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SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry ​please subscribe and don't forget to press the bell icon to get notified whenever we upload a new video good afternoon welcome to halftime report it's 12 noon we're halfway through the trading session and the markets are struggling in fact the Nifty is under pressure the 10300 mark has been reached the Sun sets down close to about 250 points we had this big mega short covering rally in Monday's trade but thereafter the markets have been extending losses and now we just up about a half a percent for the entire week on the Mid Cap index in the red now this is after opening trade in the green the markets lost ground in the last one hour but still relatively it's a better performance and for the entire week the Mid Cap index I've seen a gain of close to about to orcas and I know what are the internals learning well you know rema as you said it's not looking too good as we speak and it's looking a little challenging for the Bulls in the second half for trade I'll tell you why because in on yesterday's trading session we did see the 10,500 call that's been very very active so the 10,500 call should come up here in the screen that's added roughly around 9 lakh shares approximately but important to note that now in fact there is a huge amount of open interest built up at around the 10300 call so the call writing has come down from around 10,500 to around 10,000 300 telling you now the Bears they are sensing that they can defend the 10350 10400mah logistic a look at that nearly 15 lakh shares when we started off trade today the 10,500 call was most active now the most active strike today is added on 10300 calls to keep an eye on that one in fact if we see some unwinding there then we could expect a bit of a relief rally but if that continuous then that's telling you that in fact the best they are looking at eating that premium and defending the 10,400 Hort mark we'll talk about that more later on the show first up running you through okay let's straight away get to a corporate corner then AG in Fry's stock which is on our radar buzzing and trade this is after the company bagged an order was 187 crows which will be completed in the next 18 months to discuss this in greater detail we're now joined by mr. haire interesing the MD of the company good afternoon and thanks so much for joining in you've been declared an L 1 for an EPC project in Rajasthan the other size is 187 crew some details what would be the kind of margins you will enjoy on this particular project what would it take your order book - this is a projector which is a two-lane paved shoulder 44 kilometers to be developed and we are looking at the margins which you are already making in the past years so it is almost on was coming at 12 to 15 percent margin and this is ministry funded project basically and your order books and order book which you can see that one by November it was they put 3,700 rolls unexecuted then we have recently added 1100 grows out of few ham and EPC now this is the one edition which is 187 kurwa all right mr. Singh you know you're saying 12 to 15 percent if you could give us a more precise number you know the big positive in the first half of this year was that your margins went to around 14 and a half percent traditionally you're between 12% so you believe that this order will be at the higher end or for that 12 to run obviously yeah so we we are targeting to bid any of the projects where the margin has to be not less than 15% okay so so your guiding for margins or for on 14 to 15 percent going ahead yeah okay mr. Singh you indicated that you one orders what 1,100 Croley and now this 187 Crowe right all this is in the Jan to March quarter yeah this is Gen too much okay and how would this compare with the quarterly run rate of all the wins that you've enjoyed in the past has there been a pickup in activity and order wins for the company no no in first nine months of this current financial year we could have only say 200 goes of order but during this last quarter we could have substantial numbers okay all right mr. saying you know quick question yard or the book is swelling up which is good news right in terms of revenue visibility but what about your working capital needs is that as well going up if you could give us a sense because I remember the last time you were in our studio you were telling us about your debt we may have been repayment plans as well so how does all that fit in well know that obviously while we are retiring out of 15 crore rupees and then working about a limit which has been say over the almost one year it has been the same it is 90 growth of the okay mr. Singh let me come back to this you know order inflows just you know in the incongruity there in the first nine months only 200 crores in q4 itself you want orders worth close to about 1300 crore is that going to be a trend or has there been a pickup in demand and investment no no no no it is a kind of a trend because in four six months almost for GFC there were not much of the bids were there and last quarter has been significantly or dormant focus is there and want to avoid what is your estimate of order inflows for F 519 for next year next year we are looking at that for the current year view would be tentatively we are looking at another edition of thousand crores and for next year to be not not less than 2000 to 3000 2000 to 3000 crore of order inflows in F I'm 19 yeah okay thank you all right thanks for stopping by and giving us all those details but just keep an eye on the

markets we have moved to the low point of the day or your ass is under some pressure a few stocks have taking a bit of a knock Tara Steele now in the words of breaking the six hundred odd marks keep an eye on that stock we have indiabulls Housing as well that's moving lower but I think a couple of larger names may be in LNT should come up view that stock as well has seen some selling pressure j SPL well keep an eye on that stock remember we did have mr. Naveen Jindal telling us here on CNBC tv18 that watch out we could raise some money and that's precisely what's happened so the ceodore you know j SPL board has approved of q RP and they've not really specified the amounts but if they go you know I think this the street was getting was like they lacked you to go for around a thousand crows or thereabout so that would be it nearly around five percent of the current market capitalization we keep an eye on that stock remember the stock is corrected big deal from around the two hundred ninety rupees all the way to around two hundred and thirty rupees what the sheet wants to know is two factors how do they bring down their debt remember mr. Navin Journal told us there are two options out there one is doing of qrp the segment is listing some of the international businesses as well yes his trading session we saw in our Agarwal industry the stock was