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This is a collection of compositions that I created during this school year. So far I have writing 5 compositions. The first one was about me and what I like and who my friends are. I have learned how to describe services of a hotel , how to ask about places around the world and the typical food.

i HAVE ALSO DESCRIBED THE DAILY LIfE IN MY COUNTRY, WHAT WE EAT, WHERE people WORK OR STUDy. this compositions help me with my vocabulary by writing to others . I have practiced asking questions and many grammar forms.

ABOUT ME*** Venegas Durán Diana Cecilia (1997) I was born in November 22nd. 1997, in Mexico City. My parents’ names are Guadalupe Durán Campos & Juan Carlos Venegas Medina. i study at the elementary School “General Antonio de León & Loyola” school, after I went to the secondary school “Emiliano Zapata” & now I study at High School #1 “Gabino Barreda”.

Hello! My name is Diana and I´m from Milpa Alta D.F. i study in High School #1 “Gabino Barreda”. I live in San Francisco. I was born on 22 November 1997. My last name is Venegas, of course my full name´s Diana Venegas, my address is Belisario Dominguez, D.F.

I like the music, especially indie rock, my favorite band is Muse (with the song Uprising) I like others bands like Guns n Roses, System of a down, Of course The Beatles. I like yhe cartoons: Phineas & Ferb, Kick Buttowsky & my favorites movies is The Princess & the marine, The boy with the pijama of stripes, especially the heroes like Iron Man, Spiderman, Batman & The Avengers. I love FCBarcelona.

You can contact me, on the e-mail, my e-mail address is & my telephone number is 0-4-4-5-5-2-5-4-0-2-8-4-1. I'm single (is very good) & my facebook address is Diana Venegas. I wait your answer.

In Mexico, people generally have breakfast and go to the work or school. Usually many people have tacos or sandwich at 10 or 11 o’clock. The working day begins at 6 o’clock.

Lunchtime is generally from 3 o’clock to 4. The typically food is tacos, sandwich, quesadillas and others.

Shops and banks open generally at 9 o’clock. The school is open all day, a lot of people finish work at 4 o´’lock.

Shops and banks close usually at 5 o’clock.

It´s typical to have a dinner at 8 o’clock. And people go to bed at 10 o’clock.

Hi Karen!

How are you? I’m writing because I want to travel to London & I think you’re the best person to give me information. I need to go to places & the best time. I am traveling with my family, My mother’s name is Guadalupe, & she likes a typical food (of London, of course). My father’s name is Juan Carlos & he likes a football. My brother’s name is Carlos Daniel & he likes to play all time & also he likes this country. I want to know about. What London is? What is the typical food? Where can we stay and go?

Thank you for all the help you can give me.

I miss you!


Dear Xavier.

I’d like some information about the holiday apartment to rent.

The description says it’s a quiet place and a big apartment, with good views. How big is it? How many bedrooms are there?

The description says the apartment is near the beach. How far from the beach is it? Could you send me the address please?

Finally, I’d like to know about the price and when it’s available. I’d like to rent it in the second week of November. And how much does it cost for 2 week?

Best wishes.


The Real Entertainment Site

The program that real I recommend.

Category: TV series.

It’s broadcasted every day. It’s on channel 202 “FOX” at 4 pm. It’s called “New Girl”. It’s set in los Angeles, United States of America. & it’s about a Girl called Jess, she's a teacher, and she lives with three men. Another good character is Cece, she is a Jess´s friend. And Cece is model.

At jess´ apartment lives Jess, Nick, Winston & Schmidt. Jess has many boyfriends, and all dates are in their apartment, so Nick, Winston & Schmidt sometimes, THEY ARE ANGRY BECAUSE THEY don’t understand Jess. Jess falls in love with her friend Nick, and they have problems with their other friends.

I think it is very funny. I recommend it, because I like the characters, It’s a comedy and sometimes a romantic drama.

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