear and anxiety of our lives.

After healing was accomplished, Tasher quickly discovered that single life was very different from all those years ago. One case in point is dating; there was not an internet back then, and cell phones didn?t exist. Like many, she initially was scared but being a smart businessperson she set up a plan of how to date yet continue to keep her and family safe. The desire in creating the website, Divorced and Scare NO More, was to try and help others help themselves through shared experiences. She knew many experienced some of the pain and sorrow she had felt, and believed that together people can learn and share to reduce the fear and anxiety of our lives. The launch of Divorced and Scared No More.com was November 2012 (Tasher ?s 50+ Birthday) and quickly received a worldwide following. As she started sharing her experiences, others in-turn shared some of their stories. Many have allowed her to share those experiences, but out of respect for their privacy, some of the information has been changed. The intent of the site is for people to share only what they are comfortable with, without fear of reprisals. Tasher as well as all contributors on the website share because they have ?been there and done that? and understands how it FEELS. This is a shining example of how people have taken the lemons they were given and turned them into a Zesty Lemon Sorbet. Her view is for people to take the ideas and either accept or reject them to fit in their personal situation. No two people will have identical situations, but in time, her hope is that our shared experiences will guide others through this time in their life with the least amount of trepidation.



SEENMOVIESSUCHAS:Sweet Charity,Oklahoma, Camelot,Pippin,Not NowDarling, AChorusLine, Grease,OnGoldenPondAFunnyThingHappened ontheWaytotheForum,Best LittleWhorehouse inTexas,Wonderful Town,Grease,West Side Story,Sugar Babies,
















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Women Who Rock with Success  

Women Who Rock with Success is a media broadcasting for professional and entrepreneurial women. Women have opportunities to network with pro...

Women Who Rock with Success  

Women Who Rock with Success is a media broadcasting for professional and entrepreneurial women. Women have opportunities to network with pro...

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