high after the promoters released all the plates that was prevalent on their on the shares that they held and in fact today as well we have some news that Bank of Baroda is lower the interest rate on one of their term loans and cash credit for the company to understand what does all that mean for the shareholders well we have mister are another well the Chairman and MD of the company who'll joins us hi miss auger well thanks so much for joining in well a couple of good news coming in in two days your shares I believe are totally pledge free so that's a good news isn't it and give us some you know the rate that which were borrowing at and post this reduction from Bank of Baroda how much is it what would it mean in terms of interest even see we have been doing exceptionally well in the last year we performed well this year also has been good for us so bankers we were had had borrowed some from Bank of Baroda so our shares were pledged but now the entire shares of the promoters are being released and that's a good news for the company and for the investor and previously my borrowing rate was twelve point two five percent and now it has been reduced by two eleven percent so there's a saving of 125 basis point which is substantial okay mr. Garber often when the companies indeed come a very long way just in 2016 you had exited the corporate debt restructuring and now you know you've managed to remove the pledge on your holdings as well if you could tell us what is the roadmap by way of the company's debt what is the current debt and how do you see it going forward are you planning to reduce it further if yes how see your dead current date is around long-term rate is around 220 crores and working capital of hundred carros so roughly there is a rate of around 350 cords we are not planning to retire our debts before time in in spite of we having sufficient cash accruals because we are looking for a project expansion so we are looking to expand in craft sector we given Ernst & Young our tech to study the project to find out the techno feasibility and the economic feasibility of the project so we feel that we should expand and maybe strengthen our hold in paper industry and take care of the good times because paper industry is looking ahead for a good growth and we went we have one of the big players we are in top 10 paper manufacturers in India we want to see that we can cash upon the future growth which way vendors he offers to the company mr. Agarwal you said your total debt plus working cap is 350 close rights 125 basis points reduction would mean around 3 to 4 years of saving in interest cost is that kinda right yes that would be correct so that is maybe it is not that big but it is good good substantial ok alright and you were saying that you may be looking at expanding capacity as well so give us a sense you have current capacity utilization level so what are direct and see yeah go ahead see we are into two types of product when is the packaging board which is called duplex board people produce 500 tons of paper board and we also produce 500 tons of writing printing paper so as on today we are producing around 1000 tons of paper per day which converts to 3 lakh 25,000 tons per annum and we have a turnover of around 1200 crores and our beta is around 13 or 13 point 5 percent so we are generating enough cash to not only take care of our debt but we would have surplus in the next two years to maybe look at expansion so we are looking at a project we feel that packaging has a very good growth in future especially the Kraft paper which is used for making corrugated boxes with this ecommerce business and all this particular sector is looking at a growth of around 8 to 10 percent every year so we looking at a big project in that segment which would be around 1 lakh 50000 tons so we would add almost 1 lakh 50000 tons to our existing capacity of 3 lakh 25,000 tonnes so we would reach half a million mark so it is not only the terms of expansion or quantity we are looking at we are looking at the right product right technology and good size of project which would give benefit of economies of scale and our overheads would be such that we will be able to compete most of the players which exist in India and also the imports so we are fairly stable at this moment and we want to expand and be a prominent player in paper industry in India mr. Grewal if you could tell us what is the growth rate that you see in each of these segments one is in the paperboard or your a do play board secondly in writing and printing what is the growth rate in these segments and what is the current break up in terms of revenues yes sir I'll break up paper

manufacturing mainly into four grades two grades fall under the packaging sector which is their existing product duplex board and one product is the Kraft product which we are looking at so the maximum growth I foresee is in the Kraft segment where we don't have our presence no doubt it is a low end product and the margins may be slightly lower than the higher end products but the growth in Kraft segment we are looking at it would be more than the GDP growth in India so it would be somewhere around eight to nine percent growth in Kraft segment in duplex board it is also a packaging board but it is used for small packing so may be the growth there would be around 6% to 7% all right and in writing printing segment where also we have our major presence the growth is as not as much as what is in the packaging sector so there conservatively I would put it at around 3 to 4 percent growth per annum okay so the growth if you see per se is more in craft segment maybe the margins are slightly less there but the growth is much higher so we don't have a presence in that segment and we are going to exploring the possibility of being there okay all right thanks so much mr. Agarwal for stopping by and giving us all those details you're sounding quite optimistic so all the best for FY 19 but the markets we need to focus on the markets as we speak we're 100 points down on the Nifty we have Tata Steel that's taking a bit of a knock you have BPCL as well let's move to the low point of the day a hundred points lower just take a look at that indiabulls Housing Finance as well has moved to the low point of the day the Mid Cap index that was doing a relative outperformance pull up the crisscross lines we had far more stocks that were advancing then declining now you take a look at that they've kissed each other now you have far more stocks that are declining in comparison to the stocks that are advancing India cements is getting a bit of a knock J SPL as well so whole host of those mid cap stocks is well high beta basically is taking a bit of a knock you have sale as well that's taken a bit of a downtick in the last few minutes so it's going to be an interesting second half of trade but as we speak the Bears they're on top for the first half of this trading sessions you SUNY Cortland.