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Wildtree 2014 Annual Catalog

This 32 page catalog was designed to get the reader more interested and involved in their shopping experience. Showcasing new products, a step-by-step recipe, new information on the company’s Organic certification, and much more, this is a catalog customers like to keep on their coffee table.

Wildtree Fall Catalog Insert This 3-spread insert was released in September 2013 to promote new, seasonal products. I was responsible for the design and layout of the insert. I designed every spread, arranged all the type, and assisted in photo shoot that produced all the food shots in the insert. Looking to add something new and different to the catalog and inserts, I decided to add a step-by-step instructional spread for the consumer to follow along. This is a spread that continues to be applied to every succeeding catalog and insert since. Over 200,000 copies were printed and distributed across the United States.

Wildtree Spring Catalog Insert This single-spread insert was released in June 2013 to promote a new, seasonal bundle as well as new, seasonal products. I was responsible for the design and layout of the insert. I designed every spread, arranged all the type, and photographed the individual ingredients in the spread. Over 150,000 copies were printed and distributed across the United States.

RememBring Kickstarter Video Conceptualized, developed, prototyped, and branded in a classroom, RememBring is a product created by 13 Johnson & Wales University students. RememBring is a device that reminds you if you’ve forgotten any of your essential items when you turn your car on, that way, you never leave the house without them. I contributed on the conceptualization and branding of the product, as well as producing the Kickstarter video. I storyboarded, scripted (with contribution), filmed, recorded my own voice-over, edited, and produced this video. To learn more about the product, visit The Providence Journal reported twice on the project. (articles included on disc)


Save the Bay T-Shirt Designs Every year Save the Bay Narragansett holds a ‘Save the Bay Swim’ Day that gets people involved in their efforts to clean up the waters of Rhode Island. I designed 3 t-shirt options for the event. Since seals are known to be spotted in Narragansett Bay, I illustrated two different seals to use as the focal points on two shirts. To add variety, I made a type-only shirt, to keep it simple. Since Save the Bay is a non-profit, they would want to keep the printing costs down, which is why I decided to stick with a two color design.

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Design for Good Event Branding Design for Good is a challenge to design for those in need, and to bring light on a not-so-bright topic. In late 2012, NYC was hit with Hurricane Sandy. Many were not aware of the damage it caused to Staten Island. I created the hypothetical ‘Hurricane Sandy Staten Island Relief Foundation’ and set up this event to raise money to clean up and rebuild the island. Branding the organization, designing posters, event tickets, an app for the event, and even a piece of merchandise were all components of the project. I, personally, lazer cut the phone case for prototype.

The Bike Path Paper Sample Book This 30 page paper sample book is made using Neenah Environmental paper. The book showcases each bike path in Rhode Island, giving useful maps and photos of the paths. Also included are illustrations of the evolution of the bicycle, and informational pages with light facts to promote biking. The book itself is perfect bound and has a soft leather cover with a burned patch on the front.

Trees are the Lungs of the Earth Poster While studying abroad in Florence, Italy, I took a sustainable design course. Assigned to produce a poster informing society of an environmental issue, I chose deforestation as my topic focus. As I was researching, I came across the phrase, ‘Trees are the lungs of the Earth,” which is the inspiration for my design. Completely vectored, the two lungs inform the viewer with facts about deforestation. To encourage the younger generations to learn more about the issues and how they can take action to save the rainforests, they can scan the QR code that goes directly to the World Preservation Foundation’s website.

Bambu Tattoo Parlor Promotional Video Working in a group of 4, my teammates and I collaborated to make this promotional video for Bambu Tattoo in Providence, RI. Together we storyboarded, directed, filmed, interviewed, edited and produced this video. Personally, I worked the most on the filming of the footage as well as post-production as sole After Effects specialist. The tattoo parlor posted this video to their Facebook page.

Brew You Coffee Co. Package Design Brew You is a hypothetical, high-end coffee company and shop who truly cares about the care and brewing process of the coffee bean. Presented is a whole package of Brew You coffee. Taking into consideration the care that goes into making coffee, I designed the packaging for each product in a way to highlight the coffee itself. Choosing small bottle labeling to showcase the beans and iced coffee, the consumer gets to see as much of the product as possible. Choosing to use a tag label on the bean jar encourages the customer to reuse the jar and bottle over and over again. Components include: 2 bottle labels, a keurig cup, coffee cozy, and a magazine ad.

JWU Recycles Animation Instructed to created a short, informational animation, I chose to teach students about the new recycling efforts being implemented in all the university buildings. This is a simple, comprehensive 47 second long animation. The video was featured on the TV on display in the main lobby of a university building for 4 months.

Johnson & Wales University Graphic Design & Digital Media Brochure While working in University Admissions Marketing at Johnson & Wales University, I designed a digital brochure to promote the graphic design program. With the goal of increasing interest and enrollment in the program, we interviewed current students for testimonials about the program. Also included in the brochure are professor bios and information, along with a video, about the study abroad program.

Personal Branding Process Book After spending a long time branding myself, I decided to compose a book showing the progression and steps that went into the branding process. This book is a collection of logos, resumes, and business cards, with the final pages being the end product.

Personal Brand Identity When I first branded myself as a graphic designer, I really wanted to focus on my environmental consciousness, so I chose natural earth tones for my color palette. In my logo, I used the negative space of the letters to form a seastar and a dolphin, expressing my love for the environment and marine life. I hand made all my business cards at this time, using a stamp to make them more personal.

Doctor Who 3D Poster This ‘obscure holiday poster’ was designed to celebrate the 48th anniversary of the British sci-fi show, Doctor Who. Playing off one of the biggest ideas of the show, the Tardis is bigger on the inside, I designed a poster that was just that. With a simple, eye-catching design of one of the show’s most iconic images, the doors to this Tardis open up to reveal the doctor’s silhouette in space. Using typography lockups on the inside of the doors, only true fans of the series will understand the lingo within.

Providence Commutes The U.S. Census Bureau tracked commuting behavior in 1990 and 2000 U.S. censuses, as well as in the 2006-2010 American Community Survey, which offers a form of average over the five-year period and does not apply to a specific date or year within that period. Average communte times are a direct effect of higher traffic flow due to more cars and less carpooling as well as less people using public transportation.

drive alone


public transportation


work from home bike ride

other 62.6%

1.1% 1%

4.1% 14% 9.4%

Average Commute in minutes

Providence Means of Traveling to Work 75,392 workers surveyed 2006-2010

Source: U.S. Census & U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey







Rhode Island Commuting Shifts


82 80





12 10 8 6 4 2

rk f ho rom m e


lk wa

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in tra

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po pu rta bl tio ic n ns tra

Using statistical data, I organized this information in a visually appealing way for easy comprehension. The data is from the U.S. Census & U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey. Trends shown in the infographic are means of travel in Providence, average commute time, and more broadly, the shift in commuting trends throughout Rhode Island.


Providence Commutes Infographic

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