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by Jessica Cor din g

One thing I love about being part of the Recipe ReDux is how it pushes me to try new things. This month?s theme of small-bite desserts was fun to brainstorm. I?m not a big dessert person, and I?ve blogged extensively on here about my ineptitude and chem lab PTSD with baked goods, so the challenge is good! These mini chocolate cheesecakes feature a no-bake chocolate oatmeal cookie crust and a chocolate peanut butter drizzle. You don?t even have to turn on your oven. Enjoy them frozen or allow them to thaw a little? delicious either way. The small serving size is the perfect little taste of something sweet.

Ingredients: 1/3 cup semi-sweet or dark chocolate chips1/4 cup nut butter of your choice1/3 cup oats1/2 cup cottage cheese3/4 cup plain Greek yogurt2 tablespoons coconut flour 1 tablespoon cocoa powder 1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract 1 teaspoon sweetener of choice Additional chocolate and peanut butter chips for drizzle Directions: To make crust, melt chocolate by microwaving in a small glass bowl and stirring every 30 seconds (should take 1-2 minutes total). Mix oats and nut butter in with melted chocolate to form a batter. Spoon into 6 cupcake liners and flatten. Place filled cupcake liners in the fridge to harden. Meanwhile, make the cheesecake by blending together cottage cheese, Greek yogurt, coconut flour, cocoa powder, vanilla, and sweetener in a food processor. Divide cheesecake mixture between crusts. Place back in the fridge or freezer to firm up. To make drizzle, melt chocolate and peanut butter chips in separate small dishes. Drizzle over mini cheesecakes. Place back in the fridge or freezer until ready to serve. Makes 6 mini cheesecakes



By Daw n Dr ibble Customer Experience is of paramount importance in the digital age. Businesses and companies of all sizes and types need to not only be aware of, and reactive to the technologies and platforms that connect them to their customers but the way in which they use them as well. How a business chooses to respond to their customers is as important as the speed with which they do so. Word of mouth is no longer limited to between one individual and another ? with the advances in mobile technology, social media platforms and the rise of bespoke customer review sites, a single customer can make their opinion known on a global scale. Positive reviews and feedback are, of course, a great indicator of how well your product or service is doing ? the comments generated are generally targeted, focused, and encourage both brand awareness and a consumer confidence that costs the company nothing to generate.

Some companies choose to purchase reviews or feedback, but this can be a double-edged sword ? if done successfully, consumer confidence is boosted and sales may increase. However, if the target audience doubts the authenticity of these reviews, they will generally lose confidence in not just the product but the overall brand as well, branding the reviews ?fake?and untrustworthy. Paid reviews, generally, are treated by the public with contempt as they distort and undermine their efforts to ensure they are getting the best possible product or service.

ensure that the potential customer receives the most up to date and correct information ? monitoring these channels can increase sales and brand confidence by reassuring your customers that your company is aware of their issues or questions, and is active in engaging with them.

comments when making their decision.

There are some individuals or companies that take an aggressive approach with their customers ? declaring that the individual is either wrong, somehow to blame, or occasionally both. Due to the viral nature of the internet, aggressively handled feedback tends to reach the public How t o Deal w it h consciousness very quickly Negat ive Feedback and can do a great deal of Unfortunately, negative lasting damage in a very feedback or reviews is a short space of time. In some cases, this aggressive fact of life whether it is approach can see a deserved or not. How you choose to deal with temporary increase in sales, especially for a service (such this is probably more important than how you as restaurants or places people can visit), as amused interact with happy customers; it is, after all, readers want to test the validity of the claims and a fact that more Many sites that offer become part of the discussion and reviews also allow experience. However, this is commentary is consumers to ask generated by a negative only in the short term and questions regarding the experience than by a these individuals will not products or services positive one; and many generally become repeat available. Being aware of people when reviewing customers, nor will they aid such sites, and in restoring a damaged an item or service will answering these assess these low ranked reputation. questions yourself, can

When a new or more interesting topic becomes the latest trend, all that is left is a lasting impression of negativity and aversion, something that can be difficult to dispel even after time or with the expense of an image change. However, this is only in the short term and these individuals will not generally become repeat customers, nor will they aid in restoring a damaged reputation. When a new or more interesting topic becomes the latest trend, all that is left is a lasting impression of negativity and aversion, something that can be difficult to dispel even after time or with the expense of an image change. Handling this sort of situation with good grace and good humour can often achieve this same short-term boost in popularity without the damaging after-effects, leaving the company with a reputation for being approachable, human and trustworthy ? valuable traits that money simply can?t buy. Cu st om er Exper ien ce So be it positive or negative, feedback and reviews across the vast number of digital platforms available, have brought the

consumer closer than ever before. With the right social media management, companies and individuals can harness this incredible resource and use it not only to increase brand awareness, consumer trust and engagement but also as a way of gauging reaction to company policies and advertising campaigns, identifying customer demographics and ensuring that developments made are worthwhile and will be well received. As an increasing number of consumers turn to reviews and interactive platforms for their information, it is more important than ever to ensure that you have a firm grasp of not only your social media management but your approach in how you interact with people when the world is watching.

Collabor at ion m ak es it h appen : Th e f ive (5) m yt h s you m u st dism iss t o ach ieve su ccess by Carla Williams -Johnson

Collaboration is the Currency of Entrepreneurship When I first heard that phrase I almost fell out of my seat. My mentor spoke about this in an event I attended recently and those were the exact words she used. This is because in order to really grow your business you need to join forces with persons who are on the same mission as you. In last week?s blog post I spoke about the different types of reach: Organic, Paid and Partnership (just think of O.P.P * yeah you know me!!* ), but today I want to really expand on partnership and dispel some of the myths surrounding this.

M YTH #1: People will steal your ideas The truth is that there are no new ideas under the sun, but it is how you execute it that makes the difference. Once you find a team of individual who are aligned with your values and are working towards a common goal then there is no chance of something like this happening. Take the time to get to know the people who you are partnering with and ensure that they are on the same mission as you are.

M YTH #2: Some persons will get more credit than others Keep in mind when embarking on collaboration or a sponsorship deal, the relationship must be mutually beneficial and must address the benefits each person will receive when working with the team. Ensure that there are contracts drafted up so that gains (and losses) are equally shared.

