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February Portraits Photography by Diana Nguyen

February was such a fun month for shooting potratis. It might have been because the models were just as fun behind the scenes as they were in front of the camera. Or maybe I’m getting more comfortable with this whole portraits thing? Eh, who knows, but it’s been....well, fun.. :)

hello It got a little difficutl to pull together a lookbook for each invidiviual model after each shoot, so I’m going to try doing a monthly wrap up this way. We’ll see if this works. :)


Bella she was awesome to work with. like really awesome.


the first male model I’ve worked with. and just because he made it easy, I’d do it again. [at least with him.]

Natalia the sweet girl with a sweet face


The jet-setting beauty queen. [she’s the current miss washington usa runner up.]


The professional lifestyle model who wanted to shoot some “creative sh*t�. [I think we accomplished that!]

Karoline the uptown girl. [she really does live in uptown chicago!]

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Chicago Portraits: February 2016 Portfolio  
Chicago Portraits: February 2016 Portfolio  

Photography by Diana Nguyen Models: Bella Crum Brent Williams Natalia Putilova Julianne Fingado Mara Lynne Karolina Anna