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At this point if I ask a student the name of a person who cleans the school or is part of maintaining it, they wouldn’t have an answer and wouldn’t know what to say, this is because most students don’t know and don’t show any interest to know those people who always keep clean the installations in which we are most or much of our day. Many students don’t understand the great work of the school workers. They arrive early to work every day to support his family . For students it is very difficult to understand that hard work and workers often don’t feel part of the school when they are cleaning and close to the students , they feel like they're working for them. An excellent example was when a classmate was walking in classrooms 2 and he said "Good evening " to the person on duty . Then when he went back the worker told him that he had become very rare for a student to greet him, because he always had been working in the same place and he had watched a lot of times all the students and never one of them had stopped to greet and him it was very rare. If this is very rare for the worker, imagine if this had happened in the opposite way. A person who was cleaning suddenly greeted a student, all of us would take it in the same way and we would see very rare, but

why we have to see it in that way? They just as we are. People who are in the same place for a long time. Why not break those paradigms, talk and greet all the people who work or study in school? Provided you don’t lose all the respect they deserve. From time to time we must put ourselves in the shoes of the others, be humble and don’t create stereotypes simply the fact for do different things. This doesn’t change from one day to another but together we can work on this and in order to improve communication, relationship and unity of all the people in the school.







The TEC gives you the opportunity to go away to study, you decide if you want to stay one semester, 4 months, one year or a summer. This is a new experience because you can have the opportunity to know more about other costums, languages, traditions, food and the ordinary life they have. You can choose the country you want, they give options like: Quebec, Niza, Shangai or you can stay with a family. In Quebec you can stay in an apartment, you have roomies and the school is not far, you just have to walk 2 blocks and you get to school, you learn French and practice the English.

In Shangai you also stay in residences, but you don’t have a cafetería, you have to buy your food or eat in a restaurant. You learn Chinese and practice your English.

In Niza you stay in residences, the school is there and you have your cafetería, and algo you learn Frech and practice English, also you practice French because the local language is French, so you need to interact with the people that are there.

I went to Niza in France, and it was one of the best decisions that I could take. I learned of his customs, and had to adapt to them. The food was very different. Their breakfast was at 7:00am, their food at 12:00pm and the dinner at 6:00pm. The first weeks it was difficult, because the difference of time was of 7 hours. The school was for 7:00am to 16:00pm. But you learn so much.You have some free weekends and you can organize your trips, around the world. I visited: London, Barcelona, Prague, Vienna, Budapest, Paris, Switzerland, Rome, Pissa, Venice, etc. And you have great moments because all the

time you are with your new friends. I think this is something good because you start to do your own things, start to organize your trips and to search about hotels, and flights. You are more independent with these experience. Now is time to think what is the best one for you. How much time you want to stay and what you want to learn and what costumes are more interesting for you! Don’t miss these opportunity, because is something unique. Where you cn meet people from other countries. If you have the opportunity try it!

This is a very hard thing to do, not just to change from school, but to change from methods, teachers, partners, classrooms and environment. We are becoming older and more independent; for example: teachers do not ask for homework, we should be responsible to give it. To grow and do some things that we were not used to, is a very big step. We are in a “weird� age, where we are not adults, but we are not children either. Now we are looking for our own identities without our parents or other people being responsible for us or for our acts. We already have the bases, and know what is wrong and right. We learned all those things in primary and secondary; but in high school we are using all what we have learned in life to become who we are going to be, and that is why this part of studies is so important. We choose the work we are going to do for the rest of our life, or if we are not going to work at all.

It is a very hard change, but not just of studies, of life. We have to make so many important choices and decide a lot of important things for our future. So we have to enjoy it and try to do our best!

Last year, students who are now in third semester, lived an event made by student groups of older generations called "Carnero". This event is made hazing for new students to try to coexist with each other guys. The organizer is the president of Jolum, they gather a large number of students from third to fifth semester. Students in these generations take a preparation to know what they will do on the day of the event. Some of the activities that students had done to entertain younger guys were: - Games with mud. - Moisten the students for no reason. - Teamwork. - Dancing with strangers. - Singing with everyone. - Annoying newbies. - Fellowship with students that others don’t know who they are. The “Carnero� started at 8:00 AM and finished at 2:30 PM. Bigger students lied to first semester guys, telling them that they would have extra points if they went to the event. Finally, the reason for this event is to unite all the Prepa Tec who live among all these students and also spend a fun time, leaving aside for a moment the study.