M YTH #3: Collaborating with persons in the same industry doesn?t make sense

or your business and create packages to serve your customers. M YTH #4: Collaborating with the competition doesn?t make sense If you can offer something that your competition can?t then it makes perfect sense. Similar to the myth #3 people want get everything they need in one place, therefore if you partner with a competing entrepreneur and offer something to their clients that they cannot then it works well for both parties. In cases like this, one entrepreneur will outsource the expertise of another to satisfy the needs of the customers. M YTH #5: I don?t need to collaborate, I can do it all myself This is possible but it will take you longer and the journey that much harder to get seen by your ideal customers. Plus working as a team helps you brainstorm ideas better and get appropriate feedback.

Collaborating with other business owners and entrepreneurs is really one of the best ways to get you noticed sooner, quicker and faster. Pool your resources and continue to look for innovative ways to truly connect with your target audience Want to learn more? Then join my free and private Facebook group The New SMS: Strategic Marketing Specialists where you can join forces with other business owners just like you who are ready to take over the world. Just follow the link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/thenewsms/ Plus feel free to head over to www.carlimedia.com to book your consultation where we can go through how promote your business the right way.

6 Ways To Hel p Your PR Company Get You Resul ts

by Kat e Har r ison

The Public Relations Society of America defines PR as ?a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics.? In other words, PR is marketing that builds credibility. There are a lot of ways to get free PR for your startup, but publicists have spent years building up media contacts and pitching skills that you cannot replicate on your own. For Startups, especially ones trying to raise money, the value of good PR cannot be underestimated. Even if your budget is tight, hiring a good firm (for at least six months) can be the difference between barely scraping by and hitting it big. But PR is a bit like

cooking ? even the best chef can only do so much with bad ingredients. If you want your PR firm to succeed, you need to help them. Paula Conway is president of Astonish Media Group , a PR firm based in New York City. Astonish works with big companies (e.g. American Airlines) and startups (e.g. FITWEEK) alike, and has gotten impressive PR results for both. Here are her top tips for helping you get the results you are paying for. 1. Sh ar e New s Ear ly Tell your PR firm of any branding changes, news, partnerships, or announcements ahead of time. Don't just spring news on them a week or two before something is about to happen and then expect them to get you in the New York

Times. Lead-time is critical with media, so give your firm the time they need to craft the messaging and broadcast that messaging. Remember that print publications often work six months out. 2. Con su lt Wit h You r Fir m On Br an din g Decision s

Get your firm?s input on any major changes to the company?s name, branding or market positioning. "We had a client who decided after we had landed him quite a bit of press to up and change the name of his company, and introduce the new brand. It confused the media and ultimately, because they became suspicious of the sudden branding shift, he lost some high profile press opportunities.?

3. M ak e Tim e To Talk

Make your team members available for regular check ins and for media inquiries. If the CEO is going to be the spokesperson, he or she needs to be available to the media within a reasonable time-frame (24-48 hours). If the CEO is just too busy, find someone within the company who will make a great spokesperson who has the time to cultivate the media relationships. These relationships are critical to your company?s future and brand trust with the press. PR is not something you can just hand off. It takes work and time to be successful.

Paula Conway, President of Astonish Media 4. Be Pat ien t Don't put unreasonable demands on your PR firm. Expecting them to pick up the phone and have you in the Wall Street Journal within a week because you have a great story is not reasonable.

Even if your PR firm as the best contacts, they need to reach out to their contacts with a measured approach to ensure that the message is well communicated and that your brand is presented in the best possible light. You also need to allow time for your company to gain trust with the media and this simply does not happen overnight. Paula recommends you contract a firm for a minimum of six months, and ideally a year, to start seeing results. 5. List en . Take your PR firm?s counsel. Remember, good press is IRREPLACEABLE and is the most valuable objective advertising your company or brand can ever receive. The good will it will buy you will live on beyond the moment of sales and pay you back in many different ways. Trust your firm to know when it is the right or wrong time to strike out with a message or new product launch. 6. Be Cr eat ive. Give your firm good stories. If your company is doing interesting things, share that with your PR firm. Have more conference calls, or invite them in to meet with your staff and learn more about the creative things your company has to offer. Good stories and interesting angles are what get an editor 's attention. You cannot pitch the same thing over and over again, your PR firm needs you to help them think outside the box to help get you more placements.

As Theresa Roemer (an expert in business philanthropy who is one of Astonish?s clients) summarized, "Having been through multiple PR firms and having made many mistakes along the way, I learned that you, the client, are as much

responsible for the PR as the publicist. You need to communicate your goals, share information, and make yourself and your team members available. Otherwise, you're spending money in a vacuum. If you do not work alongside your PR firm and lay out your objectives and expectations, you cannot expect them to be met.?

I am a st ar t u p m ar k et in g exper t w it h a passion

f or eco-f r ien dly br an din g, su st ain able pr odu ct developm en t , m er ch an disin g, an d act ion able con t en t . I specialize in h elpin g sm all scr appy com pan ies an d n on -pr of it s con n ect w it h eco-con sciou s con su m er s w h ile in cr easin g t h eir bot t om lin es.

Gisela Bou vier

h t t p:/ / w w w.bn u t r it ion an dw elln ess.com

Regina Robinson is an Award Winning Global Speaker, Amazon Best Selling Author, and Inner Confidence Strategist who is widely known for engaging, motivating, and equipping women with the tools to unlock their inner confidence and become unstoppable women. She is widely known for engaging, motivating, an inspiring her audiences as she combines genuine inspiration, laughter, and practical principles to empower women to take immediate action in their lives, businesses, and careers. After years of teaching, consulting, and coaching in the educational field, Regina built a platform where she provides education, strategies, and accountability for women who are ready to show-up in their

authentic power as they increase credibility, visibility, and confidence. She supports women in discovering, articulating, and mastering their uniqueness as they position themselves to confidently move from start to finish in their life, business, and career. Regina has received numerous awards and recognition for her work, including the? · 2017 Of f icial M em ber of For bes Coach es Cou n cil · 2017 SCORE & SBA ?Clien t of t h e Year ? M ar ylan d? Aw ar d ·

2017 WEF ?Icon ic Wom an Cr eat in g A Bet t er Wor ld For All? Aw ar d


2017 Am azon Best Sellin g Au t h or " Win n in g t h e Gam e of College Adm ission s"

w w w.r egin ar obin son speak s.com


2017 Am azon Best Sellin g Au t h or - Book Collabor at ion " Per m ission To Win"

· 2017 Am azon Best Sellin g Au t h or - Book Collabor at ion - " Fit n ess Sh if t " · 2016 Pu blish ed Au t h or - " Fear lessly St r u t t in g In You r Con f iden ce" · 2015 PTIO " Wom an Legacy Bu ilder " Aw ar d · 2008 NFTE "National Teacher of the Year " Award She has been featured as a cover story and spotlighted in a number of magazines and appeared as a featured guest on a host of radio shows. Her message is so powerful and impactful; women?s conferences, churches, organizations, and corporations continue to bring her back for Keynotes, Break-out Sessions, Panels, and workshops.

