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www. i ssuu. com/ di anasobon Di ana D Sobon 1524 Starli ghtCove Tarpon Spri ngs,Flori da 34689 Phone# 727. 776. 7842 Emai l:di ana_sobon@yahoo. com

SUMMARY OF QUALI FI CATI ONS Profi ci enti n AutoCAD,Photoshop,Mi crosoft,Power Poi nt;Ski lled hand drafti ng & sketchi ng;Arti sti c& Professi onalpresentati ons;Creati vespaceplanni ng soluti ons,Excellentcolor coordi nati on sense,Hi ghl y detai led communi cati on ski lls,Fluenti n Engli sh and Poli sh,Team ori ented,extremel yorgani zed.

I NTERI OR DESI GN EXPERI ENCE Hoffman Archi tects -I ntern TheHomeDepot-Ki tchen & Bath Desi gner Clearwater Floori ng -Desi gn Consul tant Desi gn Concepts -Desi gn Consul tant

VOLUNTEER AND FREELANCE Fami l yNetworkofDi sabi li ti es,Clearwater,FL MDM Management,Clearwater,FL EastLakeHi gh School,Tarpon Spri ngs,FL

EDUCATI ON AND TRAI NI NG I nternati onalAcademyofDesi gn and Technology,Tampa Bachelor ofFi neArts i nI nteri or Desi gn Fi der Accredi ted Nati onalKi tchen & Bath Associ ati on ( NKBA) Certi fi cateofCompleti on for Ki tchen Desi gn

PROFESSI ONAL MEMBERSHI PS -Ameri can Soci etyofI nteri or Desi gn ( ASI D) -I nternati onalI nteri or Desi gn Associ ati on ( I I DA) -Nati onalKi tchen and Bath Associ ati on ( NKBA) -Ameri can I nsti tuteofArchi tectureStudents ( AI AS)

PROFESSI ONAL REFERENCES -JeremyFrankli n,Archi tectatFlei schman Garci a Tel:813. 453. 8671 -Ed Hoffman,CEO ofHoffman Archi tects Tel:727. 204. 0166 -Kasi a Ostrowski ,Archi tectatGensler Tel:727. 475. 0904

“Recogni zi ng theneed i s pri marycondi ti on for desi gn” -Charles Eames



AYN Optometry& Laser SurgeryCenter Warsaw,Poland



Envi ronmentalEducati on & Ci tyCenter Tampa,Flori da



MooreResi dence-Craftsman Ai rplaneBungalow HydeParkHi stori c Di stri ct,Tampa,Flori da



Under Armour SportRetai lStore I nternati onalPlaza,Tampa,Flori da

RESI DENTI AL DESI GN Modular Sustai nableHouse Sand Key,Flori da


ProjectDescri pti on Themi ssi on i ntended for thei ndi vi dualproject was to desi gn thei nteri or spaceofthe15, 000 SF structurelocated i n theci tychosen and researched bythestudentas wellas to establi sh thefuncti on ofthebui ldi ng based on thei ndustri alneeds ofthe selected si te. Desi gn Soluti ons’selecti on for thelocati on ofthi s projectwas Warsaw,Poland.Theclassi fi cati on of thebui ldi ng for theprojectwas mi xed occupancywi th both busi ness and mercanti le.OnceIhavedonethe research on theCi tyofWarsaw Ihavedeci ded on a medi calspaceand desi gned an optometryand laser surgerycenter. Mydesi gn conceptwas to createan i nnovati ve, modern and i ndustri alspacei ncludi ng both upscale and hi ghend retai larea as wellas sti mulati ng, bri ght,and mostuptodatetechnologysuppli ed medi calfaci li ty. TheOptometryOffi cealso consi sts ofDoctors’ pri vateoffi ces;publi c restrooms ADA compli ant; employees’breakroom as wellas a conferenceroom and severalstoragespaces. Myi ntenti on was to developan effecti veworkspace i ncreasi ng theproducti vi ty;a grati fyi ng,modern desi gn si gni fyi ng therecentlyestabli shed corporati on;and a sustai nableenvi ronment.