The school of TEC de Monterrey gives you the opportunity to go to New York, to know more about other countries. This trip is not only to get funny, also you have to do some activities in the museums and to visit all the monuments. And is only in 5th semester, where the students can decide if they want to go, or they want to stay. This trip is very important, because everyone talks about it, its a new experience that you will love it, and you will wish to repeat it. You go to New York 1 week, and you stay in a hotel with 4 or 5 friends, then you wake up at 8:00am and you have to do all the activities that the teachers are going to give you in that moment. So when you enter to the museums and the teachers give you a paper with the activity. So you have to search the paints and to put the name of the painter, with this activities you learn more, because you see all the paints that are inside the museums, and you read all the painters and the history





etc. Or if your favorite

teachers do it, with the

artist is there and he´s

intention of learn. Not all

giving a concert, you can go.


Most of the people like to




museums, also you go to the Empire State, to the Statue of Liberty, to the

spend their time in shops, it sounds awesome, but we have rules, and one of them is that we have to be in the

Rockefeller and to the

hotel at 12:00pm if you are

Cathedral of Patricks.

not in the lobby at that time,

After ending with the

the next day you can’t go

activities of the school,

out with your friends and

they give you time in

with the school. So, This trip

which you can go away with




seeing plays as " The lion king " " The ghost of the opera " “Mamma mia”

is the best one, because you are with all your generation, and everyone knows that New York is the city that never sleeps, so try it!

The TECMUN (Tec Model United Nations) is an event organized by every Tec de Monterrey, that simulates to be in a UN (United Nations) system. It has the categories of secondary, high school and university, and every participant represents a random country, defending about their topic. For example: If my country is France, and my topic is something about economics, I have to expose about the country´s economic system and propose a solution (if it has any problem) or help other countries improve. It is becoming bigger and bigger every year, and this year´s happened to be the greatest one until now. The event occured from October 25th to 27th, and many people from schools all over the city were there. Everyone who participates learns a lot, because of the information that is told. Participants might learn about international politics, racism, economy and social problems. The “delegates” will also learn how to speak and debate in public, defending their thoughts and making allies or enemies, wich may lead to do treaties or wars. This is a great opportunity for all of the people who are interested in international relations and wants to have a little experience in this (UN events).

To whom it may concern: We are writing this letter for the reason that Mexicn economy is going though a hard process and its hard to pay the school tees. Some people have to get a scholarship, if they want to study in a private school that has the best level and educative system One of the reasons that we want is to increase the scholarship because the students with a high level education don´t have the opportunity to become outstanding and the can be affected in the future.

Q: What can you hear but not touch or see? A: Your voice


Q: What kind of tree can you carry in your hand? A: A palm!

Last week, the Tecnológico de Monterrey students made an event for new students from 1st semester to invite them to the sudent groups. There are three groups:  Jolum: It’s a student group that brings together young people and makes charitable events inside and outside the school. They help the elderly people, orphans, migrants and homeless.  Clip: It’s a student group that brings together young people who are not in a student group and invite them to events within the school premises and make events like film festivals and parties only for students.

 Confetec: It’s a student group that unites youth conference presentations famous people. They also do events and gettogethers for students.

In Monday, Jolum gave free meals and painted 1st semester students like a hazing. In Wednesday, Clip gifted hot chocolate and sweet bread for new students and made some hazings too. They putted music and made a little party in the recess. Confetec sold fries and soda, and made a little party in the recess too. Finally, lots of new students entered to these three groups and had a happy week with a new stage of life, and new friends too.

“Tecnológico de Monterrey” celebrates its 70th anniversary, a great institution with a long journey that has led it to be recognized as one of the best universities in Mexico. Having its beginning on September 6, 1943 in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon. The celebrations began on August 22 with a lecture: "The Online Revolution: Learning without Limits", Daphne Koller and all festivities will be held for several months, being the "University Song Festival" will do away with the wide range of events. On September 6, the anniversary will display one of the magnum celebrations with a show unmatched in the ITESM stadium with music, dance and technology called "Titanium FesTec 70".

Representatives teams of all campus held a grand parade which will acknowledge the fauna of each one of the states. Also a wonderful presentation of the greatest technological advances in the past seven decades, which coincides with the anniversary of the institution will be presented. Not only are cultural events it´s also educational, institutional, student and sports for all type of public. The 70th anniversary is the effort, tenacity and perseverance course that has led to the very top of the institution, considering that the heart and brain of the colleges and universities are students. It teaches us in

one of their promotional videos "seven decades" shows the technological objective is to transform lives, inciting look ahead trying to imagine what tomorrow may still attain because behind every story, is finds support an entire family. A great message for the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the Tec de Monterrey.


Instant coffee was invented in 1901 

 

The fortune cookie was invented in San Francisco 

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