Why Aren't There More Women Entrepreneurs? by Hilar y You n g When I first thought about the idea of launching my own business, I doubted myself. It wasn't my business idea that I doubted, it was my ability to actually run the day-to-day operations successfully. Having been a creative person my entire life, I just had never really thought of myself as being business minded. In retrospect, of course, those fears seem completely irrational.

But many women seem to also suffer from a crisis of confidence when it comes to going out on their own in the business world. And the more I thought about my own story, the more I realized that I didn't have any female entrepreneur role models in my life to set an example for me. My father is a small business owner and my mother was a stay-at-home mom. Most of my friends growing up also had stay-at-home moms, and the ones who did work were teachers or real estate agents.

What is more interesting to me now, however, is that a good number of my girlfriends currently run their own businesses:

Courtney is a successful speech pathologist and owns Communication Clubhouse for kids in NYC Amanda, a personal trainer, now runs a pretty extensive wellness operation through Amanda Rose Wellness Fallyn launched a conscious handbag company, Smith & Starr, after noticing a void in the marketplace Sam is a phenomenal makeup artist and all-around hustler who recently relocated Samantha Klein Makeup out to Los Angeles Lauren is a podiatrist in South Florida who runs her own podiatry practice, the aptly named Zipes Podiatry Bethany is a wonderful photographer and launched DOLA Photography out of her apartment a few years ago Despite not seeing our mothers launch businesses in our youth, so many of us have chosen that path in adulthood. And many of us are now mothers, trying to set a good example for our children. With so many strong and like-minded businesswomen in my life, I have been lucky to have such a strong support network. But many other women across the country are not as lucky.

Roadblock s f or Wom en En t r epr en eu r s The New York Times' data-driven platform, The Upshot, recently published an article entitled, "Why Women Don't See Themselves As Entrepreneurs," which lays bare some interesting facts about why more women aren't starting and running their own businesses. The article states that although women comprise nearly half of the labor force in the United States, they only own 36 percent of companies. And of those 36 percent, the women business owners are "half as likely as male founders to employ anyone other than themselves, and they generally earn less in revenue."

Bu t w h y? M en M en t or an d Su ppor t Ot h er M en They attribute this, in part, to the fact that since there are more male business owners and entrepreneurs, the men are more likely to mentor and support other men, something that social scientists apparently refer to as "homophily," or "love of the same."

Lack of Wom en Role M odels This theory is further backed by data. The NYT article found that "research shows that women around the world are less likely to consider entrepreneurship as a career path, largely because they don?t see other women entrepreneurs as role models."

Wom en Ar e Lef t Ou t of Fin an cial Net w or k s Financing networks, which are predominately run by men (91 percent of venture capitalists are male!), often are referral-based, which keeps women out of the loop. Susan Coleman, a business professor at the University of Hartford and a co-author of a Third Way think tank report told the New York Times: ?Women are just outside of those established networks, and if you?re outside the networks, you don?t get the knowledge, you don?t get the opportunities, you don?t get the contacts and you don?t get the funding."

Wh en Wom en Su cceed, Ever yon e Win s The good news is that the reason women are not launching their own businesses has nothing to do with brains or talent. On the contrary, women are outpacing men when it comes to college degrees. A study from Harvard School of Public Health found that "women earn 57 percent of bachelor ?s degrees, over 62 percent of master ?s degrees, and 53 percent of degrees such as PhDs, medical degrees, and law degrees in the United States." But then they are getting jobs in a market where they are underrepresented in leadership roles across the board.

But when women are in positions of power, companies typically perform better. The Harvard study found that "when Fortune-500 companies were ranked by the number of women directors on their boards, those in the highest quartile in 2009 reported a 42 percent greater return on sales and a 53 percent higher return on equity than the rest."

Pr ovidin g Th e Su ppor t You Need To Th r ive If you already own your own business or have been thinking about starting a business, I want to help you. I offer business coaching services exclusively for women in order to help you build your network, boost your confidence and have all the tools you need for your brand to thrive. Sometimes, as a woman, all you need is a little more support for you to be able to go out and set the world on fire.

No matter what we do, or how we do it, our success is highly effected by the people around us. Unfortunately, it is much too easy to fall into the trap of simply accepting and delegating tasks or demands to and from our clients, customers, co-workers and superiors. While it?s important to know what is required or expected of you, and deliver upon those expectations, business relationships are much more prosperous if they are treated as business partnerships.

Here are just a few ways to break loose and get started building strong business partnerships. St ar t Of f On Th e Righ t Foot It is important to remember that from the very moment you first meet someone, you begin to set the stage for how they will treat you. Regardless of the circumstance, or your position, consider whoever you are dealing with as a partner.

b y Ch r ist y

M ar t in

If you act inferior, compliant, or passive, then that is how you will be treated. Be bold, speak up and demand respect by respecting others; treat others as you want to be treated. While the business world can have a bad reputation for being filled with selfish jerks racing their way to the top, remember that the majority of your clients and co-workers are genuinely good people. Give them the opportunity to treat you as an equal. From the beginning, be careful to not place yourself as superior or inferior to anyone with whom you do business. ?I speak to everyone in the same way, whether he is the garbage man or the president of the university.? ? Albert Einstein

Don?t Accept Relat ion sh ips As Th ey Ar e Unfortunately, most people become complacent in their business relationships. They make the decision to sit back and accept the relationship as it is, even if they aren?t happy or it isn?t where they want it to be. Maybe you are already positioned as inferior in the workplace, or in a business relationship. Don?t worry, you?re not stuck! There are still ways to turn things around and develop the type of relationship you want.

Here are 3 things to start doing now to turn your business relationships into partnerships:

List en . Make an effort to truly understand your partner ?s goals, both long and short term. The more you listen with an open mind, the better you understand. Use this information to contribute thoughts and ideas to help your partner reach these goals. Be confident with what you bring to the table? and bring it! You may be surprised by how your ideas are valued.

