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Imagine 2 Vivid Speech2 Special Open House! Imagine 2 Vivid Speech2 Special Open House Event! We are a family owned and operated business that helps friends and neighbors with hearing needs. We understand how hearing loss can make life more difficult than it has to be, affecting the people around you and how you live your life. Our goal is to help our patients understand how much they could benefit from better hearing, and give the gift of hearing back to those who have lost it. We also want to make sure you understand how many options are available to you, including the 100% invisible* Miniscopic™ hearing instrument, and interest free financing† on all products. We are here to guide you on your journey to better hearing, so call us today to experience what our best hearing instruments can do for you. Imagine 2 Vivid Speech2 Special Open House Event! Monday – Friday, November 14TH through 18TH! 1. FREE Hearing Evaluation to determine if you have a hearing loss. 2. FREE Video Otoscope Exam to see inside your ear canal – your hearing loss could just be wax build-up! 3. FREE Product Demonstration. We will program a demo aid for you to wear so you can experience Imagine 2 Vivid Speech2. California Hearing Aid Professionals 714-776-8757 (Anaheim) 626-963-7200 (Glendora)

4. FREE Clean and Check. If you currently wear hearing aids we will adjust, clean and fine tune them at no charge during your appointment. By popular request, we have arranged for Dr. Joann Sellers to visit our office on Monday through Friday November 14, 15, 16, 17 & 18. Dr. Sellers, one of the most successful Hearing Aid Specialists in the country, has been helping people with their hearing difficulties for over 33 years. She has conducted educational workshops for hearing instrument specialists all over the United States. Dr. Sellers understands the struggles of hearing loss. She has been responsible for helping thousands of people with better hearing. Ms. Sellers will be able to answer your hearing health questions as well as tell you about the sophisticated hearing help that is now available. Imagine 2 Vivid Speech2 Is Designed To Improve the clarity of speech. Perform well in noisy settings like restaurants, social gatherings,in the car and outdoors. Bring sound back to life, even for those with severe hearing loss. Reduce background noise with noise cancellation technology. Match your needs with a variety of hearing aid styles available. We ask that you please bring a close friend or relative along for your appointment, someone whose voice is familiar to you, for the speech recognition portion of the hearing evaluation. Call (714) 784-5909 to make an appointment for these free services. This is a limited time Imagine 2 Vivid Speech2 event and appointments will fill up fast! California Hearing Aid Professionals 714-776-8757 (Anaheim) 626-963-7200 (Glendora)

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California Hearing Aid Professionals 714-776-8757 (Anaheim) 626-963-7200 (Glendora)

Imagine 2 Vivid Speech2 Special Open House