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merry chi-mas! Spending the Holidays in Chicago

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Seeing that I’m from Chicago and have never been anywhere for the holidays, every Christmas is in Chicago. That, of course, is not a bad thing. A little tradition my husband and I have is going to a museum on Christmas Eve. This year, since we had a new addition to our family, we decided to make things a little easier on ourselves. Instead of spending the entire day, we thought it’d work better to spend a short period of time at the top of the Sears Tower. This worked as two out of three of us have never been. Well, technically one out of three since this happened last December:

Photo: Jen Dagley

2 Christmas in Chicago

And here we are a year later....

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4 Christmas in Chicago

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I was surprised at how crowded it was, especially considering that we got there right at the time it was open! But the time we spent there was more than enough for the little guy to get his daily Chicago fix.

6 Christmas in Chicago

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That night, my brother and his girlfriend came in from San Francisco. That night and then on Christmas Day, we did what everyone else did and stuck around the house. Nothing to share here unfortunately...unless you like pictures of dogs wrapped in holiday lights. Yeah, that’s always fun. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. I mean ho ho ho ho.

8 Christmas in Chicago

“Okay, that was embarrassing. Turn the page, please”

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The day after Christmas, we headed downtown and started with lunch at Al’s.

10 Christmas in Chicago

And then checked out Maggie Daley Park

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Something about the fog and being at Maggie Daley Park made me fall in love with Chicago again. (This isn’t me a picture of me though, lol.)

12 Christmas in Chicago

BP Pedestrian Bridge linking Maggie Daley up with Millennium Park. My San Francisco tourists were happy to be in Chicago, as you can see. :)

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14 Christmas in Chicago

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And then of course, we went to check out Cloud Gate (“The Bean”). This was where 1) my memory card became full and I had left my spares in the car and 2) my phone died. Double whammy. (Lesson: double check your gear!)

16 Christmas in Chicago

But we managed to get in a family selfie!

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Our day ended with afternoon at The Allis in the West Loop’s Soho House. I should really write a Yelp review on this and get the name of the hostess there, who was super friendly and helpful in getting us a table. In case I haven’t made it clear (I probably haven’t), you should definitely have afternoon tea here if you get a chance. My Chicago holiday pretty much ends here, but of course, my adventures in this city is always ongoing. :)

Thanks for reading!

18 Christmas in Chicago

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Christmas in Chicago  
Christmas in Chicago  

A 2015 holiday recap in The Windy City