Speak Up! If you are used to being in a more inferior position, and want to be able to contribute more or have more pull in decision-making, then be vocal about it. So, explain that you desire to build a business partnership; you can?t expect to receive what you do not ask for. Sh ow Vu ln er abilit y By Tak in g Risk s An d M ak in g Sacr if ices. Because partnerships are all about reciprocation and working towards the same goals together, lead by example. Successful partnerships involve being willing to take risks and make sacrifices to help out their partners. By doing so, you demonstrate your commitment to the partnership, inspiring reciprocation. ?You will be what you decide to be, nothing less, nothing more.? ? Alan Weiss

Com m u n icat e It?s no secret the best relationships are built on a solid foundation of clear, honest and respectful communication. If you want to build strong business partnerships, you must learn the art of excellent communication. Be honest and open with your partners, understand their strengths and pain-points, and be honest with yourself about your own. This takes practice, and requires work at getting to know how to effectively communicate with each partner individually. Because a big part of communicating is accepting and giving tactful feedback, you must be brave enough to suggest areas where your partners can improve. Depending on the individual you are dealing with, you may have to approach this in unique or distinctive ways. This becomes more clear as you get to know these people on a deep and personal level.

It is also important to encourage constructive criticism back from your partners. Not only does this avoid you being perceived a ?know-it-all,?but it provides you with the information you need to learn and grow.

What?s more, the better you know where you all stand with each other and within the business, the stronger your relationship will be. ?To effectively communicate, we must realize that we are all different in the way we perceive the world and use this understanding as a guide to our communication with others.? ? Tony Robbins

Ben ef it s Of Par t n er sh ip St at u s

Having strong business partnerships results in numerous benefits. Partnerships build trust. When you work in an environment of open, honest individuals you trust, it develops a sort of determination. When you know your partners have your back, you are able to speak up and assert your ideas with confidence. You work together as a team towards a common goal, and combine your skills and knowledge. This maximizes your potential to achieve your objectives and become successful together. Equal partnerships provide new opportunities to meet people and expand your business network. When you trust each other, there is no fear of losing a job or service by introducing each other to individuals outside of your organization who may be able to help you. Creating strong business partnerships is an unending process which requires endurance, consistency and determination. Practice relationship-building regularly, and be conscious to keep your own attitude and behavior in check. At Thrive, we believe in doing business with honesty, integrity and a sincere heart for others. We strive to operate as an extension of your business by making your goals our goals. Contact us today to learn about how we can work together with you to achieve your business goals.


by Ju lia An gelen

To m e, ever yt h in g you say an d ever yt h in g you do is PR. Below is an over view of t h e t ypes of pr ogr am s an d in it iat ive pu blic r elat ion s pr of ession als m an age:

: : Accelerating messages to employees,

customers, investors, or the general public. :: Attracting target audiences, such as customers, investors, media or elected officials. :: Con su lt in g on gover n m en t af f air s f or pr ivat e or gan izat ion s an d pu blic agen cies. :: Coordinating collateral for trade shows, events or sales marketing. :: Cou n selin g or gan izat ion al leader s, execu t ives or Boar d m em ber s. :: Cr eat in g n ew slet t er s, em ail m ar k et in g, an d on lin e con t en t . :: Defining and managing the creation of social networks, social media, and blogs :: Developing planned programs to serve both the organization and the public interest. :: Dir ect in g con f er en ces, f u n d r aisin g even t s, t r ade sh ow s or w or k sh ops :: Evaluating and measuring current public relations tactics. :: Facilit at in g in t er view s w it h m edia in f lu en cer 's an d jou r n alist s. :: Furnishing written marketing and PR pieces.

:: Guiding visitor relations or implementing community relations plans. :: Improving a person or an organization?s public image. :: Managing media relations, promotion and publicity. :: Mentoring and training executives on public speaking and presentations. :: Organizing publicity events, press conferences, and photo opportunities. :: Promoting books and other published works. :: Providing crisis management advice and action plans. :: Recommending comprehensive strategies to ensure appropriate audiences are reached. :: Shaping an organization?s functions of communication. :: Supervising direct communications such as print and e-newsletters. :: Targeting audiences including the use of surveys. :: Training teams in customer relations.

:: Working with human resources on employee relations. :: Writing speeches for constituent groups and professional organizations. w w w.zgr ou ppr .com

Even If You Wor k Of f -Hou r s, Don?t Em ail Du r in g Of f -Hou r s

by Lor r ie Th om as-Ross



the biggest no-no?s a web-based business owner can make is shooting off work-related emails during the work week after business hours or on weekends. When you show that you are online work nights and weekends, you set a?wantapreneur ? tone to clients and contacts.

hours really wrong tone.

sets the working off-hours was not ideal, I had to team Here?s how to solve the at the time and I needed ?I?m working late or to deliver great work so I off-hours and have did what it took. The emails to send? solution. biggest mistake I made A.) Keep your emails in was not waiting until drafts and wait to hit business hours to hit ?send? on emails written send until work hours. when I was working B) Use Boomerang. It?s off-hours. When I did an app that has become this, my messages often the one of the top got lost in client?s business tools the Wild inboxes (which made Web Women team can?t more follow up work on live without. my end) and worse, it We LOVE Boomerang showed my clients and because you can write business contacts that I emails and send at a was accessible 24/7. later date, file messages Retraining my clients to until you need them and only expect me to reply return emails if no one during office hours took replies. time. I really regret setting

We know one of the beauties of web-based business is the flexible schedule. And we know that some web-based business people work better at night or on weekends when it?s quiet? .(myself included sometimes!) When I started my digital How ever , w h en you marketing agency in sh ow t h at you ar e 2005, I worked part time w or k in g w h en t h e (as in TWELVE hours a m ajor it y of t h e day!) to get things going. bu sin ess w or ld is n ot , I was traveling, speaking, you discr edit you r self . in client meetings by day Successful web-based and doing the actual business entrepreneurs web marketing work work a healthy schedule. when I was back in the While wild web work life office and sometimes isn?t always 9-5, the only quiet times messaging clients or were at night or on the While business contact at odd weekends.