AYN TheOptometry& Laser SurgeryCenter


Furni tureand Floor Plan


Reflected Cei li ng Plan


Materi als and Fi ni shes

ConferenceRoom -Furni ture,Fabri cs and Fi ni shes

Breakroom -Furni ture,Fabri cs,Fi ni shes and Li ghti ng

PageFi ve

Materi als and Fi ni shes

Pri vateOffi ces -Furni ture,Fabri cs,Fi ni shes and Floori ng

Recepti on and Wai ti ng Area -Furni ture,Fabri cs and Fi ni shes

Exam Rooms -Furni tureand Materi als

Restrooms -Furni tureand Materi als

PageSi x

I nteri or Elevati ons

AYN Recepti on Desk-North Elevati on

Di splayWall-WestElevati on

Breakroom -EastElevati on

Pri vateOffi ces -North Elevati on


I nteri or Perspecti ves

Recepti on DeskPerspecti ve

Breakroom Perspecti ve

FrontExteri or Elevati on PageEi ght

ProjectDescri pti on Theseni or team projectwas i ntended to challenge a team offour to developan effecti vei nteri or desi gn for TheEnvi ronmentalEducati on and Ci ty Center located i n Tampa,Flori da.Students wereto plan and i ncorporatethegi ven requi red types of spaces i nto thebui ldi ng whi ch weonlyrecei ved the exteri or shellof. Themai n purposeofthecoursehowever,was to educateand i mprovestudents’abi li tyto complete theassi gnmenti ntegrati ng allmembers’i deas and desi gn styles. Applyi ng each student’ s experti sei n spaceplanni ng and desi gn capabi li tyi nto thi s Communi tyDesi gn projectsureenough becamea greatchallenge. Allfour ofus had di versei deas,alluni quei n thei r own way.Yetdespi tethedi fferences i n our vi ews, wehaveputi n a lotofthoughts and knowledge i nto thi s projectand ended upwi th a exclusi ve desi gn thatrepresents each ofour talents and ski lls. JDFTTeam’ s desi gn conceptfor TheEnvi ronmental Educati on and Ci tyCenter was to createan urban, refreshi ng,i nspi rati onaland energi zi ng desi gn that wi llattractthecommuni tyto helpeducateand promotesustai nabi li ty.

Communi tyDesi gn Envi ronmentalEducati on and Ci tyCenter

Floor and Reflected Cei li ng Plans

Custom Logo

Reflected Cei li ng Plan Furni ture& Floor Plan PageEleven

I nteri or Perspecti ves

EcoEssenti als -Retai lSpace

Green Depot-Retai lSpace

EcoSui te-Resi denti alSpace

Urban Charette-Corp.Offi ce


World Cafe-Publi c Cafeteri a


ProjectDescri pti on ThepurposeoftheHi stori c Preservati on course was to developor/ and enhancetheunderstandi ng ofhi stori c preservati on and theknowledgeof di versetradi ti ons,peri ods,styles and archi tectural detai ls ofthemagni fi centhi stori c bui ldi ngs surroundi ng our soci etytoday. Our team -D&D I nteri or Soluti ons was assi gned to generateHABS drawi ngs,i n thefi rsttwo weeks of theproject,based on recorded measurements taken duri ng theclass fi eld tri pto hi stori c HydeParki n Tampa,Flori da.I n thelasttwo weeks oftheproject, wewereto redesi gn thetwo major spaces i n the house:li vi ng room and di ni ng room keepi ng i n mi nd theSecretaryofI nteri or Standards. TheD&D I nteri or Soluti ons’desi gn conceptwas to upgradethei nteri or desi gn oftheBungalow Ai rpl aneCraftsman as wellas preserveand bri ng to i ts ori gi nalstagethesi gni fi canti nteri or structures and objects.Our goalwas to createa contemporary, styli sh,refreshi ng,neutralyeti ntri gui ng mi dcenturymodern desi gn thatwi llfulfi ll theresi denceneeds as wellas complementthei r magni fi centhi stori c house.