that tone when I started, but I learned a tough lesson and don?t want to see you wild web women repeat it! Own your worth, work the schedule that works for you, but set a professional tone. Working hard does not mean working all the time! Virtual web-based business hugs,

by Rach ael You n g Laugh more! Nothing is the definition of pure, vibrant happiness more than uncontrolled laughter! What brought on your most recent bout of laughter? As you think back, do you catch yourself smiling? We hope so! Laughter is one of the fastest, most effective ways to bring yourself to a state of bliss. It carries a powerful unspoken message that says, ?everything is going to ok.? This message resonates at such a deep level it provides us the power to heal, to comfort, to overcome fears, and to reduce stress. NEXT TIM E YOU CATCH YOURSELF FEELING BLUE, TRY ONE OF THESE 7 WAYS TO LAUGH JUST A LITTLE BIT

M ORE: Read a silly jokeWatch a funny video onlineSing a happy songListen to a comedianRemember funny moments from your pastSurround yourself with funny peopleInteract with joyful children Once you?ve found your bliss, you will have the power to spread this positivity to others. The language of laughter is universal so don?t hold back. The more we share, the more we will receive, and the more we practice laughing, the better we will become at it. Interested in adding a bit more laughter to your mind-body-spirit wellness plan? Check out our retreats in Costa Rica (pictured below) and our Golf & Yoga retreat in Mt. Washington!


Have you ever w ok en u p on a M on day m or n in g an d ju st f elt lik e you r body is a lit t le m or e bloat ed, f at igu ed, an d let h ar gic t h an u su al? Wh en t h is h appen s, it can be easy t o get in you r h ead an d let t h in gs "spin ou t ." M ean in g, layer in g h igh -salt , h igh -su gar an d h igh -f at f oods on t op of t h ose f eelin gs, alon g w it h t oo m u ch caf f ein e an d n ot en ou gh w at er . And maybe some

Now , you all k n ow I'm n ot a f an of diet in g, or pu t t in g cr azy r est r ict ion s on f ood an d exer cise ch oices. I'm 100% in su ppor t of doin g w h at f eels good t o you r body, an d som et im es w e ju st n eed t o let ou r h air dow n an d en joy lif e! Th er e's n o n eed t o beat you r self u p f or h avin g an in du lgen t w eek en d. Bu t m ost of t h e t im e, even if you 'r e f eelin g a lit t le of f you r gam e af t er all t h at en joym en t , you r body is scr eam in g f or w at er , sleep, lovin g f or m s of m ovem en t , an d lot s of n u t r ien t -den se f r u it s, veget ables, an d pr ot ein ! M y t r ick f or t appin g in t o w h at m y body n eeds af t er a w eek en d lik e t h e on e I've h ad in M iam i is t o ju st sit in silen ce f or a f ew m in u t es an d let m y body an d m y m in d r est . Du r in g t h at t im e, I t r y t o t ak e in ven t or y of h ow I'm f eelin g--t h ir st y? Hu n gr y? Sor e?

Tir ed? Based on t h e f eelin gs t h at I iden t if y, I look at m y calen dar an d t r y t o sch edu le t im e t o addr ess all t h e n eeds t h at m y body is m ak in g m e aw ar e of . Th ir st y? I m ak e su r e I leave som e r em in der s ar ou n d f or m yself t o get h ydr at ed, an d k eep m y f avor it e w at er bot t le on h an d. Hu n gr y? I sch edu le t im e t o st op by t h e m ar k et an d st ock u p on h ealt h y f ood f or t h e w eek . Sor e? I book m y f avor it e yoga class t o lim ber u p. Tir ed? I set an alar m f or an ear ly bed t im e f or t h e n ext f ew n igh t s. Wit h a t in y bit of plan n in g, you can f igu r e ou t a f ew w ays t o t ak e t h e best possible car e of you r body r at h er t h an let t in g you r self spin ou t w it h u n h ealt h y h abit s. You r body w ill t h an k you f or it !

One of the most special days in any woman?s life has to be her wedding day. We choose our bridesmaids, pick our color scheme and we?ve even been fantasizing about Prince Charming from the time we could walk. For some of us, all roads lead to the most magical day of our lives? the day we say, ?I do.? A br ide?s w eddin g day is t h e per f ect occasion t o sh in e. Of cou r se, sh e w an t s t o look gor geou s bu t sh e also w an t s t o be r adian t , con f iden t , sexy an d dem u r e. Rem em ber , all eyes ar e on t h e br ide on t h is ver y special day, an d it ?s im por t an t f or h er t o exu de con f iden ce w it h ou t a w or r y in t h e w or ld. Th is beau t y w ill be capt u r ed in m em or ies an d ph ot ogr aph s t h at w ill last a lif et im e. How t o pr epar e f or you r w eddin g w it h as lit t le st r ess as possible Plan ah ead Th e m or n in g of t h e w eddin g is n ot t h e best t im e t o st ar t exper im en t in g w it h h air , m ak eu p, n ail polish ? an yt h in g. Keep t h in gs sim ple an d close t o you r per son al com f or t zon e. Th in k classic, n ot t r en dy. By plan n in g you r look w ell in advan ce of t h e w eddin g, you w ill su r ely elim in at e u n n ecessar y st r ess an d look f abu lou s as a r esu lt .

Pr act ice m ak es per f ect Pr act ice w ear in g dif f er en t h air st yles t h at com plem en t you r dr ess an d you r veil. Th in k abou t t h e ph ot os you w ish t o h ave, an d also t h in k abou t look in g back at you r w eddin g albu m 20 year s f r om n ow. Will you say, ?Aw w , look h ow cu t e w e w er e?? Or w ill you say, ?Oh , m y gosh ??w h at w er e w e t h in k in g??

A f ew w eddin g day beau t y t ips Get you r h air t r im m ed t o elim in at e an y split en ds or f r izzies, w h ich w ill k eep you r h air look in g polish ed an d sm oot h . Do an y t r im m in g or cu t t in g abou t 2-3 w eek s bef or e t h e w eddin g so it look s com plet ely f r esh an d n at u r al.

Wash you r h air t h e day bef or e?

a h air accessor y or qu ick ch an ge u p f or t h e r ecept ion .

n ot on t h e m or n in g of you r w eddin g. Th e ext r a oils an d pr odu ct t h at ar e lef t lin ger in g in you r h air on ly h elp you r st yle (especially you r cu r ls) st ay pu t an d last lon ger . Wh en h air is f r esh ly clean , it w on?t h old a st yle as lon g.

Flaw less sk in f or t h e big day

If t im e an d bu dget per m it , h ir e a pr of ession al h air st ylist f or t h e day. M eet w it h t h e st ylist a w eek or t w o pr ior t o t h e w eddin g f or a pr act ice r u n , an d don?t f or get t o br in g you r veil w it h you an d even a ph ot o of you r gow n . Tak e pict u r es of you r h air du r in g t h e pr act ice r u n so you can see w h at you w ill look lik e f r om all an gles. You m ay see an oppor t u n it y t o add

No m at t er w h at you r sk in car e pr act ices h ave been u n t il n ow , as t h e w eddin g appr oach es you can n ot go t o bed w it h ou t t h or ou gh ly clean sin g you r sk in . All t r aces of m ak eu p, especially m ascar a, m u st be r em oved at bedt im e. On e n igh t of sleep w it h m ak eu p on you r f ace can leave you r sk in look in g du ll, dr y an d, w ell, ju st n ot h ealt h y. So, get a good clean sin g u sin g w ar m w at er w it h a f acial clean ser as you r f ir st st ep t ow ar ds r adian t sk in .

M oist u r e, m oist u r e an d m or e m oist u r e

don?t forget the waterproof mascara.

Skin always looks best when it?s hydrated. Never go to bed without applying a nice, rich night cream that will hydrate your skin while you sleep. In the morning after cleansing again, be sure to apply a hydrating day lotion to keep your skin soft and supple. Apply, apply and reapply. And remember, if you?re going out into the sun, be sure to use a product containing SPF to keep your skin from burning and, dare I say it, aging.

Scr u b ?t il you sh in e

Th e eyes h ave it Tears, coupled with a nervous night?s sleep and a few glasses of champagne at the reception, can really make your eyes look tired and droopy. It?s important to get the skin around your eyes in tip-top shape well before the big day. Invest in a nice firming eye gel for daytime use that helps tighten the skin around the eyes, and look for a hydrating eye cream to wear at bedtime. And whatever you do,

Exfoliating once a week leading up to the wedding is great for the skin, and it will also allow your makeup to stay on longer and look smoother and fresher. But don?t stop there. All exposed areas need to be scrubbed. Arms, elbows, knees, feet, legs, you name it. With a good exfoliation followed by a great moisturizer, your skin will be soft, smooth and kissable well into the honeymoon. Ch oose t h e r igh t m ak eu p If a professional makeup artist isn?t in the budget, then just do a bit of investigating. Flip through bridal and fashion magazines, and look online for pictures. Or, go to the makeup counter and get a free makeover. Look for softer, more natural color pallets and try to avoid the dark, bolder colors. The cosmetic counter consultants can demonstrate for you exactly how to apply the products for the best look. Be sure to bring along your bridesmaids and make a fun day out of it.

Som e

f in al qu ick beau t y t ips f or you r w eddin g day Pack a ?qu ick f ix? bag f or t h e r ecept ion . Be su r e t o br in g alon g som e t ou ch -u p m ak eu p, n ail polish in you r sh ade of t h e day, deodor an t , m in t s f or qu ick br eat h f r esh en in g, an d even a pair of com f y sh oes or an ext r a pair of n ylon s in case you get a r u n . Pack an yt h in g you can t h in k of t h at can h elp r edu ce an y last m in u t e w or r y or st r ess t o h elp k eep you r per f ect day on t r ack . Relax an d en joy Leadin g u p t o t h e big day, br ide an d gr oom can en gage in som e cou ples act ivit ies t o r elax. Th in k abou t get t in g a cou ple?s m assage, or ju st sim ply spen d som e qu alit y t im e w it h each ot h er over a qu iet din n er at h om e, or t ak e t h e t im e t o w at ch an d lau gh at an old m ovie. St ayin g r elaxed an d calm du r in g su ch a st r essf u l t im e w ill in cr ease t h e bon d f or a cou ple? an d it can on ly m ak e t h e en t ir e exper ien ce, f r om st ar t t o f in ish , even m or e m em or able. At t h e en d of t h e day, you r w eddin g w ill be som et h in g t h at you ?ll n ever , ever f or get . You ?ll be su r r ou n ded by f am ily an d f r ien ds, an d you ?ll be exch an gin g vow s w it h t h e love of you r lif e. By pr epar in g in advan ce an d an t icipat in g an y issu es t h at m ay ar ise, t h e day w ill go as sm oot h ly as possible.

Women Who Rock with Success: Gloria Rand was a special guest on our Women Who Rock with Success podcast in 2014. She has made a major impact around the globe for entrepreneurs and business owners in the Internet Marketing world. We want to see what Gloria has been up to for business. Women Who Rock with Success: Tell us about Gloria

Gloria: I am an award-winning SEO blogger, certified high performance speaker and owner of Web to Wealth Marketing. As an internationally known leading expert in internet marketing, I develop innovative programs that enable small business owners and entrepreneurs to create an online presence that dramatically improves their leads and sales. I?m also the author of ?Ready, Set, Engage? Marketing with Facebook Timeline,? and a Contributing Author to the #1 best-selling book, ?Connect: 100 + Mind-Blowing Strategies to Use Social Media and Drive Business Growth.?

Bef or e lau n ch in g m y m ar k et in g bu sin ess, I ser ved as a w r it er an d pr odu cer f or pu blic t elevision?s ?Nigh t ly Bu sin ess Repor t .? Du r in g m y 13-year car eer w it h NBR, I developed excellen t w r it in g sk ills an d t h e in s an d ou t s of TV pr odu ct ion , w h ich I?ve been able t o pu t t o good u se as a copyw r it er an d video m ar k et er . I?m pr ou d t o h ave been n am ed t o Blogt r epr en eu r .com ?s list of Top 25 Copyw r it in g Exper t s You Sh ou ld Kn ow. I?m t h e cr eat or of t h e ?Wr it e. Sell. Su cceed? podcast an d I?ve been in t er view ed on Cen t r al Flor ida New s 13 TV abou t Facebook addict ion . I en joy edu cat in g pr of ession als abou t SEO an d social m edia m ar k et in g t h r ou gh w ebin ar s, w or k sh ops an d t elesem in ar s. I h ave spok en t o n u m er ou s gr ou ps in clu din g Pow er f u l You ! Lear n in g Cen t er , Social Bu zz Clu b, WOAM TEC, Wor k in g Wom en of Cen t r al Flor ida, Nat ion al Associat ion of Pr of ession al Wom en , an d t h e Nat ion al Associat ion of En t r epr en eu r s. I?ve been a br eak ou t session speak er at Am er ica?s M u lt icu lt u r al Con f er en ce & Expo f or Wom en .

Women Who Rock with Success: What compelled you to launch this awesome niche for business?