MooreResi dence HydeParkHi stori cDi stri ct

Hi stori c Preservati on

MooreResi dence-Craftsman Ai rplaneBungalow

Craftsman Ai rplaneBungalow

Li vi ng & Di ni ng Room Floor Plan FrontExteri or Elevati on

PageFi fteen

I nteri or Elevati ons and Fi ni shes Li vi ngRoomElevati ons

NorthElevati on

EastElevati on

SouthElevati on

WestElevati on

Di ni ngRoomElevati ons

EastElevati on

SouthElevati on

NorthElevati on

WestElevati on

PageSi xteen

ProjectDescri pti on ThepurposeofCommerci alDesi gn Speci altycourse was to i nstructthebasi c desi gn pri nci pals i nvolved i n thefi eld ofcommerci aldesi gn and encourageas wellas i nspi restudents to commerci alspace planni ng bygi vi ng theopportuni tyto selectthe companybrand theydesi red to desi gn theretai l spacefor.Theprogram i nvolved i ntensi veFlori da Bui ldi ng Coderesearch followed bytheulti mate desi gn to beADA compli ant. Thebrand Ichosewas Under Armour Performance Apparel.Thecompanywas found i n 1996 byformer Uni versi tyofMaryland footballplayer Kevi n Plank. Thei r mi ssi on i s to provi detheworld wi th techni callyadvanced products engi neered wi th thesuperi or fabri c constructi on,exclusi ve moi sturemanagement,and proven i nnovati on. Bei ng hi ghlyi nvolved i n personaltrai ni ng and managi ng excepti onalhealth myselfIfound the companyparti cularlyfasci nati ng.Thei ri nputand ai ms aredi rected to i mprovethequali tyofhuman performanceand makeathletes better through passi on and sci ence. Myconceptbehi nd thedesi gn for Under Armour retai lspacewas openness and vi sualsti mulati on. Theuseofangular forms and shapes,punctuated bya dramati c color scheme,contrasti ng textures, i nnovati vemateri als and fi ni shes,and contemporary approach i ncludi ng advanced desi gn elements were i ntended to generatea workspacethati s dynami c, uni queand effi ci ent.


Floor Plan & Elevati ons

PageNi neteen

Exteri or and I nteri or Perspecti ves

Furni ture PageTwenty

ProjectDescri pti on TheMovi ng Spaces coursewas desi gned to enhance students’understandi ng ofthemodular housi ng conceptas wellas i ncreaseand advancethei r knowledgei n sustai nabledesi gn.Theprogram requi red a team oftwo to developa modular floor plan wi th theuseofenvi ronmentalfri endly products and fi ni shes found upon detai led research. Our team –“Zi elonyDesi gn”has generated a contemporary,elegantand spaci ous yetcomfortable, welcomi ng and accessi bledesi gn usi ng theexperti se i n spaceplanni ng and theknowledgeofsustai nable desi gn wehavegai ned throughoutthecourse followed byli braryresearch.Wehaveopened up themajori tyofthei nteri or spaces to provi dethe sourceofnaturalli ghti ng as wellas allow a completeexperi enceofthebeauti fullandscapi ng surroundi ng thestructure.Wefocused our attenti on on creati ng a sustai nabledesi gn by applyi ng essenti alfeatures requi red for effecti ve performancei n reduci ng energyexpenses,i mprovi ng health,controlli ng wasteand recycli ng. Wehaveselected ecofri endlyfurni turewi th addi ti onalstoragefor spacesuffi ci ency;organi c beddi ng,ecofri endlytexti les and low V. O. C pai nts i ncreasi ng thehealthyenvi ronment;energystar appli ances,droughtresi stantplants,rai n catch basi n system and localvegetati on for energy savi ngs as wellas wastecontrol;bamboo floors, concretecountertops,ri ver rockmosai c ti leand carpetti les for futurerecycli ng purposes.Our team stronglybeli eves wehaveaccompli sh our goals and haveestabli shed a strong sustai nable desi gn complemented bymodern i nfluence.

Resi denti alDesi gn MODULAR GREEN HOUSE

Furni tureand Floor Plan

Exteri or Perspecti ves

Si tePlan PageTwentythree

I nteri or Perspecti ves & Elevati on


Diana Sobon Portfolio 2010  

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design International Academy of Design and Technology Tampa, Florida

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