Gloria: We all hit stumbling blocks at some point in our lives, and that was certainly the case with me. I studied television production in college, so getting to work for Nightly Business Report was a dream come true. But when the recession hit, I lost my job and just like that - my dream was gone. Like so many other Americans, we went from a two-income family to one-income. This was a big problem because I had two kids that were getting ready to go off to college. So I had to reinvent myself if I wanted to help them avoid taking on a massive amount of debt to pay for their school. I made a clear choice to invest in myself. I studied copywriting, search engine optimization, and social media and started putting into practice everything that I learned to promote my own business and to help my clients promote their businesses. As a result, my life was transformed because now I?m able to share my expertise through my blog, podcast, webinars, and magazines like Women Who Rock with Success! I love helping small business owners use their website, email and social media to get more clients and more cash for their bottom lines.

Women Who Rock with Success: Wh at con cept s or n u gget s do you pr ovide f or you r clien t s w h om ar e st r u gglin g w it h visibilit y t h r ou gh in t er n et m ar k et in g?

Gloria: Con sist en cy an d Pat ien ce. Th ese ar e t h e t w o k ey con cept s I t each t o m y clien t s, n o m at t er w h at t h ey ?r e doin g on lin e. Th er e ar e so m an y w as t o be visible on lin e ? st ar t in g w it h you r w ebsit e. On e of t h e best w ays t o at t r act you r ideal clien t s is w it h a blog t h at is m ain t ain ed on a r egu lar basis. Th e blog can be w r it t en or it can be video.

Wh at m at t er s m ost is t h at t h e con t en t addr esses you r cu st om er s? w an t s an d n eeds, an d t h at you f ollow a con sist en t sch edu le t o add n ew con t en t . We?r e all cr eat u r es of h abit , so if you pu blish a n ew ar t icle or video ever y ot h er Wedn esday, f or in st an ce, you r su bscr iber s w ill com e t o expect you r con t en t on t h at day. Pat ien ce is also cr it ical w h en it com es t o social m edia m ar k et in g. M an y sm all bu sin ess ow n er s don?t u n der st an d t h at it t ak es t im e t o bu ild a f ollow in g, an d t im e t o bu ild r appor t w it h you r f ollow er s. Bu ildin g a Facebook pr esen ce an d at t r act in g f ollow er s, f or in st an ce, t ak es at least 3-6 m on t h s. An d you also h ave t o be con sist en t abou t post in g. You can?t ju st sh ar e an ar t icle, im age or video on ce or t w ice a w eek , an d t h en f or get abou t it . Set u p a sch edu le an d t h en f ollow it ! It w ill m ak e you r lif e easier , especially sh ou ld you decide t o ou t sou r ce t h e t ask t o a vir t u al assist an t or social m edia m an ager .

Con sist en cy an d pat ien ce ar e also im por t an t f or em ail m ar k et in g. M an y people t h in k em ail isn?t as im por t an t as social m edia, bu t em ail gives you an oppor t u n it y t o r each ou t dir ect ly t o you r f ollow er s. An d m or e im por t an t ly, em ail m ar k et in g dr ives m or e con ver sion s t h an an y ot h er m ar k et in g ch an n el ? in clu din g social an d sear ch (accor din g t o a r epor t by M on et at e). Sen din g an e-n ew slet t er t o you r au dien ce w it h u sef u l t ips r elat ed t o you r in du st r y is w or t h w h ile, as lon g as you do it on a con sist en t basis. Th at can be on ce a w eek , bi-w eek ly or on ce a m on t h .

Let you r au dien ce k n ow h ow of t en t o expect t h e em ails, so t h ey can look f or w ar d t o it . You n ever k n ow w h en som eon e is goin g t o be r eady t o bu y. . As lon g as you ?r e con sist en t ly sen din g ou t in f or m at ion t h ey can u se, you ?r e bu ildin g a r elat ion sh ip t h at w ill pay dividen ds dow n t h e r oad.

Tip: Include a link to your most recent blog article in your newsletter so you can get more views of the article, and track click-through rates of your email. Women Who Rock with Success: Tell u s m or e abou t you r n ew lau n ch in g ph ase; ?Web t o Wealt h Su m m it s?:

Gloria: I h eld m y f ir st Web t o Wealt h Su m m it ear lier t h is year in Cocoa Beach , Flor ida. Th is even t w as design ed t o give sm all bu sin ess ow n er s access t o pr oven st r at egies t o at t r act , en gage an d con ver t t h eir ideal pr ospect s in t o clien t s w it h clar it y, con f iden ce an d com m it m en t . At t en dees w er e pr ovided w it h t em plat es, r esou r ces an d exer cises t o h elp t h em get clear on h ow t o m ar k et t h eir pr odu ct s/ ser vices m or e ef f ect ively. On e of t h e h igh ligh t s of t h e even t f or m e an d t h e at t en dees w as a m ast er m in d. Each per son got t o be on t h e ?h ot seat ? an d pr esen t a pr oblem t h ey w er e h avin g in t h eir bu sin ess, an d t h en t h e r est of t h e gr ou p of bu sin ess ow n er s br ain st or m ed solu t ion s f or t h e per son on t h e h ot seat . I w as so pr ou d t o f acilit at e t h e pr ocess an d m ar veled at h ow ever yon e w as so w illin g t o pr ovide t ips an d r esou r ces f or each ot h er .

In f act , m ast er m in ds ar e abou t t o becom e a n ew par t of m y bu sin ess. I?m excit ed abou t lau n ch in g a m ast er m in d t h is Ju ly f or cr eat ive en t r epr en eu r s called ?Fir ed Up ? Cr eat in g Bu sin esses t h at Sizzle.? Women Who Rock with Success: Wh at t ools w ou ld you lik e t o leave f or t h e r eader s as an in it iat ive f or bu sin ess?

Gloria: I u se a var iet y of t ools in m y bu sin ess f or dif f er en t pu r poses. M y f avor it es f or cr eat in g gr aph ics f or social m edia ar e Picm on k ey an d Can va. Pixabay is gr eat r esou r ce f or r oyalt y f r ee im ages. On e of t h e ch allen ges sm all bu sin ess ow n er s h ave w it h social m edia is m an agin g it , so Hoot su it e is a gr eat r esou r ce becau se it allow s you t o sch edu le post s ah ead of t im e.

Pr obably on e of t h e best t ools I can leave you r r eader s w it h is an

edit or ial calen dar . You can set u p on e of t h ese in Excel or Google spr eadsh eet s. An edit or ial calen dar allow s you t o plan ou t t h e t opics f or you r social m edia post s, blog ar t icles, videos, et c. You can sch edu le dif f er en t t h em es f or each m on t h , f or in st an ce, an d t ak e n ot e of special h olidays or even t s t h at ar e r elevan t t o you r au dien ce. An edit or ial calen dar allow s you t o plan ah ead so you don?t h ave t o be st u ck f or an idea abou t w h at t o sh ar e on lin e.

Women Who Rock with Success: How can t h e f an s of Women Who Rock with Success con n ect w it h ?Glor ia Speak s?? Gloria: Con n ect w it h m e on Facebook , In st agr am & Tw it t er : @glor iar an d an d on You t u be: @glor iar an dvideo. Visit m y w ebsit e: glor iar an d.com .


by M ar y Car olin e Cr aig

Wh at ? You say! As a child, Fat Tuesday meant having a sugary dessert but otherwise ordinary day in our home. We often were encouraged to give up ?sweets? for lent in our Christian home. Never made it all the way through since I used ?I have a birthday in March? As a way to get SOME sweets during that time. But nonetheless it was more about SUGAR than it ever was about FAT!

Fast f or w ar d t o t oday? you ask , h ow can FAT TUESDAY becom e Ever y Day? Well it isn?t a fad, and it isn?t going away anytime soon, but Fat is all the rage. Maybe it is because we have been tricked for years, into thinking that Fat was the problem, when all along we were eating more and more sugar. Fat-Free was covering products in my kitchen, I ate margarine as a child and sugar day after day.

Wh at h appen ed? Well scientist got a lot savvier, and not as afraid of big business (well sort of) and have been sharing that fat is what we all need more of, and that sugar is what has been leading our country (and the world) down a dangerous spiraling hole. It is addictive (I should know) and creating more disease than ever before. Ever wonder why type 2 diabetes is no longer a disease of the ?old?? Children as young as 4 and 5 are being diagnosed and I blame the government for it. Subsidies for years, have driven prices down and advertising right into the hands of our children and ourselves. Okay, off my soapbox ? and back to fat!

Fat ? Well, w e n eed it ? an d obviou sly n ot t h e t r an s-f at an d h igh ly en gin eer ed var iet ies.Also, not all ?good?fats are playing equal. Keep an eye out for ?Organic? (pesticide/chemical free), ?First Cold Pressed? (so you aren?t getting the 3rd or 4th press of oil that appears cloudier and heat is often used to expel more which then compromises the nutrients within), and if possible stay clear of most vegetable oils since they can cause not only clogging in our heart, but also in the brain (think dementia, depression, anxiety).

SO, w h at k in d IS best you ask ? First Cold Pressed Avocado Oil Coconut Oil First Cold Pressed Olive Oil Avocado, seeds, nuts and more! Choose all forms organic, if possible. Wh en w e com bin e HEALTHY FAT, Fiber & Pr ot ein in on e m eal, it k eeps u s f u ll, en cou r ages f at loss, f eeds ou r br ain , an d so m u ch m or e. Will this take some time to wrap your brain around? Yes, but do

give it a try. Your HEART will thank you? take it slow and add in the good stuff daily! SO, For FAT TUESDAY an d BEYOND? t h is gir l is goin g f or it , an d I h ope you w ill t oo! Want to learn more on how to burn fat, with fat? Join me for www.TheAthleteUpgrade.com, where we tackle this head on!

w w w.livealivef it .com

We, Taylor Spellm an NEW YORK, ar e a lu xu r y in t er ior design an d st agin g f ir m . We ar e a t eam of h ar d w or k in g, n o n on sen se, f ast t alk in g w om en w h o w or k h ar der an d play t h e h ar dest . Ou r days ar e spen t r elyin g on t h e san it y w e cr eat e ou t of ou r collect ive love of sar casm an d all t h in gs design . Ou r f ear less leader , Taylor Spellm an , in spir es u s w it h h er cr eat ive gen iu s an d w e all w or k t oget h er t o t ack le t h e New Yor k Cit y r eal est at e ju n gle, day in an d day ou t . It is a lot of blood, sw eat an d t ear s t h at w e m op u p w it h a bar n apk in an d a lar ge glass of w in e at t h e en d of ever y lon g day. We love ever y secon d of it .

h t t p:/ / w w w.t aylor spellm an .com

Fou n der Ven t u r in g t o New Yor k ju st sh y of h er 18t h bir t h day, Taylor Spellm an ar r ived t o dan ce w it h Alvin Ailey Am er ican Dan ce Th eat r e. Sh e soon r ealized t h at w h ile h er love of t h e per f or m in g ar t s f ed h er cr eat ive spir it , sh e loved a st eady paych eck an d a ch eesebu r ger a bit m or e. Tr an sf er r in g t o a bu sin ess m ajor , Spellm an gr adu at ed f r om For dh am Un iver sit y at Lin coln Cen t er an d soon t h er eaf t er , lau n ch ed h er in t er ior design f ir m . A decade lat er , Spellm an is r ecogn ized as a t op in t er ior design er an d st agin g exper t by, am on g ot h er s, Th e New Yor k Tim es, Ar ch it ect u r al Digest an d For bes. Spellm an h as t h e u n iqu e an d u n t each able t alen t of m ixin g h igh en d on e of a k in d pieces w it h t r easu r es f ou n d on an af t er n oon in t h e Goodw ill. Her pen ch an t f or w it t y ban t er pair ed w it h h er sign at u r e bold design st yle h as m ade h er a st an dou t in t h e design com m u n it y at lar ge. In addit ion t o leadin g h er t eam , Taylor is an in f lu en t ial voice in t h e in du st r y an d a go-t o per son alit y f or all t h in gs cr eat ive. Sh e is a con t r ibu t or t o sever al ou t let s, h as been a br an d am bassador an d r egu lar ly appear s on -air as an en t er t ain in g an d lif est yle exper t , r ecen t ly st ar r in g in h er ow n sh ow on BRAVO.

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Women Who Rock with Success- Social Media Marketing Edition  

In our June edition of Women Who Rock with Success; Internet Marketing Expert Gloria Rand shares with the readers of how to market their br...

Women Who Rock with Success- Social Media Marketing Edition  

In our June edition of Women Who Rock with Success; Internet Marketing Expert Gloria Rand shares with the readers of how to market their br...

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